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Make sure you block out some time tomorrow to pay us a visit. We've got a special treat planned to help celebrate the All-Star weekend. In the meantime, it's Thursday TNT Night BAD.

Odds are he's lying through his teeth again, but Rick Pitino claims the rumor that he's contacted the Nyets about coaching them is false. Now, my question: if Rick Pitino isn't walking through that door to the IZOD Center, where do I put in my application? I mean, what qualifications could they possibly have for the next Nyets coach? (Wait, you mean I would have to spend a significant amount of time in Jersey? Screw that!)

Bawful Trade of the Day:
(Sorry, a little short on time today, can't really give the details or analysis of these trades)
darkcoupon continues a tradition I always enjoy -- making fun of how traditionally white the Pacers are.
Bawful trade while waiting for the Super Bowl kickoff...I wanted to fix the Jazz's "dumb European white guy" problem, but in the process I may have made Indiana the whitest team in the league.
Stockton brings us a trade involving Darko Milicic AND Kwame Brown. What's not to love?
Trade details
The Knicks get the defense of Amare, the youth of wallace and the technique of Kwame. That will for sure lure Lebron!

Pistons get Darko (he should have never left) and another sharpshooter, in the person Mobley (does he even play?)

Suns get Villanueva and Lee... hey, this could work for them... it WOULD be an upgrade! well, can't win them all.

Worst of the Night in Pictures:

For the last time, Peja, this is NOT soccer!

And you wonder why we call him the Pumaman...


Sasha Vujacic - Professional Basketball Player

Why is it that every single picture of Don Nelson includes him either looking disheveled, looking confused, looking overweight, and/or greeting one of his former players?

Poor Marcus Camby

"Hey, didn't I tell you to go order me some more collarless black shirts and gray suits?! I'm on my fourth one of the week!

Nationally Televised Games:
Magic at Crabs: Cleveland can tie its franchise record of 13 consecutive wins tonight. If the Illusionist aren't hitting the three, the Crabs got a good shot of building that winning streak. Shaq may not be able to do much anymore beyond wrapping himself in Icy Hot patches and waddling around like a mummy, but he can shut down the Pumaman fairly well.

Spurs at Nuggets: This Spurs team is a mess. Watching Richard Jefferson play makes me want to break something. It's a good thing they've got a few days off thanks to the All Star break. Several of the team members will be exhausted from flipping through their latest AARP magazine.

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Blogger ventdiver said...
bawful - Since he is no longer infesting the sidelines, I vote that we replace the Dunleavy photo in the masthead with a crop from the Eddie Jordan "Weekend at Bernies" photo from yesterday's BAD. Like you, I can't stop giggling when I look at it.

Blogger Unknown said...
The Yi picture reminded me of this video.


The background music makes a ho hum video awesome. Wonder why ESPN doesn't start doing the same with its highlight reels.

Blogger Navin said...
Cleveland valiantly tries to reconstruct the 2007 Cavs (plus Ricky Davis playing the role of the Ghost of LeBron's Past Crappy Teams) with this mega-trade.

Don't laugh, this was a team that went to the Finals!

Oh, and Shaq goes to the Bricks for Eddy "I wonder if the ball is edible" Curry and Darko "I'm Better than Melo" Milicic.

Somehow this only costs the Cavs one win.

Blogger AnacondaHL said...
7 days.

Amar'e, get out.

Blogger Dunpizzle said...
Anytime you can get Kwame, Morrison, and Darko on the same team you pull the trigger. Nothing like having a former #1, #2, and #3 pick on the team to lure Lebron into town.

Plus the Nets get some added help, but not according to Hollinger


Anonymous kazam92 said...
Justice is served and David Lee made the all-star team. Iverson is out to tend to his child. J-Kidd made it over Mamba in what was clearly a weather influenced move.

Blogger AnacondaHL said...

Steve Nash oneups Lamar Odom with a ridiculous commercial of his own. Put in tommorows post tia.

Anonymous Anonymous said...
i posted this in the WotN comments in response to The Other Chris, but you missed this in the WotN in pictures:


Blogger Alex said...
Why wait to apply for the Nets' coaching staff when you can WIN a spot on it!


Anonymous FarmerTome said...
In this trade, the Nyets quadruple their wins by obtaining two Point Guards, one who is injured for a month and the other who is suspened for a year. That is how bad they are.

Anonymous Bill Foster said...
Since age caught up with The Big Wheelchair in Boston, I really can't see anyone stopping the evil machinations of King Crab. Sheet.

Anonymous Gary C said...

In time for All-Star weekend. Enjoy.

Blogger Unknown said...
For this trade, I wanted to see if I could make the Craptors into the worst defensive team of all time while still looking "good" on paper.


Blogger Dan B. said...
Anonymous -- Holy damn, that is a quality manlove picture. Well done.

AnacondaHL -- Dude. You should have just gone ahead and edited my post to include that video. But yes, I have to put it up tomorrow.

Anonymous Hogey said...
In breaking news, Isaiah Thomas has placed a bomb in Madison Square Garden and has threatened to blow it up if he is not given another chance as GM of the storied franchise.

Isaiah reportedly phoned James Dolan to issue the threat this morning, telling Mr Dolan that the Knicks' plan to lure Lebron James away from Cleveland was "fool's gold" and that cap space was "worthless if you can't fill it".

Isaiah claims to have already brokered a trade that he believes "will make the Knicks relevant again, effective immediately, by acquiring a dominant post threat and an elite point guard."

Our sources indicate that this is the trade:

Knicks get: Elton Brand (dominant post threat), Gilbert Arenas (elite point guard)
Wizards get: Larry Hughes (Welcome back Larry!!)
Philadelphia gets: Nate Robinson (Iverson 2.0?) and Eddy Curry (a fantastic replacement for Brand)

Anonymous BW in Cleveland said...
Someone get the Orlando Magic a team supply of Depends because they just pissed all over themselves. You're leading in the 4th quarter after making a good run then proceed to just stop playing perimeter defense as the Cavs shoot 10-19 and 4-7 from the outside. Oh yeah, Wince also shot a blistering 5-16 from the field and was a defensive stalwart with a nice -21 on the night. Can we all agree the Magic will need to catch lightning in a bottle again this year to duplicate the run they made last season?

Anonymous The Other Chris said...
Ah, all is right in the universe. Reggie Evans is grabbing crotch, and VinCrappity shot 5-16 for 14 points tonight.

Anonymous DKH said...
J.J. Hickson will burn you for 20 points when you play defense like this.

Solid win by the Cavs, although it did come on the second night of a back-to-back for the Magic. The Cavs were also without Mo Williams, but Delonte West was solid in his first game back. So take all that for what you will.

I'd give a worst-of to Lewis and Carter for their play down the stretch, but I don't have the time to break it down now. I believe it included Lewis jacking up a 30-foot 3-point attempt with 15 seconds or so left in the shot clock once, though.

Anonymous NarSARSsist said...
Some terrible defense at the end of the third quarter for the Spurs, highlighting just how much they miss having a real defensive stopper. On the first possession, the Nuggets inbound to Nene near the three point line, and Nene passes it down low to JR Smith, who is posting Ginobili up one on one. A simple spin around gets Smith past Ginobili for a 270 dunk and one. On the next Nuggets possession, the Nuggets run the same iso with Melo against Keith Bogans. Melo just turns and saunters by Bogans and dunks it home. It was such a terrible pair of plays that Pop briefly contemplated mid-season retirement.

Some ridiculous hyperbole by the TNT crew. As Ginobili brings his bald spot to the FT line, one of them exclaims, "Very good move by Ginobili to create the contact, one of the best free throw shooters of all time!" Wait, an 82% career FT shooter is one of the best of all time? Steve Nash must be a free throw God then.

Anonymous DKH said...
Also want to note another J.J. Hickson block, this time against Dwight Howard.

He did have two blocks against, though.


Anonymous Anonymous said...
How about this for a bawfull trade?
The most ridiculous thing is that the Nets are computed to do the best out of this. Really? Losing 2 starters for a big contract for an ordinary player will make the nets 7 games better. How bad are they???

Anonymous BW in Cleveland said...
@DKH - I am really warming up to Hickson's percieved value by the Cavs. The kid is making monumental steps on the defensive end. While he is by no means a shutdown guy on the block, his help-side rotation "IQ" has improved leaps and bounds as the season goes on. He keeps doing this and I'm not sure I can advocate a trade even if it brings in Jamo or Murphy.

In regards to Orlando on the 2nd night of a back-to-back, that Chicago game wasn't a contest after Rose went down in the 1st. No one played more than 28 minutes so lets not make this an "Orlando is gassed" excuse for last nights performance. They had energy, came ready to play, and shat the bed in the 4th quarter.