Here at Basketbawful, you shouldn't just laugh. You should fall in love. Our weekly Basketbabe feature is a special resource for you to learn about all the sexy chicks that dance for our favorite basketball teams. So tonight when you're telling people what you did, you can not only say, "I spent the day reading a page with a really hot girl," but you can list her hobbies and turn-offs, and they won't even know you spent the entire time looking at her boobs.

Speaking of which, this week's Basketbabe is a member of the
Golden State Warriors' dance team, the Warrior Girls. Her name is Robin, and, well, just look at her:

I thought it was supposed to be warm in California.

And before you get any funny ideas, I didn't choose Robin because of her giant Golden Bozos. It just so happens I respect her for her mind, not her steaming Smoke Stacks. She has hobbies, traveling and, I don't know, probably talking and stuff. So don't think I'm just staring at her Bouncing Betties. Those creamy Party Balls are the least of my concerns. In fact, when I read that she wanted to meet Oprah Winfrey, her magnificent Man Magnets were the furthest thing from my mind. Now of course, those luscious Love Sponges are amazing and everything, but they don't hold a candle to her favorite food, which is, uh, "soul food" (what the hell is that, anyway?). So yeah, there's more to this woman than a honkin' pair of Meat Melons. Did I mention that (Sandbags) her favorite artist (Snow Slopes) is Mary J. Blige (Sweater Bunnies)? Awh, to hell with it, look at that freaking rack!!

Boobtastic Acknowledgment: A special thanks goes out to our buddies over at
Golden State Of Mind for their unprecedented coverage of the woeful Warriors and their smokin' hot dance team.
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