I was perusing the Yahoo images from last night's game, and I saw this great ass-out image of Pau Gasol playing face-up defense on Kevin Garnett.

Pau stance

I knew I'd seen this awkward squat somehwhere before, and after a little poking around -- I swear by all that's holy that wasn't a pun -- I found it. (Sidenote: Is Timmy giving Pau an off the heezy?)

Pau stance 2

Sure, it's the proper defensive stance and everything, but, well, there's no blunt way to put this: It looks like Pau's taking a very uncomfortable (and probably unsatisfying) dump. Which, of course, reminded me of the classic defecating Pau Gasol "action" figurine... which is still available for only 14.00 Euros!

Poop Gasol

Whew. And I was worried I wouldn't be able to work in any poop jokes today.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...
How about the aesthetic abomination that is the big painted trophy on the floor? Ugh.

And little trophies on all the uniforms and gear. And the "artsy" shoot of Kobe making love to the trophy.

The NBA has made that ugly trophy into a golden calf. I guess David Stern should know _that_ story, and how it ended. BTW, trial in Seattle, June 16!

And Mike Breen forgot to shave.

Blogger Wild Yams said...
Not only did Breen forget to shave, but what was with the bandaid over his left eye? If you show up on national TV wearing a bandage on your face, some explanation should be forthcoming (i.e. "I cut myself as I was shaving my eyebrows").

Someone needs to get that black and white orgiastic montage of Kobe & The Trophy up on YouTube stat. The swelling orchestral music was the best part of that, especially since they kept playing it for about 30 seconds after the damn montage was over and they were back showing the game.

For Game 2 I'd like to see them go with a lengthwise, full-court Larry O'Brien trophy rather than that half-ass side to side one they have at midcourt. They should have it not only blot out the halfcourt line, but also the painted areas under each basket as well as the 3-point line, the free throw line and the dotted line under each hoop. I can't wait till it's the future and they have motion graphics going underneath the floor and on the backboards. It's going to be super-keen!

BTW, did Boston ever make any kind of official announcement about the cessation of the pre-game fireworks? They were there every game and then at some point in one of the last two rounds they just seemed to disappear without a trace or a mention. Until they got rid of them I thought the Celtics were trying to get used to what it'll be like to play in the smog of LA.

Back on topic: I've long thought it's impossible to find a picture of Gasol where he doesn't look exceptionally goofy. I don't think such a photo exists.

Anonymous Anonymous said...
@Wild yams: Ben Wallace complained about it during the cleveland/boston series, he was apparently suffering an allergic reaction or something like that from the fireworks smoke. David Stern IIRC had already said he didn't like have pyrotechnics, so I guess those two combined gave a reason for the Celtics to stop it.

Anonymous Anonymous said...
I meant to make my original post in the previous thread (don't ask, I'm still wondering myself) so I'll make it pertinent here:

If Gasol were trying to dump on that big Trophy painting, that might be a good thing.

BTW, the Gasol-Duncan image cries out for a "create a caption" contest.

Blogger Justin Tenuto said...
Pau is an ugly, ugly man. He looks like that dog who always wins "ugliest dog in the world."

Blogger Shrugz said...
LOL it actually looks like he's checking out his crotch LMAO

Blogger aikin said...
Watching the game tonight, I've found myself thinking about this post and now I'm spending a little too much time looking at Pao's ass.