Dwight Howard: He had a man-sized game (29 points, 8-for-11 from the field, 19 rebounds, 8 offensive boards). But -- and you knew there was a "but" coming -- he missed seven free throws and went 2-for-6 in the fourth quarter. This gets mentioned a lot here and elsewhere, but Dwight's shoddy stroke from the line kills the Magic in comeback and end-of-game situations. Anyway, he also committed a game-high 4 turnovers (tying Jameer Nelson) while dishing no assists. Speaking of which...

Fun fact: Through the Magic's first seven games, Howard has 20 turnovers and only 9 assists. Huh. I thought Superman was supposed to help people.

Rashard Lewis: The $100 Million Dollar Man scored a measly 6 points on 3-for-11 shooting. He also missed all five of his three-point attempts. Over the last two games, Rashard mustered 11 points on 5-for-22 shooting (including 0-for-10 from distance). On the season, he's shooting 38 percent from the field and 26 from downtown. This is particularly damning since his primary -- and some would say his only -- duty is to shoot and score. If he's not doing that, he might as well be serving Gatorade on the bench. On the subject of benches...

The Orlando bench: They contributed only 12 points to their team's cause (as compared to 40 from the Portland bench). And when I say "they," I actually mean Keith Boogers Bogans. Nobody else from the Pine Club could offer up a single point. Which brings us to...

Anthony Johnson: Our buddy Ben Q. Rock from the Third Quarter Collapse sent us a Lack-tion Alert on Mr. Johnson: 17 minutes, 1 assist, 2 fouls, 0-for-everything-else. The Magic might as well have subbed in a banana peel for those 17 minutes. At least it might have caused somebody to slip or something.

Update! Keith Bogans, basketball guru: Basketbawful reader Anfernee sent in the following wise words from Mr. Bogans: "With a victory tonight against Portland, the Orlando Magic can rebound from their shocking 0-2 start to the season in a historical way. Having already toppled Sacramento, Chicago, Philadelphia and Washington during the past eight nights at Amway Arena, the Magic can close out the first 5-0 homestand in the 20-year history of the franchise by beating the Blazers. ... 'Winning all five at home would be really big for us,' said Keith Bogans, Orlando's top reserve all season. 'We lost that first one at home, but since then we've realized how important that it is to win at home. I always think that you should win them all at home and get as many as you can on the road.'" In other news, since drinking an entire bottle of Mr. Bubble brand bubble bath, I realize that drinking bubble bath probably isn't a good idea. Nor is sticking this fork into that electrical outle...ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZTTT!!!

Schedule makers: The Portland Trail Blazers may be "only" 4-3, but they've played six of their first seven games against teams that had won at least 52 games last season (Lakers, Spurs, Suns, Jazz, Rockets and Magic). That would be a rough start for anybody. Kudos to them for hanging tough in the face of being Odenless yet again.

The Thunder's shooting: The Oklahoma City kiddies shot 38 percent as a team, led by Earl Watson (2-for-11), Russell Westbrook (1-for-10) and Desmond Mason (0-for-5). A lot of the damage took place during the second quarter, when the Thunder shot 25 percent. In fact, during one particularly brutal five-minute stretch, they missed 10 consecutive shots.

The Pacers' rebounding: From the AP game recap: "[T.J. Ford's] teammates are having fun with the fact that the shortest player on the team has somehow been among its top rebounders the past two games. 'That’s pretty good for a 5-7 guy,' forward Danny Granger joked." It's all fun and games until rebounding costs your team a victory. And make no mistake, that's almost what happened to Indiana last night. The Thunder nearly overcame their shooting woes by grabbing 19 offensive rebounds.

Troy Murphy: He left the game during the second quarter with flu-like symptoms.

Jermaine O'Neal: The Drain had his best game of the season -- 23 points, 11 rebounds, 5 assists -- but he made two critical mistakes in the last two minutes. First, with the game knotted at 84-all, he got his patented turnaround jumper stuffed by Kendrick Perkins. Paul Pierce then hit a shot on the other end to give the Celtics a two-point lead. On the following possession, O'Neal bumbled the ball our of bounds, which led to another jumper from Pierce to pretty much seal the deal. So, you know, Jermaine giveth and Jermaine taketh away.

Update! Jermaine O'Neil's disappearing act: From Alex Athans: "19 points in the first half, 4 in the second...and only 2 of those were from a field goal. I pronounce him David Copperfield, except instead of making the Statue of Liberty vanish, he whisks himself away."

Chris Bosh: The line: 9 points, 3-for-8, 7 rebounds, 1 assist, 2 turnovers, zero blocks and 4 fouls. Has anybody noticed that he and O'Neal can't seem to both have a good game at the same time?

Update! Sam Mitchell: Lord Kerrance pointed out that Bosh had zero shot attempts in the fourth quarter, and then Czernobog stepped up with the following information: "How about subbing Sam Mitchell for Chris Bosh? Apparently Bosh's disappearance was premeditated, the plan was to use him as a 'decoy' in his own words. Brilliant game-plan, Sam. Going away from your best player on what has been his best season so far." Yeah. And not too many great players want to be used as decoys and then watch their team lose because of it (or give up 16-point leads on the road, as the Raptors did last night.)

Update! Kevin Garnett: I pronounce you guilty...of superdickery. Seriously, KG, is it really necessary to pick on Jose Calderon? Seriously? (Dunpizzle on the head's up.)

Scintillating copy: From the AP game recap: "Dwyane Wade was mildly surprised midway through the final quarter to see the Miami Heat trailed by only 10." In other news, I was mildly surprised to find a small wad of lint in my belly button.

More scintillating copy: From the same game recap: "Where there's a Wade, there's a way." Please. Stop this man before he writes again.

Meaningless stats: From the same recap: "[The Heat] improved to 3-0 at home for the first time since the 1999-2000 season." Don't you feel enriched? Personally, I will never forget the Heat's 3-0 home start of '08.

Lame justifications: Dwyane Wade was 0-for-9 on threes before going 4-for-7 last night. And this was Pookie's explanation of his previously frigid shooting: "I didn't need to use them yet. But tonight, I brought them out." Sure. And I have bionic arms that can crush cars and dispense beer. I just haven't needed to use them yet. See what I mean? Both statements are impossible.

Dwyane Wade: He led the Heat to a comeback win by scoring 19 of his 33 points in the fourth quarter...but it's still worth noting that he had more turnovers (6) than assists (5). Oh, and that was a game-high in TOs.

Shawn Marion: He missed last night's game. Groin strain. [Insert joke here] Actually, this news report says he has a strained RIGHT groin. A single groin is, apparently, for mortal men. Marion has both a right and a left groin. Bow before his groinal awesomeness. (Note: The previous statements were made for the comic purposes only. I do not need an anatomy lesson. And besides, sharing your knowledge of the groin will only make people look at you funny.)

Eduardo Najera: Slow Eddy contributed more fouls (2) than rebounds (1) in his nine minutes of near nothingness. Also, his face looks like it was molded out of day-old nacho cheese. That is all.

Hack-a-Boone: The Heat intentionally fouled Josh Boone -- a career 47 percent foul shooter -- with just over three minutes remaining. He probably could have avoided that treatment if he hadn't airballed earlier in the game.

Vince Carter: Vinsanity cost his team a chance to tie the game when he got tooted for traveling with 6.7 seconds left. It was Carter's fourth turnover of the game and his team's 19th. Wah-waaaaaaaah.

The Phoenix Suns: They almost got gunned down by rookie O.J. Mayo (19 of his game-high 33 points in the fourth quarter) last night. In Phoenix. And it took a scoring explosion from Leandro Barbosa to do it. Not a good sign.

Steve Nash: In case nobody noticed, Captain Canada has transformed into the 2003-04 Dallas Mavericks version of himself. He's averaging 13.8 points and 8.0 assists and shooting only 46 percent from the field, which would be a career-high for Allen Iverson but is quite a dip from the 51 percent shooting he's averaged since arriving in Phoenix. In fact, Steve's in a bit of a slump. Here are the numbers from his last four games: 3-for-11, 3-for-9, 2-for-7, and 2-for-5. Age: It catches up. Speaking of which...

Shaq: He shot 3-for-8 from the field and finished with more fouls (6) than rebounds (5). I think it might be time for Shaq to start hitting the All Sport.

Update! Kobe Bryant: He didn't put the cap back on the tube of toothpaste.

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Blogger Dunpizzle said...
Kevin Garnett - Superdickery

Blogger Wild Yams said...
Man, good call on Nash. I hadn't noticed what was going on with his game this year. Do you think it's because he's not playing in D'Antoni's Seven Seconds Or Less offense anymore, or has father time finally caught up with Canada's hoops hero?

If Shaq keeps fouling out of games in only 22 minutes of playing time like he did last night, maybe Terry Porter won't have to give him games off due to being old and out of shape. Grant Hill had more rebounds than Shaq last night despite the fact that Hill only played 15 minutes. However, I'm surprised that Hill's 0-4, 0 points stat line didn't make an appearance here.

Blogger Lord Kerrance said...
Let's not forget that Bosh had exactly zero shots in the fourth quarter. garnett was all over him, granted, but can nobody on the Raps set a screen?

Blogger BJ said...
Give him credit; at least he squeezes from the end.
(who goes to tonight's game with cigarette and blindfold at the ready)

Blogger Joe said...
Man thank you for not bringing up conleys suckery... :(

Anonymous Anonymous said...
Thanks for the Garnett video - seems that no other media thought it was worthy of being discussed. Watching it at the time, it made me realize why so many people I know hate these Celtics (I'm a big fan myself). Sure, they trash talk more than any other team right now, but that's Basketball. Garnett's 'defense' on that play was bush-league and embarassing to watch. The amazing thing, though, was that he wasn't T'ed up for it

Blogger tree said...
Good call lord kerrance - Sam Mitchell or Calderon should have made today's WoTN for not getting him the ball.

Blogger XForce23 said...
Honestly, how is that NOT taunting, what KG did to Calderon? Clapping in his face, pointing at him right in his mug while bringing up the ball.
Should have been a technical, plain and simple, but just because he's KG and he's crazy and it's in Boston the refs won't do shit.

Also, tons of bogus calls for Boston in the 3rd quarter to get them back in the game just because they are the defending champs. GG reffing

Anonymous Anonymous said...
How about subbing Sam Mitchell for Chris Bosh? Apparently Bosh's absence was premeditated, the plan was to use him as a "decoy" in his own words.

Brilliant game-plan, Sam. Going away from your best player on what has been his best season so far.

Blogger Clifton said...
On Steve Nash: The Suns' plan to bring in super-Slovenian Goran Dragic as a way to take some of the PG load off of Nash has so far not paid dividends. Terry Porter loves to talk about his "second unit," but Grant Hill has to do most of the job at point for the B-squad.

Dragic posted the following scintillating stats against Milwaukee last Saturday: 13 minutes, 0-3 FG (including two attempts from 3), 3 rebs, 2 A's, with 2 TO's and 5 (count 'em, 5) PF's. He did come back vs. Memphis and post a respectable 8 points in 13 minutes (2-2 FG with no errant 3 attempts, 4-4 FT) but was otherwise statistically absent. Meanwhile, Nash's minutes-per remains in the mid-30s.

Blogger Alex said...
Great work Bawful, but I have to point a few things out, being the Celtic homer that I am:

No mention of Sam Mitchell's decision to stick Jason Kapono on the red-hot Pierce for the fourth quarter? If Pierce was heating up by the end of the third, then him seeing Kapono guarding him was the fuel that set him ablaze. What's better, Coach Mitchell: having a streaky three-point shooter in there hit one or two shots, or letting his man go off for 22?

Jermaine O'Neil's disappearing act: 19 points in the first half, 4 in the second...and only 2 of those were from a field goal. I pronounce him David Copperfield, except instead of making the Statue of Liberty vanish, he whisks himself away.

And yeah, KG's taunting of Calderon was hilarious, but definitely bush-league. Gotta agree with the charge of superdickery.

And lest you say the refs gave Boston that game, there were pretty bad calls and non-calls all around.

Anonymous Anonymous said...
How long before everybody starts calling Goran Dragic as "Goran Tragic"?

Anonymous Anonymous said...
Canadians watching the exchange between KG and Calderon must have been confused. If it were hockey, Jermaine O'Neal would be expected fly out of the corner of the screen and punch KG in the teeth for acting like a douche to a smaller player.

Since KG went to Boston I feel like we have much to learn from the game to the north.

Anonymous Anonymous said...
On the bright side for Nash, his jumpshot hasn't left him for another man. 11-20 on 3's so far this year. Not bad for a one-eyed fat man.

It's hard to get 13apg when you aren't holding the ball 99% of the time, running wildly, and trying to get off a shot in 7 seconds or less. He's still a top 3 PG in the league.

Steve actually looks no different this season than he has in the past 3. Problem is, he always looks awesome in November, but after 6 months of basketball and two rounds of playoffs, he looks like, well, a man who has been dragging around 11 teammates on his shoulders all season long.

Blogger B-Will said...
Wade - has had 3 consecutive 30 plus games. He is always turnover prone, but when you watch the game

(Which I am guessing you did not)

you see that his turnovers are followed by or proceeded by steals/hustle plays that get them right back in the game. He is second in the league in per (If you care) and shot 50% last night plus free throws for a true shooting percentage of 70.8%. (impressive)

Wade imposed his will on the other team and he ends up in your worst category? You need to take off you bi-assed glasses.

Additionally if you watched the interview WADE really said that he just didn't need to use them earlier remark with a smirk and a smile. This leads me to believe that he just says that stuff to have fun, not so seriously. He also mentioned that the guys were teasing him that he hadn't made a three and that Lebron had 4, so he told them all he would have 4 for the night (THIS IS UNCORROBORATED COMING ONLY FROM WADE)

Basically I am glad you mention Wade... but come on man... your worsties are destroying the basketbawful we used to know and love, we have been suffering the formulaic make fun of anything you can grasp for a year now. I liked it better when your posts were less formulaic, more random, and more fun. I understand you are basketbawful, but this worsties stuff is almost tedious to read through, pick one or two and expand on them to legendary lenghts, don't just give me a large quantity of lesser basketbawful funny things. I feel like someone is getting the best, the best, the best of you, and it isn't us.

Or that your truly awesome bawful dollops are being diluted in a large list of formulaic worst stats. If I want to see low performances I will just read league wide stat lines from bottom to top every day.

I remain a fan and reader of the blog, just some Bi-Assed glasses of my own regarding my man crush (Wade), and some friendly criticism that has been building up over all the worsties posts, I almost didn't want the season to start (HUGE EXAGGERATION) because you summer off season non-worsties content was so much better than the FORMULAIC, TEDIOUS, SUPERFICIAL, worsties.

Blogger Barry said...
I'd chastise KG for picking on Calderon, but I fear he might be on here and will not hesitate to pick on me.

Well seriously, he should have been slapped with a 'T', of course we haven't got the entire story (Did Jose take the last pizza?) but that is just plain childish.

Blogger Lord Kerrance said...
Everyone has an opinion, so no offence to b-will, but I think it's worth mentioning that I became a 'Bawful reader because of the worsties. Love that stuff.

Blogger XForce23 said...
I was watching the entire game and Jose honestly did nothing to warrant the superdickery from KG (and does he really seem the type to anyways?).
KG just wanted to get into Jose's head to throw off his game, but the way he did it should have definitely gotten him a technical.

Blogger Basketbawful said...
dunpizzle -- Thanks for the head's up. Updated.

Yams -- Well, I think it's probably a combination of several things. Don't forget, the Suns just finished up a stretch of five games in seven nights and the first four games were on the road. So combine his age, a tough stretch of scheduling, the fact that he's running a slightly different offense than he's used to and that he's being asked to give significantly more on the defensive end, and you get a series of so-so games (by Nash's standards). And it seems that the Suns' spacing is a bit different this season, so Steve isn't getting as many shots in his favorite spots, thus he's averaging only 9.5 shot attempts per game...his lowest number since 1999-2000.

lord kerrance -- Good point. Obviously that is partly a coaching mistake, but damn can that Boston defense make people disappear.

bj -- Really? Cause Kobe struck me as a from-the-middle squeezer.

joe -- No problem. I know he was an 0-fer, but he didn't quite make the Worst Of cut. Maybe if he'd attempted a few more shots...

anonymous #1 -- As most people know, I'm a long-time, die-hard Celtics fan, and I love KG and his passion. But still, sometimes his zany enthusiasm causes him to do things that I don't really think have any place in basketball (like taunting Jose, or popping his jersey like a madman, etc.). And I'm not going to go soft on my guys when I'm ragging on the rest of the league. Not too soft, anyway.

tree -- I'm sure Jose would have gotten it too him given the right opportunity. I would fault Sam for not drawing up the necessary plays and Bosh himself for not stepping up and demanding the ball.

kevin -- It was taunting and KG absolutely should have been T'd up. Maybe Stern will levy one of those after-the-fact fines?

czernobog -- Good find. I'll update the post.

clifton -- It's true. Dragic, I'm afraid, is just a younger version of Sarunas Jaskawhateverhisnamewas who spent time warming pine for the Pacers and Warriors before returning to the comforts of Euroball. He's slow and soft and utterly incapable of playing NBA defense (can't move his feet, stay in front of his man, and he reaches all the time). So, yet again, Nash won't get much rest, and the team will be kind of screwed when he sits (or, rather, lays down by the bench).

alex athans -- Unfortunately, they don't really have any really tough perimeter defenders. And at least he was forcing Pierce into contested jump shots. They only other option they Raptors had would have been to throw some double-teams at him. I don't think any other individual defense would have worked.

Love the JO comment. I'll have to add that to the post.

baguete -- Funny you should say that. I made the same comment to a friend of mine from Phoenix right after the Suns acquired him.

anonymous #2 -- True. But from what I remember from the Pacers-Pistons brawl, JO is a really lousy aim with his punches.

ak dave -- Yeah, he's still blazing away from distance. He's just not getting as many of his little pet shots (the floaters/leaners from 15 feet) as he's used to. Oh, and I forgot to mention in my reply to Yams that the Suns pretty much conceded the Bulls game.

b-will -- Bi-assed, bi-assed...I don't get it. But it's probably because I'm in the middle of writing tomorrow's Worst of the Night. I mean, they're all pretty much the same, so I don't even bother to check the box scores anymore. I'm just making stuff up.

Seriously, I'm sorry you're not enjoying my Worst of the Nights. But they're a staple here and I enjoy writing them. I believe there are still nuggets of wisdom within them, but if they're not your thing, they're not your thing. I'm sure you can get the analysis you seek somewhere else, like TrueHoop or Ball Don't Lie or wherever.

I will, of course, continue to provide other types of content as time allows. But right now, this is what I've got.

For the record, I know Wade has been playing great. But I also know he tends to get careless with the ball from time to time. So far, he's had four games (out of seven) with at least five turnovers. He's currently the league leader in turnovers per game (4.3). And do you know who led the league lat season? Dwyane Wade (4.4)! And the season before that? Dwyane Wade (4.2)! I know he hustles and scraps and gets up eight times when you knock him down seven and all that. But I think it's worth noting that D-Wade is a turnover machine and has been for a while. I mean, the most TOs per game for three straight seasons? (And second only to Gilbert Arenas in 2005-06.) You don't think that's a problem at all? Really? Well then I'm sorry I said anything...

barry -- Uh, if KG's on here, then, uh, YOU GO BIG TICKET! Give that Spanish so-and-so what he's got coming! Jeah!

kevin -- I agree. I had to FFWD chunks of the game, but I didn't see Jose do anything to bring that on...and it doesn't seem like his style anyway.

Anonymous Anonymous said...
Although B-Will didn't start off his comment so well, I have to say I agree about the worsties stuff.
I started reading the blog during the offseason and didn't know that worsties was the standard content during the season.
I like the writing style etc, but the worsties posts are a bit tedious and it definitely would be better to focus just on 1 or 2 people/actions rather than as many lacktion reports as possible.
Not only that, but it sounds like it takes a lot of work to make such a post, for little benefit. I think it'd be better to start a 'worsties of *date*' post which you leave open for commenters to post stats and links, and of course you can take part (yes, you are allowed, you're welcome). And then hit us up with some awesome higher-ground insite from your beautiful, beautiful mind (how many times do I have to say beautiful in order for it to sound a bit toungue-in-cheek rather than erotic?)

Anonymous Anonymous said...
So how long until Jermaine O'Neil starts complaining about his role/minutes/shots/teammates/Canadian currency and gets himself a trade? Will that happen before he is re-injured?

My crystal ball says he will become the second most hated player in Toronto franchise history (after VC, of course) before this is over.

BTW- this site still defines coolness on the internet. no need to change your format or content imho.

Blogger bob said...
Just making a short request before tonight's games: is it possible to include a special Dallas Mavericks' bench suck column? Jerry Stackhouse has been pathetic so far and about half the guys on the bench haven't done much better.

Blogger Wang McMuffin said...
I gotta say as much as I'm a massive Wade fanboy and Heat fan, Wade does turn the ball over more than I'd like. Some of the plays that are the turnovers are the same things that produce some spectacular stuff yes, but there's times where he's just trying to force things and loses control. I love the confidence, but the turnovers hurt.

Pee Ess - I gotta say I love the WotN myself, there's occasional off-days but who doesn't have off days when you're doing one every day ya know? 99% are most excellent.

Blogger Alex said...
Haha yes! Thanks Bawful! I'm actually in a post. I feel honored...blessed!

Blogger Michael Hsu said...
You guys have it all wrong. KG was just cheering Jose on and telling him that the Celtics were going to leave Kapono open on that play. Then Jose, being a nice guy and all, say thanks for the heads up to KG.

Anonymous Anonymous said...
Once Josh Boone air balled that Free Throw, they heat realized they could win and did. Great game

AND NO MARK BLOUNT!!!! 6'9 canadian center joel anthony came in and finished with 4 pts and a nice block on jarvis hayes.

Blogger AnacondaHL said...
uhm, I see the Garnett-Calderon thing on the FRONT page of featured So much for no other media covering it, huh.

Anonymous Anonymous said...


Blogger lordhenry said...
Wow......I'm in awe of KG's assholery, mocking calderon like that is kinda uncalled for. I believe this jedi knight has turned to the dark side.....I thought KG was like like 20 times classier than that.Thanks for once again, being unbiased and seeing both sides of things, great blog.

Anonymous Anonymous said...
I hate when a Worstie leads to some serious talk in here. Its ok to discuss bball with people who loves the game as much as you, but it feels like you are explaining a joke.

Anyway, how about a Worsties Special Edition: The Coaches. Can you believe that Eddie Jordan, Sam Vincent, PJ Carlesimo, Rick Carlisle, etc, still have a job in a league that have only 30 spots! Are they the finest coaches in the world?

Anonymous Anonymous said...
I hate garnett, such a baby. better be glad he didn't get his ass kicked again like Peeler did to him. GARNETT =PUNK. Couldn't never take a team on his own so he had to join a team of superstars to win a Championship.

Blogger Clifton said...
delra said: "I started reading the blog during the offseason and didn't know that worsties was the standard content during the season. I like the writing style etc, but the worsties posts are a bit tedious and it definitely would be better to focus just on 1 or 2 people/actions rather than as many lacktion reports as possible."

I started reading five days ago (turned on to it by my friend The Filthy Logician) and I love it. It's called "Basketbawful," not "Basketbawesome" or something like that. Focusing on the "awful" of the league is what makes it go. I love reading about the Mario Wests of the league for once, rather than being told for the trillionth time how incredible Tim Duncan is.

Blogger Barry said...
I too thought KG was classier than that..I'll just class this as a one-off incident where adrenaline and pettyness got the better of him.

To chime into the Worsties discussion...I love them, it's critical without being depressively (new word) pessimistic and also important, doesn't take itself overly serious.

Anonymous Anonymous said...
Seems that, since Peeler punched him in the face, KG chooses to prove his famous intensity on soft, white euros. Firs Zaza, now Jose. Who's next? I suppose he'll have something nice to say to Goran Dragic...

Anonymous Anonymous said...


Blogger B-Will said...
I just checked godaddy &...


There you go, ripe for the taking.

For the record the way I rationalize away wade's turnovers is by measuring it against his steals, assists and blocks. I know it is wrong, but I do it anyway. His assist to turnover ratio for the last 5 years was

08-09 1.76
07-08 1.56
06-07 1.78
05-06 1.86
04-05 1.61

Not extremely good, but not negative.

Wow... I am pretty pathetic.

Blogger Basketbawful said...
b-will -- I'll keep basketbawseme in mind. Anyway, I have a handful of pet peeves in basketball, and I tend to apply them most harshly to the better players (of which Wade is one). They are low shooting percentages and turnovers. Mostly because I think that, in many cases, low FGP is a function of the type of shots a player is taking, and a high number of turnovers is a sign that a player is forcings passes or trying to get too fancy.

Wade falls into that category. I've seen him kill his team's momentum many times with costly turnovers. I did a quick check of his game log and he had 5 or more turnovers in half of the games he played in last season. That's crazy.

TOs are unavoidable for players who are the focal point of a team. But Wade's have been consistently high for years. And to me, that's a sign worth watching...though not necessarily a grand pronouncement of the player's overall worth.

And if you read between the lines of my Worst of the Night posts, a lot of times I'm trying to focus on negative trends that are keeping certain players and teams down.