Shaqintosh (via NBA Offseason)

Not a whole lot of games going on tonight, but luckily for all you lactationers and fans of ye olde bawful, there are a pair which promise a virtual cornucopia of crap hoops - more on that below. But first...

Worst of the Night in Pictures:

Luckily Vince was looking the other way, otherwise Medusa there might have turned him to stone

I bet you they're not thinking about how much they miss Allen Iverson

Steve Nash reveals why he's so good at basketball: he's actually a magical leprechaun

Pau Gasofa gets the YMCA chant going

Nationally Televised Game:

Bulls at Trail Blazers - Dan B. will be none too thrilled to find out that yet again the nationally televised game is on NBATV, so he probably won't be watching this one. That's OK though, cause you probably won't be watching either. If you do tune in though, you may want to go check out the Daily Dime chat over at ESPN just in case Mr. Bawful puts in an appearance. He is the ESPN Bulls blogger after all. We thought about turning the Oden Watch into a drinking game (one drink for every Oden foul), but we thought better of it when we realized that six drinks in under 15 minutes could probably lead to alcohol poisoning.

All the other games:

Bucks at Spurs - Who would have thought that the Bucks would be three games up on San Antonio after almost a month into the season? Probably the same people who would have predicted the Spurs would be under .500 just days before Thanksgiving while still searching for that first road win, while also predicting that the Bucks would be setting the world on fire with fewer losses than the Celtics at this point in the year. In other words, nobody. Tune in tonight to see if the Spurs restore the natural order of things.

Kings at Grizzlies - On many nights, this would be the Basksetbawful Game of the Night, but not tonight because there's a special treat on the schedule (see below). The Kings have been on something of a tear since losing Kevin Martin, and understandably the Grizzlies have improved since Allen Iverson's dark cloud has moved away from their franchise. Still, two sub-.500 teams meeting like this should provide plenty of fodder for chris's lacktion report tomorrow.

Timberwolves at Clippers - You know, it almost doesn't get any better than this. After all, this is without question the Basketbawful Game of the Night. If you are one of the rare few who tune in, try to keep from being mesmerized by all the empty seats and actually pay attention to the lacktion going on on the court. And also, please don't rat on the announcers if they go off script for a minute or two on the wise presumption that nobody's watching anyway.

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Anonymous Pete Elliott said...
Any chances we can get the Shaqintosh in different resolutions? Hello new wallpaper.