KBA (kay-bee-ay) abbreviation. Kobe Bryant Assist. Imaginary statistical unit awarded each time a player's missed shot results in an offensive rebound for a teammate.

Usage example: Kobe Bryant had a double-double last night: 35 points and 17 KBAs.

Word History: Another original creation of the Basketbawful Staff. The KBA is based on Kobe's
assertion that his many missed shots are actually "rebounding opportunities" for the other Lakers, which is, in reality, just a justification for his prolific ball-hoggery.

"Another KBA on the way, guys..."
Anonymous Anonymous said...
Nothing more funny than this type of ignorance.

A KBA? Hilarious.

The reality is, a good offensive player will pull more defenders out of position, thus creating better offensive rebound lanes for his teammates.

In general, a Kobe Bryant miss is more valuable than a Jordan Farmar miss. Who is more likely to shift help defenders?

Anonymous Anonymous said...
i understand being a celtics fan the hatred toward kobe but c'mon i am from LA and truly hate the celtics but at least i will admit that a great player is a great player. i hate Larry Bird with every fiber in my body but i dont slam him for everything he ever did. why can't you just aknowledge Kobe's greatness. This was pretty funny though....