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Pacers Fans: For starters, they learned that Mike Dunleavy's knee surgery nearly ended his career, and he is already expected to miss most of the 2010 season. Coach Jim O'Brien stated his intentions to give Brandon Rush the starting SG spot next season. A quick look shows Rush logged 1,731 minutes this season and came up with 64 assists, 34 steals, and a PER of 8.4. So I see absolutely no reason to be concerned with that announcement.

Then on Monday, the Pacers turned a 17-point first half clubbering into a semi-respectable 8-point curb-stomp at the hands of the Craboliers, losing 109-117. During that game, the Pacers' NBA regular season double-double record was broken by former Golden State castoff Troy Murphy, beating out guys like Jermaine O'Neal, Clark Kellogg, Dale Davis, Rik Smits, Antonio Davis, Herb Williams, Detlef Schrempf, and Wayman Tisdale. Wait...what?

Any Detroit Piston not named Rip Hamilton: In a "must not lose" game, the Pistons fumbled away a 8 point halftime lead at home against the Bulls, losing 91-88. The non-Rip Hamilton Pistons shot 36%, including an anemic 4 FGs, 4 turnovers and 6 fouls from the benches. Is Coach Michael Curry gonna hafta choke a bench? This loss guaranteed the Pistons a first-round matchup against a little-known Cleveland team that has picked up a few wins as of late.

Juan Dixon: The Wizards Generals gave away a scalper's-night-off special against the Raptors, losing 97-96. This was mostly thanks to this, which set up a game winning three from Chris Bosh. My guess is that Dixon recently watched "The Sixth Man" and saw a wide-open yet very ghost-like Kadeem Hardison in the frontcourt. And, yes, they did make a "basketball player dies of a heart attack" comedy only a few years after Reggie Lewis died. Which was only slightly worse than...

Brendan Haywood: Brendan Haywood made Patrick O'Bryant and Pops Mensa-Bonsu look like Hakeem Olajuwon and Ralph Sampson. O'Popsu combined for 17 points, 13 boards, 5 steals, and 2 blocks. Haywood finished with 5 points, 4 rebounds, 3 turnovers, 3 fouls, 4 blocks allowed, and the lowest plus-minus of the game (-19). Immediately after the game, a crowd of single, 40 year old overweight women lined up outside the Wizards' locker room, because they heard that Brendan Haywood can make any ass look good.

Wins That Make You Look Pathetic, Part I: Remember that time when you had to try really hard to not lose to your 12-year old niece in air hockey? The Bobcats-Nets game was exactly like that. With the Bobcats out of the playoffs, Larry Brown rewarded his bench by spreading out the playing time. Most of the Charlotte bench, including duds like DeSagana Diop and Dontell Jefferson, logged 20 minutes or more. Which makes the Nets 91-87 win, which their starters logged 30+ minutes each, kinda sad. The Nets did not want to lose to these guys, and were quick to downplay the Charlotte bench-clearization. Jarvis Hayes said, "I don't know what he was trying to do. We wanted to win." Vince Carter said, "Coach asked me three or four times if I wanted to come out. I wasn't coming out. If I had taken my shoe off I would not have been able to return...We just wanted to win the game."

Life in Milwaukee: It's no secret that Milwaukee -- a.k.a., the town that gave us bowties and patriotic fireman hats made of cheese -- kind of sucks. Unless, of course, you like snowstorms in the middle of April. But at least the people there get an occasional break from the drudgery of their daily lives when superstars like Dwight Howard come to town as part of the NBA's traveling road show. Only Superman didn't jump center for the Magic last night. Instead, Marcin "The Polish Hammer" Gortat did. And by the way: His game is NOT the Hammer...

The Orlando Magic: Did I mention that Marcin Gortat was their starting center last night? Courtney Lee, Mickael Pietrus, Tony Battie and Rafer Alston filled out Orlando's starting lineup, so it should come as no surprise that they shot 31 percent, missed 16 of their 18 three-point attempts and lost by 18 in what was their third straight loss to a non-playoff team.

The NBA Fashion Police: Howard may not have been in uniform, but he was on the Magic bench, joking with teammates and joshing with the fans. Until halftime, that is, when Dwight was informed that he was in violation of the league's dress code...despite being decked out in "a sweater and dress shirt, dress pants and shoes, and a sparkling diamond-studded watch." But, of course, the NBA requires non-playing players to wear a dress coat while on the bench. I'm sure the letter of their law was much more important than having one of their most popular players interacting with the crowd, though.

Wins That Make You Look Pathetic, Part II: The Mavs are desperately trying to move up, up and away from any possibility of a first-round matchup with the Lakers, so you would have expected them to put an early smack down on the Timberwolves. Instead, Minny almost put the smack down on them...in Dallas. Craig Smith came off the T-Wolves' bench to score a season-high 24 points and Sebastian Telfair tied his season high with 12 assists, and Dallas Trailing had to crawl out of a 7-point hole with 3:13 left and needed an 18-footer from Jason Terry with 0.2 seconds left to win the game.

Losses That Makes You Look Pathetic: With the playoff seed secure, Hornets coach Byron Scott gave his starters the night off...wait, what? He didn't? Nope. They just played like it. Chris Paul went 3-for-8, Rasual Butler was 1-for-9, Melvin Ely hit 2-for-7, Peja Stojakovic finished 1-for-7 and David West, the best of the bunch, ended up 6-for-15. As a team, the Hornets shot 34 percent, scored a season-low 66 points and got crushed like their namesakes, blowing a chance to clinch the West's sixth seed in the process. Said Byron Scott: "It is very disappointing. I think most of our guys in that locker room think that it's like a light switch, that you can just turn on when the playoffs start. It's not going to happen, it's just not." Scott then dramatically flipped the locker room light switch on and off several times and added: "THAT DIDN'T DO ANYTHING, NOW DID IT?!" To which one reporter replied: "Well, it is kinda dark in here now..."

The Guys That Are Who We Thought They Were: As bad as the Jazz have been playing lately, they're still good enough to blow out the Clippers, who got abused on the boards (50-36) and went a Shaq-like 10-for-18 from the foul line. Oh, and Baron Davis was 1-for-13. Speaking of which...

The Man Everyone Hates: B-Diddy got into a shoving match with Matt Harpring in the third quarter and, well, things didn't go so well for him after that.

The Worst Team In The League: When last we saw them, they were losing on a last-second three that shouldn't have counted. Last night they lost in much more pathetic fashion, when J.R. Smith abused them with a career-high 45 points and Nuggets franchise-best 11 three-pointers. The only drama left is finding out whether the Kings will surpass the worst season in franchise history by three games or only two. Stay tuned.

The Phoenix "Sad Face" Suns: From the AP recap: "In winning their 45th game of the season, the Suns became only the third team in NBA history to reach that total and not earn a playoff berth." It hurts.

Allen Iverson city-wide cancer: Basketbawful reader Stephanie G sent in this link:

Allen Iverson has gone from being a one-man economic stimulus plan for the city's downtown casinos to persona non grata. He has spent a ton of money down there, but recently he's been banned from both MGM and Greektown casinos.

The NBA is looking into a disturbance at Greektown that involved one of Iverson's body guards. Iverson may have been trying to act as a peacemaker but his body guard was involved in some kind of tussle.

Iverson, though, has been banned mostly for his boorish behavior. He is a bad loser, and he loses a lot, often throwing his chips or cards at the dealer. He has been warned about improper behavior at the tables repeatedly. He is often loud and disruptive, according to witnesses, rude to dealers, other players and the wait staff.

Earlier this season, Iverson caused a disturbance at a casino outside of Minneapolis. He's also earned a bad reputation at Atlantic City.

You know Iverson's behavior has to be really bad for a casino to ban him. As much money has he spends and losses, and with the casinos all fighting bankruptcy, wow, he had to be a nightmare.
Florida International University: Considering letting Isiah Thomas take over their basketball program...which is kind of like letting Aretha Franklin watch your ham sandwich.

Lacktion report: More lacktion from Chris "The Sacramento Sledgehammer."

Cavs-Pacers: All-Lacktion selection Tarence Kinsey maintained his beautifully unproductive form through pinching out an appropriate tribute to Shigeru Miyamoto tonight -- a well-executed 32-second Mario.

Raptors-Wizards: Jake Voskuhl's self-named stat once again effectively describes the leader of the Little Three of Lacktivity, as despite two made free throws in 3:53, he fouled once and gave up the rock twice for a Madsen-level 3:2 ratio. (And teammate Roko Ukic failed to rock out by canceling out a four-brick performance with a needless assist.)

Bulls-Pistons: Walter Hermmann was in the money tonight, getting ready to buy a mansion in Grosse Pointe Shores soon with a 7.05 trillion! (Even more amazing, he was able to rake in the dough on a night where the final deficit the Pistons buried themselves with was a mere three points!)

Wolves-Mavs: Yahoo and CBSSports.com do not confirm this, but both NBA.com and ESPN.com claim (with backing from Foxsports.com) that Ryan Hollins has just earned the rarely-seen-in-the-Association Super Mario Galaxy, with a zero-second stint!!!!!

Clippers-Jazz: Kyrylo Fesenko returns after a bit of an absence to post up a foul for a +1 suck differential (and 1:0 Madsen-level Voskuhl) in 3:11. Meanwhile, one block from Brian Skinner was not enough in 4:00 to overcome two bricks, one giveaway, and a foul, giving himself a 2:0 Voskuhl.

Kings-Nuggets: Cedric Simmons makes it two nights of lacktion in a row with a +2 suck differential in 2:36 via brick and foul, also good for a Madsen-level Voskuhl of 1:0.

Grizzlies-Suns: Darko Milicic freely fouled three times in 7:00 and bricked once for a 3:0 Voskuhl (despite three assists). Fellow baby cub Hamed Haddadi also scored a Voskuhl of his own in 7:38, fouling three times and bricking twice for a 3:2 ratio against two rebounds (and an assist and two blocks).
Kobe Bryant: Mamba texted Shaq, saying, "Dude, we're gonna need you in L.A. in November." Shaq texted back: "Srsly?" Kobe replied: "Totally. The 5th Annual Los Angeles Internatonal Tamale Eating Contest is on Nov. 15." Shaq did not respond.

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Blogger Ace said...
This comment has been removed by the author.

Blogger AnacondaHL said...
5th seed?!?! What a travesty! You're destroying the polls almost as bad as the first 1-8 matchup!

CAPTCHA: diestud
Is that a threat?!

Blogger Wild Yams said...
I daresay that was my favorite Kobe update yet; and following the Aretha Franklin joke, well let's just say I had quite a chuckle at the end of today's Worst Of :)

Thankfully this late bout of games that have limited meaning for all involved are almost over and we can soon start "the real season" cause there's a whole lot of drudgery out there right now. Kudos to the Jazz fan who took the time to make that "Everyone Hates Davis" video. It looked like they had a hell of a powerful video camera at the game last night. I'm not sure why the narrator had an Irish accent though...

That story about Iverson is classic and not surprising in the least. I guess lucky for him the charade of being a Piston will soon be over after Detroit gets hammered in Round One, so he can then take his gambling to Vegas or Atlantic City or something while his agent tries to drum up some interest around the league this summer. A word to the wise, Mr. Iverson: I'd hold on to your money, cause you're never gonna get paid like that again.

I can't believe we're basically down to the last game and there still isn't one set matchup in the West (there isn't, is there? I can't figure it out). At least the East has two matchups set. If the Lakers win tonight at least we'll know one matchup for sure (Jazz-Lakers), but if Utah wins then it'll still come down to what happens with Dallas and New Orleans tomorrow.

I can't wait for the playoffs to hurry up and start.

Blogger AnacondaHL said...
Excuse the sorta double post, but the Super Mario Galaxy has piqued my interest.

The Yahoo! game box score doesn't even list Hollins as DNP, but his player page shows 00:01 of PT. NBA's full play by play shows him getting substituted at the end of the 4th with 0:00 remaining, and of course this was due to Terry's shot with 0.2 seconds left.

Yams: How can you keep saying for the playoffs to hurry up and start? Even you had the view of the obvious Finals participants, what's the rush? Oooh, BOS-CLE slap fight drama, yay let's look forward to it.

Yes, I am Phoenix fan sad-face. In fact, to make the time go by a little easier for all us non-Lakers/Cavs fans, I think I'm going to play and review Barkey, Shut Up and Jam: Gaiden. It's probably more fitting of a post to do during the summer months, but nothing unexpected is going to happen in the NBA until June anyways.

Blogger David said...

Isiah Thomas has accepted the FIU coaching position. Should I be worried that his bawfulness will permeate the area, causing my Heat to experience epic fail?


Concerned Heat Fan

Blogger chris said...
AnacondaHL: So, did Hollins have a stint of .2 seconds, or .8 seconds, or something inbetween? It clearly was not one full second.

Since you're one of the best at backing up my lacktion research, other than that one Clippers game earlier in the season, I wonder how many other times a Super Mario Galaxy was achieved.

As for your comment to Wild Yams...The NBA: Where Scripted Happens? Couple that with a shot of the infamous Ewing Frozen Envelope, and another of the 2002 Western Conference Finals, and that'd make a great ad. ;)

Anonymous AK Dave said...
WTF- a 5 seed???

That's so whack it makes Vanilla Ice look like Rick James. You're winning 91%-9% by the way. 5-seed. lol.

word verification:


You Wazzu fans know what that means. "Don't 'Coug it!!"

Anonymous My Mother said...
Hollins had 0.2 seconds, improving the team-best-record of 0.8 seconds by Devean George earlier this year.


There's something about italian plumbers that is fascinating Rick Carlisle....

Blogger Wild Yams said...
AnacondaHL - I do think the West bracket will be relatively dull, but the East should be plenty exciting. Anyway, even if there are sweeps in the West, at least in those games the players for both teams will care. Right now you've got teams resting players and teams playing each other where there is nothing on the line. I just want to hurry up and get back to a point where the games mean something again. FYI, there's gonna be some fantastic games tomorrow night, so it's not like all the games nowadays have no consequences.

Blogger AnacondaHL said...
chris - Pssh. Frozen envelope theory is lame. Obviously the 1985 draft was determined by the bent-envelope-corner scam. Also, no one tracks PT in tenths of a second =(

Yams - Both Hollinger (47.2%) and Kubatko (55.2%) seem to think the Cavs winning the East is MORE probable than the Lakers winning the West (37.0% and 45.6% respectively) :p

Anonymous AK Dave said...
Does anyone else think that Orlando could be in trouble against the scorching-red-hot-singe-your-eyebrows-and-give-you-a-permanent-tan Chicago Bulls in the first round?

Orlando: struggling with injuries to Key players (Hedo, Jameer), on a major slide.

Chicago: healthy (except for Deng, who is like the forgotten man on that team anyway), on a 5-game winning streak, including a ridonkulous home record of late, and coming off a HUGE road win in Detroit in a game that meant something to both teams. Oh, and much to everybody's surprise, they have clinched a .500 record for the season. I wonder what Hollinger's odds of THAT happening would have been in February?

I think Chicago is going to make some serious noise and if they beat Orlando, Boston better have a healthy KG or else they could be in trouble.

I will say that this is a bit of fan-bias on my part, I really WANT Chicago and Portland to do well in the playoffs this year, but the way those clubs have been playing... it's not insane to think either one of them could make the conference finals (unless Portland is the 4-seed, in which case they lose to LAL in the 2nd round).

Blogger Wild Yams said...
AnacondaHL - Further proof that there's a downside to just letting the stats dictate everything for you. Hopefully those guys don't wholeheartedly believe what their stats are telling them. I'd have to assume that Boston stands a much better chance of upsetting Cleveland (if KG is healthy) than anyone in the West does of upsetting the Lakers, but whatever, we've covered all this before. It's all Chaos Theory :)

AK Dave - I think that Bulls-Magic series (if they do in fact play each other) will be a really tough-fought one. However, considering the Bulls are by far the worst road team of any in the playoffs, I don't think they'll have enough to beat Orlando unless the Magic are really seriously hurting. The Bulls have a ton of weapons though, and just watching them play you get the impression that they should be much better than their record indicates. I think they do stand a decent chance of upsetting Orlando.

Blogger chris said...
My Mother: Thanks for the confirmation. .2 seconds, WOW. Stunning. Is that a new Association record for least playing time in a game?!?

For that matter, I'm not even sure that THE Mario West has scored a Super Mario Galaxy of his own yet.

Blogger chris said...
AnacondaHL: Wow. A columnist at the New York Times actually ADVOCATED for another envelope-style juryrigging for big markets?


I wonder if that guy realized he was predicting the whole "Summer of 2010" hypejob a full two-three years before it did emerge...

Anonymous AK Dave said...

You're right about CHI being a pathetic road team this year, but I think their game in Detroit last night showed that they are not the same team right now that they were earlier in the season. I feel like they can steal one in Orlando, especially if...

Hedo Turkoglu is hurt. He's not the fastest guy around anyway, but with a sprained ankle, he's going to get absolutely abused by Tyrus Thomas or John Salmons (or even Tim Thomas lol). This is significant because Hedo is the heart of that team (scary, huh?).

Another interesting matchup that nobody is talking about is ATL-MIA. I'm taking Miami here because Wade recently typed in "power overwhelming" in the message screen and now his hydralisks are on a god-mode rampage, laying waste to seige tanks and firebats and goliaths. Not even Joe Smith with his reavers and zealots stand a chance.

Anonymous Anonymous said...
Starcraft is awesome, but that has to win the award for "most-forced video game metaphor ever."

Blogger Junior said...
No comments on how the Jazz beat the Clippers so bad even two of they starters logging around 15 PT and one of then that played almost 30 PT having a 0-7 FG game?
That makes the Clippers's loss even more bawful

Blogger Timmothy said...
Milwaukee isn't all that bad aside from the weather. Not that we're all that great. At least we're mentioned a occassional jokes. That counts for something. Right? No? Damn.

Anonymous DKH said...
AK Dave:

On November 19, 2008, Hollinger's playoff odds page had Chicago's predicted record at 44-38.

So I guess he got the final answer close to correct, but since that was way way pre-trade, it's tough to put much stock in it. I would say pre-trade, they were underperforming his prediction (but I didn't track things that closely).

Anonymous AK Dave said...

I hope I didn't ruin Starcraft for you. Do you need a hug or something?

Since there is no Footbawful currently, I thought I'd post the link to this here.That would be like a reverse Charlie Ward or something. I think the guy has a better shot at the NFL than the NBA at this point. Of course, if I were 24, American, and single, I'd seriously think about playing basketball in Europe.


The Bulls were 18-27 on January 25th, and things were looking pretty bleak. I think we all gave up on them for the most part until after the trade. They have won 9 of their last 11 games, so it is very surprising indeed to see them in the playoffs and with a non-losing record.

I should also note that Hollinger predicted that the Bulls would win 55 games and WIN THE EAST in the 2007-2008 season, instead they went 33-49 and missed the playoffs. So... yeah, he's been known to be not-right from time to time.

Blogger Basketbawful said...
David -- I'm sorry to tell you that there could indeed be bawful spillover from Isiah's presence. The best thing you can do is find a vial of gypsy tears to wear around your neck. It might just save your team. Plus, it should protect you from the AIDS too.

AK Dave -- I think that Orlando is the best matchup for the Bulls, but I don't see the series going past six. Chicago's defense just isn't good enough, plus Orlando's size (Dwight/Rashard/Hedo) is probably too much for the Bulls to handle. But it'll be exciting.

Junior -- You make a good point. I may have to update that entry...

Timmothy -- Note that Milwaukee's bawfulness does not necessarily reflect on you.

DKH and AK Dave -- I hate predictions because they're just so shot-in-the-dark...even the "adavanced mathematical" ones.

Blogger chris said...
Bawful: Well, can we at least make predictions for who will win this year's Damon Jones Award (for most unprodcutive run of lacktivity throughout the postseason)?!? :D

Blogger Nick Flynt said...
Anaconda, I just saw that Dumbleavy picture. It needs to be destroyed by angry villagers with pitchforks and torches. Now.

Anonymous DKH said...
Agreed on the predictions. I kinda wanted to track Hollinger's odds as they changed throughout the season, but then apathy set in, and I've only got one screenshot of the playoff odds from November 19th.

At the time, I found a few things humorous: there were four one-win teams (roughly 10 games in). Of those teams (LAC, OKC, SAC, WAS), only one managed to achieve a simulated season (of the 5,000 simulated EVERY NIGHT!) in which they didn't win another game. It definitely is Who You Think It Is. The Clippers at that time already had a 0% chance of making the playoffs, while even the Wizards had a 0.2% chance.

But the prediction methods don't account for injuries and can't foresee trades. So, Denver is only predicted to get 45 wins, since the predictions include a heavy dose of pre-Billups play. San Antonio projected to win 37 games at the time, since they dealt with injuries early on.

I would say the predictions also had a tendency for teams to be closer to .500 than they really turned out. The Hollinger odds at the time had only the Lakers winning more than 60 games (they were predicted to get 64 wins, fancy that), and no teams in the East.

Blogger AnacondaHL said...
Basketbawful: Hollinger and Kubatko's numbers are barely predictions, let alone advanced math. It's just running a simulation a bunch of times and posting the results/averages.

AK Dave: Pssh. Nub. Wade is more like Mutalisk kiting, flavor-of-the-year tactic, slightly reckless, and expensive. Josh Smith is just a Lurker drop, tricky when catching even good opponents off guard, but still easy to negate (last year, the Celtics were a bit slow in building Observers). No one's talking about ATL-MIA because LeBron's stimpack'd Marines with Medics and rushed Science Facilities will just eat their face anyways. Who the hell is building Goliaths, the 8th seed? By the time the Cavs reach the Celtics, they'll have EMP + Lockdown + Yamato guns ready for their old tactics Carrier rush.

...was that forced enough for you?

...I really want StarCraft 2.

...yes, I may be Korean.

Blogger AnacondaHL said...
Buck Nasty: You know what's so amazing about it? Even now everytime I load it up, my brain keeps getting confused at what to focus on first. At first I notice Dum's face in the back, then the center, but then I start seeing the center first, but then my mind subconsciously knows the horror to come so it looks in the background first, but then I just can't look away from curious cognitive dissonanace, so I look in the center again, etc.

Anonymous Anonymous said...
Yeah, Starcraft 2 will be awesome. If 8th seed is using goliaths then they might just be this year's sleeper, I love those things they are just special talents. I like their ability to bring it every night on offense AND defense.

No offense intended, AK, just thought it was funny. And no, you did not ruin Starcraft for me.

Anonymous AK Dave said...

Come on, man, Goliaths were at least FUN to use, since they looked and talked like "ED 209" from Robocop. I would use them as mobile missile turrets for satellite bases, and they were, IMO, one of the cooler-looking units in the game. From what I understand the best Starcraft players in the world are Korean. After the nerddom you just dropped, I now KNOW it to be true! Let's see, thorough knowledge of starcraft units and strategies ...check, math skills ...check- so far your claims of being Asian or part thereof are checking out...

Starcraft 2 looks billy-badass, but really I'm waiting for Diablo III

chris- I think JJ Redick is going to be a laction flame-thrower this offseason. He gets my pre-postseason pick.

Anonymous La Dolce Vita said...
Finally! The proper use of the big balls dance:


Blogger Nick Flynt said...
@ Anaconda: *Tears stream down my face from the bawfulness*

Blogger AnacondaHL said...
I'm also waiting on Diablo III (Internet computer game du jour!).

In any case where Charon booster Goliaths might possibly be used, there will exist a much preferred swarm of Zealots/Dragoons, or Hydralisks, or Marines/Stim/Medics, or Siege Tanks to kill it. Hell, I don't even think a Goliath can 1vs1 a Zergling pair. Anyone doing Goliath rushes just did a 1 in 3 chance of choosing the wrong race to play. Now micro more Marines like the bitch you are! You want another physical?!

Blogger Nick Flynt said...
Speaking of Starcraft, Dave is right, a South Korean man once died of exhaustion (this was 2-3 years ago, my best guess) from 2 or close to 2 days of straight up Starcraft gaming. The people who master that game over there in S. Korea are heavily sponsored "athletes". I myself am a COD5 man. 'SilkyJohnson19' on XBL.

Anonymous Marine Unit from Starcraft said...
"You want a piece of me, BOY??"

Blogger chris said...
AK Dave: I gotta say, the twin lacktator towers of Giddens and Walker have made a nice late-season run...but man, Tarence and Darnell are going to be trying to confirm victory celebrations for King Crab all playoffs long.

It seems that this year's championship strategery by all teams is to load up on a pair of effective minute eaters, so that when the lead becomes a multiple-possession gap with 45 seconds to go, they can come onto the court and commemorate Kirby.

Anonymous Anonymous said...
AK Dave - we share more than the best name ever. Diablo 3 is the next best thing coming up in my life, now that my wife just delivered our baby 3 weeks ago.

I still play Diablo 2 to this day. Bastards reset the ladder a while ago, so I'm back to the drawing board with a poisonmancer.

And thank god a team's bawfulness doesn't reflect on its fans, or as a Pacers fan....well, write your own joke here. I'm tired from getting up with the baby.

And can someone explain why Jamie Foxx is trying to steal the ball away from Love?

Blogger AnacondaHL said...
Buck Nasty: That's cute, but let me handle it from here.

1) It was 2005, yes it was StarCraft, and he essentially didn't hydrate/eat properly so he died.

2) It's not just athletes. It's professional competition, sponsers from Korean multi-national companies, live events rivaling sports/concerts. I personally saw Nal_rA play, yes, I've been to a live StarCraft tournament when I was there during summer 2004 and summer 2005. You could watch StarCraft on TV. On 2 channels.

Like I said, it's almost like a rock concert mixed with a sporting event, with computer games. There's thunderclappers, sometimes laser light shows and pryotechnics for big competitions, girls screaming for their favorites, announcers that could be doing Spanish futbol. Every time they yell "GG!!!!!!!!" it even gets my blood pumping. (This is typed out as a signal when a player concedes the game).

StarCraft has been by far the most popular game in Korea for 11 years now, with a small blip in 2005-ish when KartRider took top spot. But people came back to StarCraft. And to this day, people are still finding new strategies, and new counter-strategies.


Anonymous Anonymous said...
Iggy (ego-dala) committed a horribly shameless and blatantly fake flop after missing an ugly looking runner that wouldve given the sixers the lead at the end of the game.

Anonymous hellshocked said...
Hah. I laugh at your puny Starcraft. World of Warcraft has the lead in game related deaths and it's not gonna relinquish it any time soon. It has not only killed players but also caused the death of at least one child by neglect. It is an evil, evil concoction and I still experience withdrawal symptoms.

That said, yes, Korea's relationship with Starcraft is something else. I can only imagine the shared national orgasm when Blizzard officially announced part 2.

Buck Nasty: Does World at War count as CoD5? It's the only one so far not to carry a number and its the same engine and multiplayer system as CoD4.

Having watched a bit of the neither-team-could-care-less snoozefest between Atlanta and Miami I have to ask...is there any appreciable difference between Michael Beasley and Atawn Jamison?
No one is second guessing the Bulls anymore, but Beasley may not even turn out to be the third or fourth best player to come out of that draft. He had a very good game but he still strikes me as a big numbers on bad teams guy kinda guy who happens to be a tweener to boot.

Anonymous ak dave said...
Dude... that StarCraft video was... wow... my mind is utterly blown. Too bad I couldn't see any of the gameplay because the vid quality is so weak. But the fans and the intro feat. System of a Down and the "athletes" in their little space-suits... pure awesome!

BadDave- 2 words for you: hell fucking yes. I got carpal tunnel (at least I thought I did) from clicking the mouse 1,000,000,000,000,000,000 times with my Barbarian the first time I played Diablo 2. D3 looks pimped out; but that witch doctor thing looks like a cheap necromancer knockoff. Still, I like the character customization (you can be either sex for all characters in D3) and interaction with the environment.

Congrats on having an awesome name. I hope your baby was a boy, and you named him David. lol

Blogger Ronald said...
The funniest Starcraft rush I've seen that actually worked was the 1 marine and a bunch of scvs rush on a protoss opponent. The guy friggin' surrounded his marine with scvs and went for the other guy's probes. Poor dude got pwned bigtime. His zealots couldn't do anything since they had to go through the scvs to kill the marine, but since the scvs were constantly repairing themselves it was hopeless (pretty much like asking FOX to renew good TV shows). Really laughed my ass off after seeing that one.

Anonymous Anonymous said...
We almost named her David, but we agreed that David was too cool a name for a girl. So we settled for Victoria - Torrie for short.

I'm still second guessing Da Bullsh. While I think they look good now, I just don't think even their new and improved format can stop a team with a consistently mediocre or better inside game. But I have a good amount of hope for next year.

Blogger Nick Flynt said...
In response to this Basketball thread turning into a video gaming forum: Yes, COD5 = WaW, it's just shorter to type a '5'.

I knew you'd get the facts out on me A.H.L.

I nearly went on a fact checking mission just to avoid it, but I'm too lazy. Good work.

Anonymous AK Dave said...


Anonymous AK Dave said...
This guy likes StarCraft so much, he wrote a goddamn song about it.

Blogger Ronald said...
AK Dave,

Unfortunately, no such luck. Saw it done in a cafe a couple of years back.