dunleavy (dun'-leev-ee) verb. dunleavied, dunleavying, dunleavies. To seemingly force a far superior player into a subpar performance for the duration of a single game. Typically, this is simply the result of an "off night" for the superstar in question, but the lesser player is sometimes incorrectly credited with being a "stopper."

Usage example: Did you hear that Lebron shot 5 for 22 last night? He got dunleavied.

Word History: Coined by the Basketbawful Staff after
Mike Dunleavy supposedly harassed Lebron James into a poor performance. Note that Lebron scored 51 points the very next night.

Even Shaq gets dunleavied from time to time.
Blogger atma brother #1 said...
Hahaha- it's always good to see Dunleavy throw in a shocking performance. Make no mistake tho- he's an awful defender.

Anonymous Anonymous said...
Dunleavey's been awful his whole NBA career, but honestly he wasn't bad last season. He's actually believe it or not starting to step up his game.

Blogger Ry said...
Sunovabitch! I was hoping -- nay, praying -- that this had to do with Mike, Sr. Between Bawful and Bill Simmons, if the blogosphere had some sort of real-world momentum or force, he'd be hanging by piano wire by now. Penny Marshall and Billy Crystal would be throwing stones.