Oh, so the Association wants to offer these fools 99% ($74 million) of a $75 million development cost to build a new arena in Sacramento that was agreed to months ago?  Where the River City did EVERYTHING asked of them and then some?

Why take a sweetheart deal from the NBA when you can have a FREE SIX DOLLAR BURGER?  (And for those keeping score at home, Carl's Jr. is based in Anaheim.)


Not good enough.

Spare me the platitudes, George, Gavin, and the other bankrupt family members who have had to sell their party casino, beer distributorship, and anything of value as they continue to chase their hope of being Anaheim's attache.

So what are fans in the Sacramento Valley supposed to do now?  Throw their money at this family and hope they have a change of heart (yeah right)?  (Well, they did have a change of heart...to what they really wanted to do in the first place.)

Hope that 29 other owners will be able to prevent them from leaving in this blatant ploy to shore up their own finances at the cost of the Paupers' longest-running home city?

Accept the 2002 Western Conference Finals as a legitimate sporting result?

What else can really be said at this point, the fans did their part, Mayor Kevin Johnson did his part, the NBA was willing to reduce the Maloofs' obligations to negligable...and here we are.

This chapter in the saga is the textbook definition of bawful, ladies and gentlemen.

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Anonymous Naz said...
Believe it or not, Naz wasn't always a Heat fan. He was born and raised in Seattle, and came to love the sport of basketball by watching his beloved Sonics.

To the fans in Sacramento, I know that feel bro. I hope you don't lose your team. :(

Blogger pelliott said...
This is a lot like the Browns moving out of Cleveland, but played in agonizing slow motion. So it's sorta like watching a frame-by-frame replay of Shaun Livingston's knee exploding while watching an entire city weep and plead for the knee to unexplode. Just wrong. The Maloofs are human garbage.

Anonymous AK Dave said...

How would you feel if Seattle ended up getting Sacramento's franchise? Being from Seattle, you must know that there has been a lot of buzz about that lately.

The city and a private entrepreneur named Chris Hansen have been talking about building a new stadium south of Safeco Field and trying to get an NBA and NHL franchise. It seems like things are mostly in-place, the big piece missing is the franchises.

The NBA has said that it would return to Seattle. But should Seattle take the NBA back?

Personally I think Seattle should tell the NBA to go fuck itself. You can't jerk a city around like they did and expect the fans to welcome you back with open arms.

As I see it, if the Sonics return at the expense of a city like Sacramento, then we (fans and citizens) lose, and Stern and the assholes in black suits who only want to jerk taxpayers around win. Stern will have shown that if he can blackmail a city into building a new arena with taxpayer money by threatening to yank their team. And we will have proved him right by first refusing to build a new stadium, and then relenting after he took our Sonics away.

I love the Sonics. But Seattle needs a new Stadium like my wife needs a new Gucci purse. Not at all.

If we have to spend hundreds of millions of dollars to appease the NBA, then fuck the NBA. Right in the goat-ass. They can have their shitty league. I'll continue to read Basketbawful and laugh at them from a distance.

Anonymous Naz said...
AK Dave I completely agree. I was DEVASTATED when the Sonics left for OKC. The last thing I would want to do is inflict that same feeling on fans of another team by stealing their team the same way those fat fucks from Oklahoma stole ours. If we got the Kings, it'd be the Seattle Kings, not the Seattle Sonics. Why would I want that? Why would any Sonics fan want that?

I'm right there with you. Fuck Stern, and fuck the NBA. If they want to steal the Kings and bring them to Seattle, I hope Seattle says "Give that team back to Sacramento and shove that deal up your ass sideways". The only way I'd accept the NBA coming back to Seattle is if the Thunder go back and become the Sonics. Anything less than Kevin Durant playing in Key Arena again is a load of shit.

Also, to be quite frank, of all teams to bring to Seattle, we'd pick the Excremento Kings? You can keep em, Sacramento. Hopefully you will.

Anonymous Anonymous said...
I'm just amazed that there is still butthurt over the 2002 WCF.

Blogger kazam92 said...
Not to take away from the Kings fiasco, but I watched the Heat Bobcats game last night. These Bobcats as constructed may be the worst team in NBA history. I'm dead fucking serious. Dexter Pittman of 1.7 ppg fame scored 16.

Blogger LotharBot said...
Somebody should take the Blake Griffin "I will never back down" speech and make a video of it.

Not a dunking video (like DJ Steve Porter did at http://www.youtube.com/watch?NR=1&feature=fvwp&v=g4n-XYtnERA ), but a Bawful Flopping video. "I will never back down" *FLOP* http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2012/04/12/blake-griffin-flop-perkins-clippers-thunder_n_1422060.html