Holy crap! When we were pimping out Robin as our Basketbabe of the Week, we had no idea that the Golden State Warriors were involved in a racist sex scandal. A lame racist sex scandal, but a scandal nonetheless.

Apparently, a member of the Warriors' public relations staff
sent a nasty e-mail to the team's entire media relations distribution list. The e-mail was titled "Ghetto Prom" and it contained 17 pictures of almost-naked women who were, naturally, of African American descent. Team President Robert Rowell quickly grabbed the Spin Control Hose in a desparate attempt to put out the flames of any potential accusations of racism:
"It came to my attention moments ago that one of our employees had inadvertently sent out an e-mail that was in extreme poor taste and completely unprofessional. I can assure you that the contents of this e-mail -- or any unsaid presumptions -- do not represent the values and beliefs of the Golden State Warriors."
I'm not trying to call Mr. Rowell a hypocrite or anything, but this is the same man who drafted Mike Dunleavy, well known as the whitest man in the Milky Way Galaxy. And has he even seen his team's cheerleading squad? I've slapped hookers who dress more conservatively that those ladies. Just what are the "values and beliefs" you're talking about, Robert? Apparently that it's okay to hire a group of whores to shake their firm, supple bodies in front of your fans...as long as that jiggling flesh is liberated and politically correct.

Eric Govan, who was the No. 3 person on the Warriors' media relations staff, is now the number-not-on-the-staff-anymore person. Eric may have lost his totally sweet job with the Warriors, but on the up side I bet he'll never forget to check the address of an outgoing e-mail again.
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Nice article man.

Our own DJ Fuzzy Logic dropped a relevant piece: Madonna/Whore Complex in Sports