In honor of Brad Miller's's a random assortment of silly Scrappy Doo photos!!!!

Happy retirement, you goofball. :D

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Anonymous Stockton said...
In the first pic, a true man-love moment, shouldn't the facial expressions be switched?

Happy retirement! Brad Miller was a nice player...

Anonymous JJ said...
Ahhhh, Brad Miller, the owner of the slowest (yet effective) ball-fake in NBA history. You'll be missed.

Anonymous Anonymous said...
The number 23 has a new meaning for MJ now

Anonymous Anonymous said...
So sad that there's no post to commemorate the Bobcats' historically bawful achievement this season.

Anonymous Anonymous said...
Yes, I agree. There needs to be a special post for this year's bawful Bobcats team.

Anonymous Barry said...
Any plans for the Worsties? The season has been plenty bawful.....and I don't think that will change very soon, thank God!

Anonymous Laurance said...!/klaythompson/status/196339774364196865

Just wanna shout that out if you guys are still doing the WotN thing.

Anonymous Naz said...
Clearly this is the postseason of destroyed knees.

Poor D Rose, tearing his ACL :(

Anonymous Silvio said...
Danny Granger once again won the game ... for opposing team. Q4: zero points 0-3 FG, 0-2 FT, 3 TO, lot of hiding in corners.

Anonymous Naz said...
"I'll never respect floppers" he said from his couch, watching the playoffs on TV.

Anonymous Anonymous said...
The Wife on Doris Burke: "Man, this guy sounds like a woman! Who is it anyway.., Reggie Miller?"

Blogger Unknown said...
Knicks fan here. Long time reader, rare poster. First, let me say regardless of the refs last night, the Knicks got spanked, and likely lose regardless of the refs. The officiating, however, was horrible, and does have a clear effect on how each team is able to play. It left a bad taste in my mouth.

In honor of all of the theatrics in yesterday's Knicks-Heat game, particularly on that Chandler "flagrant 2" pick, I am hereby awarding LeBron the Ezal Memorial "My Neck and My Back" Award. This link says it all:

Anonymous Will said...

The attached link is further proof that 2012 is the end for us all;

ESPN running a major NBA piece with 1)A Tony Allen Tweet 2)A George Karl quote of the night, which features him talking about Andrew Bynum as an explanation for Derrick Rose's injury and 3)A Photo of Playoff Hero, Nick Young.

The Mayans were right.

Blogger Wormboy said...
For what it's worth, Bynum WAS totally playing zone. He just floated around in the middle there. The refs could easily have called 5 or 6 illegal Ds there, plus a few more than the single 3 sec violation they called. Consequently, the smug look on Bynum's face made me nauseated. What a dick. Look, you can act like you're all that when you truly kick butt. But when you pretty much cheat your way to those numbers, you get no respect from me. Just makes me hate the Lakers more when the officials slobber Bynum for a whole game. Gah!

Rose's knee totally depresses me. I so wanted to see a real challenge to the Heat in the East, and that would have been a good series (though my money was on the Heat).

Also, the refs blew chunks in the Knicks-Heat game, but it was such a smackdown that it didn't matter at all. Still. Tyson Chandler flagrant 2? LeBron "knocked" out of bounds? Utter BS. Disgraceful officiating. NBA officiating is like a 40% foul shooter. Do they really belong on the court?

The Clips comeback was astonishingly wonderful. I taped it this morning and watched it while eating my Wheaties. The Griz looked so dominant, then collapsed so badly while the Clips executed perfectly. great stuff.

And Rondo's ejection? Dumbass.

All in all, a weekend of great basketball, heartbreaking failures, and some serious bawful. So fun to have the playoffs going full tilt.

Oh, and dick of the weekend award:

Who is this asshole? Why should anybody follow a loser like this on twitter? In what ****ed up universe do his comments even get notice?

Anonymous Naz said...
Hey everybody, Paul Silas resigned as head coach of the Bobcraps, he isn't coming back for the next season!

Time for those 2012-2013 Bobcats to make history again! Beating the record they set this season for worst winning percentage in NBA history!

In other news, Steve Kerr reminded me during the Atlanta-Boston game yesterday that this year's Boston Celtics are the worst offensive rebounding team in the history of the sport. Considering that includes this year's Charlotte Bobcats, that's really saying something!

Anonymous Anonymous said...
Nick "Swaggy P" Young just capped off one of the greatest comebacks in playoff history by nailing back-to-back-to-back three pointers in the closing minutes.

Bynum has become less likable than Kobe. This weekend was a cornucopia of bawful.

Also, this is what Marc Gasol looked like in high school (from TBJ)

Anonymous Anonymous said...
Basketbawful should win the bawful award for "Bawfulest rate at which we update our website."

Hey how about some playoff news? Or should we expect WOTN for the first round when the conference finals roll around?


Anonymous JJ said...
Good job, Amare. Way to help your team.

Anonymous Silvio said...
Knicks fans are pathetic. For example, Spurs had by no means favorable refereeing in Game 1, yet they spanked wind-in-the-back Jazz by 15. So, if refs did better job, then Bricks would lose by 25? Great. Bricks are nowhere near those top tier teams, they're no better than Sixers or Bucks, in fact with Walsh and D'Antoni gone those teams are to overtake them, with healthy Varejao and Irving soon Cavs will be ahead them too, maybe some other teams.
To be fair, there's many other teams that stumbled into playoffs: Nuggets, Jazz, Pacers, Dwightless Magic, Sixers - all those don't belong to playoff picture.
Only real playoff teams are Heat, Bulls, Spurs and Thunder. Plus Lakers and Mavs, barely. League should make playoff of those 6 teams only. Maybe Grizzlies, Clippers, Hawks and Celtics to play qualifying round for 2 more spots to round it to 8 teams.
I'm only dreaming, I know it's business and they sold TV rights for full schedule. But point is: while it doesn't mean 2/3 of league is bawful ... it means 2/3 of teams are not playoff caliber teams. And it means we are nearing that magnificent moment when more than half of the league is going to be bawful.

Anonymous Bill Foster said...
Agree with anonymous - I appreciate that you guys have got more important (but not necessarily better!) things to be concerning yourself with families, work, study etc but it's a crying shame that this place is on life support.

Still - thanks for all the great memories Bawful and co.

Anonymous Anonymous said...
Man there is so much stupid shit going in the NBA right now, I don't think I can handle it with this site dying a slow death.

Amar'''e "100.000.000" Stoudemire just punched a fire extinguisher and may be out for the playoffs, probably doing his team a favor. If that doesn't make Basketbawful write a WotN, nothing will.

Anonymous Raza said...
Sorry for the slow updates guys, work has been really hectic these past few weeks. I will try to get a post going by tomorrow.

Appreciate the patience

Blogger Wormboy said...
Dud of the playoffs? Surprise! It's Vince Carter. If the Mavs had an energetic rookie or D-leaguer in there, they'd be up 2-0. Don't believe me?

2012 playoffs advanced stats:
PER: 5.4 (league average statistically is 15). Win Share: -.125 The man is shooting 7 of 23 (30%). Averaging 0.5 assists, 1.5 steals, 2 TOs. He gets 6 boards per game, but only one of those is offensive.

He's playing 30 minutes/game. Vince Carter is single-handedly destroying the Mavs' playoff hopes. Think about it: each of the first two games Vinsanity is costing them the game. You stick a totally average player in there (PER=15) and the Mavs win each of those by a solid margin. Think about this. With a place holder instead of Carter, the Mavs are up 2-0 against one of the West's top contenders. It boggles the mind!

In a career of total bawful, Vince Carter goes out on the lowest possible note: he strangles the defending champion in the first round. I'm not even a Mavs fan, but I find this to be Ron Artest level epic bawful.

Anonymous Naz said...
Personally Wormboy not only am I not yet counting the Mavs out since the games have been so close so far, but last night's game I think was lost because of Jason Terry. I was "reading" the game on my phone with the play by play and in the fourth quarter, Terry fell apart, he was just constantly hacking people, often Kevin Durant who always drained both free throws, and he kept chucking up brick 3 pointers.

Just to cut Vince a little slack, I didn't see him being as big a detriment as Terry was out there.

Blogger kazam92 said...
Wormy, I've too wondered why they haven't closed games with Delonte West instead of Wince.

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