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Hey, folks. Allen Iverson here. Yeah. Yeah, I know what you're thinking, but I'm here for a reason. We're talking about Worst of the Night, man. We're talking about Worst of the Night. We're talking about Worst of the Night. We're not talking about practice. We're talking about Worst of the Night. When you come to Basketbawful, and you read what's written here, you've read what's written here right? You've seen this site give everything it's got, but we're talking about Worst of the Night right now.

Doubters and haters: Nothing's official yet, but it will be. I'm gonna be back home, back playing in Philadelphia. They just offered me a one-year contract. Don't get used to me doing guest posts for Basketbawful, because the Sixers offered me a one-year deal. Now, there's some mean spirited people in Philadelphia, but It's like that everywhere and I understand that, I accept that part of life. But there is whole bunch of love in Philadelphia, more love than hate in Philadelphia, for Allen Iverson. I'm blessed with what God gave me. He game me talent. When I was going through my little thing, coach Brown, Larry Brown, he would be tap me and say, hey A.I., hold your head up, it's gonna be alright, things get better. He went through those things with me so right now, the Sixers coach, he knows who he is coaching.

If you're like an inside person, you always know what's going on, if not, it's always Allen Iverson is the bad guy, the guy that can't get along with his coach. Why wouldn't I get along with the guy that is trying to accomplish the same thing I'm trying to accomplish? I don't have an ego. Being an All-Star is everything. I still have yet to accomplish what I've been trying to do from Day 1. Personally I just want to win a championship. If I don't believe it, then they don't need me on the court. I've just got to believe that in my heart. There's nothing less than that. I don't care about just going to the playoffs; I've been to the playoffs before. I don't want to just go to the playoffs, I don't want to go to the playoffs and win the first round, second round, and not win the whole thing because it's bittersweet.

I'm here to win. Don't laugh. I'm here to win. That's the reason. That's the only reason. I believe that whatever we have, regardless of a trade being done or not, I feel we have a shot. I've just got to believe that we're going to be all right. I've got to just play basketball. I don't care. I feel like if we don't make a trade, we have to get it done with what we've got. If that many people recognize how hard I go every night and what I put into my game, to make myself and my team better, it means a lot to mean. I'm fortunate; I'm blessed to be in the situation that I'm in right now.

I know you people, you probably don't believe in me after what happened in Detroit, what happened in Memphis. I don't have any problems with the Pistons, the Grizzlies, the organizations at all. I just didn't want to go through that. That was my only problem. I don't want to go through that. I don't want to lose and all season have to go through that. Why? I don't feel that it's right. I lost. I lost. I mean me, my coaching staffs, my teammates, the organizations lost. You don't hear about any one of my teammates going through this. It's me. It's just me.

I always let LeBron know. They love you man, they love you right now. But please believe me. The first incident, the first time something happens, they are waiting man. They are waiting.

I read the articles and my friends and people tell me things but it's all on me. I accept it but the shit hurts. But it's not just about me. Yeah I got some shit I need to get better in but everybody does. But you don't talk about everyone else, you just talk about me. And why because I make money? Well, get ready. 'Cause I'm gonna prove everybody wrong.

Charlotte Bobcats: Last time I was with the Sixers, people always asked me, were you on the same page with Larry Brown. Yeah we were on the same page. I didn't have a problem with coach. I love Larry Brown. You people may not believe it or feel me when I say it, but I do. He's helped me do so much in my career, helped me be the player that I am. If there's no Larry Brown, then there's no MVP, Allen Iverson. He's done a lot for me as far as helping me on and off the court, but, I mean, when you lose, that's the type of shit that happens. That's what goes on when you lose, you know. When you win everything is everything. But when you lose, it's all about Allen Iverson and Larry Brown. When we won, I know that I got the praise and Larry Brown got the praise, but when we lost it was on me and Larry Brown. That's something that I have to learn to accept and deal with.

Well, coach still has to accept it, especially on nights like last night. His Bobcats got beat 108-90 at home by the Boston Celtics. Ain't really no shame in that. The Celtics are a great team. They are. But coach, he takes it personal when a team comes in and shoots, like, 54 percent from the field, almost 60 percent in threes against his guys. Just 'cause they don't be defending, that's not coach's fault. They weren't scoring, either, hitting only 40 percent of their shots and going 2-for-11 in threes. That's bad on both sides of the ball. You can't blame Larry Brown for that. It's not like he was coaching them and said, "Let 'em hit 60 percent on one end, then shoot bad on the other end." You know?

Coach was pretty upset after the game. He said, "It was like the varsity against the JV." And it was. If the JV rode to school on the short bus. Coach also said, "I'm happy for our fans. They got to go home and watch [North] Carolina and Michigan State. If any of them were smart, they would have left early and watched that game." Damn.

Ray Allen, quote machine: Something not many people know about Ray, he's a funny guy. He really is. I got to hang out with him one year at the All-Star game, and that guy cracked my shit up. He's not, like, obvious funny, he's more, what d'you call it, quiet funny. Anyway, he's been shootin' bad lately. It happens. Shooters slump. Kobe slumps. LeBron slumps. I slump. Even Jordan slumped. So what that Ray'd gone 6-for-23 on threes over his last four games. Shooters shoot. Don't matter if you're slumpin'. Shooters shoot the ball. That's their job. Do coal miners stop hitting rocks just because they didn't find coal the last time they hit a rock? No. They keep hitting rocks until they find coal again. Hey, even Doc Rivers said during the shootaround that "he hasn't forgot how" to shoot.

Well, he proved that againt the Bobcats. He went 5-for-6 from downtown and 10-for-10 from the line. When you guys, I mean, the press, asked him how he did it, Ray said, "I put some baby oil on the rim." See? Quiet funny.

The Phoenix Suns: I'm human man, somebody that bleeds, somebody that cries, somebody that makes mistakes. I'm real just like everybody else. I'm not perfect. I make mistakes along the way. I've been in jail three times. Well, the Suns are human, too. And the Knicks, they made a jail break on those guy in New York last night. Those teams went into that game with opposite records -- 14-3 for the Suns, 3-14 for the Knicks -- and the Suns had the best record in the league. People, they look at a situation like that and say, "Hey, the Suns should win easy." Well, the Suns are human. They aren't Superman. They aren't Jesus. They're human. Human beings have bad night. Human beings give up 23 points off 17 turnovers, let their opponent hit 14 threes, grab 19 offensive rebounds, stuff like that.

It was rough, man. They Suns didn't score 100 points for, like, the first time this season. The Knicks scored 39 points in the first quarter. Hell, Larry Hughes had more assists (12) than Steve Nash (8). Nash, he said, "Terrible performance. I'm embarrassed. Obviously just a disasterous effort. We just have to wash it away and pick it up tomorrow." He's right. That's all you can do. You people, the press, you're gonna look at this game, take it apart, make like it means something big, like a big deal, until the next game. That's what you guys do. It's your job. I get that. But damn, man. It's one game. One game. Not a loss in the playoffs, not a loss in the Finals. One game.

Amar'e Stoudemire: When I think about those 19 offensive rebounds the Knicks had, the first thing I think is, "Why wasn't Amar'e Stoudemire crashing the boards? This is a guy is an All-Star player, a guy who thought maybe he should be up there with the MVP group a year or two back. Listen, I've been MVP. MVP isn't just about scoring points. MVP isn't just about doing it in practice. It's about killing yourself on the court. Well, when you end up with as many turnovers (5) as rebounds (5), and you're a big guy but get outrebounded by Larry Hughes (6), then it's time to look at yourself in the mirror and aske, "Why am I not rebounding? Why am I not helping my team?"

The Golden State Warriors: See, this is what I'm talking about. Everybody was all ready to jump off the Nuggets bandwagon after they lost to the Timberwolves the other day. They had a season-low for points in a quarter (12), blew their biggest lead of the season (17 in the first half) and got held to a season-low for points at home (100) in that loss. Next thing you know, they matchin' their season high for points in a quarter (44), getting a season high for points in the first half (69), and winning 135-107.

Chauncey Billups knows what it's all about. He said, "That's what's great about the NBA. The next night, the same thing can happen and you can show that you learn from your mistakes. We came out up 14 at the start of the third and we said, 'Let's try to put them away this time, not just talk about it. Let's do it,' and I was proud of us for that."

I know what y'all are thinking, and no, I don't have any hard feelings about getting traded to Detroit, and I'm not jealous of the success the Nuggets had after they traded me. That's just business. It's not personal, it's business. The NBA, the game, it's a business. I understand that.

Anyway, the Warriors looked like they were running a layup drill, only for the other team. Denver had, like, 62 points in the paint. The Nuggets shot almot 55 percent. Chris Anderson (14 points) and Nene (18 points) combined to shoot 12-for-16 from the field, and Birdman had 5 blocked shots too. The Warriors, they only had 6 blocks as a team. Monta Ellis, he had it going against the Pacers the day before, but he only went 4-for-10 and got outscored by Vlad-uh-meer Rad-mano-vich (17 points, 7-for-14). If Vlad-a-whatever is outplaying your franchise player, you probably lost the game.

The Portland Trail Blazers: The Blazers are slumpin'. I mean, they are straight up slumpin', as individuals, as a team, just slumpin'. People say they're supposed to be a great team, but great teams don't usually lose three in a row, with a couple of those games at home or whatever. Their offense stunk last night (39 percent shooting), but the real problem was their defense. The Heat shot 53 percent. That's pretty high. Coach Brown, he always said, defense wins championships. Well, the Blazers may be second in the leage in points allowed (90.5), but they've gave up 106, 108 and 107 points in their past three games. So it might be a little early to be calling them a great defensive team.

Don't get me wrong. I'm not trying to dis those guys. They seem like good guys. I don't know them personally or anything, but they seem like good guys. Are they the "Team of the Future" or whatever? I don't know about that. That is in God's hands. I do not know that. That's God. God does that, It ain't up to you or me to say if the Blazers will do this or do that. That's up to God. It ain't up to anyone in here. That is up to God. He handles that. You know that. It's like LaMarcus Aldridge missing the game with, what did they call it, a right knee bone concussion? Now, that wouldn't have kept me out. I would have probably played anyway. But I've been blessed. I don't know about LaMarcus Aldridge. Is he blessed? God knows. I don't, but God does. God has more control over your body. I do not care about how much you eat, how many weights you lift or how good you eat, if God says you're gone, you're gone.

The Oden Watch: Dude had a career-high 20 rebounds and 4 blocked shots, but he also had 5 fouls in 30 minutes. Now me, I always expect to play 40, 45 minutes a game. The only way you can help your team is by staying on the floor. How you gonna help your team by sitting on the bench?

The New Orleans Hornets: Some people are hating on the Lakers because their schedule has been pretty easy so far. I'm not even sure they've even played a road game. Have they? I don't know. And yeah, they've had back-to-back games against the league's worst road teams, but you gotta play the teams you gotta play. It's not like David Stern is gonna come in and say, "Hey, the Lakers are playing great, we should make them play better teams, more road games." That's stupid.

Lamar Odom agrees. He said, "We don't draw up the schedule. When you're playing against teams you feel might be a lesser opponent, we just want to concentrate on doing things just like we do them in practice. We want to play the same way against everybody, and for the last couple of games we've been able to do that."

As a player, that's what you have to do. You can't be listening to the press, to the doubters. Hey, I understand the press has to find storylines or whatever. They get paid to do their job. I am nowhere near criticizing them about how to do their job because I'm not. They're human, they do what they do, that's their job. I'm not here to critique them on what they do. I don't like the way he pronounced that word or this, that and the third. I don't do that to them. I'm just saying, you can't blame the Lakers because they've had a favorable schedule, can't judge them on that. That's all.

As for the Hornets, they're just confused. The players, they aren't on the same page, aren't on the same page as the coach. Are they the reason Byron Scott was fired? They had a lot to do with Byron being fired. If they'd done a lot better, then it probably wouldn't have happened. That's the realism of it. When coaches get fired, the players have a lot to do with it. I think David West, he gets that. He gets it, because he said, "In these last couple of games, we just don't have a clear definition in terms of what guys are supposed to do. There are too many guys trying to score, and that's us being sporadic. We can't decide where we're going to go with the basketball."

'Course, it would probably help them know what they're going to do with the basketball if Chris Paul was playing point guard instead of, who is it, Darren Collison? I mean, Collison took more shots (14) than David West (9). You can't be havin' your point guard take all the shots and your leading scorer getting froze out. I mean, unless your point guard is also your leading scorer, like I was all those years. Collison needs to look for his shot and get everybody involved, like I've always done.

Lacktion report: Now we're talkin' about lacktion. Well, Chris is, anyway.

Generals-Raptors: Sonny Weems was so shocked by the prehistoric defeat at the hands of DC's designated losers, he forgot to jump over the Goombas in level 1-1 for a 4 second Super Mario. Fellow Toronto resident Antoine Wright bricked once from Bloor Street and also fouled and lost the rock once each for a +3 suck differential in 6:31.

Celtics-Bobcats: Doc Rivers's self-coached squad celebrated another notch in the win column with plenty of currency, as Brian Scalabrine earned a 3 trillion (3:02) and JR Giddens giddily grabbed 2.1 trillion (2:05) in cash. Derrick Brown gave Charlotte a +4 in 7:06 via two bricks, one foul, and one rejection.

Heat-Blazers: Joel Pryzbilla made four boards for Portland in 13:49, but no shot attempts combined with two giveaways and five fouls led to a 7:4 Voskuhl.

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Blogger Dan B. said...
Okay Bawful, fess up. How much did it cost to bribe the real Allen Iverson to write this piece? There's no way that was written by anybody but AI himself.

(Very well played on the bench talk in the Oden section, by the way)

Anonymous Anthony F said...
loved the Oden bit, ive also got a late addition to the unintentionally dirty quote machine, i was looking through some highlights form the bulls bucks game: at the 6:30 mark the commentator says "im surprised he didnt screw Jennings into the floor"

Blogger Glenn said...
I heard that Chris Paul was begging for the Hornets to take a timeout in the final seconds, so they could draw up a play to get 100 points. That's LOL if it's true.


Anonymous the Oden Apologist said...
Oden was the only reason that game was not a 20 point blow-out. Best +/- on the team. On a per minute basis, Oden is the best player on that team - better than Roy. And to be fair, 3 of Oden's fouls were intentional fouls in the last mintue to force free throws. Right now fouls and an inconsistent jump hook are really the only knock on his game.

He is 1st in the league in total blocks and block %, 5th in fg %, 2nd in rebound %, 12th in PER, 5th in defensive rating. He has been solid this year - just can't stay on the court because of fouls.

On Oden's fouls, his style of play is very physical (especially without the ball) and unfortunately that really puts a lot pressure on the refs to make a call either way where they would normally just swallow the whistle. This is most noticeable in loose ball situations where he is stronger than just about anybody else. He rarely- err less often - picks up traditional fouls - e.g. a guy driving lane or defending the post. Usually its moving screens, rebounding battles, and clipping a small guard as he cuts through the lane without the ball.

I think the Blazers recent swoon has more to do with Roy, who with his new max contract, has been very disapointing this year(9 for 25 with 3 TOs last night). He has not been able to finish, complains more to the refs this year, and plays indifferent D. Just so disappointing compared to last year. Plus injuries to Batuum and Outlaw haven't helped.

Blogger Hilary said...
I love Allen Iverson. I'm a complete and total AI apologist. I think he gets a raw deal in a lot of ways.

But this was hilarious, especially the Oden/bench comment.Thanks for the entertainment.

Anonymous Stein said...
Oden Apologist -

Give me a break, no one hates Oden, just poking fun at his constant fouling.

If you wanted to complain about the Oden Watch last night, you should do it because 3 of his fouls were in the final 2 minutes when the Blazers were intentionally fouling and the rest of the team was too slow to actually get to a guy and wrap him up.

Blogger Don Ebay Mølse said...
wow, AI sure talks a lot! :-)

Blogger AnacondaHL said...
Comments? Comments, man. We're talking about comments. Not a post, not a post that I go out there and die for, and write every post like it's my last. How the hell can I make the Internet better by comments?

I hope Oden gets good enough to start making commercials again. His blocks are entertaining to watch.

Anonymous Hellshocked said...
I agree with everyone here, the Oden/bench comment was priceless.

The Oden Apologist:

Live with it. The Oden Watch will go away when he cuts down on his fouls, as the Yao watch went away last year when he (kinda) got his legs back. I don't think it is meant in anything but jest.

As for Roy, he has been pretty bad this year. Some of it is on him, but the team as a whole doesn't look in synch offensively. Since he came into the league Roy has had the ball in his hands most of the time, creating for himself and others. He was Portland's point guard, with Blake essentially playing the role of standstill shooter with decent court vision. This year they signed Andre Miller, who can't shoot and needs the ball in his hands to be effective and they have also started going to Oden in the post. Because Greg is not a good passer and the team is unsure how to use him, this usually results in 4 guys standing around while he hoists up a shot. I'll be the first to admit his post-ups have been more effective than not but they are also grinding the offense to a standstill and constantly forcing Roy into a role he clearly isn't comfortable filling: catch and shoot player. The injury to Batun is also pretty hurtful because he is very good at moving the ball and only shoots when open. Outlaw, however, I'm not a big fan of.

McMillan needs to find a way to get Miller and Roy to coexist without getting in eachother's way and getting Oden the ball more when he is on the move. It would also help if Roy focused more on finishing than on creating and if Oden improved his interior passing off single and double teams.

Anonymous the Oden Apologist said...
@ stein and Hellshocked

I actually like the Oden Watch and know it will continue until Dwight Howard passes him. I just consider it as my personal mission to combat the notion that Oden is a foul-prone bust. I think when people look at his fouls they think Greg the lumbering foul machine, and the reality is he is much more a foul-prone rich man's Brendan Haywood.

For a big, Oden can pass and the ball does come back out of the post from time to time. And for comparison when the ball gets thrown into LMA in the post, the ball never comes back out. Not much different than last year. Entering the year I tried to talk my wife into naming our next boy Roy, so I don't like throwing him under the bus lightly - but he has regressed. Agree about the offense being out of sync, with too many unforced turnovers. Miller needs to be given the keys and start.

Blogger Dunpizzle said...
If Ron Artest isn't your favorite player ever, he will be now

Blogger Sos said...
Good job, AI. Now bring back Dr. Doom!

Anonymous the Oden Apologist said...
As a complete aside that I think would appeal to the Basketbawful crowd, check out shamsports "That Guy We Drafted" series. Does an incredible update of every NBA draft pick since 1994. Just finished 1997. Cliff Rozier and Dontonio Wingfield have had colorful lives.

Anonymous Anonymous said...
Ron Artest may be great, but I won't be shocked when he gets fined for that shot at Joey Crawford.

Blogger Basketbawful said...
Dan B. -- This post was mostly just a mashup of various Iverson quotes I found. It's amazing how you can string pretty much anything he's ever said together and it sounds like everything he's ever said or will say.

Dunpizzle -- I dunno. If he helps the Lakers win another title after potentially screwing the Pacers out of one with that whole brawl fiasco, I will never forgive him. In fact, I might hunt him down.

Blogger Wild Yams said...
GC2 - I don't know if Chris Paul was behind that or what, but the Hornets were definitely doing whatever they could to try to get 100 points last night just so the Laker fans wouldn't get free tacos. The Hornets were even intentionally fouling just to keep getting the ball back over and over, even though the Lakers were up double digits with less than 30 seconds to play. It was funny (especially since they still finished with 99), but it was also a bit ridiculous. If I was a Hornets fan I'd be a little annoyed that they were horsing around like that in a game they were in the process of getting blown out of.

The Oden Apologist - I said this in last night's comments, but it seems like Oden's rise this year has come at the expense of his team. I'm seeing a lot written about how Roy and LaMarcus Aldridge are unsure about their roles now and how they're not happy with how things are going, and about how there is a lot of turmoil up there and griping about Nate McMillan even. Roy and L.A. are the ones with the big, new contracts, so even if Oden is supposedly their guy of the future, something's gotta be done to get them all on the same page. I'm more and more getting the feeling like Nate McMillan may not be long for that head coaching spot up there.

Also, Oden needs to stop fouling so much.

Anonymous Stein said...
Yams -

To be fair to Oden, the guy may have had 13 shots last night, but 9 of those were on tips or offensive boards. It's hard to blame a guy who takes 4 real shots within the offense (compared to 20 for Roy) for completely screwing up the team's offense.

The stats that the Big Cancer was piling up last year were mainly points and involved him being hugely involved in the offense at the expense of Nash and Amare. Roy's still getting his shots, he's just missing them. Getting 11 offensive boards doesn't strike me as a guy who's out there looking for his own numbers.

I'd say Noah's rise this year while the rest of the Bulls have been floundering is more analogous to Oden's situation with the Blazers. Is it Noah's fault that Rose has been iffy or that Hinrich's shot has been awful?

Couldn't agree more about McMillan, though.

Anonymous Anonymous said...
I was at the Blazer game last night, definately slumping. However two of gregs fouls were in the last minute to stop the clock, so watch the game if you are going to be heavily critical, becuase saying he had five fouls when two of them were intentional fouls in the last minute doesnt really tell the whole story. 13 points, 20 boards, and 4 blocks.... seriously stop haiting, its sad...

Blogger Basketbawful said...
I was at the Blazer game last night, definately slumping. However two of gregs fouls were in the last minute to stop the clock, so watch the game if you are going to be heavily critical, becuase saying he had five fouls when two of them were intentional fouls in the last minute doesnt really tell the whole story. 13 points, 20 boards, and 4 blocks.... seriously stop haiting, its sad...

I think somebody must have removed the chunk of your brain that recognizes satire.

Anonymous kazam92 said...

Oh Ron...

"When I was a 19-year-old father, whew. I was a single pimp! I was wild," he told the magazine. "A lot of marijuana and alcohol -- even before [that age]. ... I [still] party and I have fun, but not like I used to. I used to drink every night and party every night."

Anonymous the Oden Apologist said...
@ yams - I think Nate is an ok coach, willing to try new things, just a little bit too hands on, like SVG. Even the apologist in me would agree the team is hyper-aware of Oden's fouling proclivites to the point where you can see defenders trying to overcompensate. But Oden still makes the team better - I still blame Roy since with a great contract comes great responsibility.

@GC2 - Mmmmmm CP3tacos.

Blogger chris said...
Bawful: And considering that any foul counts in a Voskuhl or suck differential score...yeah, they are what they are.

Wild Yams: The ultimate attempt at Denied Free Taco Excitement had NOTHING to do with tacoes...but everything to do with the Knicks trying to prevent the Big Dipper from putting up a century in Hershey, Pennsylvania about 47 years ago!

Blogger chris said...
And I just got an idea for a potential garbage time WOTD:

"Taco Clutch" - someone who makes most of his shots during the waning minutes of the 4th in an attempt to deflate promotion-related joy, but is utterly useless otherwise!

Blogger 49er16 said...
@Bawful: I'm not sure if you seen this interview yet, but Ron-Ron is once again being brutally honest.

Anonymous Karc said...
Despite the stupid three-point shots by Morrison and Vujacic late when the Hornets were out of fouls, Shannon Brown gets a best-of from me for blocking Collison's layup at the end of the game to save the tacos.

As for Artest, the dude needs to shut up. I'm tired of his insanity. It's not funny, it just piles up on the warning signs list when the inevitable meltdown occurs. Stabbing people with table legs. Drinking on the job. Pimping. Going after Detroit fans. Spousal abuse. Disgusting haircuts. Whatever the hell he was doing in China.

Bawful alluded to it, he single-handily crippled the Indiana Pacers, and his reward is potentially a ring? Unbelievable. Unacceptable.

Anonymous Jai said...

I hadn't seen this image before... have you, Bawful?

Anonymous Hellshocked said...
The Oden Apologist:

From what I have seen Oden is a good passer when nobody is on him, but whenever he gets double teamed he either turns it over or kicks it out to a player nowhere near scoring position. When he is single teamed he seems unsure as to when he should power to the hoop and when he should kick it out so as not to be selfish. This tends to stiffle ball movement and grind the offense to a standstill until he's done. Compare it to Tim Duncan, for example, who always knows when to kick it out and to whom. San Antonio players consistently move without the ball because they know he will find them. Oden is totally unselfish and I have no doubt that he will eventually become a decent-to-good passer, but for now he is taking his lumps as is his team.

Lamarcus Aldridge doesn't pass the ball much, true, but he rarely ventures into the post. Most of his offense comes from filling the lanes during a fast break, an offensive rebound (when he bothers to rebound that is, the guy's rebounding numbers are infuriating) or most of the time from catching and shooting off pick and pops. He rarely has the ball in his hands for very long and when he does it is usually to finish an offensive sequence someone else started. Tossing it to Greg in the low post is asking him to initiate and finish an offensive sequence all by his lonesome.


Of course Roy is getting his shots, he always will, but his role has changed. Because of Andre Miller's presence, and Oden's (neither of the guys can catch and shoot and both require ball time)he is now less of a facilitator/creator and more of a catch and shoot player, and he seems to be struggling with the transition, and with knowing when to take over ball handling duties and when to let someone else get him his shots. He will adapt, and I expect him to sooner rather than later.

I think Portland will be fine this season, as will Oden. They are having their struggles now but once they figure it out they will be a contender for years to come.

Blogger chris said...
Karc: The table leg thing was an anecdote he related not of himself, but of the greatest player he ever saw that has yet to make his Association debut, Mike Chatfer.

Blogger Wild Yams said...
chris - You probably missed this earlier in the year, but Mike Chatfield (not Chatfer) was killed recently, so no NBA debut for him. Also, the story about the guy getting killed with a table leg had nothing to do with Mike Chatfield, Artest never named who it was who threw the table leg, or who it was that was killed by it. Those two wacky interviews that Artest gave (about how Mike Chatfield was the best player he ever played against, and then how someone was killed with a table leg during a game) were told a couple days apart and had nothing to do with each other other than Ron Ron just being his crazy self in telling them.

Blogger chris said...
Wild Yams: Okay, thanks for the clarification. I DO recall someone found a news story that corresponded to the table leg deal...

Blogger stephanie g said...
Chris: Here's the Artest table leg news story from '91:

Blogger chris said...
Stephanie G: Thanks to the Living Bill Walton Quote Machine for that link. ;)