Well, this weekend was the annual Halloween Party, and while Basketbawful and his pals decided jointly on a cowboy theme, I, of course, had to maintain my abnormal obsession with Larry Bird (and I'm too cheap to get all authentic with the cowboy gear).

However, I wasn't just repeating the same costume as last year. No, sir. This year, I put a different slant on it that I think made the getup far more clever than just a Larry Legend rehash. See if you can guess what I am.

Hint: I might be confused with an iPhone app.


Yup, that's right. Much like the Superfriends have their Bizarro counterparts, much like I have my own arrogant, hyper-competitive alter-ego, Evil Ted, so does Larry Bird have his own dark doppelganger...


I think Angry Bird is going catch on, much like his feathery iPhone counterparts - I mean, come on...glowing locks, green blood, fireball basketballs? This is a comic book hero waiting to happen.


With the lockout doing such a number on our little corner of the world - I call on you, Bawful readers, to submit your most awesome Halloween costume pictures (basketball related or not) to me at ted.evil@gmail.com, and assuming the picture isn't obscene, we'll post it in an amusing collage of pics with other Bawful folks.

Oh, and I appear to be on Twitter now. It's a great way to communicate with people in a frequent, brief, lazy manner. This could be a perfect medium, given that I think many Bawful readers collectively feel they've had enough of me after 140 characters anyway.

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Apparently there's an NBA Lockout league of some sort going on out Vegas way. Of course, funnyordie is makin' hay with it. A little basketball, a little comedy. Might as well toss it up.

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Today's word is derived from:

Logo /loh-goh/noun: a graphic mark or emblem commonly used by commercial enterprises, organizations and even individuals to aid and promote instant public recognition.


Ludicrous / lud eh krus / adjective: causing laughter because of absurdity; provoking or deserving derision; ridiculous; laughable

Given the absence of fun pre-season NBA stuff to talk about, you might be all too familiar with other silly subjects that make gigantic online waves these days (according to Yahoo anyway). Feel free to check out the article discussing the controversy over the logo created by Jonathan Mak, a design Student in Hong Kong, to pay tribute to Steve Jobs after Jobs stepped down from his post at Apple. Or just read on, because I think that last sentence pretty much explains what you need to know.

From there, I illustrate today's word in a poem:


There once was a young man named Mak,
Who made a logo derived from a Mac,
In the apple he’d style,
A real famous profile,
And that, he figured, was that.


Soon the famous man passed away,
Leaving news outlets in need of mass play,
They found Mak's pic online,
Thought it was fine,
And felt it had something to say.

Many thought it was more than just cute,
In fact a stirring tribute,
Round the world it went,
Everywhere sent,
And for Mak it became a big hoot.

Then came the news that another had created,
The same logo, but earlier dated,


The design world was rocked,
Utterly shocked,
And Mr. Mak was roundly berated.

But before we get angry at Mak,
Consider the following tack,
The logo existed,
Before either man twisted,
The image for their own special knack.

You see, the easiest way to design,
Is to take something that was already fine,
Then add a bit here,
Subtract a bit there,
And pretend you’ve turned water to wine.

Hey, their skills are worthy of mention,
But they don’t deserve all this attention,
They flat out copied a logo,
A design trailblazer no-no,
So on praise I shall take an abstention.

But if thieving from Apple were a crime,
Bill Gates would be doing hard time,
Amidst all the fuss and regret,
It’s easy to forget,
About the loss of a talent sublime.

Seeing how I fancy myself a creative type, I decided to "design" my own stolen-logo post-mortem dedication – to basketball. No, that isn’t Steve Jobs in the ball. Thanks a lot, David Stern. The wrong design element of this picture is a withering corpse.

nba-davidstern image500

October 18 Update: From Anonymous: "It would look better if he was holding Sterns severed head" I'd want to remain anonymous saying something like that too. But hey, it's getting close to Halloween, so...


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With the absence of pro ball, you get games in which the best players can make risky, casual, All-Star game style plays, like Rondo making this sick no-look alley-oop pass to Denver Nuggets draftee Kenneth Faried at a charity event. ONIONS!

The greatest irony? If you asked Rajon to turn 180 degrees, face the basket, and shoot a 3-pointer in a pressure situation, he'd wet himself with fear.

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Well, Blake Griffin has nothin to do, Steve Nash has nothin to do, and now Tyson Chandler, Shawn Marion, and Kevin Love now have too much time on their hands. The funnyordie people, even the women, must have constant erections to have this much acting talent at their disposal.

One admittedly amusing line: "You guys got weak-ass fingers."

If I really wanted to see an out-of-place actor, I'd just pick up the latest Blu-ray edition of Star Wars. My God, when is Goerge Lucas going to stop tinkering?

Or when basketball entertainment gets really sparse, we'll have to get super-creative with our alternatives, courtesy of Taiwan. Thanks, AnacondaHL:

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The NBA D-League Fort Wayne Mad Ant's mascot (made famous by JE Skeets years ago on Deadspin as "Nightmare Ant") doesn't mess around. When Mad Ant wants something, he gets it. And he wants to be in a Sportscenter commercial, so he's going to make ESPN an offer they can't refuse...

Thanks to Scott Schroeder and Ridiculous Upside for posting this gem.

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Well, I don't know about you, but I can't get me enough Steve Nash. This man is incapable of over-exposing himself. Now that's saying something, considering even a guy as likable as Blake Griffin is making people say "Enough!" I mean, I'm not about to make Nash my number one favorite player of all time like Bawful has (don't worry, Larry), but he's is definitely swerving around in Bird's rear-view mirror.

Add the super-sexy U.S. Women's goalkeeper Hope Solo to the mix, and you've got near perfection...get used to looking at FIFA highlights, folks. If the lockouts drags on, as it looks like it will, you may actually be forced to enjoy soccer.

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Yes, we know that Metta World Peace was the first one to be voted off DWTS (why couldn't the 2010 Lakers be beaten so handily?), and that Glen Rice apparently had a "respectful" evening in 1987 with that "sweetheart" Sarah Palin (respectful? sweetheart? gag me with a bore spoon), and that D Wade got fiesty in the lockout negotiations (apparently he takes control in business meetings as well), but sometimes an NBA player ripe for satire gets a job moving furniture, and sometimes you have a comic book text creator, and it all comes together.















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