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The Indiana Pacers: Indy entered last night's game with a 7-13 record, which didn't seem too bad considering that their previous five games were against the Magic, Celtics, Lakers, Cavaliers and Celtics again. That's a pretty tough five-game stretch, no? But things didn't improve with them finally facing a non-division leader. They shot 34 percent as a team, thanks in part to Danny Granger's 9-for-25 performance, which included a ridiculous 3-for-11 from three-point range. (For comparisons sake, the Raptors attempted 16 threes as a team.) T.J. Ford (4 points, 2-for-8) and Rasho Nesterovic (zero points, 0-for-4) seemed to be suffering from a case of formerteamitis. And things didn't go much better on the defensive end, where the Pacers gave up season-highs to Jason Kapono (25 points, 11-for-16) and Jamario Moon (17 points, 7-for-12). But other than that, they played great.

Animal Stylin': Props to Troy Murphy, who had a double-double Animal Style with 20 points, 20 rebounds and 6 assists. Okay, so I haven't come to the final decision as to the exact requirements for Animal Stylin'...but you've gotta admit that Murphy had a MAN-type game. In fact, Troy's having a MAN-type season: He's currently averaging a double-double while ranking fifth in rebounds per game (11.1) and second in defensive rebounds per game (9.3). So I guess Larry knew what he was doing in that trade after all...or something.

T.J. Ford, delusions of grandeur machine: Regarding Toronto's win, which broke their five-game losing streak: "They were determined not to let me come in here and get a win." Sure, T.J. Sam Mitchell got fired and their record coming into the game (8-12) was "good" for 10th in the East, and there was that whole losing streak thing, but I'm totally sure the Raptors' primary motivation was preventing you from getting a win against them. Whatever you say.

Andrea Bargnani: It was a game of fours for Bargs: 4 boards, 4 missed shots and 4 personal fouls. If only he could have lost the ball once more, he would have had 4 turnovers too. If only he would have ripped his jersey in half, Darko-style. But I'm not sure he's that MAN-type of a player.

Hassan Adams: Hassan, who through his first five games was averaging a one trillion, had a 47-second Mario against the Pacers. Glad to see he's back on track.

Suck differentialization: From Massiv: "Just noticed some superb play from the Pacers' Stephen 'Who?' Graham and Josh 'Duke stinks at every level' McRoberts, with some suck differentials of -2 for McRoberts and an impressive -7 for Graham. Bravo boys, bravo. Psst, by the way, that was Jason freakin' Kapono you just let light you up for 25 pts and 8 boards." The sad thing is, these guys would destroy me if they showed up to my pickup league. Life: It isn't fair.

The New Jersey Nets: On Tuesday, Devin Harris was busting a happy about NJ's improvement as a team this season. Said Harris: "We knew we were going to be a playoff team. We knew we were going to be competitive. And we knew we could be a good team on the road. And we're all that right now." Maybe that was a stat curse or something, because last night the Nets failed to compete, and that failure happened on their home court, as they lost 121-109 to the Knicks...who played only seven men and lost David Lee for the final quarter due to a bruised lower back. Al Harrington had a season-high 39 points (to go with 3 rebounds) and Tim Thomas also finished with a season-high 26 (on 8-for-12 shooting). Said Nets coach Lawrence Frank: "Defensively, giving up 121 points in your building, it's tough to overcome." He then added, "Harrington, obviously, killed us." That's some serious coaching acumen you've got there, Captain Obvious.

By the way, the Nets are now 7-3 on the road but only 4-6 at home. Weird.

Tim Thomas' mom: She refused her son's request to come to the came and therefore missed his best game of the season. That's pretty cold. And it's Christmas time. You're a mean one, Mrs. Grinch.

D.J. Augustin, delusions of grandeur machine: Augustin, who played at Brother Martin High School in New Orleans before playing for Texas in college, got some big cheers and played a great game (career-high 28 points, 7 assists). But he went a little overboard with his postgame self-praise: "Everybody from New Orleans came to see me play and support me."

Byron Scott, quote machine: Regarding his team's last three wins against powder puff squads (Phoenix minus Steve Nash and Shaq, Memphis, and Charlotte minus Jason Richardson): "I don't care if five out of the seven teams were from the Louisiana high school district. It's still a win." That's true and all, but would he really not care if he was playing against high school teams? That doesn't seem very kosher.

Emeka Okafor: I'm thinking about replacing our lost "Yao Watch" with an "Okafor Watch." He played poorly (5 points, 2-for-6 from the field, 1-for-3 from the line, 4 turnovers) and once again failed to register an assist. His current numbers are: 740 minutes, 178 FGAs, 93 FTAs, 47 TOs, 7 ASTs and an Assist Percentage of 1.8.

Julian Wright: Scrubs like Wright have to pray for blowouts so they can show their stuff in garbage time. Well, he got the blowout and the garbage time. As for showing his stuff? Well, let's just say sometimes two out of three IS bad. Jules played five minutes and finished with zero points (0-for-3) and 1 foul, for a suck differential of +4. And that, my friend, is why you don't get any PT.

Peja Stojakovic: Nice face, Peja. This was sent in by both Sturla and Ricky, who said "The NBA: where having to play the Bobcats happens."

Sorry, Peja. But everybody has to play the 'Cats.

The Klahma City Thunder: When your sitting on -- or maybe I should say "sprawled semi-conscious on" -- two wins, you've got to take advantage of situations wherein a bad team comes into your house, especially when Antoine Walker is sitting on their bench. Last night, the Thunder did not, losing 108-102 to the Memphis Grizzlies. It was the first time this season the Griz managed back-to-back wins. And Nick Collison is starting to get pretty depressed. "It's the most miserable season I've ever been a part of: 2-21. It's tough. Hopefully we start winning and things will go a lot better."

Note: The Thunder have actually been playing better offensively lately, and last night, in addition to the points, they shot 51 percent from the floor and 57 from downtown. Even Kevin Durant (9-for-18) got into the act...even though he had more turnovers (6) than rebounds (5). They keep playing like that, and I might just give them their O's back. But only after they win one.

The Philadelphia 76ers: There's no shame in losing to the Cavaliers -- they're playing in God mode right now -- but, counting last night's loss, the Sixers have now dropped five straight games at home. At 5-7 in Philly, the Sixers are now one of only four Eastern Conference teams (along with the Bobcats and Wizards) who are below .500 at home so far this season. No wonder the Philadelphia crowd has been booing them and chanting "M-V-P!" for opposing players.

Donyell Marshall: From Basketbawful reader Sturla: "I accidentally stumbled upon Donyell Marshall's statistics for this season -- lets face it, after his major suckness during the last couple of years not even his closest family members would look at it on purpose -- and I noticed that in the five games he had played, he was averaging 7.6 points in only 10 minutes of action. That’s a whopping 30.4 points (along with 8.8 reb and 4.0 assists) per 40 mins. I wondered out loud "Why isn't this guy playing more minutes?!" He promptly answered my question with his 'performance' versus the Cavs: 3:35 minutes, 2 bricks and zero-in-everything-else. Still, I got the feeling he outplayed Elton Brand." Hey! Brand is, like, hurt and stuff.

Referee Pat Fraher: I'm not trying to make excuses for the Hawks. After all, when a team gets creamed 52-27 on the boards -- assuming they all still have two working arms -- they deserve to lose. However, Fraher dished up a little home cooking to facilitate things for the Spurs. With less than four minutes to play and San Antonio clinging to a precarious three-point lead, Fraher T'd up Mike Bibby and Al Horford for "arguing" a foul call on Horford. Said Bibby: "I didn't really say anything. If saying 'Come on, man,' deserves a tech, then I deserved the tech. I've heard a lot worse get told to people and (they've) not got a tech." Added Horford: "I said 'What happened?' to Mike because I didn't know what was going on. You've got a tight game going on -- a great game -- and you're going to blow it up doing that?" Bad form, Pat. Way to suck the fun out of playing basketball. (Mind you, Bibby didn't help his team's cause by shooting 3-for-11. I'm just sayin'.)

Tony Parker: Wow. TP shot 3-for-13 and had as many points (6) as he did blocks against (6). And for that matter, his assist total (3) also matched his turnover total (3). We already knew Eva took his manhood. Did she take away his game, too?

Bruce Bowen: At this point, he's almost a complete non-factor. It's like he retired after last season only nobody heard about it.

The Minnesota Timberwolves: Bad teams always seem to be followed by bad luck. The T-Wolves led by 12 at halftime before falling victim to a 33-point third quarter explosion by a gimpy Carmelo Anthony. Minny got outscored 40-22 in the quarter, and even though they made a run at Denver in the fourth, that 12-minute span cost them the game. Said Wolves coach Kevin McHale: "He got rolling. He put a show on in that third quarter." Amazingly, McHale managed to resist telling any old Celtic anecdotes.

By the way, 'Melo matched the one-quarter record set by George Gervin (then with the Spurs) against New Orleans on April 9, 1978. Anthony also broke the franchise record of 32 set by David Thompson against Detroit, also on April 9, 1978. Dismissed...as coincidence.

Chauncey Billups, forgetful machine: Regarding 'Melo's record-tying quarter, Mr. Big Shot said: "I've played against some great ones and played with some great ones. That's the best I've ever seen in a 12-minute span. He was awesome. He got us back in the game, got us a nice lead. Single-handedly put us on his back tonight and did what a lot of great players do." Huh. I guess he must have forgotten about this...

A little more impressive than spanking the Timberpups during the regular season, I think.

The Milwaukee Bucks: Not that the Bucks are, like, any good or anything, but losing by 20+ points to a team that just recently ended a league-best -- and by "best" I mean "worst" -- nine-game losing streak? This is how Michael Redd justified it: "They made their 3s and they played well, getting to the basket for easy layups. These were back-to-back games for us on the road, (and) for them, there's something about home cooking that energizes you. We'll stay positive and we'll stay focused. We had a good summer, and this is definitely not the way we wanted to go at the start. We need to turn that around." Yeah. Sure. Speaking of guys who had good summers, Andy Bogut (10 points, 9 rebounds, 3 turnovers, 4 fouls and a scoreless fourth quarter) got outplayed by Andris Biedrins (18 points, 14 rebounds, 4 blocked shots) only one night after getting man-dangled by Shaq (who had his first 30-point game in two seasons against Bogut's "defense"). Way to earn that big money, Andrew.

Anyway, the epitaph of the game came from Bucks coach Scott Skiles, who said: "We don't yet get how hard you have to play and how focused you have to be for a period of time to win an NBA game." HOW CAN THEY NOT KNOW THIS??! That's a pretty damning statement for everybody involved with the team, isn't it?

Steve Kerr: Congratulations, Steve. You have officially sucked the very last of the joy out of Steve Nash. I wasn't sure that was even possible. I'm a little torn on the Richardson trade. I mean, J-Rich can, unlike most of the Suns, create his own shot and he's shooting almost 46 percent in threes on the season. But he's also a guy who requires a lot of touches (and isolations) to score. Now he's gonna be the third or maybe even fourth banana on a team that's slowing it down. Oh, and all that slashing he likes to do? It's gonna be tough, what with Shaq and Sun Tzu hogging the paint. But whatever.

The real problem is that the cog that runs the Suns' big wheel is freaking depressed. After last night's game against the Lakers -- during which he shot 2-for-12 and looked like he was wading through Jell-O -- Nash admitted that: "I was pretty flat emotionally (in Wednesday's game). I had a tough one...I struggled. I was emotionally drained and just couldn't give the guys what they needed tonight to get the win." Of his dearly departed 'mates, he said: "It's tough. "While I'll welcome my new teammates with open arms, it's tough when you lose your best friend. It's tough when you lose two of your best buddies. It's tough and it hurts. It's tough." Of the Suns' now suddenly unknown future he said: "I hope this isn't a situation where they're just trying to blow us up. I think we have a chance to still be a really good team."

And they do, but Kerr and coach Terry Porter obviously want to start semi-fresh, which required dumping Bell and Boris Diaw, who were malcontents bordering on locker room cancers. They were longing for the old days, and Porter just wants to move on and, uh, establish whatever it is he's trying to establish.

And how knows? Maybe it's going to end up being the right move. But it sure doesn't seem like Kerr asked for, or cared to get, any input from his team's leader. And make no mistake, Nash -- not Amare, not Shaq -- makes this team run. That's bad ju-ju. Now, onto NBA "action"...

Suns versus Lakers: Since I'm pretty depressed about the now-complete end of the :07 Seconds or Less era (again), I'm gonna let Wild Yams handle this one: "Tomorrow the Suns and Lakers both deserve WOTNs. The Suns deserve it for figuring the best way to appease Amare's 'I need to be The Man' desires is to trade a couple role players for a guy (Jason Richardson) who's going to want to dominate the ball. Shaq and his predictions about what happens when you feed him the ball may have to take a backseat now that Phoenix has added another offensive option. The Lakers deserve a WOTN mention for barely beating a Suns team that was missing almost everyone. I don't think that's the game ESPN signed up for when they targeted that one for their TV schedule." Indeed.

Here's some more commentary from Clifton:

Just in from work. Al McCoy harped on the free-throw differential all night long; final count was Lakers 35 attempts, Suns 18, but it was worse at the half, something like 22-8. But seriously, in a non-backhanded way as is possible, this was the most impressive loss of the season, although it seemed like Phil Jackson started Luke Walton in a gesture of good sportsmanship towards the shorthanded Suns. UCLA burning a timeout early to compensate for USC losing one by rule because they wore their home reds on the road this past Saturday seems to have spread all over LA.

But it was a good game. The Suns scuffled and stayed close throughout, although the Lakers, for whatever reason, couldn't throw it in the ocean except for The Spanish Marshmallow, who went 11-14 from the field while yanking down 5 huge boards. *cough*

I don't know how well J-Rich was getting along in Bobcatville, but the Suns just unloaded a player who was becoming a huge locker-room cancer (Raja) and a player who has been one of the biggest underperformers since he signed his big contract (Diaw). The most intriguing part of the trade is that although the Suns gave up Sean Singletary in the deal, who looked like a better backup option than Goran Tragic (who, as usual, played 12 minutes and had one bucket for 2 points, although he did hand out 5 dimes), since they were already at the league minimum of 13 players and shipped out three while receiving two, they have one week to sign another player to get back to the league minimum. Unless Steve Kerr suddenly develops a glue-sniffing habit, it HAS to be a point guard. Who's out there and looking to prove they can do better than the Slovenly Slovenian?

Note: Kerr might be headed towards that glue habit already. From J-Dud's ESPN player profile: "I'm high on Dudley," general manager Steve Kerr said. "He's versatile and can guard multiple positions and play like a small four (power forward) or a big three (small forward)." So, he's already high on Dudley, which I guess is what the kids are calling it nowadays. Glue can't be far behind.
Amare Stoudemire: Seems like me and Andrew B. noticed the same thing: "Now I know Derek Fisher looks pretty buff, but did you see Amare flop to get the technical foul called in the third quarter? It's between the 7 and 6 minute mark. Derek Fisher slightly pushes off and Amare (who is 6'10"/249lbs) hits the floor like he got hit by a tree. Definitely Floptastic." Seriously. I'm not sure if Amare is married or has a girlfriend, but I hope that, if he does, she was embarrassed by that and offered to let her man wear a pair of her pinkest panties during the Suns' next game.

Vladimir Radmanovic: Wow. Not only did he go from starter to DNP-CD, he was replaced in the starting lineup by The Son of Walton...who himself was coming off a DNP-CD. Phil Jackson said he made the move to improve ball movement (which it did). And the move, ahem, kinda surprised Jackson's favorite space cadet. Said Vlad: "It's a big shock. Nobody said anything to me...I expected at least some explanation." Don't worry, Vlad. Yeah, it's hurtful and embarrassing, but you know, I'm sure you can still make meaningful contributions from the bench. After all, everyone's a hero...in their own way.

NBA.com's research department: Remember that torn Darko jersey I'm asking for? Basketbawful reader Baguete noticed something from the official auction site that's pretty funny: "'The winning bidder of this truly one-of-a-kind item will receive a personalized autograph from Milicic. Darko is in his second season with the Grizzlies after spending the previous four years splitting time between Orlando and Atlanta.' That's why the Grizzlies signed Darko! They must have confused him with someone else!"

Update! Kobe Bryant: Mamba is commish of a fantasy football league in which his team missed out on the playoffs on the final week of the regular season. He then used his power as commissioner to make a point adjustment that got him into the postseason. The team the got knocked out belonged to, of course, Luke Walton.

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Blogger chris said...
Steve Nash's not the only baller who needs a care package, some Prozac, and a Happy Meal:


Blogger tonious35 said...
Your mistake on the about the Devin Harris header: "121-09" (instead of 121-109), man oh man, I totally wish that was true. It would of made BAsketBawful history and all the SAD FACES in the world combined cannot match such a momentous UNDERACHIEVEMENT from Vince Carter's team!

Blogger tonious35 said...
Mike James got traded away from NOK, and the team blew the CHARLOTTE LarryBrowns away (despite the CrapCats had no J-RICH and DUDLEY, their best players and they suck anyways). I think the Mike James disappearance gave the whole NOK team the will and inspiration to play better somehow, plus a good (at least not A-hole) player like Antonio Daniels is coming aboard.

Anonymous Anonymous said...
How about adding Sasha The Machine to last nights WOTN? After missing one of the 2 free throws towards the end of the game with the Lakers hanging on to a narrow lead, he appeared to tear up and get overly homotional. Kobe came over, pat him on the back, gave him what were undoubtedly "encouraging" words, which seemed to make Sasha tear up even more, and this time, hang his head in shame. That, and Sasha is a girls name. Which i guess is fitting, since he looks (and acts) like an ugly girl.

Blogger XForce23 said...
@tonious: This year in our college intramural league this one faculty team lost a game 61-8. It was pretty bad.

Anonymous Anonymous said...
Absolutely great site.
I ve been reading ur staff for the last year or so and sometimes its the only thing that makes my day.

Yeah,tough times.

now for something completely different,let's see if the cavs can keep winning(and I sure hope they do) now that Z and boobie are out and their schedule is tightening a bit.

But u ve got to be happy since lorenzen wright is always ready to provide u lots of bawful staff.

Blogger AnacondaHL said...
Completely random: I noticed that 4/5 starters in Toronto have names that start with J. Joey Graham off the bench could make an all J squad.

This reminds me of when Charolette or whoever had a lineup of numbers 0, 1, 2, 3, 4 on the floor at the same time.

Then I tried making anagrams with starting lineup initials, but it wasn't great.

So I looked up anagrams of Kobe Bryant. And you keep forgetting the Kobe update, are you having an affair that you're not telling us about? Did you lose some Bro Yank Bet that makes you think about him in guilt?

Entry Kabob
Knobby Tear
By Token Bra
Bro Yank Bet

...yes, this was all done to distract me from accidentally stumbling upon a new category of Nash-Bell slashfic. Seriously have you seen the Yahoo NBA front page? It's like they're asking for it.

Blogger Trev said...
While Emeka Okafor did suck most of last nights game he did manage to reject two dunk attempts by the same player in about a 3 minute span one of which the would be Darryl Dawkins took a full run at the basket and was going up for a vicious two hand throw down only to be met by the aforementioned Okafor. Granted it was this guy http://msn.foxsports.com/fe/img/NBA/Headshots/140x170/3287.jpg trying to do his chocolate thunder impression but still, if your a Bobcats fan (all 3 of ya) it's at least something to get excited about.

I would have reffered to it as a full on ego-ectomy for Sean Marks but in the definition it includes "often at the hands of an inferior opponent." and I don't think Sean Marks has to worry about playing against an opponent he can call "inferior".

Blogger Trev said...
Also for the David Thompson/Gervin thing:


"Bold, sure, but unreasonable? Not necessarily. Not for the man who poured in a career high 63 points at will to regain the scoring lead from David Thompson in 1978, hours after the Denver Nuggets guard poured in 73 of his own to steal it in the first place.

"I needed 59 that night in order to regain the lead because I was leading the league in scoring all year until that last game. [Nuggets head coach] Larry Brown let [Thompson] get 73."

After hearing from the press what was necessary for the title and being convinced by Spurs coach Doug Moe and teammates to consider making a final push, Gervin set out on what would go on to be a record-setting night.

"We went to New Orleans in that big old dome and in the first quarter I missed my first six shots. I called timeout and said 'coach we don't have to worry about it' I was feeling the pressure," said Gervin. "But then I went back in and ended up getting 20 points in that first quarter. Then the second quarter came and I got hot, I scored 33."

Thirty-three points that would remain in the record books as the most in a single quarter to this day.

"I only needed 59, so I end up with 53 at the half and scoring 63 in 33 minutes. I needed 59 but I said let me go on and get a few more points just in case they miscalculate it".

Anonymous Anonymous said...
Dee Brown is available now that the Wizards dropped him in their trade. Even though he did pretty good in college and, uh, Turkey...he's had a pretty horrible NBA career. He couldn't even get minutes with the Wiz missing Arenas.

I'd bet he'd like to prove something in Pheonix, although he would have been a better fit in the :07 seconds or less days.

Blogger Clifton said...
I have $5 that says Cat Mobley's heart condition heals up enough for him to rejoin the Clippers later this year. Takers?

Blogger Drake said...
The most notable thing Dee Brown has done in the NBA was this:

- playing some decent point guard in that game in the playoffs against the Warriors when Deron Williams was saddled with 2 or 3 fouls.
- almost getting killed a few minutes into his stint after Mehmet Okur fell awkwardly onto Brown's neck.
- looking like he's seen a ghost while getting wheeled out of the arena.

It was a pretty gruesome scene.

Word Verification - culte

Are your readers part of a cult, Matt?

I've noticed Blogger's been giving us a lot of almost-words lately.

Blogger Trev said...
Clifton I'll take that bet!

Mobley's retiring not getting his contract bought out. So doing the Jon Barry/Antonio McDyess be back in a few days routine doesn't apply here.

Anonymous Anonymous said...
i don't know what to make this.

just look at these photos.








Anonymous Anonymous said...

Couple of things. 1- loving the "god-mode" and "mario star" references to Cleveland's dominance. Maybe we should just start calling LeBron "Power Overwhelming" (any other Starcraft holdovers out there?).

2- Phoenix needs to trade Nash. Just trade him. Get a young, impressionable, half-court-minded PG who can play defense (Kirk Hinrich?) and send Nash somewhere else. At this point I would even encourage a Steve Nash for Steve Blake + draft picks/cash/hookers trade with Portland. Nash isn't happy, Phoenix is rebuilding, and they can't really rebuild until they finish demolishing the existing structure, and as you pointed out, Steve Nash IS that structure.

It's driving me batshit crazy to watch the Suns suck so hard all of a sudden. The Shaq trade was bad, and it's gotten ri-goddamn-diculous now. The Suns are like coke addicts who are selling their cars, houses, and clothes to get their next fix, completely oblivious to the fact that their lives are being destroyed by their habit. They need to hit rock bottom. Trade Nash, Phoenix, have mercy on the fans and make your failure as an organization complete.

Blogger Wild Yams said...
Mr. Bawful, before you go easy on Klahma, remember you could always compromise with the Thunder and give them one of their O's back, you don't have to give em both back right away you know.

Since The Machine got a mention above in the comments, I thought I'd throw in this piece of minutiae about him: 'Sasha' is actually short for Aleksander, though don't ask me how they shortened that to Sasha.

Blogger Unknown said...
The early All-star voting figures are out and sadly Stephon isn't even listed, however a new opportunity has risen, Yi Jianlian is THIRD amongst Eastern Forwards, ahead of Chris Bosh, Paul Pierce, and only trailing KG and LeBron. I can't imagine how KG would react to the news that he has been surpassed in all-star voting by Yi Jianlian. Lets get on this!


Blogger Unknown said...
oh and another thing about the all-star voting, how on earth is Luke Ridnour #5 amongst Eastern Guards?

Anonymous Anonymous said...
while 20 - 20 is a good line on any night, id hesitate before calling Troy Murphy's an animal style double. Why? i hear you ask... Zero Blocks!
Dwights double double-double came with a 6 blocks a game! Now thats animal style!

Anonymous Anonymous said...
I don't know if you have ever visited an In-N-Out here on the west coast but you may have subconsciously called Troy Murphy a hamburger. The "double double animal style" is probably the tastiest burger that you will ever get.


Blogger Basketbawful said...
chris -- Yeesh. And here I thought being a 7-foot, athletic multi-millionaire on The Team of the Future would be all grins and giggles. Shows what I know.

tonious35 -- I guess spellcheck doesn't catch numeric typos. D'oh. Oh, and what you said reminds me...the Wiz deserved extra WotN mention for trading FOR Mike James. Hey, just what they need: Another shoot-first PG! He's like Zero Calorie Gilbert Arenas. Actually, he's more like Tab to Gil's Diet Coke.

quikdrummer -- Wha...? You know, I inexplicably fell asleep midway through the fourth quarter, so I missed that part. Otherwise I promise I would have included it. Fortunately I recorded the game on the DVR, so I can at least experience the joy of seeing him cry.

Kevin -- Speaking of lopsided routes, I was on a college intramural flag football team that went undefeated, and we beat one team 56-0. And I'm pretty sure we played 10-minute halves. Biggest blowout I've ever been part of, unless you count a 21-0 pickup basketball win.

aris -- Thanks for the kind words. I hadn't heard Z was definitely out. I thought he was day-to-day? It'll be interesting to see how they play if he's sidelined.

AnacondaHL -- Damn it, I hate forgetting the daily Kobe. In this case, there was good reason: Yahoo made a point adjustment in my fantasy league that knocked me out of the playoffs after I snuck in under dramatic circumstances on the last day. Between that and the Bell trade, I was out of it. I like Entry Kabob the best, BTW.

Trev -- That's one of my favorite stories ever. Nothing like that would happen now. Closest anything came to it was David Robinson in '94, and he's still taking crap for his 70-point game.

darkcoupon -- Funny you say that, because I told a fellow Suns fan over the summer that Phoenix should go after Brown...

Clifton -- No. I really think Cuttino's done. Now he and Stevie Franchise can finally open that flower shop they always talked about.

Drake -- Wow. Yeah, I remember when that happened. He was playing pretty well, the broadcasters were talking him up, then he almost dies. It was the first almost-fatal stat curse I've ever seen. Unless you think stat cursing is what did in Len Bias and Reggie Lewis.

Trev -- Yup. Agreed. Although I can see him trying (and failing) to make a comeback next year or the year after.

aris -- Where on earth did you find those??

AK Dave -- If they keep winning, you can expect a "Power Overwhelming" reference. I actually meant to start with a "power pellet" (ala Pac Man) but accidentally skipped ahead to the invincibility star.

And I agree; I'd like to see Nash get traded to a better place. Him staying in Phoenix, at this point, would be like sleeping every night in the same bed your spouse was murdered in.

Wild Yams -- Fair enough. If they continue scoring with something resembling efficiency AND get a win, they get back one O. Same thing'll get 'em another O back.

Anthony -- Dear God. I remember when Karl Malone was All-Star snubbed, he went off for 61 points. But KG, he might skin Yi alive and eat him. DURING A GAME. I actually feel sorta sorry for Yi if that's the case. [shuffles through the League Pass menu to see when the Nets play the Celtics after voting is complete...]

As for Ridnour, he just fell to 6th behind Jose Calderon. BUT...he's ahead of Derrick Rose, Joe Johnson and Devin Harris. Who in the hell is voting for him? There can't be THAT many Bucks fans in the world. What is he, Mormon or something?

Blogger Basketbawful said...
chad -- I dunno. Considering the source -- It's TROY MURPHY -- that's Animal Style! It would be like a scrub from your pickup league scoring 10 of a team's 11 points.

naito -- This was a hotly discussed topic in Tuesday's Worst of the Night comments. Go check it out!

Anonymous Anonymous said...
Drake: I was at that game...looked like Dee was being folded in half and packed into a sardine can. Dude's lucky he's not sitting in one of those wheelchairs you control by breathing into a tube.

Blogger Wild Yams said...
Look, I love In-N-Out, but they're not the best burgers you're going to find anywhere. They might be the best fast food burgers out there, but the best burgers you can find are usually from some Mom n Pop stand.

Oh yeah, basketball talk: Nash for Steve Blake and fillers? That's more lopsided than the Gasol heist. Personally I've been of the opinion that the Suns shoulda traded Nash for a while now, but Phoenix should be able to get quite a bit in exchange for him. Trade him to Philly for Andre Miller and Reggie Evans or to Atlanta for Bibby and Marvin Williams or something. Don't just trade down from a top tier PG to a guy who probably should be a sub just because Nash can outswim sharks.

Anonymous Anonymous said...
Most probably Z is gonna sit for about 2 weeks considering the fact that hes had about 67 surgeries on his left foot.it will be the first real test of how good the cavs are.

As for the pictures ,i found them on a cavs little blog,it's called Cavs Random Thoughts i think.

Anonymous Anonymous said...
Wild Yams,
every Yugoslavian named Alexander is also called Sasha.Alexander 'Sasha' Pavlovic ,Alexander 'Sasha' Djorjevic and so on.

Anonymous Anonymous said...
"By the way, the Nets are now 7-3 at home but only 4-6 at home. Weird."

Yes, it is strange that they can have two different home records.

Anonymous Anonymous said...
I'm nominating Elton Brand for the WotN. 7 turnovers. 7! He's making $13,757,844 this year, so that's almost 2 millions for every turnover.
And Willie Green and Sam Dalembert for the HoF. And I'm a Sixers fan.

Anonymous Anonymous said...
How about Juan "The Strength Coach" Barea's emergence with Dallas? I remember some recent conversations about undersized shooting guards on this blog, and right now Dallas is playing great ball with Jason Kidd at the point and Barea at the 2-guard spot.

How is this possible? Can this gimmick continue? I have to admit- he's playing well and Dallas has been much better since his emergence (or was that since Josh Howards absence?)

JJ's nickname came from a TNT "inside" show last year when Barea first got some garbage PT and Kenny Smith said ,"He doesn't look like a player- he looks like the strength coach or something" Nice.

Anonymous Anonymous said...
Oh yeah- almost forgot. The aforementioned JJ Barea (listed at 6' but probably more like 5'9") pulled down as many rebounds as Ericka Dampier (6'11")

That has to be a WotN- your starting CENTER gets as many rebounds as the one guy on the floor shorter than ME. If that 'aint Bawful, I don't know what is.

Anonymous Anonymous said...
I am a Phoenix Suns fan and I would be completely dead if Nash gets traded. I wouldnt watch NBA for at least three years, since he is the only Suns player I still enjoy watching.

I absolutely HATE Amare. I think he is a overhyped jerk. I was willing to donate a kidney to charity if the Suns traded him during the KG sweepstakes. KG-Marion-Nash? That would mean a ring.

Anyway, I think I speak for all Suns fans when I say that Sarver's reign completely crushed our hopes. He sold draft picks (Deng, Rondo, etc), made Joe Johnson depart, traded Marion for Shaq, etc etc.
Then he brings Kerr, trying to build a new Spurs, only without Duncan and Popovich. How about that?

Now, the Suns are in a terrible place. They dont have a chance to win it all. They dont have any promising young player. They dont have a half-decent coach. They dont get interesting draft picks.

So, the plan is to wait for Nash, Shaq and Hill to retire. Trade Barbosa and watch Amare depart in 2010.

Blogger Clifton said...
@ Cat Mobley's heart: I suppose you guys are right. It just seems goofy, is all. I mean, they trade away two huge contracts, and then, out of the goodness of his, um, heart, one of the guys they get in return suddenly decides to retire, too?

Yes, I understand that the physical he took as part of the trade highlighted the problem, and may have prevented serious health problems. But... it's the KNICKS. You have to think "conspiracy" at some point. Could they honestly enter the 2010 free agent season with no one under contract?

All right, I'll grant Mobley a pass on this one. No underhanded dealings... this time. Besides, I can sympathize with him; playing for the Clippers for an extended period can lead to an irreparably broken heart. Yuk, yuk, yuk... I'm a terrible person.

But if the Knicks complete an intersport trade with the Houston Astros for Kaz Matsui and he suddenly decides to retire from all sports after the trade due to a broken ass which was worse than previously believed, then I'm crying foul.

Anonymous Anonymous said...
Javaris Crittenton tonight: 6 minutes, 4 turnovers, nothing else.

Mike James tonight: 11 minutes, 0-6 from the field.

Washington got a steal with this trade!

Blogger AnacondaHL said...
@ AK Dave: Yay StarCraft! I was thinking more along the lines of UT2K4, as the Cavs' win streak continues the announcer just keeps saying adrenaline pumping phrases. Their current win streak of 10 is probably M-M-M-M-M-M-MONSTER KILL!

@ aris: I have downloaded all 7 pictures and they will remain on my hard drive and portable drives for the rest of eternity. Respec' the Heavy Z.

Blogger Trev said...
"@ Cat Mobley's heart: I suppose you guys are right. It just seems goofy, is all. I mean, they trade away two huge contracts, and then, out of the goodness of his, um, heart, one of the guys they get in return suddenly decides to retire, too?"

Actually this kind of screws the Knicks more than it helps them:

from truehoop.com

"Don't expect the Knicks to get salary cap relief when Cuttino Mobley announces his retirement. From Larry Coon's salary cap FAQ: "Teams are not allowed to trade for disabled players and then apply for this salary cap relief. Only the team for which the player was playing when he was disabled may request this relief. If a player retires, even for medical reasons, his team does not receive a salary cap exception to acquire a replacement player."

However I do agree it is a little weird and it makes you wonder who the hell was doing Cat's physicals before this trade as this heart ailment has probably been missed MULTIPLE times. If I'm him I'd be more than a little pissed about that. Who's doing the Clippers physical's? Dr. Kevorkian?

HEeeeeyo. http://www.sadtrombone.com/

Blogger Caleb Smith said...
Julian Wright doesn't get any PT because Byron Scott is a stubborn bastard. Poor Julian.. don't hate on the guy too much, he generally stuffs the stat sheet as much as one can do in the few minutes he gets.