the ship be sinking
Ever wonder what the passengers who couldn't catch
a lifeboat off the Titanic looked like? Well, this is it.

The Washington Wizards Generals Bullets: More social proof for the Atlanta Hawks: They beat the Bullets, who were outscored 50-22 in the paint and 21-3 on the break. See?! The Hawks can beat anybody! Credit the Bullets for actually making a game of it after falling behind by 22 points. Meanwhile, Antawn Jamison (25 points and a career-high 19 rebounds) is apparently trying to lock up the Mitch Richmond memorial "Tragically Good Player on an Awful Team" award. Speaking of Antawn...

Antawn Jamison, quote machine: "That first half, I'm missing shots that I make with my eyes closed. During the course of the season, you're going to have games like that." First, why are you taking shots with your eyes closed, Antawn? Second, a lot of things suddenly make a lot more sense to me.

Jamal Crawford, supreme confidence machine: "If I miss my first 10 shots, that doesn't faze me. In the fourth quarter, I make my shots." Quick quiz: How many playoff games has Jamal Crawford appeared in during his career? Quick answer: None.

The Phoenix Suns: Apparently, the Suns are trying to set the record for most double-digit leads surrendered in a single season. Their latest choker was kindly giving away a 24-point lead before losing 122-114 to the Indiana Pacers. As if that wasn't bad enough, Mike Dunleavy Jr. went 9-for-14 from the field, 4-for-7 from downtown, and 8-for-8 from the line on his way to a season-high 30 points in only 26 minutes.

Nice defense, guys.

Oh, and Nice offense in the third quarter, when you shot 26 percent and got outscored 39-23. Oh, Dunleavy has 18 of his points during that 12-minute stretch. Well, at least Steve Nash snapped his streak of 5+ turnover games. He lost the ball only once while finishing with 20 points, 9 assists...and 7 stitches.

The Pacers -- who in their last game came back from 23 points down against the Raptors -- now have the second and third-biggest comeback wins this season. The first-biggest, of course, is Sacramento's 35-point return from death against the Bulls.

By the way, the Basketbawful Best Suggestion of the Night goes to reader Johally:

I have a ridiculous proposition.

Someone should confront Steve Nash and convince him to grow a mustache. Then we could abbreviate his name into 'Stash'.

The conversation would go something like this: "You already have a terrible haircut. Why not grow a mustache to match so we can abbreviate your first and last names together to create 'Stash" for the latter part of your career. What have you got to lose? Seriously.

I know what you're thinking. There is no way he'd say no to that...
Actually, I was thinking best idea ever.

Knicks-Sixers: The Basketbawful Game of the Night lived down to expectations. There was tragedy (Sam Dalembert is from earthquake-devastated Haiti, David Lee's grandfather just died), bad offense (neither team scored more than 93 points), the purely inexplicable (Allen Iverson turning down a potentially game-winning shot) and a crocodile-tear-inducing one-point loss for the home team (Philly).

The New Jersey Nyets: The tragic comedy of the 2009-10 New Jersey Nyets continued as the Boston Celtics -- sans Kevin Garnett and Rasheed Wallace -- scored a season-high 71 points in the first half, had seven players in double-figures, and built a 36-point lead before winning 111-87 in New Jersey.

Oh, and "team leader" Devin Harris chewed out his teammates during halftime.

Said Chris Douglas-Roberts: "Everybody was pretty upset at halftime. Devin was pretty upset. (Coach Kiki Vandeweghe) came in with a speech basically saying we've got to turn things around. Devin, it wasn't a speech. He was just letting off some frustration. It was good. It was the first time I've seen him let of frustration like that. I'd rather see that."

Uh huh. Well, you know it's time for me to point out that the Nyets are 26-75 since Harris said "We knew we were going to be a playoff team" in December of 2008 in what is becoming, not only the greatest stat curse of the 2008-09 season, but perhaps one of the greatest stat curses of all time.

The Los Angeles Clippers: turns out they are who we thought they were after all. On the same day they lost number one overall draft pick "Blake Superior" to season-ending surgery, The Other L.A. Team got groin-punched 108-94 by the Hornets in New Orleans. The Clips, who shot so poorly from downtown (1-for-14) that David Stern nearly revoked their three-point shooting rights, have now lost two straight after winning four in a row. I know...shocker, right?

Said L.A. coach Mike Dunleavy Sr.: "We just didn't have a good game." Thanks for the insight, Mike.

By the way, how long before the U.S. Surgeon General legally declares playing for the Clippers to be hazardous to a person's health? The answer: Not soon enough.

Marcus Camby, comfort machine: "I texted him to let him know this is a minor blemish on his career and that he would get over it." Camby should have added "after you leave the Clippers." Which raises the question: Is Blake Griffin simply faking his injury to avoid ever playing for the Clippers?

Every team that passed up on DeJuan Blair: On the same day the number one overall pick in the 2009 NBA Draft got scratched for the season before playing a single game, the 37th pick set new career highs with 28 points and 21 rebounds (in only 31 minutes!!) to help his Spurs pull out a one-point win in overtime against the Thunder in Oklahoma City. And the ancient Spurs were playing without Tim Duncan in the second game of back-to-backs after blowing out the Lakers in San Antonio the night before.

I officially offer the most sarcastic golf clap ever while shaking my head in disgust at the many GMs who bypassed The Beast.

By the way, this nomination came from Basketbawful reader J.R., who said: "Sure Blair's legs may fall off within the next five years, but how many guys from the 2009 draft class are ever going to post a 20-20? P.S. I think we can pencil in Number 2 overall pick Hasheem Thabeet (completely owned in college by Blair) as a 'no.' But at least Thabeet is only making five times as much as Blair this season."

The Dallas Mavericks: So, uhm, are we still supposed to believe the Mavs are contenders? The Lakers were playing on the second night of back-to-back road games, Pau Gasol was still out, and Kobe "Broken Finger" Bryant hobbled through the game with back spasms. What Mamba hurting? Well, he took only 11 shots, so what do you think? Of course, the Lakers actually seemed to play better when Kobe wasn't gunning it and the L.A. bench contributed 31 maybe a lesson was learned

Despite his lack of field goal attempts, Kobe still hit the go-ahead shot with 28 seconds left, thanks in part to the Mavericks' single-coverage defense.

Said Ron Artest: "In the second half I said, 'Are you OK?' and he said, 'Yeah, I'm good now. But Dallas didn't know that, so they played him one-on-one and he hit that big shot."

sad Kobe
Awh. He looks so sad...I love it!

The Mavs now have a better record on the road (13-6) than they do at home (12-7)? WTF is up with that? Dirk Nowtizki, who went over 20,000 career points last night, said: "I don't know what's going on but we've got to figure it out. The amazing thing is, we're still second in the West, right there with everybody else. It's not time to hang our heads." Yeah. You hold your head up high, Dirk. Second in the West really means a lot. Just ask the Denver Nuggets. Weren't they second in the West last year? Or the Hornets, who were second in 2007-08.

Dwight Howard: Allow me to quote from the AP recap:

The Denver Nuggets knocked Dwight Howard out of his comfort zone with tough, physical defense and by using an array of defenders against the Orlando Magic's star center.

Howard ended up having one of his worst games of the season, and the Nuggets fed off their defensive effort, getting 27 points from Carmelo Anthony and 24 from Chauncey Billups in a 115-97 victory over Orlando on Wednesday night.

Karl said the defensive effort against Howard was especially important to Denver's dominating performance.

"We were trying to be physical with him," Karl said. "Turning him over five times and not allowing him to make many shots was huge."
You know, I'm starting to understand why Shaq gets his panties in a bunch every time somebody compares Dwight Howard to Young Shaq. Let's be honest: Young Shaq was a force of nature. Did he regularly come into the season out-of-shape, take midseason vacations of 15-20 games, and occasionally coast through meaningless regular season contests? Absolutely. But even while doing all that, Young Shaq was one of the most dominant, unstoppable forces in NBA history. He destroyed and intimidated teams in ways even Michael Jordan never did. Simply put, when Young Shaq got the ball down low, opponents could only foul, flop or pray for divine intervention. Nobody -- and I mean nobody -- ever pushed Young Shaq around. And they don't push Old Shaq around, either.

But they sure do push Superman Pumaman around.

Take a close look at Howard's line: 8 points, 1-for-7, 13 boards, 1 assist, 1 steal, 3 blocked shots, 5 turnovers. No offense to Denver, but a team like the Nuggets never could have bullied an in-his-prime Shaq into a game like that. And while not ever team does it, or even can do it, the teams that get physical against Dwight can shut him down. The Celtics have done it. The Bulls did it. Now the Nuggets. Look, I like Howard, a lot. But he's not tough enough or skilled enough to overcome physical, swarming defenses.

The Minnesota Timberwolves: Their game in Houston against the Rockets might have been The Game of the Season (so far). But if there was a team that overcame a 17-point deficit, hit a halfcourt buzzer beater (from Corey Brewer) to tie the game at the end of regulation, got an historic performance from their best player (Al Jefferson set a franchise record by pulling down 26 rebounds), and fought bravely through three overtimes only to lose anyway...wouldn't the Timberpoops be on the short list of "Teams You Just Knew That Would Happen To," alongside the Clippers, Nets and Wizards?

Of course they would.

The Milwaukee Bucks: Chalk up another injury woe for the Frail Blazers. Brandon Roy missed most of the second half of last night's game against the Bucks because of a sore right hammy. Fortunately, the Bucks were in town, so it mattered less than. Portland shot better than 60 percent from the field and led by as many as 33 points before settling for a 120-108 win.

Said Bucks coach Scott Skiles: "We had an awful lot to do with them shooting well. They were just in another gear than us and for most of the night, other than first two, three minutes of the game. They were quicker, more athletic went by us pretty much at will. (LaMarcus) Aldridge just turned and shot over us without much resistance and they built a 30-point lead and deserved it."

Andrew Bogut: After some recent strong play, I read a series of article about how Bogut has arrived and is finally justifying his high draft selection. So naturally he turns in a modest double-double (10 points, 11 boards) and a game-high 4 turnovers against Juwan Howard, whose current age is unknown but estimated to be slightly older than dirt.

Bizarre AP pictures: Basketbawful reader Tim R. sent in this, well, I have no idea what this is. It's an AP photo from the Bucks-Blazers game:

wtf is this

Here is the actual, honest-to-goodness cation from this photo: "PORTLAND, OR - JANUARY 13: Cameron Browne #00 of the Portland Trail Blazers sits down to eat Salsa Verde #96 of the Milwaukee Bucks during a game on January 13, 2010 at the Rose Garden Arena in Portland, Oregon." Could I look into this to find out the real story? Maybe. But leaving this one alone just feels right.

The Golden State Warriors: Allow me to once again quote from the AP recap:

Dwyane Wade knew a sprained wrist wouldn't be enough to keep him out of a game. The fact that he delivered his best shooting performance of the season with it might have been a bit of a surprise.

Wade shook off the injured wrist to score 35 points and the Miami Heat rolled past the Golden State Warriors, 115-102 on Wednesday night.


Wade shot 10 for 15 from the field -- his highest percentage this season. He also made all 15 free throws, the most he's ever made in a game without a miss. He added nine assists and seven rebounds to help the Heat bounce back from a loss Monday in Utah.
Not only did Pookie have his most efficient shooting night of the year despite a sprained right wrist, Jermaine "The Drain" O'Neal scored a season-high 24 points on 11-for-15 shooting. Is anyone at all surprised these two things happened against Gol_en State? If so, it must be your first time visiting Basketbawful. Welcome!

Don Nelson, who must hold some kind of intellectual copyright on bad defense, said: "That was an incredible performance with a bad wrist. He played hurt, 35 minutes, controlled the game, nine assists. That guy was incredible. You can compare him with anybody in the league if you want to. I wouldn't argue with you."

Really? Anybody in the league? How about Brian Scalabrine? Wait! You said you wouldn't argue!

Jermaine O'Neal, quote machine: Despite the fact that the Warriors didn't even both to put a hand in anybody's face, the outcome of this game was still in doubt before The Drain hit a couple clutch fourth-quarter shots...increasing his career total of clutch shots to nearly 3.5. Said Jermaine: ""When I get an opportunity to make a big shot at the end of the games, that's what I do, that's what I strive for."

As a longtime Indiana Pacers fan, I call shenanigans so hard I think I just had aneurism. Seriously, something inside me burst when I read that quote. Maybe it was my hate bone.

Golden State's "other" starters: Vladimir Radmanovic, Stephen Curry and Andris Biedrins finished with 15 points on 6-for-20 shooting.

The Pac-10: From Basketbawful reader J.T. Magee: "I forgot there was college basketball outside of John Wall, but found this interesting. Exactly zero teams from the Pac-10 are in the Top 25. That includes 'powerhouses' Arizona and UCLA, who stand at 8-8 and 7-9, respectfully. The only Pac-10 team to receive any votes for Top 25 consideration, Arizona State, only received 5 in the ESPN/USA Today Poll. They didn't receive any in the AP Poll. And they don't even have the best overall record in the Pac-10! Outside of Oregon's Michael Dunigan, UCLA's Malcolm Lee and UW's Abdul Gaddy, there aren't really any NBA-prospects in the Pac-10. Ah, how the mighty have 'bawfully fallen."

Lacktion report: If you're wondering whether Chris' lacktion report includes a Mario West sighting, the answer is: Yes, yes, yea Gods, yes!

Bullets-Hawks: Dominic McGuire has aimed for a regular spot in the report all season long, and he riddled the ledger tonight with a +3 suck differential via brick, rejection, and giveaway in 4:54.

Meanwhile, in THE Mario West's return to the hardwood, he scored a Wario - TWELVE MINUTES OF PLAYING TIME, I KID YOU NOT, AMERICA!!!!! Mike Woodson thus was forced to a second option for non-contribution, with Jason Collins flying into the ranks with a +1 via foul in 4:14 that also garnered a 1:0 Madsen-level Voskuhl.

Spurs-Thunder: Nenad Krstic made one block as starting big man - but for the rest of his 8:54, he bricked twice and fouled once for a Madsen-level 1:0 Voskuhl.

Magic-Nuggets: Johan Petro provided George Karl his human victory cigar of the night, with a +5 in 6:46 via two fouls, one turnover, and two bricks (once from Larimer Square) that also was worth a 3:0 Voskuhl. Amazingly, despite Petro's constant presence in the ledger last season, this is his very first appearance this year on the negative side of the recap!

Bucks-Blazers: Kurt Thomas took a foul and lost the rock once for a +2 in 4:56, which counted for a 2:0 Voskuhl as well. Portland's Shavlik Randolph missed one shot in 1:41 for a +1.

Heat-Warriors: CJ Watson bricked once in 4:34 to give East Oakland a +1.

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Blogger Asher said...
"Oh, and Nice offense in the third quarter, when you shot 26 percent and got outscored 39-23."

Kind of impressive that they scored 23 in a quarter when they shot 26%. Imagine if a team scored 92 in a game when they scored 26% - that would have to be some kind of record.

Blogger AnacondaHL said...
I've come up with a better and slightly more gender neutral analogy over "bipolar girlfriend" which previously replaced "Jekyll and Hyde" team.

It's the "bitchslap fight". Back and forth high paced slapping, no defence, and the ability to feel "the guilt of winning", thus easily letting your opponent back into the fight. The Suns need to stop bitchslap fighting teams and start Drago-crushing them.

Also, it's "raises the question", not "begs the question", because there's no circular logic argument here. People have been using this phrase a lot recently online, don't fall for the trap!

So we're already begging the question with the circular statements: "Blake Griffin is on the Clippers", "The Clippers are the Clippers", therefore "Blake Griffin is an injured first round draft pick on the Clippers"

Blogger David Menéndez said...
Actually, every other team passed Blair before the Spurs picked him up. So it's an NBA-wide FAIL.

Good post, as always, Bawful.

Blogger Jerry Vinokurov said...
I hate the Suns for making me love them and then breaking my heart by doing things like that.

Blogger Beez Kneezy said...
Yeah, seeing that photo on ESPN's gallery was weird. I thought it was a URL linking issue then I saw the caption.

Blogger Dan B. said...
AnacondaHL -- I'd like to use both analogies still. The Suns totally fit the "bitchslap fight" name in their ridiculous losses and overly close games. However, you know that team is the one that is going to show up every single night. Even in their bigger wins, the Suns still don't play much defense. That's who they are and how they always play. However, teams like the Jazz still fit the "bipolar girlfriend" analogy. You have no idea how that team is going to act. They might play hard and dominate. They might look sloppy. They might just not give a shit and totally mail it in. You don't know going into the game which Jazz team you'll see. And you don't know if that same team will be present in both the first and second half. One of my favorite analogies.

Blogger John said...
excellent bawful post. 3000 cheers!

Anonymous CaptainHomeless said...
I'm not the first person to say this, but the people (mostly Orlando fans) comparing Howard to Shaq or Tim Duncan need to give it a rest until the dude learns a post move other than "stand under basket, wait to dunk" and learns how to play some defense. Putting up 20-20s against small teams is nice and all, but until he's able to drop 30-15 on elite team, while anchoring an elite team themselves (which Shaq and especially Duncan did many times in their primes), he's not even close.

Blogger Basketbawful said...
My problem with "bitchslap fight" is that it seems to describe an event (or game) as opposed to an entity (or team).

Blogger chris said...
Man, watching every other team in the Association stop Puma Man so easily makes me really, really shake my head at that 4th quarter the paupers dropped on the Magic on Tuesday night, in a very winnable game. Sigh.

Blogger Basketbawful said...
chris -- Thanks for reminding me. I updated the post to say Pumaman instead of Superman.

Blogger chris said...
Bawful, I implore that you screenshot the ESPN recap of the Bucks-Frail Blazers game, as evidence of this, um, interesting photo choice.

(and could the Pac-10's non-dominance be related to the scrutiny that its pro team on Figueroa Street has received?!)

Blogger chris said...
BTW, you're very welcome. It's not easy to forget the lamest "superhero" of all time. Well, I don't even know if Dwight can live up to the Puma Man's not-so-lofty standards, as at least Puma Man had a rather effective sidekick in Vadinho. I'm not sure Rashard or Vinsanity could fill that role...ever.

Blogger chris said...
Re: the "Salsa Verde" photo: Cameron Browne looks to be a regular Association photographer, based on a quick google search.


Anonymous Anonymous said...
I've said it before: Nellie would be better off putting himself in rather than playing the Vlad the Flailer.

Was Vadinho really that effective? Compared to that Tony Farms rockhead, yes, but all I remember is him getting beaten with baguettes. A fate which surely awaits Pumaman Howard himself.

Blogger Ash said...
Not true, the Lakers did not have a pick in the first round, they traded it to the Knicks (who then failed to pick DeJuan Blair).

Blogger zyth said...
no mention of brian skinner mauling gordon so strong that eric actually had to stop feigning defense and sit down?
also, Stash ( wholeheartedly agree ) has played with a crooked back for a while now and nobody mentions it, while kobe's all the news?

Blogger Rogue said...
Speaking of Dwight Howard and his lack of post moves or actually him getting scared like a little baby when muscled in the paint. I was playing 2k10 MyPlayer into my second season. At the start of the game Kevin Harlan reminded Clark Kellogg the key to game was muscling Dwight Howard and being physical with him which will throw him off his game since. Epic fail

Blogger zyth said...
also, wtf with peja ? does he get mo'money for continually increasing the distance of his shots?

Anonymous Anonymous said...
Can we finally start giving props to the Spurs? bawful still knocked them inexplicably yesterday despite blowing out the Lakers (and Kobe still managed 35 minutes in that game) and another impressive win on a tough Thunder team on a b2b (you listening Phoenix?)

The Spurs are gonna be the biggest threat to the Lakers come playoff time. They still might need another legit big to battle Bynum/Gasol, but make no mistake, this team is finally starting to gel.

Not bad for an "ancient" team

Blogger Basketbawful said...
Anonymous -- The Spurs were 3-11 against .500 teams before the last two games. The faced the Lakers at home without Pau Gasol and a struggling Kobe. The win over the Thunder was quality, no question. But I'm not going to annoint them after a solid two-game stretch.

Blogger chris said...
Davros: Well...when you consider that Vadinho was the one who practically designated all of Puma Man's powers before Mr. Farms realized them...

Blogger Wild Yams said...
Anonymous - Also, that win over the Lakers was far, far closer than the final score indicated, as LA was within 6-12 points for most of the 4th quarter (a bunch of San Antonio threes in the last 90 seconds or so made it look like a blowout when it really wasn't). Also, anyone who has watched the last two Laker games knows that even though Kobe is on the floor, he's not anywhere near what he usually is. As a Laker fan I actually wish he would have just skipped the last two games in favor of Shannon Brown and Sasha Vujacic, because even though those guys aren't great players, Kobe played so poorly at times that he was a massive liability out there. Kobe claiming that he felt good in the second half last night is pure bullshit. His two shots prior to making the game winner were some of the ugliest shots I've ever seen him take, and the coverage on him for those was minimal. It's not hard to see why Dallas wasn't paying him much attention defensively.

I don't think the Spurs will be the biggest threat to the Lakers come playoff time (that'll be whoever represents the East in The Finals, IMO), but San Antonio will probably be the Lakers' biggest threat in the West. The Lakers are a very top-heavy team though, and really only have 5 great players, with a huge drop off after that, so any time they're missing one of those players (like Pau Gasol), it makes a huge difference in the team that the opponent sees. For instance, you won't see Josh Powell and DJ Mbenga getting any minutes at all when Gasol returns, yet both guys saw time in each of the last two games. The big problem San Antonio is gonna have against a full strength Lakers team is that with Gasol in there to contend with Duncan (and vice versa) the Spurs aren't going to have anyone to guard Bynum (who actually played Duncan pretty closely himself the other night, with 22 & 8 as compared to Duncan's 25 & 13). Also, if Kobe's fully healthy I don't know who the Spurs are hoping is gonna be able to guard him. Keith Bogans? Good luck.

Regarding Dwight Howard, if he's going to let himself get muscled out of his game, then he's going to be damn near worthless offensively. Shaq didn't have many post moves either when he first came in the league, but he would just physically push people all over the place to get dunks and layups. He went on to develop some really great post footwork and did eventually get those good post moves, but his bread and butter always was just muscling his way to the basket. Dwight is like Shaq in that his physical size and strength are his biggest assets on the court, but unlike Shaq, Dwight is simply not using them to his advantage. If he can't muscle his way to dunks and layups, then he's got to learn a face-up game and some post moves, or else Orlando is gonna be dead in the water.

Blogger AnacondaHL said...
How many years has this happened, the Spurs don't give a crap at the beginning of the season, and turn it on towards the playoffs. This year, the big thing was teaching Richard Jefferson how to do this, so I think post All-Star break, people will be swayed back into their pre-season opinions, or higher now that Blair is vajazzling everyone.

I stumbled into the "when scoring 100" team splits at, and check out Chicago as the only winless team left, at 0-12.

Blogger Catfish Hunter said...
Mario West back doing what he loves to do and what we love to see him do? There truly is a God out there...

Anonymous Anonymous said...
Uhh - Pac 10 Fail? How about a certain college near and dear to Bawful dropping 2 straight after a 14-0 start? Mmmm? MMMMMMM!!!!!

God hates teams from a certain state.

Blogger Basketbawful said...
I stumbled into the "when scoring 100" team splits at, and check out Chicago as the only winless team left, at 0-12.

But...but...they're 6-2 when SCORING 100 points!

Anonymous Shayan said...
"Juwan Howard, whose current age is unknown but estimated to be slightly older than dirt." AHAHAAHAHAHAH!

Good point about Dwight Howard by the way. Like my friend Malin once said, "Dwight Howard needs a move other than dunking."

Blogger chris said...
So tell me, fellow Bawful devotees, who would be the best option in the key on the defensive side:

- Ben Wallace The Flotation Device
- The Chair That Guarded Yi Jianlian
- Fake Jordan Farmar
- Salsa Verde

Blogger Basketbawful said...
Chris -- The chair. Because you never know when someone like Tim Thomas will just sit his lazy ass down in the middle of the action.

Blogger AnacondaHL said...
chris - Vince Carter's yay!bia.

Anonymous Lucas said...
Foolishness! Dwight does more than dunk. He also has the three-step minimum hook shot he learned from Patrick Ewing. He also has the bring the ball down so it can be stripped by a smaller player move.

Blogger Dick Sullivan said...
AnacondaHL, the Mavs are starting a new annual trend of their own, tanking to draw a Spurs match-up in the first round. Underachievers? Absolutely, but at least Dallas has finally found its niche. The championship window has slammed shut, but the making-googly-eyed-Duncan-sad window is still wide open.

Blogger Ash said...
Oh, Duncan googly eyes. The finest thing other than the Kobe-copying-Jordan fist.

Anonymous Anonymous said...
chris - That's what I meant. "Smarter than Tony Farms" is a pretty low bar. Like "tougher then Dwight Howard" or "more athletic than Brian Scalabrine" or "have more common sense than Agent 10A1234".

Blogger Unknown said...
Am i the only one that noticed that Ginobili's out of bounds save that made SportsCenter top 10 last night was a clear travel? He threw the ball to himself!
After the save Richard Jefferson hit a jumpshot that put the Spurs up for good. Instead it should have been a turnover and the Spurs would have most likely lost...

Anonymous Adam said...
"Yeah. You hold your head up high, Dirk. Second in the West really means a lot. Just ask the Denver Nuggets. Weren't they second in the West last year? Or the Hornets, who were second in 2007-08."

Why bother watching Western Conference Basketball for the next 5 months if you know that the Lakers are going to win? Also, what do you want Dirk to say, that he and his team should just give up? Negative thinking never gets anyone anywhere.

And by the way, in case you didn't notice, the Nuggets were arguably the better team in the WCF last year through four games. The Lakers were fortunate to be tied 2-2, it could have been much worse. Being No. 2 isn't a "trump card," but it's certainly better than being 3-15.