This picture of 'Sheed getting caught with his boyfriend was sent in by the great Gergo.


This glistening mess of arms, legs and sweaty man love was sent in by the mysterious Mguard.

Celtics 76ers Basketball

This fun little game of "just the tip" was sent in by the sensational Stephanie G.


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Anonymous Uncle Jeff said...
Really, manlove? Really? C'mon man

Extra: Talk to the Hand

Anonymous Anonymous said...
Wow. The last pic is just wrong, until you added the "Just the tip" caption. Oh the humanity!

Blogger 49er16 said...
Unchained Melody playing in the background.

Vince: "Don't say anything."

Dwight: "You take my breathe away."

Blogger John said...
no WOTN? Did everybody fuck around and get triple doubles last night or something?

Oden foul watch: 0 fouls in however many minutes enough to get 18pt 11rb 1bk.

WOTD: Byron Scott-- sad song exit

Anonymous Anonymous said...
byron scott is no longer coaching the new orleans bees.

mike brown is up next. mark my words. coach of the year my ass!

Blogger Wild Yams said...
I think that unless the Crabs somehow go horribly awry (say they hover around .500 ball for the next two months), Mike Brown is probably safe until this summer. It is quite possible that if the Crabs don't win this year that he'll take the fall for it though.

Anonymous laddder said...
Vince: Does Ms. Carey hold you like this?

D: *sigh* feels good!

Anonymous laddder said...
Wild yams --

I'll have to disagree, crabs going .500 1/4 of the season will most likely get mike "no-O" brown canned...

The franchise has been doing everything roster wise to get that ring, to no avail. This season should they still be in or around .500 they will take a risk and fire brown in a last ditch effort to turn a very important season.

Blogger chris said...
AND...did anyone just catch Barkley's little "Sammy Sosa-face" skit on TNT? Wow.

Blogger Clifton said...
Well, I'll be wearing galoshes to work tomorrow. Not because I'm expecting rain, but because I know I'll be wading through shin-deep bullshit running through the streets of Phoenix over tonight's blowout loss to the Lakers. Ugggggh. I will be listening to anything besides local sports yak on my radio -- I won't be able to stomach all of the "Well, the Suns clearly aren't as good as we thought they were" comments.

Bawful, I'm glad you're an intelligent basketball observer. You correctly predicted the Orlando blowout, and I'm sure you saw this one coming as well. Obviously the Lakers are quite good, and sure, people had started to get a little drunk on Suns kool-aid, but I'm certain that the Lakers are not THAT great, nor are the Suns THAT bad. Let us not forget that this was the back half of home-then-away back-to-back nights for the Suns, and they really hadn't had much time to rest after that bitch of a road trip before they got to pick their teeth with a Hornets team that sure looks like they already knew their coach was on the outs.

Funny comment from a local sports yakker during the pregame show tonight: "And what happened to Peja Stojakovic? He used to be one of the deadliest shooters in the game, and now I don't think this guy could make a basket if he were standing over the hoop on a ladder and dropped it straight down."

Anonymous Arlen said...
just the tip lololol

and, as expected, the suns got trounced by the lakers. Yams, have at it - but go easy on suns fans, they pretty much expected it

Blogger chris said...
WY: So this year, the Suns are hoping to meet the nursing home Spurs then, the way the Mavs did a few months ago? If it gets them at least one round...that's one more round than they had in this most recent non-playoff year.

Blogger Wild Yams said...
ladder - I suggest you re-read what I wrote above, since you said "I'll have to disagree" and then you agreed with me.

Clifton, Arlen & any other Suns fans - Look, this game was not about how great LA is or how bad Phoenix might be, this was just a good matchup for the Lakers. I said it a few days ago about how Phoenix beat Boston because Boston is built to defend inside (and Phoenix tends to attack outside-in), yet Boston is not a team that will pound it down low, and that's Phoenix's weakness. I also said that's why Orlando killed the Suns (cause Dwight can dominate inside better than anyone else right now), and Phoenix just doesn't have an answer for that. Like I said, I think Phoenix will have the same problems they had a few years ago under D'Antoni when matched up against teams who can dominate in the paint (that's why they always lost to the Spurs, and presumably it's why Kerr traded for Shaq).

The Lakers can't do this against everybody out there, and most importantly, they're not gonna be able to do it against San Antonio, Cleveland, Boston and Orlando. They may even have trouble inside against Portland and Denver. Phoenix just happens to have absolutely no defense at all in the paint, and the Lakers (with three days off to prepare for that), just ate them alive by going to Bynum and Kobe in the post all night long. But tonight's blowout aside, I still think Phoenix is "for real" and will finish in the 50-60 win area this year. However, I think they'll get bounced in the playoffs when they go up against LA, Portland or San Antonio, just cause you have to be able to score and defend in the post to win in the playoffs, and those are the Suns' two weakest areas, IMO.

Look, if you were thinking that the Suns were a legit title contender due to this hot start of theirs, then unfortunately I've got some bad news for you, because in that case they aren't as good as you thought they were. Phoenix is a good team, but to win it all they're gonna have to beat a couple teams like the Lakers who can kill them on the inside, and I just don't see that happening. And that's true no matter how well rested and prepared the Suns are for each game.

chris - The Suns don't have a shot at the title this year, and I think that San Antonio would beat them same as always simply due to being able to destroy them in the post. For Phoenix to win they'd need to make sure they don't play LA, San Antonio, Portland, Orlando and Cleveland in the playoffs, because any of those teams would almost surely beat them. Boston probably would too, just cause they're far more talented, and would presumably figure out to run their offense through Kendrick Perkins, KG and Sheed in the post. Hell, Denver would probably beat them as well, due to Melo's post game along with Nene and K-Mart. I think Phoenix will have a good regular season, feasting on all the teams who don't have a good inside attack, but ultimately they're not built to win it all this year. JMO.

Blogger Henchman #2 said...
At this point, Sam and Rajon are just going through the motions. They've obviously lost the spark.

Blogger Murcy said...
"the great Gergo", I like that. I really should not forget to gisn those damn letters, sorry Bawful anyway, the Sheed pic is from me