cheater's proof (cheet'-erz pruf) noun. A karmic occurrence which serves as indisputable evidence that a particular call or non-call was -- in the immortal words of Bill S. Preston and Ted "Theodore" Logan -- totally bogus.

Usage example: Kobe hit Ray Allen's arm when he "stole" the ball, so it was cheater's proof when Bryant immediately turned it back over.

Word Mystery: The cheater's proof is a mystical occurrence in which the Basketball Gods use their divine powers to negate bad officiating. The most common manifestation of this phenomenon is when a player gets a "superstar call" (in which no significant contact is made but the whistle blows anyway) and then misses one or both of the ensuing freethrows. Other examples include: when a player steals the ball by making illegal contact and then has it stolen back in a similar manner; when a player travels without incurring a violation but then turns the ball over in some other way (such as throwing it out of bounds); and so on.
Anonymous Anonymous said...
cheaters proof is also like when rasheed wallace fouls someone then they miss their first free throw

Anonymous Anonymous said...
Ball don't lie, Bogut.