I... have no idea.

Ready for another night of BAD basketball? (You damn well bet I'm milking that Bawful After Dark acronym for all it's worth!) Posting in late afternoon, it's technically not dark yet, but I've gotta get going in a hurry tonight. And looking at tonight's schedule, it's probably for the best that I won't be at home near a computer or TV.

(Sadly, this post was not written on a Shaqintosh. However for all we know, Shaq might be looking at it right now on his Shaqberry phone, so that's something.)

Worst of the Night in Pictures:

Hey, you'd laugh too if you were playing the Kings.

I feel compelled to just say "Ugh" when I see this picture.

Nationally Televised Games:

Thunder at Jazz – Amazing stat from the Stats LLC preview: "Oklahoma City, which is 4-4 on the road this season, didn't win its fifth away game in 2008-09 until March 10."

All The Other Games:

76ers at Wizards - Washington Wizards owner Abe Pollin passed away earlier today at age 85. No jokes this time -- R.I.P. Abe.

Pacers at Raptors - The Dinos have dropped four of their last five. A visit from the slumping Pacers might just help with that problem for the moment.

Warriors at Mavericks - According to Accuscore simulations, New Jersey has an 18% chance of beating Denver. Golden State only has an 11% chance of beating Dallas. So, um, yeah...

Nyets at Nuggets - You know, with a season average of 84.9 points per game for Jersey so far, that 18% chance sure seems like an awfully small 18%, doesn't it?

Knicks at Lakers - Bawful history lesson for the day: On 2/2/2009, The Knicks gave up 31 points to Pau Gasol and 61 to Kobe. Per ESPN.com, "Bryant made 19 of 31 shots and all 20 free throws to set a Madison Square Garden record."

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Blogger LotharBot said...
Thunder at Jazz might actually be the best choice of games to televise nationally. Who saw that coming at the start of the season?

Blogger Basketbawful said...
Okay, Dan, seriously...where the eff did you find that Duncan picture?!

That has to be photoshopped...right?

And enough with this crappy basketball already. It feels like it's taking years for the Thanksgiving Hawks v. Magic showdown to arrive.

Anonymous the oden apologist said...
just would like to point out that Oden, on a per minute basis, is actually putting up extermely solid numbers. I hope people still keep an open mind on Oden v. Durant, which Durant has clearly won in first couple of years.

PER while flawed, still shows that players may be much closer in terms of impact, than current perception.

Durant: 23.33, 3rd among SFs (behind LeBron and Melo).
Oden: 22.82, 3rd among Cs (behind Duncan and Dwight).

Blogger Dan B. said...
Andy Gray posted that Duncan pic on the SI Vault recently on Twitter. I have no clue what the backstory is on it. I do know it made me laugh out loud.

Speaking of Duncan and the Spurs, NBA 2k10 update! After only six games in the D-League, I got signed by the Spurs, and I'm getting to play most of the game at point while Tony Parker plays shooting guard. In my very first game, I got to see Duncan called for a foul, and the awesome cut scene reaction featuring the ever-so-perfectly-recreated Duncan Face. Unreal.

Anonymous Anonymous said...
So much for percentages... GSW just beat Dallas.

Blogger AnacondaHL said...
Jersey watch: 0-14 and counting! Next game tomorrow at Portland! (2nd night of back to backs, on the road!)

Anonymous Anonymous said...
How does Lawrence Frank still have a job?

Blogger The Dude Abides said...
Is that Borat on the far left in the second photo?

Blogger Viscant said...
The Tim Duncan walking dogs pic comes from an old Sprite ad campaign during the last lockout. It showed NBA players doing odd jobs to help make ends meet. Highlights were Tim Duncan walking dogs, Grant Hill mowing the lawn and asking people to call 1-800 TALL MEN to find them some work.

With this picture resurfacing now, I'm forced to conclude that Simmons was right and that there will be another lockout on the way.

Blogger Unknown said...
Some Photoshops of that Duncan-Dog-Pic...