Generals' coach Randy Wittman grimacing as his team gives up an uncontested three. THIS, my friends, is undeniably bawful

Speaking of bawful, we have a Darko Milicic anecdote! Darko doesn't believe in banks or investments. For some reason, this doesn't surprise me, and I can't even explain why it doesn't.

Also, it's Groundhog Day. I'll spare you any "Ned Ryerson!" jokes or Bill Murray references since I'm sure you're already tired of hearing them today. But I will say this: the groundhog saw his shadow. We're in for six more weeks of bad basketball. (On second thought, it may be more than six weeks...)

Worst of the Night in Pictures:

Caption This!
Avery Johnson and Keith Bogans. What's up with these guys?

I think Gerald Wallace enjoyed destroying the Bobcraps juuuuust a little bit

Vinny Del Negro in a deleted scene from Zoolander

Nationally Televised Games:

Bulls at Knicks, TNT, 8:00pm: I think Tom Thibodeau is still sitting on the sideline in Philly waiting for his team to show up for last night's game. The good news is I don't foresee them lollygagging their way through this one. Luol Deng might be back tonight, plus the Bulls have been pretty good at avoiding back-to-back losses for a reason. And thus ends my "serious basketball analysis" note of the day since that is pretty much the extent of my "serious basketball analysis" abilities.

Nuggets at Clippers, TNT, 10:30pm: George Karl is glad 'Melo is gone, and doesn't shy away from saying it. I love everything about this.

On the Los Angeles side, be sure to check out this great piece at Grantland on Blake Griffin.

All The Other Games:

Grizzlies at Hawks, 7:30pm: The Hawks are undefeated at home ever since losing the most boring triple overtime in the history of professional basketball. I guess being threatened with complete and total humiliation on Twitter for several hours of an overtime game was just the extra motivation they needed.

Hornets at Spurs, 8:30pm: Can we just combine the Hornets and Bobcraps into one superteam of suck? I mean, combined they'd have a whopping 7 wins! (And 38 losses. But hey, who's' counting?)

Trail Blazers at Kings, 10:00pm: The Blazers are fresh off humiliating the Bobcraps. This HAS to be a letdown game for them. I mean, it's a letdown when you win by only 15 or 20 points instead of 44 points, right?

Jazz at Warriors, 10:30pm: Fair warning: the Jazz have played only six road games all season so far, but that's about to change. This is the start of a stretch where 14 of their 20 games will be on the road.

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Anonymous Inaproppriate Kangaroo said...
Who gives a crap about this article , I want a "where are they now" story on Greg Ostertag.

Anonymous Anonymous said...
Does anyone else think Avery Johnson looks like the evil master of pumpkins in that caption pic?

Blogger Dan B. said...
So I apparently stat cursed the bejesus out of the Hawks. Sorry 'bout that, Atlanta fans.

Anonymous AK Dave said...
The Hawks!

... they're BACK!!

Blogger Jeff Enge said...
So I just heard Marv Albert absolutely growl "Asik!" when Omer got a dunk earlier. I think it would go really well with this picture:

Anonymous Anonymous said...
Josh Smith is still trying to figure out where Rudy Gay is.

Anonymous Anonymous said...
I know these stats aren't always reliable or even meaningful in individual game contexts, but the Hawks were -27 with Joe Johnson on the floor tonight. The Grizz were +40 with Gasol the lesser.

Also, why is Gerald Wallace so steamed at the Bobcats? I'd be happy as hell to get away from that putrid franchise and playing in Rip City.

Anonymous Cristi said...
The Blazers also. Every time you say something good about them, they end up losing. Stop it!

Anonymous JJ said...
Mozgov's foul on Blake was messed up, especially since it was premeditated (I read that Harrington or someone told him to foul him hard to make a statement). I can understand a good hard foul, especially during the playoffs. But, you don't go for someone's face.

Anonymous deezyL said...
This is how Bawful the Whacktown Kings are:

Yahoo posted an article of America's Most Miserable Cities. Each of the 10 cities had a depressing picture of the city such as "bank owned" or an arrest. Enter Sacramento's picture to show how miserable the city is; a picture of the Kings.

Here's the article:

Blogger Fishy said...
I think it's funny that the NBA thinks it's worse to criticize the officiating then a coach to kick the ball at fans.. Cuban fined $75,000 while Carlisle is fined $35,000.

Anonymous Anonymous said...
Metta World Peace is still the Ron Artest we knew and laughed at.