I'm not sure what's more ridiculous: the fact that Nate McMillan tried to arrange a field trip to the Super Bowl for his Portland Trailblazers, or that the request was denied by NBA officials for supposedly "circumventing the salary cap."

The league's assertion is that the trip -- even if the players paid their own way -- would be considered an added inducement above-and-beyond what is guaranteed in their contracts. And we all know that basketball players never receive perks that haven't been contractually agreed upon beforehand.

It's shame, too, because the Blazers could have
won a chance to tailgait with this guy:

Skull Hawk
"Raaaaarrgh!! Seattle rocks!!!"

The maniac in the picture is called Skull Hawk, and supposedly he's "one of the Seattle Seahawks most famous fans." Which wouldn't be too hard when you think about it, because before they made the Super Bowl the Seahawks didn't have any fans. I'm happy to know that Skull Hawk is a "hard working and loving husband and father of three children," but I still don't think I'd pay a hundred bucks to hang out with a constumed monster for thirty minutes of delicious beer and cocktail weenies.

As hard as it is to believe, the auction ended with zero bids, despite proclaiming that "kids LOVE THIS GUY." Because nothing says "child friendly" like a grotesquely grinning skull in a football uniform.