This is how much the world craves basketball. Uploaded 6 days ago and already 2 million hits? It continues to be shameful that the NBA - its owners AND its players - can't get their act together and get this over with.

The only pure and decent thing is our appreciation of the sport (unless we're talking about the Lakers, of course). It never stops.

Nike always seems to know how to strike a nerve. I think I even appreciated LeBron for a second.
Just a second, though.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...
Wonder if LeBron left that court halfway through to go win a game at the one across the road?

Anonymous MJ said...
Hey dudes, I thought you might like to hear on the topic of the Lakers, Lamar Odom escorted his wife to my hometown Sydney Australia as she promoted a handbag range. Lamar approached the local NBL side (Sydney Kings) asking to play a single game as a 'celebrity appearance'. Needless to say, Odom,, got shut down brutally in favour of the local players.

Blogger Wormboy said...
They had to show the freakin Blue Devil, just proving that Duke is the Lakers of college hoops.

Anonymous Pistoletti said...
Love how LeBron is showing off in some random scrimmage while Dirk is working on his game.

Blogger Wormboy said...
@Pistoletti: Ha! Good observation. And Dirk is working on that deadly one-footed fade. Contrasts their personalities perfectly.

Well, gauntlet thrown down? We may lose the season here:

Blogger Brandon Bombay said...
This is hardly a positive, but I guess you need to make the worst of a bad situation. I for one have put out a craigslist ad trying to find a gf to fill the void of the NBA:

Drastic times, call for drastic measures

Anonymous chicas desnudas said...
Lamar approached the local NBL side (Sydney Kings) asking to play a single game as a 'celebrity appearance'. Needless to say, Odom,, got shut down brutally in favour of the local players.

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Blogger arrielle said...
Nice commercial. Really like it.

PBA News

Blogger LotharBot said...
This image cracked me up:

Blogger bullzag said...
I know this isn't basketball related, but it's Mike Tyson in one of the funniest videos I've seen in a while:

I feel like this deserves its own post

Blogger Michael Hsu said...
Out man ostertag in the news sort of

Blogger Wormboy said...
I was watching a Classic NBA game a couple of weeks ago: 1997 WCF, Houston vs Utah, game 6.

Greg Ostertag: 38 min 14 boards, 6 for 6 16 pts, 3 blks 1 stl, 0 TOs and defends Hakeem Olajuwon so that Dream scores only 16. Watching the game, what struck me was that Dream looked tired and got pushed to bad position when he got the ball. So, arguably the biggest game in Utah history to date, and Ostertag comes up big. If Utah loses that game, the Dream, Glide and Barkley Houston could easily win game 7. The game is known for Stockton being uber-clutch. I think Osterag's not getting the credit he deserves as well.

Like most here, I think of Ostertag as a flop. "If he'd been better, the Jazz would have won a title. BS. Ostertag was the Utah Luc Longley. You need a guy like that to complement your stars and clog the lane. Can we give some love here for Ostertag? The guy is the butt of many jokes, but watch that game sometime. Is it fair to say "if Ostertag had been much better than Luc Longley, Utah would have won a title?"

In 97 and 98 the Bulls had three HoFers in their prime, Utah had two. If Utah didn't make it, management is to blame. Or, more likely, nobody wanted to live in stuffy Morman-land Utah. Can't blame 'em, unless they ski (which most hoopsters don't because of the injury rate.)