KG is crazy
This has nothing to do with this post, but it was the best picture I
found while doing a Google image search for "Ron Artest crazy."

Ron Artest, on throwing Trevor Ariza’s shoe in the stands:

"Well what happened was…obviously I didn't know his shoe would come off that's the first thing conservative reporters. I didn't know his shoe was gonna come off. I don't speak to his feet so I don't know what his feet are thinking, I don't know what his toes are thinking, I don't know what he’s thinking. Then his shoe comes off and I'm like okay a shoe is not supposed to be on the basketball court without somebody standing inside of it. So I said alright, I'm just gonna buy me some time. I really didn't know whose shoe it was, but I said it has to be one of the player's shoe. As soon as I toss it off the court, not throw into the stands which some people said, it'll buy me some time. What happens is I come back down, Trevor is trying to put his shoe on and I politely hit a three in his face."
From Sports Radio Interviews, via TrueHoop, via NarSARSsist.

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Blogger tonious35 said...
Somehow it just makes sense, a lot of sense, but the 3pter thing at the end was such a good cherry on top.

Blogger chris said...
Is this kinda like Mat saying "I politely brought Shelly to your dorm?"


Blogger BJ said...
Never mind Ron-Ron, that picture's scary.

Blogger Future Guy said...
Ron Artest: He's no foot psychic.

Anonymous Anonymous said...
I can just imagine KG saying something crazy like, "this mini KG right here... he wanna choke you out right now, but I ain't gonna let him... yet. Just watch ya back, nigga. Mini KG comin for ya neck.

Anonymous Gabe said...
Wow. Crazy pills outdoes himself again.


Blogger Statbuster said...
how long has Kevin Von Erich been playing for Boston?

Anonymous Anonymous said...
What do you think "conservative reporters" means?

Anonymous Matt said...
Was that a real quote? If so, that's got all kinds of delicious craziness in it.

And I think 'conservative' is code for 'white'.

Anonymous Story said...
I think that was actually a picture of a smiling KG that got warped by the Crazy Pills vortex.

Regardless, the quote/photo combination is 97 levels of epic.

Blogger Sweetness said...
"I'm like okay a shoe is not supposed to be on the basketball court without somebody standing inside of it"

This is the best sentence I have read in many, many weeks. It's so flawlessly true. Shoes are not meant to be on the basketball court if they are not currently filled with someone's feet.

Anonymous Anonymous said...
What about "Fuck your rookies"? I quite like that KG quote.

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