Has anyone actually seen David Stern lately? Can we get independent confirmation that he's still alive and running the NBA? Because I just found this image on the front page of the Miami Heat's official team Website:

Carlito Cool
Wrestling idiot Carlito Cool talks trash
to Shaq on the Heat's own Website.

If you're not familiar with professional wrestling -- and I hope for the sake of your sex life that you aren't -- the damn fool in the picture is Carlito Cool, an "athlete" from the WWE. As I mentioned yesterday, Carlito recently attended a Heat game and got clobbered by Shaq. Not only did they post a picture of the wrestling lunatic, they also provide a link to the clip of Shaq attacking him with a steel chair.

Mark my words,
Vince McMahon is running the NBA right now. The evidence is right in front of us. Exhibit A: Kobe Bryant nicknamed himself "Black Mamba," then used an 81-point outburst to turn from heel to babyface. Exhibit B: Teams like the Raptors and Hawks are the basketball equivalent of jobbers. Exhibit C: A whole series of fights, suspensions, comebacks, bizarre crimes, and Ron Artest just being Ron Artest. These events are not coincidences, I'm telling you. Am I the only one who's catching on?
Anonymous Anonymous said...
Hey retard wrestlers go through more crap than a ny other professional sport anytime you wanna step in the ring, and give it a try i dare ya, maybe then you'll know you ass from a hole in the ground

Blogger Basketbawful said...
I may have only known you for a few sentence fragments, but I can already tell you're a fucking idiot. Thanks for your contribution. It made my site about 4.71 percent stupider.