atom smasher (at'-uhm smash-uhr) noun. An espacular blocked shot in which the ball is knocked out of bounds with incredible speed and force (sometimes nearing or surpassing escape velocity). Usually accompanied by a loud crashing or smacking sound, followed by frenzied screaming, flexing, and/or finger-wagging by the blocker. Often results in an ego-ectomy of the blockee.

Usage example: Alonzo Mourning doles out a pretty wicked atom smasher.

Word Usage: The atom smasher should not be confused with the
smother chicken. In the case of the smother chicken, the defending team usually gains control of the ball and can therefore initiate a fastbreak scenario. While the atom smasher is a showy and often intimidating maneuver, the offensive team typically retains possession of the ball in all but a very few cases. If the offensive team is able to score after enduring an atom smasher, it can induce a reverse ego-ectomy on the blocker/defending team.

Atom smasher
Hey Chris, let me know how that ball tastes.