Welcome to a quick-hitting BAD. Sorry, kind of pressed for time today. If you need to kill some time, go read this ridiculous story. You'll spend a good give minutes in the classic facepalm pose. Or you could go spend eighteen hours reading on Twitter about Conan O'Brien laying the smackdown on NBC. Everybody has a take on the situation it seems. Well, almost everybody. Surprisingly silent? Pimpbot 5000. I figured he'd already have a quality rhyme about turning out the head of NBC's momma, or keeping bitches in line.

Also, fun with Wikipedia editing alert! Take a look at this Wikipedia entry. Notice something that stands out here? Like, stands out 7 feet, 7 inches? (via SI.com's Jimmy Traina)

Worst of the Night in Pictures:

The positioning, the hand placement, the smile on Jeff Green's face, the far-off gaze from Kevin Durant... That's quality teammate-on-teammate man love

All The Games:
Pistons at Wizards Generals Bullets: These two teams combined have won fewer games than the Crabs or Lakers alone. Somebody shoot me before I watch this game. (No! Gilbert! I was just kidding! Put that away!)

Rockets at Bobcats: The Rockets have won seven straight over the Bobcats, but they're on a four game road losing streak, and the Bobcats have been red hot at home. Don't be surprised by a Charlotte victory.

Clippers at Grizzlies: The Clippers may be doing slightly better than I may have anticipated this year in general, but on the road they still are who we thought they were.

Lakers at Spurs: Just go read what NarSARSist had to say about the Spurs in today's WOTN comments. There's nothing more I can say.

Magic at Kings: The Magic finally came out of their shooting funk the other night and notched a W. The Kings continue to be in a funk. And not a good George Clinton and Parliament-Funkadelic kind of funk where they show up in random underrated-but-uneven Jeremy Piven movies.

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Anonymous Jai said...
Hey Bawful, just wondering if you had any insight... has a team ever had two player with the same name before? I mean, in what is likely the most uninteresting trade ever - Eduardo Naja..naja... Na-gonna-work-here-anymore goes back to Dallas and the Nyets get Kris Humphries and Shawne Williams (both made me say "Who?").

So now the Nyets have Shawne Williams and Sean Williams. Just thought that was... well... quite possibly the most interesting thing about the Nyets this year.

Blogger chris said...
Jai: About the only thing interesting in that trade is that Sean Williams and Kris Humphries are both lacktion ledger regulars, but...um...yeah.

Blogger chris said...
BTW, how are the Kings in a funk, Dan, when they put the funk on Kenyon Martin at Arco!?

Blogger Beez Kneezy said...
that was story was ridiculous...and awesome!

Blogger chris said...
Tyreke the Freak now has his own blog...let's hope that it doesn't lead him to gain some Agent Zero-like ambitions!

(Though I don't think most people have the ambition to try to aggravate injuries in the midst of one of the Association's most bloated contracts in a while.)

Anonymous Anonymous said...
Sal Esposito For Mayor!

Anonymous Anonymous said...
Different sport, but still an unintentional (maybe) dirty quote:
"David (Beckham) is absolutely open to anything," enthused Leonardo.

Blogger chris said...
Last week, in the National Hockey League, a Devils-Lightning game was delayed because of the lights going out.

Tonight in the Association...in the Z-Bo Bowl, the Clippers-Grizzlies battle is being delayed due to a loading dock flooding!!!!

Somehow, it seems so appropriate that these two specific teams are at the epicenter of arena fail.

Anonymous Anonymous said...
caught this nice man love pic between shane battier and gerald wallce on thedreamshake blog.


shane looks pretty traumatized, i'm guessing batman's gonna be showing the judge on the doll where the bad man touched him.

Blogger Basketbawful said...
Kobe shoots well, but leaves the game with back spasms, Spurs crush the Lakers.

And the poor, fucked up Wizards let the Pistons break their 13-game losing streak. Fail.

Blogger AnacondaHL said...
I hope all the best to the Lakers sans Kobe. No, really. Pau needs to rip a string of 20-20s.

Hey Bawful, I need an inside take on Hinrich. I had to pick him up since Mario Chalmers is sucking a fat fatty for my fantasy team. Think he'll last for a while?

Blogger AnacondaHL said...
More stuff from tonight:

Uhm, the entire building in Memphis had to be evacuated mid-game. Turned out to be the boost Memphis needed to overcome the Clippers.

According to Dudley, a new Nash video is coming soon, shot on the plane to Indy.

Another great thing about following select NBA players on Twitter: when they get frazzled by cold weather. Don't bet on Jason Richardson in cold weather away games!

Blogger chris said...

Sacramento led Orlando by two after three quarters, and had played them very solid.

They have been outscored so far 31-10 in the fourth. Blowout city. :(

Blogger chris said...
Er, make that 33-10. Ouch. Turrible.

Seriously, if this were hockey and there were only three periods instead of four, the paupers would be a playoff team...but everyone knows that's not how it works.

Blogger chris said...
BTW, NBA Fastbreak mocking the Pistons coming into the Bullets game...they mentioned the Iverson trade and on the graphic, it had to be noted that Chiekh Samb was in the deal.

Boy do I miss Samb's irrelevant, lacktion-filled career...

Blogger Clifton said...

(school name deleted) Coach Matt Painter, unintentionally dirty college quote machine: "Evan Turner had his way with all of our guys."

Anonymous Hobbs said...
"We are committed to providing our fans a world-class championship experience each night at FedExForum. With this in mind, we are inviting all fans who came to tonight's game to exchange their ticket for select locations based on availability for this Friday's game against the Minnesota Timberwolves starting tomorrow at 10 a.m. at the FedExForum Box Office."

This was part of the statement released by the Griz after they had to evacuate fans during the Clippers game (why anyone was even there is still a mystery to me) after something went wrong with the sprinkler system.
I fail to see how exactly the Grizzlies' management expect to provide fans a "world-class championship experience" by giving them free tickets to Grizzlies vs Timberwolves...

Blogger chris said...
Unintentionally bawesome quote from NBA Fastbreak:

"Stephen Jackson hasn't met a shot he didn't like"

Hobbs: I didn't even know that the Grizzlies' management was ever familiar with a "world class championship experience," unless that familiarity had something to do with the Gasol trade.

Anonymous Mladen said...
Check out this tribute to Dominique Wilkins (no, he's not dead - he just turned 50...so he's still a decade younger than Oden), especially because of the interesting story that Kevin McHale tells at the end of the video. *snickers*

Anonymous Mladen said...
Oops, forgot the link:


Blogger Will said...
So it looks like Shaq is getting sued.

After reading this story, it seems like the only reason this woman didn't get to Dirk is because a succubus had gotten there first

Anonymous SirGirthNasty said...
Hey 'Bawful, remember when you were using the strength shoes (or was it jump soles?) a year or two ago and were writing about the results? Whatever happened to that? Did you get a big increase? Or did you give up?

Random question, I know.