We haven't done one of these in a couple days (sorry, we're a bunch of slackers), but here's today's B.A.D.

Worst of the Night in Pictures:

"Can you believe Detroit traded me to Denver for you? I thought Joe Dumars was supposed to know what he was doing."

Richard Jefferson takes a break from playing defense to wave to some fans in the audience.

The Blazers appear to have forgotten that Greg Oden is no longer there to block shots like this one.

"I can't believe how easy it was to get this layup! The Warriors defense is definitely as bad as advertised!"

Nationally Televised Game:

Crabs at Grizzlies - The Griz have had a little resurgence of late, so this might be a good game. If not it should give the NBA TV studio crew ample chances to fall all over themselves as they try to outdo each other in who can praise LeBron the most.

All the Other Games:

Timberwolves at Craptors - Toronto puts its record-setting bawful defense to the test tonight as it takes on Clothesline Rambis and his hapless Timberpups. Toronto should be careful though, the Wolves come in riding their biggest winning streak of the season (one game).

Nuggets at Bobcats - Both teams enter this game fresh off wins against the 76ers. The question you have to ask yourself is if Denver's win over Philly was more or less impressive because Iverson played in that game. I'm going with less.

Bucks at Celtics - Two early season surprises that appear to be going in different directions. After starting 8-3 the Bucks have lost 7 of 8, while the Celtics appear to be rolling after faltering a bit a few weeks back. There's a reason Boston is favored in this one by twelve and a half points.

Kings at Hornets - Tyreke Evans vs. CP3 should be a lot of fun in this one. Donte Greene vs Devin Brown, not so much (even though both players are named after colors!).

Nyets at Bulls - Sorry Mr. Bawful, this is Basketbawful's Game of the Night.

Suns at Mavs - It's a good thing the voters for tonight's Fan Night game picked LeBron vs. Memphis rather than this game, cause Phoenix vs. Dallas is usually so boring. /sarcasm

Magic at Clippers - The Clips have been crawling back toward respectability lately (only two games under .500!). Look for the Magic to send a healthy reminder that The Other LA Team is still who we thought they were.

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Blogger chris said...
I gotta wonder how many times the purple paupers will flirt with 500 this season, without ever getting ahead of one game above the magic mark!

Blogger 49er16 said...
@Chris: I've already acepted the fact that the Kings are good enough to beat crappy teams, but bad enough to lose to good teams.

Blogger Basketbawful said...
The Bulls apparently want to let the Nyets score 110 points tonight...

Blogger 49er16 said...
Nocioni needs to be shipped back to Chicago! Damn you Noc!

Blogger 49er16 said...
Worst of the Night: Kings free throw shooting. They went 9-for-19 from the line and Nocioni missed a free throw and then committed a lane violation on the 2nd free throw that could have won the game for the Kings.

Blogger Basketbawful said...
49er16 -- The Bulls have their own problems. They just lost to the Nyets.

Blogger 49er16 said...
And the Nuggets lost to the Bobcats and were outscored 20-8 in the final six minutes. So I guess things good be a whole lot worse for the Kings.

Blogger AnacondaHL said...
Ack, just got home, it's a nail-biter in Dallas...

Blogger chris said...
49er16: Of course, at two games below now, we're pretty much the Clippers of the North.

But at least "the team who is who they thought they were" is improving so the floor of feebleness isn't so bad!

...because the Nyets and clotheslined puppies are both way underground.

...well, maybe not tonight for the representatives of such cultural beacons as Rahway, Fort Lee, and Paramus.

Blogger Wild Yams said...
Man, with the Bulls losing to New Jersey after everything else that's gone on with that team, you have to think that Vinnie Del Negro very well could be the next coach to get the axe. I mean, he was really on the hot seat before tonight as it was (I meant to say something about that in this entry, btw, sorry), but now he's gotta be sitting on molten lava over there in Chicago.

How bout Shaq's poor pick and roll defense literally costing the Crabs the game in Memphis tonight? Mike Brown may need to think about pulling Shaq defensively at the end of close games if that's all he can do. It was so bad that Memphis drew up their last play specifically to target Shaq's poor defense against the pick and roll, and Mike Conley got a wide open layup out of it.

I didn't get to see it, but from checking the play by play it looks like Steve Nash almost was a huge hero for the Suns in Dallas, getting 8 points in the last 45 seconds to almost sneak the win away from the Mavs.

49er16 is partially right about the Kings FT shooting being the culprit for the loss tonight. Then again the Hornets only went 14-23 from the line, making both teams a combined 23-42 from the line tonight. Not good in a game that was ultimately decided by only two points. BTW, that Donte Green v. Devin Brown matchup looks like it was as exciting as I predicted.

Anonymous Ak dave said...

In other news, LeBron does not jump around and dance like an asshat at the freethrow line, to the surprise of everyone.

WV: munka

Discuss among yourselves

Blogger Gregory Alexander said...
RJ wasn't taking a break from defending. That'd be like me retiring from the NFL. It's impossible to stop doing something if you were never doing it in the first place.

Anonymous Anonymous said...
If we are going to mention sean elliot for being biased than should we have a running staple that is the Tommy Heinsohn quote of the night?

My favorite from tonights game was tony allen charging over illasova of the bucks. Tommy exclaimes "Terrible call! Awful!" As he gets ready to scream more as the replay goes, it shows blatant charge and Tommy doesn't speak for the next 5 possesions. Classic.

Blogger mg said...
That's what you get when you taunt. An embarrasing loss to a very inferior team. That'll teach those a$$holes.

And a WOTN nomination to Rick Carslile for his persistence to play JJ Barea in crunch time. Seriously, the guy can't stop anybody. The Suns hit 3 threes on him in the last minute, almost costing the Mavs the game.
What the hell is Carslile on?

Anonymous Anonymous said...
Ok. I can forgive Shaq for letting Conley drive past him in the game winning layup, the guy made it into the NBA half based on his speed. There are, you know... good centers that wouldn't have stopped him either. But what is inexcusable and almost jaw dropping is allowing Zach Randolph to block a shot. 3rd quarter. Shaq's layup attempt swatted by Randolph. I didn't even think he COULD block shots. Doesn't hurt that Big Z had a +6 +/- in 22 minutes too Shaqs -10 in 30. I mean, he does not fit. He can not guard Dwight Howard. How does he make this team better again?


Blogger jim said...
urk. that suns-mavs game was frustrating to watch. nash shot well for the game (9-15) but at least three of those misses were him trying to score on dirk after a switch on a screen. now, i'm all for nash shooting the ball whenever he wants to, because he's damn good at it, but there had to be better shots available for a teammate if he didn't go all schoolyard on his bff.

though, with the way some of his teammates were chunking shots, maybe it wouldn't have mattered.

Anonymous stormin Lormin said...
Dallas's rookie Rodrigue Beaubois just racked up his second SUPER MARIO in a row with 4 seconds of nothingness. Carlisle rules!

Blogger Will said...
anonymous- You think it's embarrassing allowing Z-Bo to get a block? How about 4 steals?!!