Lindsay is both a member of the Pacemates dance team and proof that, somewhere in the distant heavens, there is an all-powerful, all-loving God. When she's not causing Pacers fans to awkwardly cover their erections with stadium-purchased concessions, she's a full-time student at the A Cut Above Beauty College. Something of a human chameleon, Lindsay's eyes have the power to change color, shoot lasers, and capture your very soul.

Lindsay 2

Choosing Lindsay over hundreds of other hot babes wasn't easy. I spent about 17 hours yesterday pouring over NBA cheerleader pictures, perusing gallery after gallery of erotically-charged sexiness, taking short breaks only to use the bathroom and masturbate furiously before continuing bravely on. But I knew that today's cheerleader babe needed something extra special to set her apart from the endless sea of firm breasts and taut, muscular thighs. And then I found a picture of Lindsay dressed as Snow White:

Please, Linsay, take me away with you.

Call me crazy. Call me a pervert. Call me a stalker (but those tapes don't prove anything; the footage is way too grainy and the guy was wearing a ski mask). But after seeing this I almost quit my job and applied for enrollment at her beauty school. Up until I saw this picture, I never really knew for sure whether I had a fairy tale fetish. Now I'm searching for Frog Prince costumes on eBay and googling the hell out of "Lindsay Snow White pictures naked."
Anonymous Anonymous said...
"Where I See Myself in Five Years:
Hopefully, I would like to be living in L.A. dancing and owning my own salon and day spa."

The reality:
Porn Star in the San Fernando Valley!!!
"Okay just don't shoot it in my eye"