Basketbawful reader stephanie g continues to represent, this time with an addition to our ongoing man love series. What could possibly cause Zydrunas Ilgauskas to hump the Vanilla Godzilla's upper back? Who knows. Maybe he got a little too tipsy while playing the Mark Jackson Drinking Game.

I could have lived a long and happy life
without ever seeing the Z-Man's O-face.

An anonymous commenter left a link to this, uhm, whatever it is. Are they reenacting a scene from "The Goonies" or what? Please, somebody, provide an appropriate caption for this picture. And Mr. Anonymous, please give me a name or alias so you can get the credit you deserve.

Crab love
"Oh my that Super Dave Osborne?!"

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Anonymous Anonymous said...
Joel P's tatoo is straight GANGSTA

Anonymous Anonymous said...
My captions on a don't-care-Friday:

6 men and a baby

The Morlocks go to camp

The Bron-Bron Brotherhood

"Oh my god, is that Super Dave Osborne?!?!"

Worst. Halftime. Ever.

The Cavs were shocked to hear that they signed "The Todd" in a banana hammock to a 12-day contract to help out while Wally's away.

CAPCHA: Fretrips.

That's what happens when LeBron gets the call.

Anonymous Anonymous said...
FYI: The Cavs pretend to pose for pictures before each game while one of them (usually Lebron) pretends to hold a camera and snap away.

Anonymous Anonymous said...
It was before a Suns game.

This particular game, Shaq forgot to put on his shorts.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

-OK boys, field trip's over- everybody back on the short bus!

-Please, Hammer, don't hurt us!

-To appease the mighty Vanilla Godzilla we offer Delonte West as a sacrifice!

-Damnit, why is it always my turn to change Delonte's diaper....

Happy Friday- and may the force be with your brackets this weekend!

Anonymous Anonymous said...
During the USC/BC game, I wasn't paying much attention but I was reading basketbawful and from the commentators I heard
"They're really pumping and grinding on each other"
Just throwing this out there hoping someone heard it too

Anonymous Anonymous said...
comment for photo 2: "Oh my gawd the Z-man's O Face!"

Blogger tony.bluntana said...
Hey! You guys saw Watchmen and didn't tell me that Steve Nash played Rorschach. What the hell? You gotta tell the world.

Anonymous Anonymous said...
ok you gotta mention this in the wotw for the spurs/boston game. it was at 76-74 boston up when finley missed 2 free throws. hes 80% for the year then parker missed 4 free throws. he is also around 80%. thats 6 in a row missed. talk about your epic fails in a game you lose by 3 points. and paul pierce got 2 free throws at the end with the game over. so its basically a 1 point game.

Blogger Lord Kerrance said...
How about a quote machine?

Gerald Wallace after the Bobcats "big" win over the Craptors:

"We went into Minnesota last weekend and they wiped our butts and we didn't want anything like that to happen again,"

My eyes are burning and my brain is shutting down trying to keep that image away. That sounds less like a metaphor for a loss and more like stumbling into the wrong room at the Playboy Mansion.

Blogger chris said...
and...just after this site planned to eventually give Suckramento an award for season-long failing against the East, they beat the Knicks by double digits, INCLUDING a 15-0 run to start the night!

Yeah, great stat curse action there, guys. :p

CAPTCHA: "fuzymego"

Anonymous Anonymous said...
I never knew that Pau has a special-needs brother (who happens to be black)

Anonymous Anonymous said...
I have something for your WotW:

Spurs vs Celtics, Celtics winning by 2 points in the final minutes...Finley goes to the line, misses his 2 foul shots. Tony Parker goes to the line twice, misses ALL 4 foul shots. That's 6 freebie points gone in the very end of the game.

Anonymous Anonymous said...
hi bawful,

it's bad that i don't have a video, but i was reading through the game recap of the miami-NJ game and i saw this in the game notes: Jamario Moon of the Heat missed two dunks in the opening 90 seconds.

isn't this the same guy who participated in the dunk contest like a year ago? the same one who said that he knew how to put on a show cause he played with the globe trotters? weird. i always thought the globe trotters finished their dunks.

ps. this is the same anonymous who posted the link to the epic crab love pic. im still thinking of a nickname.

Anonymous Anonymous said...
Another WOTN for Paul Pierce after an egoectomy by Bruce Bowen. If you find video, Pierce is so upset by having Bowen destroy his shot attempt that he grabs his ass after the play. You must find video!

Anonymous Anonymous said...
i dont really see an ass-grab but there u go

Anonymous Anonymous said...
chris: I just finally read your Lacktion Report for the 18th. I was impressed to see Spencer Hawes on the list with one of the greater Voskuhls we've seen. Guess who's fantasy team he's on.

Anon: thank you for that Special-Kobe pic. yes, even the memory of it makes me laugh.

Anonymous Anonymous said...
is delonte that white?

Blogger Thom said...
Please, please, PLEASE mention D-Wade's two "blocks" at the end of ABC's Sunday Afternoon Pistons-Heat matchup. He hacked Afflalo on a three and absolutely raped Stuckey when he was driving to the basket. To top it off, he got free throws because he flopped on a jumper before those AND the ball went above the cylinder on Jermaine O'Neal's go-ahead put-back. That's a 9 POINT SWING. To top it off, they show the replay on the Stuckey drive and Breen mentions the amount of contact on the play, and Van Gundy just goes "That's NBA basketball." That toolbag complained about every foul the Pistons got. God, I hate watching the 'stons when they're on national tvl. I'm absolutely livid.

Anonymous Anonymous said...
the officiating for the miami-detroit game definitely needs to be included in the worst of the wknd. i only watched like 5 min of the game because it was so bad i had to stop.

dwayne wade gets "fouled" on a jumpshot where he basically sticks his legs out to get contact (very little contact too btw) and then falls over. his free throws give the heat the lead. then a couple of plays later, someone on detroit is shooting a 3 when wade flies in for the block. its a great block, but wade gets ball, arm, and even bumps into the shooter and knocks him over. no call.

its ridiculous how much leeway these superstars are given. it makes the game painful to watch.

Anonymous Anonymous said...;;

Anonymous Anonymous said...
houston just beat the spurs to claim the division lead and the second spot in the west. the best part is that the ap recap actually started with "The Houston Rockets have lost Tracy McGrady..." It makes the situation look so tragic, while actually the Rockets are doing just fine without Knee-Mac, thank you very much. If they somehow make it out of the first round without McGrady, a T-Mac Retirement Fund should be set up in honor of the Rockets' achievement.

Anonymous Anonymous said...
Here's a thought... The way things are headed and this might not be the most original thought on here, it's shaping up to be Wade vs LeBron post season duel and then The B Boys (Boston) vs LeBron and his dancing boy band crew.
My god the cavs might just do the spirit of Danny Ferry proud and win it all this year!? And I don't like that thought, or jay-z's music anymore, but I'd rather see Kobe lose to LeBron now than in 2010. I'm stick of 2010 already actually.

Blogger chris said...
tony.bluntana - But as epic as Hawes's Voskuhl is...does it beat the one that Greg Oden scored this very weekend!?

Blogger Junior said...
What we can say about Fabricio Oberto?

from the starter job to a super mario of one second in less ta one full season

it's get more bawful when you see he playing for his national team, it's like he suffer from the Carlos Arroyo Syndrome

Arroyo playing for Puerto Rico was like a latino-Wade, and then in the NBA he was only good role player in the best-case

Anonymous Anonymous said...
Oberto will be fine. I think the Spurs are Robert Horry-ing him until the playoffs hit.

Did anyone see the New Orleans - Golden State game on NBA tv last night? I was falling asleep and heard one of the announcers say something like "If New Orleans can keep taking good shots and keep allowing Golden State to take bad ones they'll be in good shape."

Doesn't that sum up the Warriors perfectly? Most teams have to be forced into taking bad shots. The Warriors will do it gladly as long as you allow them to.

Anonymous Anonymous said...
the 2nd :

CLEVELAND - MARCH 19: Tarence Kinsey #8, Daniel Gibson #1 Darnell Jackson #00, Delonte West #13, J.J. Hickson #21, Lorenzen Wright #55 and LeBron James #23 of the Cleveland Cavaliers pose for a photo prior to the game against the Portland Trail Blazers at The Quicken Loans Arena on March 19, 2009 in Cleveland, Ohio. NOTE TO USER: User expressly acknowledges and agrees that, by downloading and/or using this Photograph, user is consenting to the terms and conditions of the Getty Images License Agreement. Mandatory Copyright Notice: Copyright 2009 NBAE (Photo by David Liam Kyle/NBAE via Getty Images)