Over the years, several readers have requested an easier way to navigate Basketbawful's growing collection of Words of the Day. So, starting today, I'm collecting all 200-some of them into a series of dictionary-style posts. Once that's finished, I'll put a link to each post into the sidebar. And, because I'm just oh-so-giving, I'll update the posts every time I create a new Word of the Day. Now, without further ado, let's begin...

1994 Knicks/Rockets Finals
7-11 defense

letter a
"Almost" Team
And one!
"And whoever else you want to name..."
atom smasher

Letter b
bailout call
Black Hole
boo birds
butcher shop
butt slap

Letter c
calorie cap
Calvin Murphy
Camera of Shame
cap killer
Catch-and-Shoot 22
championship piggyback
cheater's proof
chronological snobbery
circus shot
Clark Kent job
Contract Year Phenomenon

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Blogger kabal said...
What was wrong with the Pistons vs Spurs finals? At its time, it was one of the most competitive finals in years. Plus Robert Horry brought out the excitement with another clutch performance.

And the Rockets/Knicks final wasn't all bad.


Clutch City will be back.

Anonymous Anonymous said...
I still prefer "championship remorah" to "Championship piggyback." >_<

Anonymous Anonymous said...
You need to do a post bashing the fuck out the knicks for cutting patrick ewing jr.

Blogger Eddie said...
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Thanks again!