Zaza, whatever happened to these days?

Can you feel it? The excitement is building and building. Birdmas is almost upon us. But until then, to help us pass the time, it's TNT doubleheader night, and we actually have two promising games on the slate (plus one not-so-promising game that won't be nationally televised). Did TNT plan this out in advance to help give us some contrast to the now 0-18 Nyets? If so, thank you TNT. If not, thanks anyway. I'll be slipping away from my lanes at the bowling alley every few minutes tonight to watch the Celtics game.

Nationally Televised Games:
Celtics at Spurs: Old and creaky joints versus old and creaky joints. Boston's on a four game road trip, but both teams have won five in a row. This actually should be an entertaining game. No need for jokes here, even if a cheap shot at 'Sheed is always tempting...

Heat at Nuggets: D-Wade versus Carmelo. The Nuggets have won 12 of the last 15 games against Miami. During that stretch, they've won all seven games in Denver. Again, could be a good matchup. Where is all the bawful tonight? I'm confused. This must be Thursday. I never could get the hang of Thursdays.

All The Other Games:
Rockets at Warriors: Ah, there's the bawful. Thank you, Golden State. We can always count on you to keep us entertained with rushed shots and matador defense. The Warriors usually remind me of this -- somewhat functional, but unnecessary and stupid.
Blogger chris said...
This is definitely the one time I'm annoyed that CSN Bay Area will not show Warriors games in Sacramento!!!! I'd love it if only to see if Clutch the Bear will fly in and make an appearance at The Oracle, which as we all know home of the granny free throw, the Chris and Tim Burger ads, and PJ getting the involuntary Heimlich in the wrong place.


Unrelated suggestion: I was thinking of the Kings' continued attendance woes, and a thought came to mind: until people start showing up to fill Arco again, why not schedule the games at the Memorial Auditorum at the edge of downtown/midtown Sacramento, kinda like how the Warriors used to have multiple home arenas in the late 60s?

I mean, it would give everyone the downtown arena they want, at NO COST! :D

Blogger chris said...
So the Canswer is crying about how he is so glad to be back in Philly and wants to retire there:

When are those tears going to turn into tears over his apparent allergy to the timber on the bench?

Blogger AdamP30 said...
Unintentional Dirty Quote Machine Doc Rivers, on Kendrick Perkins: "If you've been around here enough, it sometimes felt like it took him forever to get it up." I mean, he's obviously talking about the time it takes Perkins to gather himself and go up for a layup...right?

Blogger Basketbawful said...
DeJuan Blair. Wow.

Blogger Unknown said...
Kevin Garnett : "Fuck the beast"

"Dejuan Blair. Wow."

Blogger Unknown said...
T-Mac does it to Bradley again!

I write this post in honour of the great Shawn Bradley whose name got an honorable mention by Ernie Smith on TNT last night (Thursday).

According to Smith (while) doing the all decade dunk list) T-Mac was doing his 'ride em cowboy' thing over "everybody's favorite dunking object Shawn Bradley"

I think Greg Ostertag rolled over in his grave when he heard that one.

Please tell that Bradley is in some Bawful or Worst of Hall of Fame somewhere!! Please!!

Blogger Basketbawful said...
wayde -- I believe that, somewhere in the archives, there's a post devoted to all the times Bradley got dunked on. But I might need to do an updated post...