With the absence of pro ball, you get games in which the best players can make risky, casual, All-Star game style plays, like Rondo making this sick no-look alley-oop pass to Denver Nuggets draftee Kenneth Faried at a charity event. ONIONS!

The greatest irony? If you asked Rajon to turn 180 degrees, face the basket, and shoot a 3-pointer in a pressure situation, he'd wet himself with fear.

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Blogger kazam92 said...
Holy crsp!

Anonymous Anonymous said...
He should start shooting like that. He'll get more closer shots than when he normally shoots.

Blogger Wormboy said...
Rondo just looked over his shoulder and saw that there was no D anywhere near the bucket (and consisted of a white guy looking the wrong way). His target was a circle of diameter ~ 6 feet. So, fantastic court vision + poor defense = alley oop.

Sweet play.

Anonymous Anonymous said...
No he wouldn't shoot it in fear. He'd shoot it with utmost confidence after refusing to pass it to Pierce who is posted up on Jason Kidd five feet in front of him.

Blogger KHayes666 said...
THE SECRET REVEALED! According to Shaq's autobiography the reason Rondo sucked down the stretch last year was because President Obama laughed at him and said he couldn't shoot. Rondo took it personal as we all saw the bawfulness with our own eyes

Blogger Brian Tung said...
You mean like this?


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