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Today's picture was provided by Shayan of Time Intact. Thanks again to everybody who sends in tips, comments, graphics, videos, etc. I'm sorry I don't get the chance to respond to everybody personally...but your contributions to the site are very much appreciated.

Home court disadvantage: Basketbawful reader Baguete made the following observation: "Last night, of 11 games, only three were won by the home team (Boston, Washington and Milwaukee) and all of them by a margin smaller than 10 points (Celts by 1, Wiz by 8 and Bucks by 4). I guess that was not one of the Fan Appreciation Nights."

Hassan Adams: He had a one trillion against the 76ers last night. Hassan has had quite the season so far. He's appeared in three games, earning a three trillion, a Mario and last night's one trillion. That makes his season average a one trillion. That's the textbook definition of FAIL. Seriously. Look it up.

Jermaine O'Neal: The Drain played pretty well (19 points, 11 rebounds). But I couldn't help but notice that, of the seven shots he missed, four of them were blocked. Who does he think he is? Yao Ming?

Update! Reggie Evans: Mercilessly owned. By Andrea Bargnani. I can think of few things more humiliating than being in Bargnani's poster. (Thanks to Shrugz and his friend for the link.)

The New Jersey Nets: Last night, the Pacers were without injured starters Mike Dunleavy Jr. (knee), Troy Murphy (flu-like symptoms!) and Danny Granger (quad). And they still beat the Nets in New Jersey. Sure, the Nets were without Devin Harris (sprained left ankle), but three missing starters should more than offset one missing starter, right? Unless you're New Jersey, I guess.

By the way, how 'bout T.J. Ford, huh? I've had more than a few unkind things to say about him on this site, but he's been playing his butt off for my Pacers. The dude is listed at 6'0" -- and I'd be willing to bet my collection of hand-knitted Larry Bird boxer shorts that he's at least two inches shorter than that -- and yet he's had three straight near triple-doubles: 13/9/9, 24/7/10 and last night's 18/8/9. Indiana won all three of those games, by the way. (Okay, two of those games were versus the Nets and one was against the Thunder. But still.)

I don't usually do this, but I'm officially taking back some of the things I've said about T.J. He's earned himself a temporary Basketbawful reprieve. Here's a candy bar, T.J. You...you've earned it.

Fun fact: According to the game notes, "[Vince] Carter was hit in the face by teammate [Sean] Williams in the fourth quarter while reaching for a rebound." Maybe it was an accident, maybe it wasn't. But it wouldn't be the first time a teammate has wanted to hit Vince in the face.

Atlanta versus Boston: WHAT. A. GAME. This contest was about as close as you're going to come to seeng an NBA playoff game in November. Two fired-up teams going balls out, clutch shots, a thrilling ending. There were still a few bad apples, though. Ray Allen's 1-for-9 three-point shooting show. Paul Pierce's 5 turnovers. Boston's bench "production" (13 points on 3-for-17 shooting). Eddie House's remorseless gunnery (2-for-10, including 1-for-7 in threes). Randolph Morris' 4 fouls in 4 minutes. Acie Law IV's 17-second Mario. And Mike Woodson's decision to go small in the second quarter, which wasn't lost on Basketbawful reader Garron: "Atlanta Hawks are up by 14 in the middle of the second. So what does Mike Woodson do? Go small. Very small. So what happens? Perkins, Garnett, Allen and Pierce all just toy with the inside and go on a 16-2 run to tie the game...in 4 minutes."

Quick note on our buddy Mario West. He doesn't get much PT, but he absolutely kills himself when Woodson lets him into the game. Last night, he played one minute and finished with 1 point, 1 rebound, 1 assist and 1 steal. That's not a bad minute's work. It's a real bummer that a guy who tries that hard can't get off the bench.

One last thing: Marvin Williams! Dude had 14 huuuuge points and some MAN-type three-pointers (he was 4-for-4 on the night, including a go-ahead bomb with seven seconds left). He's making the people of Atlanta forget all about Josh...what was his name again?

The fans speak: Basketbawful reader Baguete wrote in with the following note on Law's Mario: "Maybe someday he'll write a book called ':17 Seconds Or Less -- My NBA Career.'" You know, I think Mario West is already writing that book...

Kevin Garnett, quote machine: KG was his usual (and somewhat unintentionally) hilarious self in the post-game press conference. Seated next to Paul Pierce, who hit the game-winner with 0.5 seconds left, Garnett said: "The last play was drawn up: Get the ball to Pierce; get the hell out the way. Superman's in the booth. Let's go home. That was the play, and if you don’t believe that ask Doc Rivers and he'll say the same exact thing." It's worth noting that a somewhat humble-sounding Pierce claimed the play was designed for KG to drive to the hoop if the lane was open, but since it wasn't Garnett handed off to him and he took the shot.

The San Antonio Spurs: They lost to the Michael Redd-less Milwaukee Bucks and fell to 2-5...which represents their worst start since going 2-13 in 1996-97. The Bucks also lost Charlie Villanueva in the first half (left hamstring strain), and even that couldn't even things up for a Spurs team that scored 78 points and had only two players (Tim Duncan and Michael Finley) in double figures. As TD said: "The whole thing is frustrating, however you want to look at it."

Update! The Spurs' starting lineup: From Ace: "A whole Worst of the Night without a mention of the Spurs starting lineup? Duncan scored 24 points and the rest of the starters COMBINED for 14 points." Corrected.

Gregg Popovich, quote machine: "If we can hold somebody to 82 points, I'm thrilled. I'm jumping up and down." I would love to see this.

The Utah Jazz: They shot 43 percent, committed 18 turnovers, surrendered 16 offensive rebounds, scored only 87 points and gave the NBA's last winless team their first victory. Congratulations, Jazz. You have failed. Special recognition goes out to Deron Williams (3-for-7, 5 turnovers), Andrei Kirileko (1-for-7, 0-for-3 from downtown) and Paul Milsap (6 fouls, 4 turnovers).

Eddie Jordan, quote machine: "Pat Riley says there's winning and there's misery. Well, for us there's relief and there's misery. So we got relief."

Caron Butler, quote machine: Tough Juice ripped off his jersey in celebration of his team's first win of the season, and explained it thusly: "King Kong was on my back. Throw the jersey off. Sigh of relief."

MAN-type alert: Both Mintz... and AnacondaHL noted in the comments section that Dwight Howard had a MAN-type triple-double (also known as a dirty triple around these parts): 30 points, 19 rebounds and 10 blocked shots. It was such a MAN-type display that several women in his general vicinity spontaneously grew testicles. Try explaining THAT to your boyfriend/husband/life partner.

Update! Fun fact: From Basketbawful reader Marc W: "10: Number of blocks Dwight Howard had in one game last night and also the number of blocks the Knicks have on the season." Actually, I just checked basketball-reference.com, and the Knicks have 11 blocks. But that's still sad.

Stan Van Gundy, stat monger: "I wish [Howard] would have had one more rebound. It would have looked really even on the stat sheet -- 30, 20 and 10."

Dwight Howard, flasher: "I want people to see who I am and not just this mean-looking basketball player. I love fun. I'll block some shots and get some rebounds, but I'll give you a smile and whatever else you want to see." Whatever else you want to see. That's quite an offer, Dwight.

J.J. Redick: The line: Three minutes, 0-for-2, and a suck differential of +2. Which sort of explains why he's gone from sixth man to 12th man. And he's barely holding on to that spot.

Trillion alert: Basketbawful reader Caseta said: "Just heard the trillion mentioned by the commentators of the Magic @ Thunder game. In reference to a semi-pro look-alike guy on the Thunder who just scored a basket." Here's the exchange:

Commentator #1: "Nice to get your name in the scorebox."

Commentator #2: "Yeah, no trillions tonight."
This is the second confirmed mention of the trillion by NBA broadcasters this season. AWESOME.

Russell Westbrook: Happy 20th birthday, Russell! You led the Thunder in field goal attempts (19)! Sadly, you hit only 3 of them. Oh, and you were 0-for-11 in the first half. [Insert saaaaaad saxophone music here.]

P.J. Carlesimo, Coaching Inspiration 101: "It's not fair...if I talk about some guys like they did something good. That implies I'm throwing the other guys under the bus. We're all under the bus tonight."

Dwyane Wade, the good and the bad: Dwyane Wade has been awesome in his first eight games. He's second in the NBA in scoring (28.3 PPG), tied for fourth in assists (7.6 APG), and he leads the league in PER (34.02). For reference, Michael Jordan's career PER was 27.91. Here's the "yeah, but...": He's also leading the league in turnovers at 4.3 per game. And as I recently mentioned in the comments section, this isn't a new thing for Wade; he also led the league last season (4.4) and the season before (4.2). And the season before that, he was second (with 3.6 TOs per) only to Gilbert Arenas (who turned it over 3.7 times a game). So Wade giveth, and Wade taketh away. I'm not trying to understate his overall greatness -- he's playing as well or better than anybody in the league -- but I sure wish he'd be a little more careful with the ball.

Shawn Marion and the mystery groin: He missed last night's game due to a right groin strain. Or, wait, was it a left groin strain? Is it that hard to keep track of which groin Shawn hurt? (Tipped off by the Belgium Dan Marino.)

Greg Oden: Let me just say that I was thrilled to see Oden on the court last night. And he had a couple spiffy moments, like a nice block on Chris Quinn which he followed up with an offensive rebound/slam dunk less than a minute later. But his overall performance was shaky. He played 16 minutes and finished with 3 points (1-for-3), 2 rebounds, 2 blocked shots and 2 turnovers. Moreover, he looked very awkward and out of synch. His footwork was terrible and he seemed to be having a lot of trouble holding onto the ball. He also looked nervous. Maybe he was just overly juiced up; you could tell he wanted very badly to come in and have a big impact. It was only one game, so I'm not going to make any grand pronouncements. But damn...he looked positively Ostertag-like.

Update! Raef LaFrentz: From Rainbow Brite: "No mention of Raef LaFrentz? He's like the white, European version of Starbury. It costs The Blazers nearly $13 million for him to hand out cups of Gatorade. That has to be the cushiest job ever, aside from AJ Daulerio's gig at Deadspin." Yeah...I haven't gotten around to bringing Raef up this year. Corrected. (But in all fairness, Raef is earning only $12,722,000. So we should also point out that Portland is paying Steve Francis $17,180,000 this season. Oh, and Darius Miles is getting $9 million. That's almost $40 million for two non-players and one cheerleader. Wow. Why am I not on the Blazers' payroll?!)

The Memphis Grizzlies' defense: They let the Knicks shoot almost 60 percent from the field (52-for-88) and 56 percent from downtown (19-for-34). And those 19 threes represent a Knicks franchise record. Good God, people. Have you even tried putting a hand in somebody's face? I guess not: The Griz have given up 100+ points in last five games. Glad to see coach Iavaroni imported the defensive strategies he used in Phoenix. Speaking of Mark...

Marc Iavaroni, Captain Obvious: "We did not guard the ball well." Noooooo...really?! In other news, water will make you wet and hunger can be cured by eating food.

The New Orleans Hornets: Spotting the Lakers that 23-point lead was awfully nice of them, but it's not exactly a game-winning strategy. Now, Basketbawful reader Trottsta said: "In your Worst of the Night post, make sure you put 'the Hornets not named Chris Paul.' CP3 had 13 FG and 13 assists...out of 34 FGs for the Hornets. So the rest of the team only made 8 FG without him having a direct hand in it. Oh and David West, thanks for spoiling CP3's comeback in the 4th by turning it over 2-3 times in the last two minutes with the Hornets within 4. Appreciate it." Yeah. West finished with 6 turnovers. Mo Pete went 0-for-5 from the field. Peja was 3-for-13. The bench (outside of James Posey) was helpless. As defeats go, this one was pretty disheartening. Yeah, you could point to the comeback, but as Kevin McHale once said after an unsuccessful Celtics rally: "Yeah. And the patient almost lived."

Kobe Bryant, unintentionally dirty quote machine: "I just wanted to shoot it in his face."

NBA highlight announcers: From Basketbawful reader Chad M: "At 1:35 of this NBA.com highlights package the announcer calls Pau Gasol 'Peja.'" Well, Chad, you know, all those soft Euro players look alike. How do you tell one bearded marshmallow from the other?

The Phoenix Suns: Steve Kerr and Terry Porter are trying to remake the Suns in the Spurs' image. And, uh, it hasn't been working that well the last few games. Last night, the new slow-it-down Suns scored 82 points on 37 percent shooting and had more turnovers (13) than assists (11). Look, I'm all for the Suns playing a little more defense, but stalling the offense is like owning a Mustang and never driving it faster than 35 MPH. What's the point?

Raja Bell: From Basketbawful reader Clifton: "After starting 6-2, Raja Bell has not stopped whining about his perceived lack of offensive chances. In the East Valley Tribune: 'Honestly, we are a running team. That's what we're built to do. You can see we are confused about what we're doing offensively, whether we want to run it or try to slow it down. And when there is uncertainty, there are turnovers.' He followed up those comments with the following performance tonight vs. Houston: 23 min, 0-6 FG (including 0-2 from three), no FT attempts, 3 rebounds, 0-for-everything else. Let me clear up that 'confusion' for you: That ball you're holding? It goes THROUGH the hoop."

Fashion faux pas: From Basketbawful reader Dave F: "Weird preview shots of Nash and Shaq arriving for their late game with Rockets last night. Weird because they were both wearing vests with jeans. Is that the new look?" I saw the same thing. And laughed. And vowed to bring it up in WotN. Done.

The Suns-Rockets Brawl: It was a catfight in Houston. And here's Slasher 14 with the call: "T-Mac set a screen on Nash where Nash appeared to hurt his shoulder. Next time down the floor Rafer Alston went to set a screen on Matt Barnes, who just pushed him out of the way. Alston ran over after Barnes and a scuffle broke out. When it looked like everything had been cleared up, Nash, who was running over to try and break the fight up, appeared to slip and fell into Alston. McGrady saw this and probably thought he was after Alston, so McGrady pushes an off-balance Nash to the floor. Then Shaq comes in and clears T-Mac out of the way and then gives Yao a push for good measure. It's kind of funny watching Yao fall over: He falls at about half the speed of a normal sized person. Maybe the laws of gravity have a different affect on Yao, which is why he is having trouble dunking this year?" Here's the video. And Slasher's right about Yao. Watch and laugh at his slow-motion fall. It kind of reminds me of Bela Lugosi's slow, stumbling Frankenstein monster in Frankenstein Meets The Wolf Man.

Hubie Brown, unintentionally dirty quote machine: From Basketbawful reader Stephanie G: "During the Houston-Phoenix mini-brawl Hubie Brown said, paraphrasing: 'Alston gets it in two places, by Barnes and then from the rear by Nash, so naturally he's hot.' Mmm, I bet."

Yao Ming: On the subject of the Great Wall, our Yao Watch continues, courtesy of Chuck DeBruce: "Ming had 3 shots blocked last night -- on 14 FGA (all blocks by Shaq, by the way, none by the rim) -- including two 11-footers and a layup. On the bright side, he was able to dunk twice and retributed with two blocks on Amare Stoudemire. Then again, he's still moving like wearing concrete shoes. Is Yao really eight years younger and 15 pounds lighter then Shaq? They looked the same even in the box score."

Here's some more Yao fun, courtesy of Kazam92. Watch Yao get posterized and then push a guy down in frustration. Apparently he's not all Zen and peacefulness.

Ron Artest: That 1-for-12 shooting...wasn't good. Did somebody put snake eggs in his locker or something?

The Los Angeles Clippers: The Clips lost at home to a Kevin Martin-less Kings team...mostly because they let Beno Udrih go off for 30. And Ricky Davis was their 'top performer.' Yep. They are who we thought they were.

The Chicago Sun-Times: This is a day delayed, but too funny not to mention. In the recap from the Hawks-Bulls game, the Times managed to misspell not one but two player names in back-to-back paragraphs. Torus Thomas? Lull Dens?! Way to copy check, guys. (In response, I ran spell checker on this post and discovered that I had spelled "Sean" as "Seab"...so I guess we all make mistakes. But some of us correct them.) Update! I missed yet another name gaffe in the clip shown below...but Fifthrune didn't: "In that last post about the misspelled names: Who the hell is Mike Bobby for the Hawks? Cuz I'd rather take him than Mike Bibby if he keeps shooting that well. Seriously who wrote that article, Borat?"

Lull Dense

Kobe Bryant: He drinks straight out of the milk carton. And he puts it back in the fridge even when it's empty.

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Blogger Big Man said...
Yao actually pushed down some little guy who got in his face after some other guy dunked.

You know, like the dunker's hype man.

So, that's understandble.

Blogger Ace said...
A whole Worst of the Night without a mention of the Spurs starting lineup? Duncan scored 24 points and the rest of the starters COMBINED for 14 points

Anonymous Anonymous said...
In that last post about the misspelled names: Who the hell is Mike Bobby for the Hawks? Cuz I'd rather take him than Mike Bibby if he keeps shooting that well. Seriously who wrote that article, Borat?

Anonymous Anonymous said...
Is it just me or did Steve Nash attempt an impersonation of one Jeff Van Gundy in that scuffle?

And no mention of Raef LaFrentz? He's like the white, European version of Starbury. It costs The Blazers nearly $13 million for him to hand out cups of Gatorade. That has to be the cushiest job ever, aside from AJ Daulerio's gig at Deadspin.

Blogger BJ said...
Still waiting to hear "superdickery" slip from the lips of an analyst. Somewhere. Anywhere.

So whaddaya think, 'Bawful, are the Lakers in the same place the Jordan-era Bulls were? Should we all get into our jammies and hide under the covers for the duration? Your opinion I trust.

Anonymous Anonymous said...
Any pictures of the Shaq/Nash fashion combo?

Blogger B-Will said...

I am sorry for being such a dick. You stated Wades decrpepitude so equitably today. It made me feel like an ass with you being so kind to the man.

Have you ever heard the statement that the worst thing you can do to a mean person is be nice to them? It is true. I feel ashamed, very ashamed.

Blogger B-Will said...
One other comment, and I wish I had a link but this comment was made on local talk radio here in Utah. Someone stated that an athlete had strained both groins. That cracks me up? Do we have two groins? I have heard some porn stars claim to have two, but last I checked we just have one. Am I way off here?

Blogger The Fairlady said...
BTW, the article also listed Mike Bibby as Mike Bobby xD

Anonymous Anonymous said...
Watching Shaq effortlessly push people down was pretty funny. He was in no hurry, just picked a person, gave a half shove and down they went.

Blogger Basketbawful said...
More responses later...but b-will, do NOT be ashamed. You stuck up for your boy, and I love that. That's why nobody gets censored here. Look, I'm passionate about basketball and I appreciate that quality in others. Plus, your comments made take a look at D-Wade's stats this season, and they're off the hook. And dude can get to the cup at will. I just wish he'd develop a little more consistency on his mid-range jumper...

I'm just sayin', keep reading and always feel free to speak your mind, even if you don't agree with me. I promise not to hold it against you.

Blogger tree said...
How about Sam Mitchell, quote machine from yesterday? In response to continued questions about his failed strategy of giving Bosh zero touches in the 4th and one in the 3rd against Boston, he said: "Last time I checked, is Chris the only guy on the team that gets a cheque? Does nobody else get paid? Last time I checked everybody on our team's getting a paycheque, right?"

Good news for us Raps fans! Mitchell believes that because other people get paid by the team, not using his All-Star and best player is a sound strategy! Nothing like having bad players taking more shots than they should on the basis that they're paid to do so. That's coaching!

Blogger Brandon said...
As a ridiculous Jazz homer, I need to point out that Deron's ankle is far from healed. He was supposed to sit out another two weeks, but came back early because Okur went to Turkey.

Playing the second game of a back-to-back on an ankle that's probably around 60% will lead to lines like that.

Blogger OrangEandBlue said...
The best part is when Shaq annihilates T-Mac without even trying. O'Neal throws Tracy down to the ground with the slightest shove.

Anonymous Anonymous said...
Who would win a NBA ROYAL RUMBLE?

Anonymous Anonymous said...

That is a fawesome profile pic you have there! LMFAO!

I saw Oden play last night- he was definitely lumbering and lost; but that is what you would expect from his first NBA game with a team that already plays pretty well without him and isn't sure how to use him yet.

I expect him to be nothing more than a Joel Pryzbilla v 2.0 - offensive rebounding, blocks, and a big body in the middle. Did he ever wow anybody with his post moves or touch at Ohio State? Not me. I think Spencer Hawes was the best offensive center taken out of that draft year, and he's starting to show it.

As Avery Johnson said (man he's terrible in the studio), he played 16 minutes without an injury- that's a good game!

What was really cool about Portland was watching Rudy Fernandez explode when Sergio Rodriguez was in the game. Rodriguez is a damn good PG anyway (he puts up assists and points FAST- when he is allowed into the rotation), but he and Rudy have some kind of ESP going. That back-door alley-oop pass that Fernandez threw down was badass. Portland needs to keep Sergio around if they want to maximize Fernandez's potential IMO.

What do you Portland fans think about Sergio? Rumor has it he wants to go somewhere that will give him a chance to play.

Anonymous Anonymous said...
@ Baguete-

Reggie Evans. His "Nut-Grabbing" style Kung-Fu is strong!

Blogger Austen said...
I concur with Brandon: The Jazz themselves deserve the Worst of the Night, but Deron's playing injured and wouldn't be playing at all if Okur was with the team at the moment. With that ankle, he can't run as fast or jump as high as he should. I suspect he will be returning to the injured list once Okur comes back.

Blogger Lord Kerrance said...
Forgive me for being wildly Raptor-centric, but they're my team and they make me feel like someone is punching me right in the grief bone.

Remember when Jamario Moon was going to be Horace grant to Bosh's Jordan? The Moondog was 1 for 8 with 5 points, 3 rebounds, 1 turnover and 1 foul in 23 minutes.

Remember when Jason Kapono was going to bring the outside scoring threat the Raptors needed to free up Bosh? 30 minutes, 1 for 3, 3 points, 1 assist, 1 turnover, 5 fouls. At this point they'd draw more defenders to the perimeter if they put a clown making balloon animals out there. And they'd probably get more shots, too.

Blogger AnacondaHL said...
Maybe it's just me, but ever since the 2007 playoffs, with the infamous bench suspensions of Diaw and Stoudemire and the realization that crooked ref(s) probably directly affected the team's playoff hopes for who knows how long, it feels like it's become incredibly easy to rattle the Suns and the home fans. The home crowds of Arizona sports were normally pretty quiet and well mannered until then. Now, just a few bad calls the other way and it's like "it's happening again." Heck, even during the Diamondbacks' playoff run, the Phoenix fans classlessly threw stuff on the field with the bad call in the Colorado series. It's like the entire city just can't handle crappy refs anymore. It's always an uneasy tension, but there's always a point, like a light switch, where we decide "these refs are trying to fuck us. Lets boo and sulk." But a light switch also goes off for the refs, like "ah, the Phoenix crowd is accusing us again, no more karma calls for the rest of the game." If a ref wanted to throw a game for the Suns, they wouldn't even have to fix anything. They could just call a few unjustifiable calls and the team and fans would take care of the rest.

Well it happened yet again last night in ugly HD clarity. A facepalm level of no-calls, bad calls, and missed calls. Phoenix players getting more frustrated. Instead of the typical confusion/frustration/no-words-for-appalling-ignorance like how any other team would react (and how the Suns used to react prior to 2006), the Suns kept on the downward spiral eventually topping off with the mini fight. Without the mental toughness to play through it, I just don't see any Arizona team winning anything until we get some resolution, no, some definite closure on the Donaghy scandal. The Suns had a bad case of "if we're down by 18 we're going to lose, but if we're up by 18 it's still anyone's game" before, but now it's like this 100%, regardless if it's high tempo or slow defence ball. Maybe the same goes for Mavricks fans, hell maybe even Kings fans from '01. I can't speak for those cities, but in Phoenix the line between just incometent ref and this-guy-is-fixing-the-game ref has become very, very blurry. Since 2007. It was ok before then, we caught some bad breaks, the Spurs outplayed us, the loss hurts but was justified. But now there's an excuse, with unknown scope and which hasn't been clarified. Maybe it's just me.

I guess the point of all this is this: if Ed Hochuli blows a call for the Cardinals in the NFL playoffs, I wouldn't even blink if people threw heavy objects on the field, wouldn't even be surprised if there was a drunken riot in the stands, would simply shrug if people rushed the field with weapons.

One thing is certain, people and media need to stop calling Phoenix (Suns) a strong team, a lock for top-4 seed. It is not that way.

Blogger Stephen Robbins said...
I just finished a big law paper, and I'm think I'll have some time this weekend to add Yao to the banner.

Blogger Wild Yams said...
Lotta excuses for the Jazz in here. Come on, I don't care if Deron's at 30%, that's still better than what Washington's starting PG is at. And Okur was just as present as Washington's starting center was for last night's game. That's a game the Jazz gotta win.

Also, Sergio's trade demand wasn't a rumor, he press released that he wanted a trade. Seems that may have calmed down some though. IMO, the Blazers should be fine with trading him. Neither he nor Blake are starting PG material and they should be targeting a solid starting PG for trade talks. They need to start consolidating all of that young talent they have into some top-notch players rather than just being satisfied with having oodles of depth. Pritchard's damn near a wizard though, so I'm sure something's in the works there.

To answer BJ's question about whether the rest of the league should just cower in fear of the Lakers, the answer is no. If the Lakers are still rolling like this by the All Star break, then maybe you should start worrying; but there's not much to really be gleaned from the first two weeks of any season. At least wait and see what moves are made before the trading deadline before passing judgment on anything.

Finally, NBA players can't fight to save their lives. A Royal Rumble type affair involving nothing but NBA players would be absolutely hilarious. It would be flailing in every direction with nobody connecting anything.

Blogger Wang McMuffin said...
As much as I hate to do it, I actually am about to pile on Wade a bit more =/

He helped the Heat get back in the game, but the last few minutes the Blazers went to run out the clock and ended up with terrible shots and no points. Unfortunately Wade came down and tried to hard to be the man and forced things, ending up with long jumpers with a defender right there and driving into traffic and not getting a damn thing. Just sitting at 96-90 and not getting a damn thing, it was frustrating as hell to watch since I thought they were going to pull out another comeback win. I understand he's the man and all that, and being hesitant to hit the young guys in the crunch time, but he's been with Haslem for a while, and Udonis is money with those midrange jumpers. Anyway I'm completely rambling and any semblance of a point has been lost at this point.

Also, my verification word is "rolophyl" - combination between rohypnol and chlorophyl perhaps?

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Maybe I'm not sure what your definition of "starting PG" is. Steve Blake doesn't blow up a stat sheet, but I watched him play last night, and he took care of the ball, hit open shots, made smart decisions, and never looked anything but in-control. His man didn't abuse him and he also didn't dare leave him alone on the perimeter.

What more do you want from your PG?

Maybe he's not a "Star" but I think he's a starter for sure. I can name a half dozen teams off the top of my head who would rather have him than their starting PG. He is definitely not a "scoring PG", but he IS a "pure" PG.

Who would you rather have running that offense? Seems to me like they have enough scorers; they need someone like Blake who can play the point and won't take away shots from Aldridge, Roy, and eventually Oden.

Blogger Gus in the UK said...
Just for the record that is New Zealand (and New Orleans Hornets) stalwart...err.. bench warmer Sean Marks dunking all over Yao.

Anonymous Anonymous said...
Would you want Yao Ming on your team?

Anonymous Anonymous said...
I gotta agree with AK Dave about Steve Blake. He is a little bit slow, but he is selfless, can shoot the ball, pass to the open man and get everybody involved.

Even The Beatles needed a Ringo Starr, right?

Blogger Unknown said...
in regards to Wang's post,

The Laker's offense at the end of games is just like that too, except fortunately for them they usually have the lead and hold on.

Kobe is really having a dismal individual season thus far (relative to past seasons).

I think maybe a trade involving Sergio and Conley would be best for both teams, Conley reunited with Oden and Sergio running a more free flowing team.

Anonymous Anonymous said...
After some token research (I'm lazy) I see that Sergio Rodriguez is averaging 3.6 APG in 10min of PT.

Last night he had 5 assists to 1 TO in 18min. Look, this guy is good, and he puts up assists in a HURRY when he's on the floor. Plus he has the whole ESP(anol) thing going with Rudy, who is looking to be as advertised. Why would you trade away chemistry?

So between Blake and Rodriguez, you are getting a combined 13ppg and 7.4apg in a combined 40minutes of PT (so not even a complete game). That's not a bad line for your point guards.

Methinks they are sitting pretty good at the PG position. Of course they would love to have Chris Paul or Steve Nash, but that probably isn't going to happen. What they need is an upgrade at the small forward spot...

Anonymous Anonymous said...
yay! my video was put up. Isn't the music just fitting?

add yakouba diawara to the worsties. I guarantee 75% of his attempts are 3's. I've been down on marion but the heat still really need him for rebounding and defense

Anonymous Anonymous said...
My belief is stronger than your doubt, bawful.

Man was I furious when I couldn't watch that hawks-celts match. I mean, did ESPN miss out on the wonderful series these 2 teams had during the playoffs?

I'm a huge Laker fan but I could not find the Laker-Hornet game entertaining. So I would have gladly watched a more contested match, oh well highlights will do

As for the Rockets, did anyone else notice the fact that the team had "players meeting only" gathering to get them on the same page (as mentioned numerous times during the game)

So did RON-RON show up or did Yao give a speech in chinese?

Blogger Wild Yams said...
AK Dave & Baguete - Look, I'm not disputing that Blake is a PG, I'm saying he's not good enough to be a starting PG, not for a team with championship aspirations. Yes, he's a short guy who distributes the ball, so yeah, he is a PG. But the guy's abilities are better suited to being a backup PG than a starter. Keep in mind that many people feel the PG is the most important position on a team (either that or center), so you have to ask yourself if you can see Steve Blake leading a team to a title. I sure can't.

Look at Rajon Rondo, for example. He's much better than Blake in most areas, but he definitely had a high potential to be a gaping void in the Celtics' lineup on any given night last year. The Celtics won the title, but they did it in many ways in spite of Rondo. Look at how the Lakers were able to get away with basically having Kobe "cover" Rondo, while essentially just roaming all over the place on defense cause he knew Rondo couldn't burn him. The Lakers were badly overmatched at a couple other positions and were just in general an inferior team to the Celtics, so they ended up losing, but clearly the key to the Lakers' approach to beating Boston was exploiting the weakness that was Rajon Rondo.

In my opinion the two weakest areas on the Blazers are the PG and SF positions, but the SF position is stronger than the PG position, and is generally a less vital spot. The Blazers have an overwhelming amount of young, very desirable talent, and to best serve their ballclub they should probably be looking to trade some of those prospects for a PG who is better than Blake. They shouldn't get a shoot-first point guard, and they don't need to aim for Chris Paul or Deron Williams, but they should be trying to see what is out there to upgrade that position. I think if they don't do that and they just stand pat with Blake, then in a couple years when they're challenging the Lakers for a spot in the Finals, Jordan Farmar's gonna be running circles around Blake.

One thing worth exploring for the Blazers is trying to get Roy to switch and become a PG. As unselfish as he is he could be a great fit there, and good swingmen are much easier to find than good PGs.

Anonymous Anonymous said...
"yao ming, yao ming yao ming yao ming
yao ming yao ming"

gotta love the song

side note: try to sing "arvidas sabonis" to the melody of "hakuna matata" in lion king.
(also working with "zydrunas ilgauskas".)

Anonymous Anonymous said...

shaq as bam bam bigelow
dwight as batista
kwame as umaga (although he could not hold on to the opponent or the ball or anything)

Blogger Wild Yams said...
Anthony, I think you're pretty off on your comment that the Lakers' offense at the end of games has been such that they're just trying to run out the clock the way that Wang said the Blazers were last night. I'll give you that the Lakers played like that last night, but that's the only game so far this year that they've done that. In their other two close games the Lakers began the 4th quarter either tied or behind and then outscored their opponent by 7 (over Denver) or by 10 (over Dallas). They've only had one other game this year where it was close in the 4th quarter, and that was the last game against the Clippers, but in that game they had a 22-0 run in the last 8 minutes of the game, so I think it's fair to say they weren't just trying to run the clock out there. The other two games they had were blowouts against Portland and their first meeting with the Clippers and neither one was close at all in the 4th quarter.

Last night they were up 23 in the second half before getting tired or lazy or complacent or whatever they were, allowing New Orleans to mount a comeback and make a game of it; but don't judge the Lakers too harshly for that. They were on the 2nd night of a back to back on the road against a well-rested team that many feel have a shot at the title this year, so the Hornets finishing the way they did is somewhat understandable. After all, the Lakers did get the road win over the Hornets and did hold them to 86 points for the night, both of which are pretty impressive.

Also, you're equally wrong in saying that Kobe is having "a dismal individual season," even compared to previous years. In previous years Kobe was counted on to do a lot more (having Smush Parker, Kwame Brown and Luke Walton in your starting 5 will have that effect on a player), so his individual output was greater in the same way that LeBron's currently is for his team. But now Kobe is literally surrounded by guys who can take that load off his shoulders, and his numbers reflect that. Not only are his minutes way down, but so are his shot attempts. However, his field goal percentage is up, and the Lakers are undefeated, so I think you may want to revise your criteria for determining whether Kobe is having a good season or not. After all, would it be accurate to say that Kevin Garnett had "a dismal individual season" last year? I can guarantee you if he was averaging over 30 ppg that the Lakers would have lost at least once or twice this year. Having a big ego and being selfish would not help the Lakers at all this season.

Anonymous Anonymous said...
Thanks for that 2nd Yao video! As a New Zealander, that was THE greatest single play by the Tall Blacks. (Yes, it's true. NZ has probably the worst nickname of any national basketball team.) Yes, and Yao acted like a little bitch after getting dunked on, and shoved our hustle-guy, Dylan Boucher right in front of the referee. Ah, not even international refs are above star-treatment.

It is all history now...(NBA Champion with the spurs) Sean Marks renounced his NZ nationality for a US one, filling the NBA market niche for enthusiastic-white-guy-at-the-end-of-the-bench role...

Who do you think fills that position the best? You mentioned LaFrenz. I can think of Scalabrine, Madsen. Anybody Im overlooking, or someone from the past?

Blogger Unknown said...
Wild Yams

I'm not saying the Lakers offense the entire quarter is like that, but I remember the Hornets and Mavs games both the Lakers had a decent lead in the closing minutes but then they went to clock killing mode, with Kobe holding the ball for 18 seconds then taking a fade away jumper or a spinning layup in traffic. In the three road games the Lakers had a decent lead late in the 4th and they went into kill clock mode which leads to bad offense.

I'm probably a bit harsh saying dismal but my main focus has been those end of game situations where he takes a ton more difficult jumpshots than in the regular flow of the game. His points are down yes but the main thing that concerns me is assist totals, they are down 2 full assists per game from his previous 2 years, isn't he supposed to get more of those with better players around him? I am a Laker fan and watch ~ 90%, maybe my expectations were too high but i thought Kobe easily would be nearing 8 assists a game this year and have his scoring in the low 20s, just hasn't happened. You must admit that in the past 2 games the offense has looked horrible at the end, in the Dallas game they were stuck on 99 for almost 3 minutes until that lucky Pau And 1 off the Fisher airball.

Anonymous Anonymous said...
I don't know if anyone has a screenshot of it but at one point during the suns game the other night the stat came up with phoenix's scoring leaders except they labeled them the phoenix mercury. Maybe getting called women made them so upset and got them to start pushing everyone to the ground.

Anonymous Anonymous said...
Bawful, you have to understand, Wade has to take over for his team. With Marion playing terribly like always this season, and Beasley only a rookie, Wade needs to have the ball in his hands and generate the offense. It's not his fault for the turnovers, he's just doing his job.

Blogger geremy said...
i thought boris played frankentstein and bela played dracula?

just sayin'

...and that "taking it in two places" comment...pure comedy gold!

Blogger AnacondaHL said...
Holy crap. I'm not a big fan of +/- in basketball, but how the hell do you get a -15 in only FOUR minutes, AND a +3 suck differential? Fantastic bawful 2nd start at center there, Joakim Noah.

And all of you need to stop defending Wade's turnovers. He's a Yahoo fantasy team nightmare, and has been since 2004, even pre-Shaq. (Of course blocks from the PG/G position in a league that doesn't count TOs is golden).

Anonymous Anonymous said...
@ Ruben-

Don't forget the mayor- Fred Hoiberg!!

Blogger rmcdougall said...
From tonight's ESPN (via AP) recap of the Denver Cleveland game, a quote from Coach Brown:

"The first team that decided to defend in the second half was going to get the win," Brown said. "And we did. The first half was a rate race. R-A-T, R-A-C-E."

If you're going to quote the coach as he spells the words, you might as well spell them correctly yourself. Or it just makes it seem like Brown's spelling them for you, AP Guy.

Blogger Basketbawful said...
geremy -- Bela was indeed the original Dracula and Boris was the original Frankenstein monster (as "Frankenstein" was the name of the scientist who created the beast). Boris played the monster in the first three movies: Frankenstein, Bride of Frankenstein and Son of Frankenstein. That was his last turn as the monster, however. Lugosi, who either lost or turned down the part of the monster in the original Frankenstein (depending on which version of the story you believe) had always believed that losing/giving up that role had hurt his career...so he jumped at the opportunity to play the role in Frankenstein Meets the Wolf Man, which was a sequel to Son. Unfortunately, he was so old and debilitated at the time, much of the film featured shots of stunt men as the monster, while many of his scenes (which originally included dialogue) were cut from the final piece.

Anonymous Anonymous said...
Would you want Yao Ming on your team, basketbawful? From the amount you hate on him, it doesn't sound like it.

Blogger Basketbawful said...
anonymous -- First off, you might not have noticed this, but I "hate" on everybody...insomuch as I point out the flaws in every player/team, and the mistakes that every team/player makes. That's the theme of the site.

With regards to Yao, he's not playing as well this season as he was last season. Maybe he's tired, maybe he hasn't fully recovered from his injuries, but he looks slower and more awkward than ever. And he's missing 40 percent of his dunks. Is it not worth noting that a man who's 7'6" is missing 40 percent of the one shot in the game that every player should hit at or near a 100 percent rate of accuracy? I think so.

As far as whether I'd want him on my team, it's rarely that simple, even with the truly great players. It would depend on what my options were and what kind of players I would have around him. Wilt, Jordan, Kobe...those are great players who couldn't accomplish much without the right supporting cast. So unless I knew who was on my team, I can't say with any reliability whether I'd want Yao as a part of it.

Blogger BJ said...
^(nod) That's fair. Out of curiosity, who would you pick as the guy who will find a way to excel and kick ass, no matter what system he had to work with, no matter who was playing with him? Is there such a man?

Anonymous Anonymous said...
And, punted...

Anonymous Anonymous said...
For all the Mario trashing you have done in the past, it was nice to see you give the kid some props for once, he plays exceptionally hard when he gets in the game.