OK, gents and ladies, I'm a little behind on this, but I'm gonna start my submissions to you with a draft write up by one of our submittees. The following is written by someone we shall only know for now as "Glenn." I know I shoulda got this out to you before the draft, but if I had my act together, the site wouldn't be looking for people. If good draft post-analyses are sent to me, I will send them to you.

Opinions, for once, welcome.



What 2012 NBA Draft Prospect Should Jordan Pick to Avoid Catastrophe

Michael Jordan needs the best possible number two draft pick in the worst possible way. The Charlotte Bobcats are fresh of a 2012 season so abysmal that it may have been predicted by Mayan doomsday prophecy. (They did have an ancient form of "basket" ball after all.) His Airness with the right pick could hear less mumbling in the future about Kwame Brown and Adam Morrison, and you know he must thirst for that like he once did for the tears of Craig Ehlo. This article shares the assumption that the famous unibrow of Anthony Davis is pointing towards the Big Easy. So far Michael Jordan and GM Rich Cho have worked out Harrison Barnes, Bradley Beal, Michael Kidd-Gilchrist, Thomas Robinson, and Andre Drummond. Unless the Bobcats end up making a trade, one of these prospects is going to end up with the herculean task of trying to lift the heaviest looking team in NBA history onto their back, so they can carry it for 82 games while searching for a free hand to battle back the specters of Jordan's infamous draft busts. So who's up for the job? I rank the likely candidates:

Andre Drummond:

The conventional wisdom on drafting big men whenever possible is beginning to wane nowadays as more and more franchises are finding themselves wishing they had gone small on draft day. History has offered too many great players like MJ and KD who flourish after being passed over because as the argument goes you can't teach height. Still, it's hard to think of a standing reach of over nine feet and nearly three blocks a game and not dream of a time when centers roamed the NBA hardwood with impunity.
Andre Drummond worked out for the Bobcats last Friday scrimmaging with Kansas power forward Thomas Robinson. The two participated in a full court 3-on-3 drill run by Charlotte Bobcats coach Mike Dunlap. Although there is no noted animostiy between them neither man was holding anything back. "We're friends off the court, but on the court we're trying to take each other's head off," Robinson said. Drummond expressed simpler aspirations than decapitation when asked what he was trying to achieve, saying that he wanted to show he could "run the floor hard, play hard, grab rebounds and block shots".
Drummond clearly represents the bigger perceived bust risk of the two making it unlikely the Bobcats will take a chance with him. This is exacerbated by Jordan's history; it seems unlikely given Kwame's dramatic example that Jordan would stick his neck out for another young unproven big man on the basis of his potential ceiling. On a Connecticut squad that went nowhere in 2012, Drummond was neither the leader in PER or Win Shares but the Bobcats don't have to look much further than one old fashioned stat to get nervous. Drummond converted on less than 30% of his free throws. That's possible? I had no idea. I mean maybe if Ben Wallace was trying to shoot them while recovering from the effects of a flash grenade...in a wind tunnel...with his hands soaked in butter...

Harrison Barnes:

According to Genesis man was created in God's own image. It must be tempting for Jordan when he sees that Carolina blue draped on a prolific scoring All-American to imagine molding Harrison Barnes in his likeness. What more dramatic way could there be to bring hope to Charlotte? Harrison has the tools to be a great player. As a physical specimen he possesses a 38 inch standing vertical to go along with his 6'11" wingspan. He can run three quarters of the court in 3.16 seconds which is only .02 seconds slower than John Wall. As a scorer he displays a smooth arsenal of mid-range shots and is proficient at creating space with his step back and high release. His jumper has classic form and range. However, something doesn't feel quite right.
There is an ominous feeling that sets in when a player was the top guy in the class of 2010 but isn't even discussed as the number one pick after two years in a prestigious college program. Granted, it's not his fault that Anthony Davis won't stop growing, but that's not the only problem. Barnes tops the list of the 10 Most Overrated Draft Prospects compiled by the Wages of Wins Journal. Using Wins Produced per 48 minutes their model actually has him as the number 83 prospect in the draft. He finished behind teammates Tyler Zeller and John Henson in both PER and Win Shares last year. His offensive efficiency for now is mediocre at best and he has difficulty finishing up close, only scoring 1.049 points per shot around the rim. It's fun to daydream, but I think Jordan is going to need to keep his feet on the ground here and pass on Barnes. 

Bradley Beal:

According to the model established by WP48, Bradley Beal is actually right where he should be in most mock drafts at pick number three. However, Jordan has pick number two so Beal would still be somewhat of a gamble. Putting aside Jordan's highly publicized penchant for gambling, this is still a move he'll likely avoid despite a good workout for the Gator. This may be less of a judgment on Beal than a realistic look at the needs of the team. Arguably, Charlotte's backcourt is the most salvageable part of the Bobcat wreckage that has to be somehow made into an airplane. Though the freshman has impressed with his solid advanced stats and been lauded for a high basketball IQ, the task of carrying the Bobcats appears too heavy for his combo guard frame. Under 6'4" shoeless, it isn't hard to imagine him struggling against NBA shooting guards, and having a higher turnover percentage than assist percentage isn't the world's best sign for the Bobcats if they would want him to explore the point. Beal also needs to improve on his pick and roll offense to distinguish himself in the NBA. Given the attention whoever gets drafted here will demand in opposing coaches defensive schemes, it seems hard to believe that Beal would thrive in a Bobcat backcourt. There's a good place on a starting squad amongst the lottery teams for Beal; it's just not here. 

Michael Kidd-Gilchrist

What the Charlotte Bobcats really crave is the feeling of winning. Michael Kidd-Gilchrist is the only player they've worked out who could tell his teammates next year what it's like to win an NCAA title. Going from a championship to a team that just set a historical record for futility would be a hard adjustment for any player. Not having a single player on his new team who's the caliber of his old partner Anthony Davis wouldn't make adjusting any easier.
From the Bobcats standpoint they could certainly do a lot worse with this pick. When you are as bad as the Bobcats, there is no department that you don't need help in. As the youngest player in the draft, the Wildcat has the potential to follow up his auspicious college career by developing into that rare combination of glue guy and star that the Bobcats so desperately need. It's a well worn adage that defense wins championships. Right now the Bobcats are just worried about winning games. Michael Kidd-Gilchrist's defensive acumen should come in handy at that more modest task as well.  
As a scorer he's still pretty raw. Nearly half of his shots come at the rim. Below a quarter of his shots come on jumpers and his rate of conversion is poor for a wing. He also struggles with a high turnover rate. His noted work ethic should help him improve on these deficiencies. However, it's hard to drastically improve as a player while drastically improving as a team, and saying that the Bobcats need their improvement to be drastic is like saying the crew of the Titanic might have wanted to improve their iceberg avoidance skills.

Thomas Robinson:

The Bobcats, a team in need of everything, would be well served to address two of the most fundamental necessities in basketball with this pick: rebounding and scoring. Thomas Robinson brings both as well as anybody in this draft, and that's including a certain future Hornet. Somehow, I don't think Michael Jordan is going to mind a prospective big man who's spent three years in college either seeing how well that whole straight out of high school thing worked for him in 2001.

Thomas Robinson has a reputation for being perhaps the most NBA ready player in the draft. His rebounding prowess and motor are unquestioned. His jump shot needs some work but he's improved every year at the free throw line. He can face up, put it on the floor, or score in the post over either shoulder. Plus, his draft video has a classic Killah Priest instrumental playing in the background. What's not to love?
Beyond all that, there is something very important about Thomas Robinson that the Charlotte Bobcats should be ecstatic about. He actually wants to play there! Or at least he says he does, which in itself is admirable: "I think I would fit into the system well here. I know the coach - he was at St. John's - so I'm real familiar with him and I know the playing style he likes." Apparently, Mr. Jayhawk backed up the talk up too as he showed a keenness for coach Dunlap's system in his workout.  He's got the tools, he's got the attitude, and he fits the system. If this Thursday night David Stern begins a sentence , "With the 2nd pick in the 2012 NBA Draft..." and ends it with the two words "Thomas Robinson", then the dimmest arena in all of the NBA just got more than a little brighter.
Well, I've just sat through two hours of America's Got Talent...that damn show is a filthy addiction. It's like the movie A Few Good Men. When it's in front of me, I can't turn it off.

Anyway, I have received quite a few submissions from readers, and like an America's Got Talent judge, I now feel the pressure of who next to move on to the "America Votes" round. I've seen much potential, and will soon be peppering you with samples to give your opinions. Yeah, now I'll be asking for your opinions. Don't let it go to your heads.

In the meantime, there was a mention in the previous comment thread about desperately wanting a draft analysis. To any of the prospects, if you want to earn extra points with the teacher, give a 2012 NBA draft analysis a try. I'll give you an example...here's a draft analysis Statbuster did in 2010. You don't need to follow the format. It's just an example. But remember - two things: be cynical, be funny. Yeah, you love basketball. We all do. Now take the love and turn it into playful sarcasm. Tell us what each team is hoping out of its pick, but what each team will actually get.

Writing this assignment will by no means determine who DOESN'T get picked - after all, who the hell can keep track of these college kids. I just want to see what people are able to turn out.

Also, a thought - there was a notion that different people could write about each NBA team- there's something awesomely gimmicky about that notion. It seems impossible, but what about people who would write about a specific division throughout the season? Just spitballing. We'll iron it out.

And for Christ's sake, somebody Photoshop us a new goddamn banner will ya? Use the dimensions of the existing one and make it happen!

Blog of the people, unite!
  • First, I just wanted to say that you Celtic lovers here at Basketbawful are a bunch of pussies. I hate you.
  • Second, I want to tell you I'm leaving and never coming back to this site. It's not even remotely close to what it used to be. I'm not sure if you care, but I wanted to say that, because I felt it was important that you and all the other readers know that I'm leaving.
  • Third, I know I don't pay anything for this site, and that you don't owe me anything, but fuck you. Seriously, you have the nerve to distribute awesome, hilarious basketball analysis for a number of years, keeping me entertained over the summers even, and then expect me not to bitch, and I mean endlessly bitch, when you decide to move on? Where's my blog reader Bill of Rights? Seriously, you guys suck.
  • Finally, I hate you. I know I said that in the first point, but I wanted to say it again because I figured the last thing I say would stick with you to your grave, which I hope you go to soon. Again, because I feel that repetition breeds understanding, fuck you.
But seriously folks....

Checking into this site somewhere around game 3 or 4 of the NBA finals, it was partly amusing, partly upsetting to me that:
  • None of our gracious contributors managed to post anything since my Bawful-ET Skype post (thanks for breaking the silence, Raza)
  • Various people still manage to harbor hatred and venom for any post that is submitted, and this a full year after Bawful and I have, for all intents and purposes, abandoned this place.
  • My "Traveling" narrative was referred to as a "self indulgent shit fest," a full year after it came out. I mean, I KNOW it was a self indulgent shit fest, but I figured I could get away with it in the off-season.  Incidentally, I plan to put "self-indulgent shit fest" on the book jacket. Pure awesomeness. Also, I was amused to learn I went to the Grand Canyon.
Anyway, I understand that a site that essentially bases itself on cynicism will inevitably attract cynical people, but the level of shit storm some people manage to hurl with no provocation is mystifying.

I digress...

There is a silent, decent majority of readers for whom I am willing to conduct an important  service. To anyone within the sound of my typing, I challenge you to write a synopsis of the 2012 season in Basketbawfulness. Or just recap the Finals. Do what you like. There's plenty to write about: one of the most celebrated / demonized / polarizing teams in decades (perhaps ever) has won the championship. Scads to discuss. Throw pictures and captions in there as well.

Consider your writing seriously (I'll know quite easily who does) and submit it to become a new contributor to Basketbawful. Send it to me at ted.evil@gmail.com. I will post those that stand out. Comment strings will be written, cast as votes if you will, and perhaps the cream will rise and we will get a new contributor, or three, to this site. The job requirements are:
  • An ability to write humorous, oft-cynical material about the NBA. Fandom of a particular team is not verboten by any stretch, but an ability to be self-aware and cognizant of said biases makes writing to the masses far more palatable.
  • A thick skin. Ain't everyone gonna like what you have to say, my friend.
  • A commitment to write next year with relative, committed frequency (if we get multiple talents, of course that frequency could go down - but multiple posts in a given day would, of course, not be a problem).
  • A positive, supportive attitude to the other contributors to the blog.
I look forward to reading the submissions. Just as I hope you take your writing seriously, I will take my review of submissions seriously. I will not post all submissions, only those that live up to the "Golden age of Basketbawful" standard. If we want this site to be what once was, that's how it must be. Don't be offended if you are not chosen. Consider it a challenge to work harder on your craft (and it IS, most definitely, a craft).

The opportunity presented here is to have your words seen by a lot of eyeballs. This is a popular site. But don't go thinking that being "picked" is a ticket to fame and fortune...Bawful and I did a lot of work here, and very little has come of it. You need to write because you love it, and want to share your unique point of view with other NBA fans.

Now it is up to you, readers, to make the Phoenix rise...good luck, and write well.

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While recovering from a non-stop drinking binge from the after effects of Game 6 of the WCF as a Spurs fan, I completely fell out of the loop with posting updates.  While this season has been up and down for us with the new posts I apologize because I know we've never been this slow on the uptake.

For those of you that are still keeping up with the blog, we really appreciate your patience and will be sure to keep the updates coming the rest of the season.  

Even if at this point that may last just one more game.

 Westbrook was late to the pregame warmups.  He thought he had 24 seconds before they started instead of 5.

One of the Joker's henchman finds himself with nowhere to go

If Mike Miller literally did this the entire game he would have had the same number of points as when he was actually on the court.

Scott Brooks draws up a map for his summer vacation plans.

"Eureka! I might still be employed next year!"

OKC Blunder:  Well, it was fun while it lasted.  Apparently the NBA was 90% done with their championship DVD after Game 1, only to have to start again from scratch.  They don't make runner up DVD's, do they?  Maybe Reggie Miller has a couple hundred lying around.

Game after game in this series the Thunder found themselves in a hole in the opening minutes.  Finally, they thought "Screw it, let's pretend the first quarter is the fourth quarter!" and proceeded to build a 17 point lead.

Things were looking good, Westbrook was on fire, KD's mom was all happy, and Scott Brooks was looking like a real NBA coach.

And then the second quarter happened.

And then the third.

And then the fourth.

Getting outscored 62-40 in the second and third quarters alone, OKC's slogan went from Thunder Up! to THUNDER DOWN MAYDAY MAYDAY!!  in the blink of an eye.

First off, we have to give credit where credit is due.  LeBron James absolutely killed it last night.  Posting a monstrous 26, 12 and 9 and showing a real semblance of a post up game, James had his way with the Thunder virtually the entire time.  For a guy who has taken so much criticism for his Finals performances, the true master of the Crab Dribble looks to get ringed in another 48 hours.

Which means Dan Gilbert has till Thursday for the Cavs to win the championship before the Heat do and make all of his comic sans dreams come true.

As for the Thunder, letting this guy, the most chewed out player in the league, go off for 25 points on 9-15 shooting is just asking for trouble:

James Harden:  2-10 from the floor, with twice as many turnovers than field goals.  Oh, and he pulled it off in 37 minutes of play.  I don't know if James lost his game somewhere in his beard, but the only thing saving him from being public enemy #1 from this contest was....

Russell Westbrook:  While he's been great for a lot of 'Bawful laughs, it actually hurts to put him here since he had such a great game.  

For about 46 minutes anyway.

Seemingly unstoppable in Game 4, Westbrook managed 43 points, on 63% shooting (only MJ and Shaq have matched that playoff feat in the past 25 years) and spear headed yet another OKC comeback in these playoffs.

Maybe Spoelstra should have picked up where his defense left off in Game 3:

I mean, that's got to be annoying as hell right?  Probably more effective than face guarding.

After demolishing the Heat for most of the game, Westbrook snapped back to reality and all but sealed the Thunder's fate with the worst foul in a crucial playoff game since Ginobili fouled Dirk in Game 7 of the 2006 WCSF:

So, with 5 seconds on the shot clock, Westbrook was probably too busy thinking about his post game wardrobe and immediately fouled Mario Chalmers, putting the Thunder's championship hopes in dire straits:

"I thought Russell was terrific tonight," Scott Brooks said. "The guy played relentless. He was aggressive. He kept us in this game and he gave us a chance to win.  Instead, he solidified our chance to lose.  And for that, I commend him."

I think we can best sum up the Durant/Westbrook relationship with this lovely short story:

Want to know why Kevin Durant is so skinny? Because Westbrook never feeds him the ball.

NBA on ABC: As much as I miss the NBA on NBC, I guess the one positive is that we don't have to hear from Shaq anymore at halftime.  

Last I heard, he was getting harassed from the powers that be:

It looks like our 2011/12 NBA Season should be coming to a close, with the draft right around the corner.  Gotta love the fact that the new face of the league will look like this:

Oh well, that's still better than this I suppose:

Last bit of a random tidbit I wanted to share with you guys.  Adidas is getting a ton of flak for making seemingly racist shoes:

While I think that's going a bit overboard, I thought hell if that's racist then so is this guy:

Thanks for everyone's support, and once again, we apologize for the lack of updates.  Consider it an asterisk year for us!

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If some of you wonder what goes through the mind / keyboard of Bawful on a given day during the playoffs, I thought this might be a treat - a completely unfiltered Skype between him and myself about Game 4 of the Eastern Conference Finals, and other related subject matter.

Remember, this is unedited - no removal of statements I thought might upset or offend anyone - so it should be taken as such. It's just two fans of a particular team having a chat, and I think there's a lot of good stuff here. Enjoy, and go Celts.


Bawful: Well...that was an exciting game.
Evil Ted: too exciting...and the officiating is now just...confusing
Bawful: How so?
Evil Ted: traveling call on KG....double foul on KG and LeBron...Pierce's and LeBron's 6th fouls...no call on D Wade's raping pierce...it's like the entire game was make-up calls from one end to the other...no wonder Crawford was involved
Bawful:  Yeah.
Bawful:  The travel on KG was bullshit. Total. And the reviews showed it. And besides...they never call the foot shuffle around the three-point arc.
Bawful: The 6th fouls were rather mystifying, if only because the rest of the game was so physical.
Bawful:  It seems like any time somebody falls down, the refs feel they HAVE to call something.
Evil Ted: well, they have to call SOMETHING ...took the words out of my mouth
Bawful:  The raping of Pierce was also bullshit. A full-on body block.
Bawful: That game was a clinic on how NOT to officiate.
Evil Ted:  yeah. there were a few occasional good gutsy calls...kg holding lebron's arm to keep him from blocking rondo's layup was more than legit
Evil Ted: and wade gets an open look to end it...lucky miss...but it feels now like 2-2 is about right
Bawful:  Yeah.
Bawful:  Although, you know, if Rondo had gotten the call he deserved in OT in Game 2, when Wade whacked him on the head, it would be 3-1 C's.
Bawful: I think, if anything, the officiating has gone the Heat's way in every game, even if only a little.
Bawful:  What about Rondo calling out the Heat at halftime?
Evil Ted:  I would say the C's are getting it more favorably at home, but only slightly...Rondo is just poking the bear...everybody's been annoyed with officials...his point was that they were doing it in transition, giving the Celtics fast break points, which was the question: "How were you scoring on them"...essentially...rondo clearly has no fear...
Evil Ted:  and while he's had some slow segments of games, I think it's time to put away the "trade rondo" talk for good.
Bawful: Yeah. He was poking the bear...even if it's true.
Bawful:  If the Celtics could get Deron Williams and flip Rondo for a major piece or two, I'd still do it.
Bawful:  But that's about the only way I'd do it.
Evil Ted: Rondo's proven enough to me at this point.
Bawful: I'm not saying he hasn't proven his greatness...but you need to take a big picture view and not just look at the playoffs. He goes through long stretches of the regular season when he's in a funk and submits occasional inexplicable stink bombs where he clearly doesn't give a shit.
Bawful:  I still worry about him.
Bawful: His attitude is just...weird.
Bawful: He's just an odd one.
Bawful:  Take Game 2...he was aggressive with his jumpers.
Bawful:  Last night, he was back to not wanting to even consider taking one.
Bawful:  Which, again, allowed the Heat D to do a lot of sagging off.
Evil Ted: Actually, I think they played him tighter last night. He was not getting 12-15 foot open looks...he takes what the D gives. His decision making is hard to argue with...in fact Spo said it's tough to plan for him because he plays so different from game to game. Of course, Spo can't coach his way out of a paper bag, but still
Bawful:  I dunno. I think Rondo is the NBA equivalent of the crazy girlfriend. When she's giving you wild sex, you think everything is great. When Rondo is playing great, all the other stuff feels okay...but it will come back to bite the team in the ass at some point. Which is the only reason the "trade Rondo" rumors have never gone away.
Bawful:  But, even then, as I said, I think that there are very select circumstances in which Rondo would be dealt.
Bawful:  And I can't see Deron signing in Boston.
Bawful: So...
Bawful:  Rondo ain't going anywhere.
Evil Ted:  which is fine. he's good enough to build around
Bawful:  I guess we'll find out, huh?
Bawful:  Good to see Ray hitting agian.
Evil Ted:  indeed
Bawful:  Bosh is supposed to come back for Game 5.
Evil Ted:  to either make a positive difference, or ruin the chemistry
Evil Ted:  or play at 75%...we'll see
Bawful:  Yep.
Bawful:  Celts gotta get Game 5 if they wanna win the series.
Bawful:  By the way, although I agree Garnett pulled LeBron's arm on that Rondo drive, LeBron was also getting his arm under Garnett's, which is supposed to be a foul. I'm just sayin'.
Evil Ted:  maybe...anything can happen in game7's, and I feel comfortable with them at home...they should stilll, however, play like it's a game 7...I can't defend KG's hand yank there. can't do it...without that, it's a no-call
Bawful: I never said KG's yank wasn't a foul...only that LeBron fouled him first and it wasn't called.
Bawful: Defenders aren't allowed to push their arms up under the offensive player's arms. LeBron was clearly doing that...otherwise KG wouldn't have had anything to grab onto.
Bawful:  The refs called the double foul to keep the rough play from happening...then, when it didn't, KG got tagged.
Bawful:  Whatever, though. A lot of calls were head-scratchers.
Bawful:  But I am fucking sick and tired of seeing Heat players go flying at the slightest contact. They are the worst team in the league at taking dives.
Bawful:  Every fucking time. Every one of them does it.
Bawful:  Chalmers, Battier, Wade, LeBron, Haslem, etc.
Bawful:  Bump 'em, and they're gonna take a dive.
Evil Ted:  I will agree...but will take one name off that list. James, I think, is the only player who plays like a growed man...my heat hate is squarely focused on Wade. Can't stand that whining, leg-flailing dork.
Bawful:  Yeah. Wade is a complete and total bitch-ass bitch. I used to like him...now I cannot stand him.
Evil Ted: LeBron, on the other hand, I'm finding less hateable...he just seems businesslike out there more than any other heat player...not really a good leader, or clutch performer, but plays like a man.
Bawful:  I dunno. I still don't like him. Comments like "I don't foul out" when he was bitching about the calls made against him...the fact that he (in case you hadn't heard) doesn't come out of the tunnel until right before gametime (he even skips the player intros).
Bawful: When he taunted KG.
Evil Ted: agreed, but that stuff is enhanced by his making "the decision" and being on the heat. on the whole, I find him more mature and classy than the rest of the heat team.
Bawful: I'm still not sold. But then, I don't need to be.
Bawful: Just rootin' for the C's.
Evil Ted:  same here
Bawful: If they do beat the Heat...man...this squad will officially be competing with Larry's teams in my heart.
Evil Ted: don't get ahead of yourself...and the thunder and spurs are both scary match ups
Bawful: I wasn't saying that meant they'd win the title...only that their fight and heart has moved me.
Bawful: Just in terms of affection.
Bawful: They may have won only the one title, but their heart and attitude has gotten to me.
Evil Ted: They've been gritty for years...with each passing year as they get older, it's more impressive...
Bawful: KG's renaissance has been particularly impressive.
Evil Ted:  yes...he's playing inspired ball...
Bawful: And his presence / absence has a profound effect.
Bawful: They've been tracking it at ESPN.com.
Bawful: When KG is in, the C's are huge on teh + side...but way in the - when he sits.
Evil Ted:  yeah...the team is completely different with him in the middle. doc still limits his minutes to keep him effective.
Bawful:  Yeah. He has to. But I cringe every time KG goes to the bench...cuz that's when teams make their runs.
Evil Ted:  yup. tis what it is.
Evil Ted: they have what they have. bench play and rebounding are the critical elements to offset that
Bawful: Bench came up big last night.
Bawful: Although, god damn, I wish Pietrus could hit a shot.
Bawful: He had two GINORMOUS offensive boards in OT though.
Evil Ted:  daniels is making use of himself. Pietrus shooting has been abysmal, but the defense and boards have been making him a nice X factor.
Bawful: For the record, the 2008 team would destroy any team currently in the playoffs.
Evil Ted:  if this were 4 years ago, that would be relevant ;)
Bawful: Yeah, yeah. ;)
Evil Ted: The '86 team would DESTROY these teams...see?
Bawful:  I'm just saying...as the years pass, I'm realizing how truly special that '08 squad really was.
Evil Ted:  and the '10...who shoulda won
Bawful: Yeah. :(
Bawful: I'll always remember the Perkins injury...and the 28 offensive boards the Lakers got in Game 7.
Evil Ted:  that sucked...and don't forget, it was Kobe who stuck his leg out to make that happen.
Bawful:  I won't forget that, either.

Editor's note: It is ET's misguided belief that Kobe Bryant made an intentional leg flail that caused Kendrick Perkins to go down in game 6 of the 2010 NBA Finals. There is absolutely, positively zero proof of this assertion, nor will there ever be until after a thorough autopsy of Kobe Bryant's brain, which ET plans to request (and potentially pay for) upon Kobe's passing.
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Mellon Collie and the infinite sadness.

So, guys, if you had predicted that South Beach would've held the aging, fragile C's to only 32 points after halftime...and that Game 4 would come down to a final shot in which Dwyane Wade was covered by Marquis Daniels...and got an open look at the arc...

You wouldn't have expected this outcome, would you?


Coming off the heels of Rondo missing one of two free throws (and notice how he never runs across to help Marquis Daniels out!), not long after a Mickael Pietrus rebound sequence which burned about 50 seconds off the clock...against all odds, we have ourselves a new series!

(And an update: from Grantland, GREAT frame-by-frame analysis of the final possession of fail!)

We also have, for the first time, King Crab fouling out in a Miami uniform:

To think, just minutes before, LeBron actually was the reason this game even went to OT.

Doesn't it seem like a lifetime ago that the Threetles were holding their Madison Square Garden matinees?   I would also ask, "doesn't Game 2 seem like a lifetime ago," but really, what's different between that and this other than Dwyane failing in the clutch AND this Udonis Haslem head-scratcher to close regulation?

Hey, look who made not one, not two, not three, but zero attempts to shoot in that sequence!!!

Here we are.  Conference Finals tied on both halves of the bracket.  Tired narratives just waiting to be resurrected pending whoever makes it to the Finals.

And pure class from Boston's assist machine:

THE ASSOCIATION: Where providing bulletin board material to your opponents HAPPENS!!!!

Game Four Lacktion Report

Heat-Celtics: Greg Stiemsma made a cameo appearance in the ocarina of 32 seconds of time for a Mario.

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Well, we all saw the ignominious travesty that was game 2 of the Eastern Conference Finals - the no-call on Rondo's face, the D Wade MMA kick to KG's nuts, the general travesty that has always been NBA officiating. But trying to write a full-fledged post about it would just make me sound like a resentful, angry douche. Fortunately, Wally Szczerbiak and his Twitter account are around to 1.) show that he's an even bigger douche than I could hope to be 2.) take my mind off the crushing loss 3.) Make me realize why I shouldn't feel sorry for any of the current Celtics, because there are still sad, sorry souls like Wally S (I can't write that abominable last name again) who just wish they could have, at any point, been as good as KG. Anyway, I figured it would be fun to poke back at Wally, because one turn of petty antagonizing deserves another. Add your own gem to the comment string and I'll put the best ones on my Twitter feed. On to Game 3 tonight, where hopefully the home-cookin can be as one-sided as it was in Game 2. (P.S.> save your insults - you know I'm from Boston. I'm SUPPOSED to feel this way). Anyway, enjoy the tweets, and go Celtics! szczerbiak