Clippers Lakers Basketball
Free taco-like item excitement?

No time to waste, straight to the bawful!

Worst of the Weekend in Pictures:

"My entire team hates me! Inconceivable!"

"Hmm... What should I do... I better call my bookie and put $5k more on this horse in the 5th..."

Marc Gasol always makes my day 83% better

Bobcats Magic Basketball
Hey! Your name's not Joe! And it's not even Larry! I'm so confused!!

Man, even the Wizards Generals' mascot sucks. Depressing.

Grizzlies Spurs Basketball
"It's okay, Manu. We don't have Portland's training staff. Tony Parker's career isn't over!"

Nationally Televised Games:
Celtics at Jazz, NBA TV, 9pm: You know, even after the trade action, the Celtics are still old. However, on the bright side, they aren't as old and lame as this website. (Seriously, go look at this trainwreck. It's the closest thing I've seen to a Geocities page in awhile. Mind-blowing stuff, people.)

All the Other Games:
Suns at Nyets, 7pm: So the Nyets get Deron Williams to pick apart the Suns defense, and I just read a game preview that referred to the Suns as "surging." Fffffuuuuuuuuu...

Bulls at Wizards Generals, 7pm: Mike Bibby just gave up $6.2 million to not play for Washington. Giving away $6,200,000 to NOT play for a team. I don't even have a joke here. Just crippling depression.

Hawks at Nuggets, 9pm: An OT loss against the Frail Blazers was the first sign of a post-Melo/Billups trade letdown. But I don't know if that will resurface again tonight. I mean, really, the Dirty Birds in their longest road trip of the year? That's not very scary. Friggin' Ghost Ship is scarier than that... Okay, maybe I took that a bit too far. But you get my point.

Clippers at Kings, 10pm: Ah, the eternal battle to see which California club can be more screwed up... Current upper-hand: Clippers.

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Anonymous kazam92 said...

But in honestly, statue-like D aside, if he makes his open shots, Miami just got an upgrade

Blogger AnacondaHL said...
Nearly one-upping Sterling's Black History Month goof with Mosgov's drive thru marriage in Vegas to his hot girlfriend, now wife. Be sure to click on the Russian link for pictures.

Yes, that's an Ed Hardy shirt.

Anonymous DKH said...
Plus, the Suns are on the road, on the second night of a back-to-back, after an overtime game...

Blogger Dan B. said...
AnacondaHL -- ...Oh my God.

Blogger Marmatard said...
An OT loss against the Frail Blazers was the first sign of a post-Melo/Billups trade letdown.

If Gallo sinks that second free throw, the Nuggets win. It's not as devastating as you're making it out to be but then again I'm a Nuggets homer.

Anonymous Reignman said...
@kazam92: He can't be worse than Arroyo. None of them can defend, but Bibby is a much better offensive player.
Seems like Troy Murphy is also headed to the Heat, that would suck for everyone else, he's the white Udonis Haslem.

Blogger Dan B. said...
Marmatard -- That was my intended point. I was saying it was only the first small step. They haven't collapsed yet, and I don't anticipate that collapse happening tonight either. And I don't even care either way about the Nuggets.

Anonymous Business Time said...
Does that Wizards guy remind anyone else of the Greendale Human Beings mascot from Community?

Anonymous kazam92 said...
Reignman. Yeah he's an enigma in that he floats in the perimeter but he was an astonishingly good rebounder. If Haslem is truly done for the year, then this move is paramount.

Blogger The Sports Hayes said...
ESPN says Troy Murphy is going to the heat, Comcast says Troy is coming to Boston.

Why do I want him in San Antonio just to shut ESPN up?

Blogger The Weekly Gazelle said...
Did Marc Gasol pee himself in that picture?

Blogger Paul said...
Watching the Utah-Bos game.
Garnett is really "showing Kristic the ropes". With 10:30 in the 1st in offense Garnett grabs Kristic by the arm and gets him to set a pick for him. Garnett pretty much walked Kristic from midcourt all the way to the elbow in Utah's painted area.

Blogger AnacondaHL said...
I may have had a literal heart attack if I watched the whole game, but just that last 9.9 in OT has my body shaking.

Fucking Channing Frye Wildcats Represent.

Blogger tjr said...
Think about this realistically people.
Where would a pasty red head get more love? Boston or Miami?

Yeah. I don't know either.
Stupid Murphy. Fooling me into making me think he'll actually be important come playoffs.

Anonymous Geert said...
Murphy always reminded me of Lem, from The Shield. So there's that.

Anonymous Anonymous said...
Spoiler alert. Fight Club had a scene where someone shot someone they didn’t really need to shoot. I’ve dug up the missing scene explaining the circumstances which led up to that shot:

Picture Tyler Durden giving his ‘This is your life’ speech to MS Dhoni.

TD: You are not the clothes you wear.
MSD: I endorse big bazaar, so there!
TD: You are not your grande late.
MSD: Pepsi aur boost ka ambassador hu pape!
TD: You are not the car your drive.
MSD: Tvs motors on my image thrives!

When the above exchange was said and done
Was when Tyler shot himself with his gun

Let’s get something out of the way first.
In the following lines, in this verse,
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Irrespective of how many endorsements may have backed him

What I intend to mock is the weird assumption,
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The idea of a cricketer endorsing a construction company,
is one which I find, without compunction, so darn funny.

As if the premise wasn’t loose to begin with,
Take a look at how they choose to present it.

To say nothing at all of the distractions abound of playing cricket on a construction site.
Surely having a cricket ball bouncing around constitutes a hazard to safety, right?

Wouldn’t it be better if,
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Around the labyrinth foyer, notice the workers carrying planks and rods,
Let’s have Kashinath Naik throwing the rods in the right place and spot.

My pet peeve is with Parle Biscuit.
A cricketer in basketball is first rate. But before you wrap, at least get your facts straight.
The basket isn’t even at 10 feet.
Streets and fads don’t mask the fact that he should wield a bat, not hold a basket.

Now, instead of a cricketer…
Wouldn’t a basketball player be better?

As a batsman, he’s known for his drives.
I guess then there’s some connection there in this one.
It shows him driving a bike giving rides,
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You want a guy riding a bike Mr. Advertiser?
why not have one who’s a professional rider?

Now we’re just forcing a connection with evolving
of a run chart morphing into a fan revolving.
With wind howling through his billowing locks
leaving a round ring on my pillow teary sogged at the far fetched ness of it all.

If you must morph
morph a discus or hammer ball.
Krishna Poonia anyone?

I can’t stress enough lads, how much his game I respect on the field.
Even dressing up for 100 ads won’t detract from it, for real.

Cricket’s a sport, where with skill, all can trump the genetic lottery
and unlike football or basketball, where we’re still catching up to all and sundry
Our cricket team plays and glares daggers vs the top competition.
Explaining why as brand ambassadors they’re in top position.

What I irk at, what piques me
is how the concept is taken lightly.
While some ads do stand out, Boost and Dainik Bhaskar to name a few.
They all feature a cricketer,
while other sportsmen are viewed with doubt, and this is what I rue

Anonymous Anonymous said...
Fuck. please ignore the long ass comment, not sure if it got through. If it did, do ignore it.

Thing is, I use this comments section to paste an article from word, then hit preview and copy from that. Somehow it helps in wordpress formatting by removing line gaps.

ps. ignore this too

Anonymous Anonymous said...
Ah maybe if bawful reads the comment and likes it he'll put it on his blog.


Honest mistake man. Ignore.

Anonymous Anonymous said...
I think that Marc done pissed himself.

Blogger Ryan said...
Marc Gasol...peeing himself and doing some kind of nerdy fist pump.