Poor Danny Fortson is feeling alone and misunderstood. The perpetually injured-or-fouled-out forward doesn't understand why his coach and teammates don't like him, and the following statement his childlike cry for help:

"It seems like I am getting hatred. I am not paranoid. But that's how it is. I am about to flip out. This is the last thing I can take."
Given Danny's track record for thuggery, I'm sure his comments will go a long way toward improving relations with his fellow Sonics. There's nothing more comforting than the guarantee of an impending psychotic episode from someone with a history of violent tendancies.

But it's all cool, guys. Danny's just asking for
some time to chill. I have a feeling that coach Bob Hill will be more than happy to give him all the "chill time" he wants. And Bob will probably throw in one of those nifty Hannibal Lecter masks too, just to be safe.

I think we'd all feel a little safer.

Seriously though, Danny. There's no need to feel down. You aren't alone in the world. And to prove that point, here's a very special message from very special guy Joe Przybilla:

Joe thinking of you
"I'm here for you, Danny. Always"
Anonymous Craig said...
Hi-Effin-Larious!!! Maybe Danny needs to lose the pig tails. I'm sure some of his teammates thinks he's some fat chick from the WNBA.

Anonymous Anonymous said...
First of all everybody need to stop doggin out danny fortson you dont know what he is going threw i am tired of hearing danny is a monster or we will all feel better if he had a mussel on. Danny luv you always your number one fan :)!

Anonymous Anonymous said...
That was so not funny what craig said sorry for puttin you out there and to the anonymous one who is defending for danny fortson i am with you 100 percent.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Anonymous Anonymous said...
How is Danny Fortson someone's favourite player??? Mind Boggling...

Anonymous Anonymous said...
She's probably sleeping with him. He does anyone.

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