Ron Artest has once again taken a baseball bat to the nuts of the Pacers organization.

Trade rumors suck. Over the course of six weeks, Ron Artest was on the verge of being/rumored to be/overheard being/almost considered to be/possibly traded for any combination of
Devean George, Corey Maggette, Chris Wilcox, Al Harrington, Ben Gordon, Drew Gooden, the ABA (!), Jerome James, Nene, Troy Murphy, Chris Mihm, Wally Szczerbiak...

The rumors come full circle and the original, and probably best,
trade to the Kings for Peja Stojakovic almost happened today. "Almost" meaning Peja missed tonight's game to pack his bags. Perfect scenario, until Ron Ron supposedly declared himself too good for that team too.

Apparently Ron wants more shots and to be on a winning team. But no
self-respecting GM would risk their winning record by bringing in this nutbag and making him the 1st option on offense. That's just not realistic, but that's never stopped him before.

A sad state of affairs: a bipolar fan-puncher
with his nickname written on his head and LA Gear on his feet has carte blanche over his destiny, but Dominique Wilkins was deported to the Clippers and left to die in the middle of his best season, no questions asked.

Now I hear the Warriors are dangling
Calbert Cheaney and Mike Dunleavy, despite the fact the Pacers have been using Stephen Jackson at the 3, who is a better option than either of those guys. I'd be satisfied with a Troy Murphy/Mickael Pietrus/Andris Biedrins package of some sort, mainly because I just want this to end. If I have to witness another Anthony Johnson pick-and-roll, I may punch someone myself.

Tru Freshness.