Finally the secret is out.

Here we at Basketbawful thought we were the ones deftly mocking the ignorance and ineptitude of many NBA basketball players. We thought in the grand scheme of things that even though we do not possess the athletic talent to play in the NBA, at the very least we can cling to our higher intellect, our superior ability to analyze and satirize.

Oh, how we have been played.

Now, our worst fears have been realized. It's all part of the endless PR campaign, the relentless effort of those in the public eye to remain relevant and hang on to our attention. Oh, how easily we were lured into the trap.

Who would have thought that such seemingly directionless people like Allen Iverson and Stephon Marbury were so savvy and manipulative?

I'll bet you Tiger Woods isn't even really screwing anyone on the side. God, that's why he's the best.

What suckers we are.

(The embedded link to this isn't working,
which I suspect may be yet another behind-the-scenes conspiracy.)

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Blogger Randy said...
Pure. Genius.

Anonymous Anonymous said...
Given how dumb most athletes are, it wouldn't shock me if their PR firms did have a rant writer, especially during contract years.

Anonymous Karc said...
Ron Artest is getting his reality show.,231801

If there weren't 100 reasons to root against the Lakers winning the title this year (I may have to get around actually listing that), this one is high on the list. Nothing guarantees self-destruction like collapsing in the playoffs when they were favored to win. And now we'll get to see it. Remember, if the Lakers don't win, Artest said to blame him.

Anonymous Anonymous said...
on,in their race to the MVP page, Wade is number 7. which is kind of surprising considering they say he's done nothing on the year.

7. Dwyane Wade, Heat (41-34)
0.0 0.0 0.0 0.0 0.0 0.0 0.0 .000 .000 .000

Blogger JR said...
As an Ohio native, I want to say f--- ESPN for lobbying so hard for Lebron to move to NY. (Referring in particular to the site's homepage today, which features Lebron in a Knicks uniform and has an article about why he belongs there.)

Anonymous AdriĆ  said...
Rookie question for today:

I caught all the rant thing, but can someone explain what's a PR firm? Is it like a player's sponsor?

Thanks :P

Anonymous Anonymous said...
Evil Ted you are a horrible writer. Just horrible. Please leave and stop writing. You let your douche-baggery seep through in everything you write.

And although I know you don't make money for this site (basketbawful) it makes me want to quit reading ANYTHING you write.