Mister Softee
Now serving Luol Deng on a stick!

Ever hear of Mister Softee? According to Wikipedia, it is "a United States-based ice cream truck franchisor popular in the Northeast. It is the largest franchisor of soft ice cream in the United States." And they have such a delightful jingle: "The creamiest, dreamiest soft ice cream, you get from Mister Softee. For a refreshing delight supreme, look for Mister Softee. Milkshakes and my sundaes and cones are such a treat, listen for my store on wheels, ding-a-ling down the street. For a refreshing delight supreme, Look for Mister Softee. S-O-F-T Double 'E', Mister Softee!" And if that doesn't make you scream for ice cream, then you live in a cold and empty world.

Anyway, as you probably know, many Wiki entries have an "In Popular Culture" section, and Mister Softee's page is no different. (For instance, A Mister Softee truck driven by Gail (Catherine O'Hara) was a key device in the Martin Scorsese film After Hours. Fascinating.) The basketball connection -- and I know that's is important to many of you -- was this item: "Mister Softee is also a reference for the Chicago Bulls' Luol Deng, who is one of the softest players in the NBA." Ouch. Sorry, Luol. It is kinda true, though...

Thanks to Detroit Murder Dog (real name folks) for the tip.

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Blogger B-Will said...
Wow, three posts in a day, & you release your 30 previews in 30 days release. Did you quite your day job?

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Blogger Dunpizzle said...
If Deng is ice cream then Gasol must be Yogurt.

Anonymous Anonymous said...
He's not really one of the softest players in the league. His center definitely has a warm, delicate, tasty softness to it but his outside is at least coated with a handful of almonds.

Anonymous Reefer said...
is that Tony Parker working the truck?

Blogger D.Miz said...
Sup homey. I been a reader for a long time. I thought you'd love this picture of Calvin Booth. Might should be on your Banner at the top, lol.

I just started a blog also bout BBall...and i heavily benchmark off your success. Great stuff.

-D.Miz (www.BreakinDownTheGame.com)

Blogger Brendan K. said...
Request for a word of the day:


How do we name the experience of feeling bad about feeling good that a player we don't want getting PT is hurt? Maybe a name for the player? "Lamb of God-Awful Lineups?"

Anonymous njn12 said...
Yo man, unrelated but where are the "white man jump challenge" postings? hate to be a pest but I'm just curious how the program is going. Peace.

Anonymous Luv3s2sp00g3 said...
I know this is unrelated,

but I saw a really funny NBA parody on the adult swim show "the boondocks". I figured you'd have a field day with it for one of your posts sometime.

Anonymous Luv3s2sp00g3 said...
oops. forgot the link. heh heh.

here it is:


Anonymous caseta said...
i've been saying for ages that deng is soft and that he'll NEVER be a star. he just doesn't have the will to dominate. yet droves of delusional bulls fans kept refusing to see the truth. some even said that they wouldn't trade deng straight up for kobe (yeah, i don't like kobe either, but still). that's sad.

and now paxson overpaid for him, just like he did with kirk (talk about overrated) and nocioni. overpaying for role players ? i thought that was billy king's shtick ...

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