"F**k, dude. F**k."

That was the first Skype message I received from Basketbawful upon us receiving the news that Kendrick Perkins had been traded to the Oklahoma City Thunder. And I felt the same way. Bawful and I were both dumbstruck. We thought, like many did, that Perkins was an untouchable piece of the these-five-starters-when-healthy-have-never-lost-a-playoff-series Celtics.

God, this whole picture is so... Monday.

But then I thought about it, and saw this situation from other angles. And lucky I did, because I soon found myself on the phone with Bawful trying to talk him off the what-have-they-done ledge. Frankly, I think I did a pretty good job. For you Celtics fans, here's how you can sleep at night:

The Freak out: Dude, Perkins is gone. I feel like I'm going to throw up.

The talk down: Relax. Let's start with the basics: believe it or not, the Celtics organization has to exist beyond 2011, and it's Danny Ainge's job to prepare for that. The Celtics offered Kendrick Perkins the maximum possible extension at the beginning of the year, and Perkins rejected it. Ainge no doubt foresaw Perkins not being a Celtic next year. The likely result if you keep Perkins for a 2011 title run? He's gone in free agency, there is no money to replace him, and the Thunder - a likely candidate to take him - get him next year for nothing but the willingness and ability to pay him.

Thanks to the trade, the Celtics now have a talented, young, athletic 15 ppg player in Jeff Green, a replacement 7-footer who is admittedly a defensive downgrade but an offensive upgrade, and a 2012 first round pick.

Verdict: Traditional thought dictated there was no way this Celtics team could keep four all-stars around (Rondo, Pierce, Garnett, and Allen) and still make moves to build for the future, and they just found a way to do precisely that.

The Freak Out: Losing Marquis Daniels to a bruised spinal cord forced the Celtics into this mess! They needed a backup for the aging Pierce, so they had to make this stupid move!

The Talk Down: Agreed, the injury to Daniels forced the Celtics hand a bit, but Perkins not signing an extension made the decision to move him one whole hell of a lot easier. And hey, aside from "losin' a family member" (yada yada), Doc seems pleased with the trade. He expects the better shooting of Green and Krstic to help spread the floor, and make Rondo more effective on drives and ball distribution.

Also, the Celtics second-unit has always been a hodge-podge-let's-just-try-to-not-get-our-butts-kicked-while-the-starters-rest period of the game, whereas now, Green adds punch to a unit that could be pretty effective with a now healthy Delonte West, who not only looked sharp last night against the Nuggets, but also didn't get arrested for any felonies before, during, or after the game.

The Freak Out: Oh my God. Who's going to guard Dwight Howard?

The talk down: Perkins was a solid - perhaps the best in the East - defender against Howard. But clearly - and rightfully so - the Celtics don't fear Howard and the Magic this year. They consider their best competition in the East to be the younger, faster Bulls and Heat. So they picked up Green, easily the most talented player in this trade (yes, Perkins is the best defender and rebounder. That is established, but he's not nearly the best player) ... but guess what? The Celtics also picked up another Thunder starter who, by the way, is also a 7-footer! You can't teach 7-feet tall. Agreed, he's 40 pounds lighter, a lesser defender, and hardly the same rebounder, but this particular 7-footer can actually stick 15-foot jumpers and sink freethrows. People are talking as if Krstic isn't even a part of this deal, but he is, in fact, a very significant part of it.

Intimidation Factor: 2
Hair Club or Shave it, dude.

The Freak Out: The Red Coats are coming! the Red Coats are coming! The Celtics are smaller! The Celtics are Smaller!

The Talk Down: Since when did the Celtics get smaller?

Nate Robinson (5'9") / Kendrick Perkins (6'10") = 12'7"
Jeff Green (6'9") / Nenad Krstic (7'0") = 13'9"

Did something happen with the metric system since I left school?
The Celtics got less beefy. They did not, however, get smaller.

The Freak Out: I'm really gonna miss Perk - his emotion, his fire, his dedication.

The Talk Down: I'm going to miss him too. He is a blue-collar, down-in-the-trenches player who was beloved in Boston for the Garnett-like emotion and defensive focus he brought to the team. But guess what - he was offered the maximum-possible contract extension from his beloved Celtics while he was rehabbing from a catastrophic knee injury, and refused it. That tells me that despite being given a vote of confidence during a vulnerable time, he's a player who, like most, puts business ahead of emotion. So when I hear now, through his appointed spokesman Nate Robinson, that he's really broken up about leaving, it rings hollow, and if he really felt that way, he should have taken the max extension when it was offered to him. If you, [insert player name here], put your own [well-being / financial situation / future] ahead of all else, don't be upset or surprised when your team's management acts in its own best interests as well.

P.S.> Sure, Perkins wants to be compensated for his talent, but his talent consists of being a top-notch role player on a fantastic team. In a four year span, Jeff Goldblum was in two of the biggest movies of all time, Jurassic Park and Independence Day - but that doesn't make him Tom Cruise. Can't you just see Goldblum in 1998 in some producer's office going "My last two movies made a billion dollars each! Pay me accordingly!"
Sorry Perk, you're just Jeff Goldblum.
(For the record, I love and appreciate Jeff Goldblum's distinct talents as well).

AP Photo: Jeff Goldblum scans the horizon for a big budget movie in which he can play the lead.

The freak out: If we make the finals, how are we going to go up against the Laker bigs?

The Talk Down: Did I mention the Celtics also picked up a 7-footer in this trade, essentially getting two players for one (Nate Robinson doesn't count, in case you were wondering)? And by the way, the O'Neal's will be ready for the playoffs. I wouldn't be surprised if "I get to rest and sip tea during the regular season because I'm 38" is stenciled into Shaq's contract. I also wouldn't be surprised if "I get to rest and sip coffee during the regular season because I'm a lazy, injury prone, self-centered twerp" is stenciled into Jermaine O'Neal's contract.

The Freak Out: NOW, if Shaq and Jermaine aren't healthy for the playoffs, we're doomed!

The Talk Down: That was the case before anyway. So?

The Freak Out: If you're short on big men, why get rid of [7-footer] Semih Arden too, and for practically nothing?

The Talk Down: That one seems a little curious, but I'm going to give the guy who got Ray Allen (and is now getting back the guy he gave up for Ray Allen) and who extricated KG from the Timberwolves the benefit of the doubt that he's not finished dealing. I'm not saying he's Red Auerbach or anything, but I'll assume he's got a buy-out player in mind. Did I mention the Cavs just waived former Celtic Leon Powe? And besides, if a guy named Semih is your key to success, pack it in and hope for the best next year.

The Freak Out: How will we continue to succeed without Kendrick Perkins in the lineup?

The Talk Down: You do realize that Perkins has been rehabbing most of the season to this point and the Celtics are at the top of the East, right?

The Freak Out: I know, but...I...like Perkins...he's part of the "Big Five"

The Talk Down: Correction. Big Four. People who say the Big Five are giving Perkins too much credit. Have you ever seen Jurassic Park? What about the Fly?

"Ok, I'll do it. but I want my own trailer."

The Freak Out: But this starting five have have never lost a playoff series!

The Talk Down: Fourteen words: The 18-0 New England Patriots march into Superbowl XLII. What could go wrong?

The Freak Out: Who the hell is Jeff Green?

The Talk Down: This is who he is. Look, if a guy has a youtube video of highlights, he must be pretty good. Ok sure, I kind of have a highlight video too, but that's beside the point.

The Freak Out: The Lakers are coming! The Lakers are coming!

The Talk Down: Are you positive? Have you seen that new Thunder lineup?

Editor's Note: Yes, this post had TWO photos of Jeff Goldblum. You're Welcome, World!

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Blogger Rogue said...
Aww, did I just read Celtics blog instead of Basketbawful ? :(

Blogger AnacondaHL said...
Haha, the last line is brilliant.

Anyways, Simmons has a two-parter today with part 2 containing essentially a concise version of this post. Tough to read for non-Celtic homers.

But he fails to mention that the Suns teams also had 2 All Star starters, and Amar''''''e left because he couldn't be The Man, so trading for a guy that immediately overshadows his Manness can only have one obvious outcome, unless you provide evidence of STAT's 180 attitude turnaround.

And he perpetuates the Nash trade rumors for some weak reason.

And that whole 15 of 15 argument was horrible.

Okay, most of the article was trash. A tough day for Simmons defenders.

Blogger Dan B. said...
I'm not sure exactly why, but this post made me think of this.

Oh, and in Bawful's post today he mentioned butterfly effect and chaos theory, and in this post you mentioned Jeff Goldblum in Jurassic Park. Do we owe him money or something? Dude hasn't gotten this much coverage in a decade.

Anonymous kazam92 said...
I'm sorry but I always picture Perkins talking in the 3rd person. And not to mock his crying yesterday on hearing he was traded but can you imagine?

"O-HO! Perkins no want go to Thunder!"

But honestly if Durant is such a nice friendly leader and the Thunder are so close-knit, I think he'll like it there

Anonymous Anonymous said...
I'm positive the Lakers are still coming. Perkins going to the Thunder was going to be inevitable as you pointed out but that doesn't mean he'll fit in as well as he does. Thunders are still lacking solid defense as appose to just defense from all players.

Anonymous kazam92 said...
On another note


Um....wow the Pistons fell the eff off.

Blogger chris said...
Celtics fans are lucky, they get to panic about "losing their window" and "IS AINGE CRAZY" as opposed to "Yeah, the Maloofs are considering suburban Southern California to share an arena with the Ducks."

Blogger Dick Sullivan said...
Plan for Tyson Chandler. That is all.

Blogger Dick Sullivan said...
Did everyone catch this ESPN graphic: http://a.espncdn.com/photo/2011/0224/nba_trades_illustration1x_576.jpg

That Perkins is gloomy.

Anonymous kazam92 said...
Dick - Could you imagine waking up and seeing that face? I think Perkins eats goat heads and bench presses refrigerators in his spare time

Anonymous flip said...
Everything could use more Jeff Goldblum...
His "ooohhh, aaaah" line from Jurassic Park is still the mostest awesomester display of lack of artistic abilities the silver screen has ever seen...

Anonymous laddder said...
Dick Sullivan said...

Did everyone catch this ESPN graphic: http://a.espncdn.com/photo/2011/0224/nba_trades_illustration1x_576.jpg

That Perkins is gloomy.

Every time I watch Perkins on TV it's like there's a rain cloud on him 24/7. The guy is just a straight up orc

Blogger Michael Hsu said...
Now you only have to guard 2 people on the thunder instead of 3. Hope KD and Westbrook gets used to more double and triple teams. Especially since they lost a floor spreader in the starting line up.

Did you see Boston's bench? It's horrid and they essentially became the Miami heat. Just a bunch of starters with no bench. Boston may go 500 the rest of the way. At least Nate could create his own shot. That's more then I can say about Green. I highly doubt Doc Rivers gives him the go ahead like he had in OKC.

It was a bad trade and just helped my Bulls come out of the East. Thanks Ainge I owe you one.

Blogger Evil Ted said...
C'mon Rogue, I tried to keep it even-handed. It was just a fun little bit of insight into the freak outs and talk downs of fans for any team.

Dan B - Goldblum quota filled for the rest of the century. Incidentally, if anyone knows anyone in the business, Goldy wanted me to let y'all know he's available.

Anonymous Anonymous said...
Hey Ted, I don't think you gave losing Nate Robinson enough space on your post. As in you didn't.

Seriously - that's my freak out. Robinson isn't a player to hinge your team around, but that dude has been the spark of the bench a number of times, including some big games that I'm too lazy to look up but know that AHL will.

*bats eyelashes*

I also disagree with your assessment of Green. Well, part of it. Defensively, he is a better matchup for Bulls/cHeat, but overall he's pretty Bawful.

I'm still mulling my feelings on this trad overall. It's not a disaster - it definitely looks to the future and addresses a few contract issues, but I think this will likely be a setup for more offseason moves, one of which will include dealing Green for a peanut butter and jelly sandwich.

Anonymous Anonymous said...
you do realize that jeff green isn't good and the worst rebounding regular 4 in basketball? he can't shoot and believes he can. thunder got better just getting rid of him and starting ibaka

Blogger chris said...
Amazing exchange from DJ Gallo today:


Hasheem Thabeet (Houston)

Why is basketball so hard!!!
DJ Gallo
(4:22 PM)

I read an article on Thabeet when he was a senior at UConn. He said that in his free time he liked to go to clubs in "New York and Hartford." Hartford. Clubs in Hartford. It was then that I knew no one should invest anything in him.

Anonymous Blizzard said...
You've reached self-parody with the whole "starting 5 have never lost a playoff series". Since Perkins played 5+ out of 7 finals games, I take it you mean, they've never lost a series where all 5 starters played every game in the series. I mean, what's their record in that scenario, like 2 for 2? Strange thing to hang your hat on.

Blogger Evil Ted said...
Bliz - I've graduated from "Parody" to "Self-Parody"? Thank you for the compliment.

BadDave - I do suppose I gave nate the short shrift. He is a spark, allbeit an undersized one. But, assuming West stays healthy, he's a more effective backup to Rondo, making nate expendable. Injuries can ruin any plan, of course.

As for Green, I have had the oblivious good fortune of only watching his highlight reel. I expect to become well-versed on his many shortcomings when he becomes a Celtic.

Blogger stephanie g said...
There are alternative views:


I know, I know, I can't help it.

Anyway, my thoughts are this: if you have to win right now because your best players have one foot into a retirement home you do everything to win right now. Screw the future. Winning a title is worth several years of mediocrity. Boston may not even be relevant next year. Old players can fall off a productivity cliff over the span of a month. Even if Boston swings for another good C somehow they're still going to suck when KG, Ray, and Pierce turn into pumpkins unless they somehow get a young superstar via a pact with Satan.

Blogger Hilary said...
If you were surprised about Perk crying, beware recent episodes of the local sports show CelticsNow. There was a five-minute piece involving Perk arranging flowers.

His interviews, for what it's worth, are generally intentionally hilarious. I've never heard him refer to himself in the third person, and it's hard to match the awesomeness of responding to a question about being hit in the face with "I'm already ugly, I can't add to that."

Now that I've gotten over the sucker punch trauma of the trade, I've come to the conclusion that the Celtics were potentially screwed this year with or without that kind of trade, so they might as well go with the plan that's better long term.

They couldn't go into the playoffs without anyone to back up Pierce, who is old, banged up, and might end up with Melo in one round and LeBron in the next. Green doesn't have to be great; as long as he can be competent for a few minutes while Pierce sits, he fills a major hole.

Blogger Wild Yams said...
stephanie g speaks the truth. I get that Celtics fans are trying to talk themselves into this now that the initial shock has worn off (some are anyway, Mr. Bawful is still standing mute, which pretty much tells me all I need to know about how he feels about this trade). This trade is a disaster for Boston and narrows their chances of winning another title anytime in the next 5 years considerably. But fuck it, I'm a Laker fan so let the good times roll!

BTW, after reading this hilarious entry, here's what I pictured this discussion between ET and Mr. Bawful looking like.

Anonymous Omedee said...
-Wild Yams
But fuck it, I'm a Laker fan so let the good times roll!

Amen to that. I think the season just became a lot more interesting at this point. Most would still have their bets on the Heat, and Laker fans are still convinced that a shitty season means we'll come out banging in the playoffs.

I guess it remains to be seen.

Yeah. I appreciate the discussion, but if it were any team besides the Celtics, you guys wouldn't even be talking about this right now.

Blogger Dan B. said...
ChadHenneCheckdownClinic -- ...and?

Anonymous Jabari said...
And now back to our regularly scheduled Bawful:

Amar''''e + Carmelo = Awesome Knicks, right?

(Cavs 115, Knicks 109)


Anonymous kazam92 said...
I come hear to AVOID my pathetic NFL Dolphins and talk about a well run franchise with franchise players. GO AWAY CHAD HENNE YOU BUM! I BOUGHT YOUR JERSEY EXPECTING GOOD THINGS :(

Anonymous EuroGuy said...
As a Celtics fan, I will miss Perkins, but EvilTed actually sums up the rantings from the reassuring voice in my head.

The Celtics have been a better team without Perkins this year, and with his recent knee injury he is in the best possible scenario going to be 80 percent. He is much more injury prone than Shaq, but is more likely to toughen it out, because he is not a veteran.

Now for something completely different and bawsome:

The Knicks were +15 with Renaldo effing Balkman on the court for 7:32, and -21 without him. I guess his presence alone made the Cadavers throw bricks and turn the ball over like a hot potato.

Blogger Wild Yams said...
This is unrelated to Danny Ainge's major fail yesterday, but this is pretty funny: Bosh, LeBron and Wade starring in Two and a Half Men.

Anonymous kazam92 said...
Yams, that was fantastic. Wow.

Blogger stephanie g said...
How soon until Gerald Wallace blows his knees out? This season? Playoffs? Or early next season?

Anonymous Wave said...
Never mind that, Cavs won again! 3-2 record since the Clips came to town!

Blogger Basketbawful said...
Cadavers beat the Knicks. Feeling a little better. I guess they gave their hoobastank to those poor fucking Clippers.

Blogger Basketbawful said...
And that whole 15 of 15 argument was horrible.

The weakest link in that chain was the Penny Hardaway trade. I've shat out late-night burritos that were worth more than lil' Penny was to the Suns.

Blogger Clifton said...
Jack Box and his son courtside at the Clips/Lakers game... http://bit.ly/fdlN1l... wtf? Is this a regular occurrence, or is this Free Tacos gone to the max?

Blogger Wild Yams said...
Bill Simmons can always be counted on to arrive at a conclusion before looking at the evidence, and then to pick and choose the evidence to support whatever conclusion he drew. So can Henry Abbott.

Kobe left the first half of the game tonight because he apparently couldn't feel his right arm (nerve issue or something). But he played in the 3rd quarter and went bonkers, scoring 18 points (woulda been 20 but he made a steal with seconds left in the quarter and sprinted downcourt to dunk it, but it was tenths of a second left). LA was up 18 heading into the 4th, so Kobe never played again. Maybe Kobe's arm was numb cause it was covered in pixie dust or something?

Anonymous avoozl said...
Celtics fans are reacting with emotion and haters are reacting with overly confident sneering but this was a good trade for the Celtics.

Perkins was underrated for a long time but then he became overrated. He is a big strong body and great defender, but people are acting like he's a franchise player or something.

Perkins was really important in the finals last year only because the Cs didn't have enough front court size. Their tallest player was Garnett with a limp. They got more size with Kristic and Shaq now, and I don't see why Bynum is more likely than Shaq to be healthy.

Big baby is strong enough and quick enough to guard Howard decently. Perkins didn't consistently shut him down but they won in 6 without home court anyway. It's a bonus that Kristic can draw him outside as well.

The Celtics got just what they needed: a young athletic and versatile wing player in Green. He doesn't need to be great, but he has a lot of potential.

Blogger Wild Yams said...
avoozl - Whatever you need to tell yourself to feel better about the trade, be my guest. Day after rationalizing is perfectly natural, and if my team had taken place in some boneheaded trade, my initial anger would also quickly be replaced by "maybe this will work!" type mantras. Posts like ET's and "look on the bright side" comments aren't wiping the smile off my face, that's for sure, so by all means, knock yourself out :)

The reaction around the web from Celtics fans and haters alike yesterday spoke the real truth. Hell, the reaction from the Celtics players tells us all how they really feel about the trade. Perkins was crucial, and anyone who follows the Celtics knows it. Danny Ainge either traded away the Celtics' present for their future or he gambled that Boston won't end up playing either Orlando or LA in the playoffs. Either way he's gambled on a pair of guys where one of them has missed an average of 25 games per season for the last 6 seasons (and that was prior to this year, during which he's already missed 39 games), and the oldest player in the NBA who also has missed an average of 25 games per season for the last 5 years (and that was prior to this year, during which he's already missed 20 games). BTW, both players are officially still listed as "out indefinitely".

Not to worry though, with Nenad Kristic and Glen Davis at center the Celtics shouldn't miss a beat :)

BTW - Now that the Celtics don't have Perkins at center, it doesn't matter nearly as much if Bynum stays healthy for the Lakers. Without Perkins there, there's nobody left to push Gasol around if he is forced to play center. In fact, against the likes of Big Baby and Kristic, Gasol could have a great shot at Finals MVP if he had to play center! Wouldn't that be exciting :) Of course, if Bynum does continue to be healthy, then that's just all the more of an advantage for the Lakers.

I'm sorry, you'll have to forgive me for going on and on like this, I'm just very excited and happy right now. I mean, wow, I just really couldn't have imagined that Danny Ainge would torpedo his own team like this! Who knew? I just feel like it hasn't fully sunk in yet. I keep waiting to wake up and find out I was dreaming it, but so far it hasn't happened. But hey, if it is a dream, then it's a good dream and I'm going to enjoy it while it lasts :)

Anonymous avoozl said...
@ wild yams

I think you seem a little more desperate to believe something than me. Maybe because the Celtics have the #1 spot in the east and the Lakers are #3 in the west?

Nobody knows how it will turn out but I'm just saying it seems like a good trade to me. If I thought it was bad I would say so. The Cs needed a wing player and they got a good one instead of just some buyout.

Also you seem to be kidding yourself again thinking the Cs are limited to Kristic and BB at center. The Cs have some versatility with KG, BB, Green, Kristic, and Shaq. If Shaq is injured then that could be a problem, but they expect him back.

I also find it funny that you think you don't need Bynum against the Celtics. If both Bynum and Shaq are injured, then you lose your size advantage.

The players' reaction was natural considering their close friend got traded. KG said he was upset about Erden, Daniels and Harangody as well.

Honestly I'm not worried about it. If we lost KG I would say it's all over. But Perk is not KG, and they got the east's best record without Perk in the lineup.

Blogger Hilary said...
The emotional, shocked venom fans spew when they first hear of the completely unexpected trade of an extremely popular player is likely to be accurate analysis?

Hey, anyone remember game 4 of the 2008 Finals? Kendrick Perkins popped out his shoulder and played 13 ineffective minutes, mostly in the first half, during which time the Lakers were pounding on the Celtics. Then the Lakers somehow coughed up a 24 point lead to the Perk-less Celtics.

Both teams are very different now-- no more Sasha Vujacic to throw a tantrum after Ray Allen breaks his ankles-- but it's still fun to think about.

Anonymous EuroGuy said...
@Wild Yams:

You sound like the Celtics just gave up Bill Russell and 11 championships. It's a bit funny that this come from Lakers-fans, who mock Celtics fans that play the "would have won, if Perk was healthy"-card. Seems like you've bought into the rhetoric ;)

Anonymous Anonymous said...
Wild Yams I agree with most things you've said but I think your Laker gloating has possibly reached an all time high.

Anonymous Czernobog said...
@Wild Yams: Hold your horses, buddy, the Lakers aren't in the finals yet.

Anonymous kazam92 said...
If you guys think Krstic will be a key player for the Celtics you're all crazy. He was actually a very good player in NJ, but when he tore his ACL, he became softer than a tissue

Blogger Wormboy said...
But Yams, how can you be so happy when your Lakers play like shit against good teams? Are you conducting an "on paper" season and playoffs in your mind?

Anonymous EuroGuy said...
Actually I haven't seen anyone even mentioning Krstic as more than a backup center who will have to do starting duty, until Shaq returns. Not to bad to get another playoff team's starting center to do that.

Besides that, Frank was his coach with the Nets, so the Celtics know what they get.

While the Celtics trade has the potential to be Ainges undoing as a GM, it has yet to be proven bawful.

Blogger tjr said...
Three words:
Empty and roster and spots.

Once Ainge has decided in anyway who he's going to buy out Celtic fans in the mean time should go back to their so called "lives".

Until then all this trade and playoff match up talk is superfluous.

Blogger tjr said...
Shaq, The Other O'Neal, Krstic, KG, Big Baby. (Sheed? Troy Murphy?)As Fragile as they all seem surely one (or many) of them must be fit enough to play 5 in the playoffs? Or not? Ha ha ha.

It's not like you just lost Amar'e or Melo. So relax.
You got Green who is the best player in the deal, currently, fitness wise and long term, so much so that he'd be a walk up starting 3/4 in any relevant NBA team I can think of except Boston, LA, Miami and New York.

Perk is basically like Bynum, potentionally a game changer, but in reality seldom fit or in form when it matters, so at best a valuable relief option.

Blogger Rotten Yams said...

I'm Wild Yams' subconscious.

From time to time I will be posting what Wild is really thinking .

What he said earlier about being happy for the Celtics trading Perkins is true. He was scared shitless about facing the Celtics again in the Finals because he knows that with a healthy Perkins, the Lakers are absolutely no match. He also knows that had Perkins been healthy in Game 7 last year, the Celtics would have blown the Lakers out AGAIN in the deciding game, as they had in '08.

In fact, he still thinks the Celtics are going to the Finals this year. What he's not admitting is that he knows that the Lakers can not compete with the Spurs. So he is celebrating all he can right here and right now, because he knows there isn't going to be a happy ending this year.

Anonymous Anonymous said...
Always assuming the Lakers can get past the Thunder who pushed them hard last year without Perkins.

Also, KG is just being diplomatic about Erden, Harangody and Daniels. No-one really cared about those guys, they're inconsequential in the grand scheme of things.

This trade baffles me, for reasons mentioned earlier - why break apart a team that could win a title now? Who knows if KG, PP and Allen can stay healthy for the rest of the season (well, Ray can probably go another three seasons), never mind into next and beyond. Unless there's some sort of guarantee that a serviceable - decent centre will become available.

Anonymous Anonymous said...
Thank you Rotten Yams, I was actually wondering if Wild Yams really took going to the Finals for granted.

Anonymous kazam92 said...
There is a Troy Murphy twitter account that just popped up saying he is going to Miami

But it's 90% likely it's fake. Lol

Blogger senormedia said...
As a Celtics fan, am more disappointed at Semih getting traded away than I am in the Perkins/Green trade - that second one leans net positive to me. Semih looks as though he has some potential given time (and you can't coach height, as is said).

Blogger Wild Yams said...
I'm flattered someone make a novelty account just for me, but there's no need, I'll tell you straight up what I'm really thinking. I'm not taking The Finals for granted. It's gonna be a tough road for whichever two teams make it to The Finals. I'm just happy because IMO the Celtics were the team that matched up best against LA due to them being the only team with guys to defend Bynum and Gasol at the same time, but Boston simply gave that ability away. I think the trade the Celtics made will help them get past Chicago and Miami this year, cause neither one of those teams has a real inside presence that can score on them anyway. But I think the Celtics are gonna have trouble now against Orlando and the Lakers (provided both of those teams actually play like they're capable of, which has not been a given at all so far this year).

I'm not saying this guarantees the Lakers the championship, I'm just saying IMO it greatly improves their chances. Boston w/o Perkins is simply an easier matchup for the Lakers, that's all I'm saying. I do think the Lakers will probably beat San Antonio or Dallas or OKC this year to make it back to The Finals, but I'm a Laker fan, did you really think I wouldn't believe that? I'm not guaranteeing victory, I'm just enjoying the fact that the Lakers seemingly got some help from their biggest rival. I'm thankful that Danny Ainge did what he did cause it improves my team's chances. That is all :)

Anonymous EuroGuy said...
The situation in Motown is truely bawful:


What are the options for Dumars?
If he fires Kuester or lets him step down, he would be giving in to pressure.
If they sideline or fire the veterans, he just might be leaving the rest with one of the worst coaches in the NBA.
And if he decides to keep the status quo (while fining the veterans), it will be like sitting down on a barrel of gunpowder to keep it from exploding.

Anonymous Hajt said...
Anyone see the Brandon Roy show return last night? Just waiting for him to be sidelined for the rest of the season now, but it felt good.

Blogger Evil Ted said...
Yams -

"Boston w/o Perkins is simply an easier matchup for the Lakers, that's all I'm saying."

No, that's not all you're saying. That's your try-to-disarm-my-critics-after-slapping-them-in-the-face-three-times line.

In the future, when there is a development, be it sports or otherwise, that might illicit a "gloat" from you, I would suggest opening your favorite word processor, writing out your initial thoughts, and then looking at what you've written from the perspective of a person with the opposite viewpoint. If you find yourself annoyed or offended, delete and revise.

I suspect this note is going to sound aloof or nasty, but it's not meant that way. I would not write an e-mail like this (or even bother taking the time to do so) if I didn't feel I was dealing with a reader who:

1.) Is smart enough to be better, and

2.) is open-minded enough to try to be.

At times, you are solidly first-tier on your contributions, but in this case it just feels like you're engaging in from-my-perspective-you're-down-and-now-I'm-going-to-kick-you, and that is something that can literally be found anywhere on the Internet (including here, unfortunately), and therefore lessens its value.

Yams, you're better than that! Start working on some grown man moves.

Anonymous Jerry West said...
I am 100% behind Danny Ainge's Decision.

Anonymous Omedee said...
Hm. Am I the only one who sees past the trade drama and sees a truly bawful situation? Something tells me that if certain people here weren't Celtics fans, we'd all be having a grand time making fun of the awesome/bawful trades.

Instead, I come here to visit Celtics Blog no. 2 with Yams being that one person who joins a forum of an opposing team just to make fun of everyone else.

I don't solicit the gloating (As much of a Laker fan I am) but seeing so many people vehemently defend the Celtics (Including this very article) really ruins the image of this site.

Blogger Wild Yams said...
ET - Actually that is what I was saying. I even re-read my initial statement to make sure that's all I was saying, in light of the "outrage" :) Trading Perkins for peanuts doesn't make Miami, Chicago, Dallas or San Antonio any easier for the Lakers to beat, and it might actually make OKC tougher for the Lakers to beat. But it definitely makes the Celtics easier for the Lakers to beat, and that is my entire point.

Look, the Lakers have been all over the place this year. If the Lakers aren't just having motivational issues this year, and have actually taken a nose dive as a team, then it won't matter if the Celtics waive the Big 3, cause LA won't get to the Finals to even play them again. But LA is, on paper anyway, a better team than they were a year ago, and they are going through the same lethargy or malaise that both Bulls teams trying for their third straight and the Lakers of the early aughts went through en route to their third straight title. Three-peating is tough, that's why there's only three teams that have done it since the Celtics in the 60s.

In the end, I have confidence in my team though. They look to be gaining some momentum, and as long as they're playing well when the playoffs start I like their chances against anyone. But until this week, the one team out of every team out there that worried me the most was far and away the Boston Celtics. They might even still be the team that I see as LA's biggest obstacle to a 3-peat, but IMO they're now less of an obstacle. I don't see a perimeter-oriented team like San Antonio beating LA in a 7 game series any more than I saw the Suns doing it a year ago. I also don't see a Thunder team that's gonna struggle to get points beating LA, nor do I see Dallas actually being able to beat any team in a tough series (San Antonio, LA or OKC). In the East I think Chicago would be too young and green to beat the Lakers, and Miami just doesn't have enough depth beyond their Big 3. But Boston could do it. More than anyone they could do it. But without Perkins it definitely would be tougher for Boston to beat the Lakers if those two teams meet again in The Finals.

And that is why I'm so happy :)

You (and others) want to say I'm "gloating", but it's not true. Gloating occurs after the games are played and after my team has won. I've hardly had anything to say after the last two championships, I didn't come in here and tell everyone to kiss my ass cause the Lakers were champs or anything, nor have I made a point to bring it up all season this year either. And I didn't vanish when the Celtics kicked the shit out of LA in 2008 (though being a realist, you'll also notice I didn't talk any shit prior to that series, cause I had a feeling what was coming). I'm doing my talking before the games are played and believing enough in what I say to risk being mocked afterward. That isn't gloating.

You wrote a lengthy entry about your feelings on the trade, giving it your spin as a Celtics fan. Is it bad form for me to write out my feelings about it and give it my spin as a Laker fan? The difference here is, I suspect that between the two of us I'm the only one that's actually being honest about how I feel about the trade.

Blogger Evil Ted said...
Omedee, Omedaa,

It certainly could be bawful situation. But it might not be. That has yet to be seen.

What I wrote was a tongue-in-cheek, albeit-well-thought-out rationalization of the convincing that fans of any team go through when their team makes a surprising decision like the Celtics just made.

There is a more than one level to my writing and humor, and I'm not not going to dumb it down so that everyone "gets it."

If a single post by me has ruined your image of this long-standing site, I will personally apologize to Bawful himself on your behalf for lowering his readership by one.

Anonymous EuroGuy said...
@Omedee and others:

I can only speak for myself, but I wouldn't mind if people started making fun of the trade, like trying to compare with historic bawful trades or something like that. Maybe you could say, it's a Karma thing, since Lakers got Gasol in a loopsided trade, the Celtics had to give their center away to a lower-tier team to create order and balance in the universe again.

In reality, I am beginning to think that maybe OKC got absolutely robbed, like standing naked in the snow-robbed. It all depends on how healthy Perkins will be, and right now I'm wondering if he will make any difference at all in the playoffs.

Blogger Evil Ted said...
–verb (used without object)
1. to look at or think about with great or excessive, often smug or malicious, satisfaction:

"....I get that Celtics fans are trying to talk themselves into this now that the initial shock has worn off (some are anyway, Mr. Bawful is still standing mute, which pretty much tells me all I need to know about how he feels about this trade).... This trade is a disaster for Boston.... But fuck it, I'm a Laker fan so let the good times roll!....Whatever you need to tell yourself to feel better about the trade, be my guest....ET's and "look on the bright side" comments aren't wiping the smile off my face..."

Yams, not only are you gloating, and not only did you make up your own definition for what gloating entails... (you gloated after a trade occurred that you perceived to be a lousy one for the Celtics), you completed the trifecta by not even understanding the satire of my post!

"I suspect that between the two of us I'm the only one that's actually being honest about how I feel about the trade." Really? The trade could be horrible, or it could be great. I don't know yet. None of us will know until the games are played out. My post wasn't ABOUT that. It was about fan rationalization. It had TWO pictures of Jeff Goldblum! How many more friggin' signals do you need to realize it's tongue-in-cheek?

This is like my favorite Superfriends episode where there was an evil dude who had stolen a combination of all the Superfriends powers to become a supervillain, except now the villain's name is Yams and his superpower is pissing me off. The end of the episode was the best: Robin (who was the only Superfriend not effected, because the villain dude didn't want Robin's Bullcrap power, which is the ability to have legs smooth enough for sheer green tights) had to take the remaining powers of the weakened Superfriends to defeat the villain (at their peril - the scientist was like "this could kill all of you," but Superman was all "Screw you, doc. We're doing this.") So they put all their powers into Robin, and robin still pretty much just looked like robin but just became big and muscular. Still, he fought the super-bat-aqua-wonder-woman dude to a standstill. Side note: the wonder woman part of the villain was the lasso. I just thought you should know that in case you were envisioning, like, boobs. Anyway, super-Robin was apparently smarter, because he flew off (this was kind of dramatic because it seemed like maybe he was scared off and had quit - it was probably also dramatic for Robin, who must've been like "wheeee, I'm flying!")...but he wasn't quitting, he came back in a lead suit with a piece of Kryptonite, and weakened the bad guy into submission. Ironically, he probably could have done this very same thing as Robin (and had a must easier time finding a lead suit that fit)...but still. So anyway, now I'm in my lead suit and I'm going to bank on the possibility that Yams' Kryptonite - i.e., the thing that will prevent him from trying to out-type me with his evil circular logic - is humor. Which, incidentally, is what I was using to begin with when Yams started not gloating all over everyone's ass.

Anonymous AK DAVE said...
As I write this, Nenad Krstic has a totally Perkins-like game going with 6 offensive boards, 5 personal fouls, 9 points, and giant bald spot.

Pfft. Sam who?

Anonymous Anonymous said...
Quite a few butthurt Celtics fans in this one. Just putting it bluntly. The trade as he said has not completely ruled out title hopes but if you do meet the Lakers in the finals... lets be realistic

Blogger Rogue said...
I know this sight is created for fans like us to read and have some fun. I do realize nothing is owed to us even though I have been reading basketbawful for almost three years now, religiously. So my entire point was it sucks to see mods fighting over their teams. I mean thats what team blogs are for. I am a die hard Lakers fan but I don't go arguing on boards specially this site since I count it to be neutral. How will we make fun of bad things in NBA when we suddenly start defending our teams. For shame , for shame.

@ Evil Ted, I wasn't bitching , I was just pointing to the fact my phone updated me a new post from Basketbawful but upon reading I realized it was a unfunny article about Celtics trade. Instead you could have written a master piece by making fun of all the trades. You failed my childish hopes :(

@ Wild Yams, Dude , I am a die hard Lakers fan too and I gotta say is that trade is not that bad. Green is an awesome player and great backup for Pierce. Also, as pointed above, Celtics have Shaq, Drain, Kritic, Baby and KG. Surely, not every one will be injured considering it looks like Celts are already saving Shaq and Drain for the playoffs. My main fear right now is San Antonio because I still don't understand why they win so many games and Dallas since they are so loaded.

Anyways, stop defending your teams so much that you all end up arguing. This is Basketbawful where we celebrate when Kobe goes for 7/28 and Lebron shoots 1/9 from threes while crab dribbling his ways.

See what you guys made me do ? Now you had to read this boring post which wasted 4 minutes of your lives. Please refrain me from posting, it is your hands. ;)

P.S , Is Matt Barnes really ready to come this early, I hope they don't rush him.

Blogger Evil Ted said...
"I do realize nothing is owed to us even though I have been reading basketbawful for almost three years now, religiously."

Translation: I don't realize that nothing is owed to us.


Anonymous Anonymous said...
@ Rogue

I actually found the post to be funny. You guys are acting like this blog turned all serious all of a sudden, but I don't see where.

Anonymous EuroGuy said...
Tommy points to Rogue for trying to put the b into bawful... oh wait I'm on the wrong boards ;)

Blogger Hilary said...
Bill Walton says that if you missed last night's Celtics/Clippers game, you need to look at yourself in the mirror and reevaluate your priorities.

Also, he refers to Blake's teammates as "Burger, Fries, Frick, and Frack" and objects to any defense of non-Blake Clippers.

Then there was something involving the game relating to snow in California and democracy in the Middle East...

Luckily the play by play guy made it through the game without strangling Bill. But I'm pretty sure it was close.

Blogger Rogue said...
Speaking of Bill Walton, I loved Reggie Miller as a player even when he kicked his leg out against Lakers but hate him as a commentator, I literally wanna hit him with a bat every time he opes his mouth.

Anonymous EuroGuy said...
I can't believe anyone actually arguing about being "king of Cleveland";


Blogger Wormboy said...
And for what it's worth, it's "elicit," no illicit.

Hey, I figured we should all be jerks, and have a circle jerk right here in Bawful land. :)

Blogger Rogue said...
@Evil Ted, seriously, I wasn't trying to say the site owes me anything. My wording sucked which is bawsome. I guess living in Pakistan for two years has ruined my sense to properly relay my thoughts. lol

Blogger Wild Yams said...
OKC with only 31 second half points today. I can't imagine that'll improve once they have Kendrick Perkins playing a lot of minutes. JVG said a few times today what I've been saying the last few days about this Thunder team: they're gonna struggle to score now with Kristic and Green gone. With Westbrook and Durant the only guys who are reliable scorers, and with the way Artest always owns Durant (8-20 today for only 21 points with 5 turnovers), OKC may be better equipped now to battle Bynum, but I just don't think they have the offense necessary to beat the Lakers in a 7 game series. JMO.

ET - You're not being satirical with your post or your comments, you're being passive aggressive about your predictions. See you're straddling the fence, in that if what you say turns out to be correct you'll come back and say "I told you so" but if it doesn't you'll say "I was just being satirical, silly!" Like I said before, I think between the two of us I'm the only one that's being honest about how we feel about this trade.

But here's your chance to tell us how you really feel about it, with no sarcasm or satire. Are you happier with the Celtics team today than you were a week ago? Do you disagree with any of my assessments of what it means for the Celtics, the Lakers or any other team, or are you just annoyed that I was so blunt about how happy I am? You and Mr. Bawful are the biggest Celtics fans here, and according to you, neither one of you has told us how you really feel about this trade. Like I said a few days ago, that fact really tells me all I need to know about how you guys are actually feeling.

Divert on to me all you want, it's not bringing Perkins back.

Blogger Evil Ted said...

To be honest, while I went a little overboard with the it's-obviously-a-great-trade tone of the post, in the end, quite a bit of the reasoning is accurate to how Basketbawful and I felt initially, and then later:

We were both initially shocked, and I think that shock was partly due to our preconceptions of Perk being untouchable, combined with liking him and his blue-collar attitude... but then I talked Bawful down, and while I think for a while there may have been a little "it's gonna be ok, it's gonna be ok" knee-jerk reaction, as we gathered more information, we both ended up feeling like it was a smart move for the Celtics. The main component of that sentiment was the strong likelihood that Perkins would be gone next year. Combine that with his stock being high (perhaps too high), and getting a couple of solid players for him feels like a win.

The other factor that puts it in the "smart move" corner was the injury to Marquis Daniels. The year Garnett was hurt (08-09?), Pierce had to log a lot of minutes and was lethargic and ineffective. Remembering that year, we knew the Celtics had no chance of remaining strong with Pierce logging 40 minutes a game, and having an upgraded backup to Pierce AND a 7-footer to boot to maintain size...how can I argue with that?

Other bits and pieces that swayed us in the "smart move" direction were that Howard seemed to own Perkins at the last Magic / C's game, or at least was far more effective...Howard's offensive repertoire and offensive skillset is growing, and if he's going to score 30 and 40 points against everyone, I figure, let him do it, stop everyone else, and win.

How the new-look Celtics would match up against the Lakers, who knows. The Celtics are not smaller. Yes, they need Shaq to be healthy for the playoffs, but they needed that anyway.

I honestly felt there was enough over-the-top sentiment and humor in my post for people to not be sucked into the easy and unfair "homer" talk. But I should never underestimate my ability to push people's buttons.

As for Bawful, I think he's pretty on board with all I've said, but the trade did rattle him enough initially to kill his desire to cobble together a traditional Bawful post. Ergo, you got the ET post that caused a ruckus.

Anyway, I'm not diverting anything onto you. I still think you were needlessly obnoxious, but I'll get over it. And I won't say "I told you so" if I happen to be right. That's second-rate.

Blogger lordhenry said...
I was shocked and appalled at this trade, until Evil Ted pointed out that Perk refused to sign an extension, which for some reason, I only heard about on this site, and couldn't find it on ESPN. If that is true then this whole "Perk feels betrayed" thing is kinda out of wack.
Dude wanted a big payday this summer, and was willing to sacrifice his "family" to do it. Once I found that out, seemed like a better decision than when I originally heard about it.

Still, If I was Ainge, I would've at least had one more sit-down with dude to get him to sign that extension before I dumped him off.

Then again, he is now sitting games out with a knee injury, so maybe Ainge knew he was hurt and decided to get value now.

AS a Laker fan, I am sad to see a great rival weakened. I really wanted to end that whole "we are undefeated when healthy" thing this year in the finals.

Blogger lordhenry said...
Sucks, Celts fans say last year was tainted cuz they didn't have Perk for game 7.

Lakers fans say they were down by 13 and came back to win, behind Kobe's 15 boards (underrated performance, those boards were crucial)

Was hoping to settle it one way or another this year, but now we will never know.

Since we are all here chattering, I would say it is a great post by ET. When the written word causes this much discussion, we have been given something to think about.

Blogger Wild Yams said...
ET - Now that I've had your real take, here's my stripped-of-smugness response:

From what I've read the hangup with Perkins and his contract was that the Celtics offered him 4 years for $22m and he instead said he was looking for $30m, and that's what made Boston decide he probably wouldn't re-sign (source). That to me is very different than the way you seemed to be portraying it. $8m more over 4 years for the guy? Seems worth it to the team that just gave Jermaine O'Neal $11m for two seasons.

But whatever, assume Perkins was definitely going to be gone. Who's to say the Celtics couldn't have done a sign and trade in the summer if they wanted to make sure they got something in return for him? Boston needs to do what they can to try to win now because they do have an older team. Looking toward the future is always important, but when you're in the same position as the Celtics or the Lakers, the present is more important. When you're young like Miami or OKC, then maybe you can sacrifice a bit of the present for a brighter future.

After the injury to Marquis Daniels, and especially after the last Lakers-Celtics game, I wrote about how badly the Celtics needed another wing player, seeing as they had nobody to back up Pierce, so I do understand the need to get someone like Green. However, with all the guys who are being bought out, wouldn't it just have been smarter for the Celtics to keep Perkins and sign Leon Powe or something? Boston doesn't need a big minutes guy, just someone to be Pierce's backup.

You keep saying "the Celtics are not smaller" but I'm sorry, they are. Kristic may not be shorter than Perkins was, but he's definitely smaller. Kristic is not going to be able to body up against guys like Howard and Bynum or push guys like Gasol or Bosh around the way Perkins could. When people say the Celtics are now smaller, you know what they're talking about.

You also say the Celtics were always gonna need Shaq to be healthy for the playoffs, but I disagree. If you had Perkins healthy alongside KG, and Big Baby, if either J.O. or even Erden could have given just spot minutes (~10) that's all the Celtics would have needed. Now they absolutely need Shaq to be healthy, there's no two ways about it. IMO that's a big gamble to take on the league's oldest player. I mean, even when Shaq has played, he's only averaged 20 minutes a game but is still leading the team in fouls per game with 3.3 (or 7.6 fouls per 48 minutes). Even if Shaq is healthy, what can the Celtics realistically expect to get out of him?

We'll see how this plays out over this year and over the coming seasons, but I think on the surface this doesn't look to have been one of Ainge's better moments.

BTW, my buttons weren't really "pushed" over your entry or the comments here. What I posted reflected how I felt from the moment I heard about the trade and just found the rationalizing to be entertaining. Much in the same way you guys can't help but take delight in the failings of the Lakers (often in obnoxious ways), I can't help but do the same with the Celtics. If LA had traded Bynum for Kristic and Jeff Green, you're gonna tell me you wouldn't have had yourself a few chuckles over it?

Anonymous kazam92 said...
Did I mention I dislike both the Lakers and Celtics :)

Blogger lordhenry said...
Thanks for the Link, Yams, and for repping the lakers.

Deep in the mountains of L.A. in the citadel of Minas Mamba, on a newly replaced throne of frozen tears, sits the Dark Lord, Kobe "Bean" Bryant.
The Dark Lord stares down at his laptop, despondent.
He cannot believe Boston has traded Kendrick Perkins....
Who will block his shots in the paint now?
Who will bully Darth Vega and make him look like a girly-man?
Who will stand beside the Celtic of War, taking orders, being KG's tireless minion?

Then the Dark Lord remembers how Boston still finished last season in the finals despite going .500 down the stretch, and he smiles.

No, his nemesis will not be beaten so easily, they still have Sith Heel O'neil.....

And the Mamba will be waiting to strike.....

Anonymous EuroGuy said...
Perkins was indeed offered something like $23m for four years. That was the maximum that the Celtics could offer for an extension, according to the CBA. And Perkins declined.

What happened after that, has not been put in the open. Apparently Perkins wanted to take his talents to the free agent market. And while he will never be a franchise player, he will be offered more than the Celtics think he is worth to them. So there was no idea in keeping him to use the Bird rights for an extension.

The only remaining question for Ainge was: Is Perkins essential for a win this year or not? Well, not compared to the need for a backup for Pierce.

Perkins' new injury was probably the last straw. He seems to be less healthy than Shaq, and Drain should be recovering well enough to play playoff ball (I don't know how many actually believe this, but hey it's the best case scenario for us Celtics homers). Krstic will be better on offense, than Perkins will ever be. And he will probably do well on defense compared to a 60-80 percent healthy Perkins, who was nowhere near his old self against Howard and Bynum after coming back from injury. Ainge expected that it would be a gamble to rely on Perkins' health. Why would he have brought in both the O'Neals otherwise? Perkins wasn't even expected to play before the trade deadline.

By removing no. 12,13 and 14 (Robinson, Erden and Harangody) from the roster, there is room for even another big (how that plays out, remains to be seen).

Anonymous Aaron said...
heat lost to the knicks. lebron - the anit-clutch king

Anonymous kazam92 said...

My fucking word. Outside of Miller we have a bunch of feces. Has nothing to do with LeBron and Wade being terrible down the stretch. Game had no reason to come to that

Anonymous The Other Chris said...
Heat really terrible down the stretch. Turning it over, LeDouche getting blocked by STAT, followed that with a typically awful LeDouche three - granted, they were down by 3 with 6 ticks left and that's the shot he had to take - but it was still a brick.

Billups deep three late - big, giant, gorilla balls.

I don't see how this team worries the elite of the league at all. They are the Cavs redux - they roll up a great record pounding the shittier teams, but have no answers, especially in the half-court, when the intensity goes to the next level.

Contrast that with the Spurs, who every time I see the end of a close game on League Pass - including tonight - are just clutchier than clutch. Give the ball to Manu and get the hell out of the way.

Blogger CLee said...
Much in the same way you guys can't help but take delight in the failings of the Lakers (often in obnoxious ways), I can't help but do the same with the Celtics. If LA had traded Bynum for Kristic and Jeff Green, you're gonna tell me you wouldn't have had yourself a few chuckles over it?

Well put.

It's too bad Perkins was traded after the final Lakers-Celtics matchups. I would've liked to see how both teams fared against each other before the playoffs.

A picture you guys might enjoy Wheelchair Accessible

Blogger Paul said...
hahahaha, you guys crack me up.

As a reminder, BIG LAKER FAN HERE.

@ E.T.
Totally got the humor in your post and had a blast with it.

@ Yams
I guess you woulda been happier with E.T. posting a "this is how a really feel" kinda post as well?

As far as my opinion, just like I said on Thursday, the Thunder scares the shit out of me on paper.
As for the Celtics... I don't know I really don't. The impact of this trade is FAR GREATER for OKC than it is for Boston.
In Math when you subtract a factor from one side of the equation it adds the same value to the other side of said equation. I don't think that's the case with this trade. Boston isn't losing nearly as much as OKC is adding. Perk's value to the Cs is less than his value to OKC I think.
I'm pretty sure the Cs are finals bound with or without him.

For the Cs to hang an 18th banner without him though --That's a completely different story--
Sure, we Laker fans would be delighted about a possible match up against Boston in this year's finals.
But for Boston, this is what I have to say FORGET THE LAKERS!

San Antonio, Dallas, Oklahoma heck even Portland would present Boston with Match up problems and SIZE lots of SIZE.

Now here is one to cheer Boston fans up, I'm pretty sure Garnett is thrilled about bringing in a guy that beat the shit out of the opposing team with a freaking chair.

Blogger Preveen said...
I am having a Bad sports weekend. First Paskistan beats up Sri Lanka at the Cricket World Cup, then the Heat lose to the KNICKS!?! And I was feeling good coz we had a lead when I left for work. And having to find out by seeing a status message from a co-worker who is a Knicks fan is even worse. This added to the misery that was the loss to the Bulls.

I need something to cheer me up. Something like seeing Mr. Sharapova getting kicked in the nuts or summin. I'll even have to miss my normal pick-up game tomorrow :(

Blogger stephanie g said...
LeBron is improving. This time his shot hit the rim!

I like how LeBron and Bosh went to the worst city possible for the prime of their careers. It's the perfect metaphor when they're playing in front of a half empty arena that's cheering for the other team. It's even funnier when you see that Cleveland still comes out for their bawful team. Then again, it is Cleveland, not exactly a lot to do...

Actually, Cleveland has more wins against top teams than Miami.

Anonymous Anonymous said...
Yams- Powe backing up Pierce makes no sense.

Anonymous avoozl said...
It's funny how Wild Yams' opinion of Perkins, Green and Krstic seems to change depending on whether he's talking about the Thunder or the Celtics.

Anonymous Anonymous said...
Is Perkins not out with a knee injury for the next three weeks? Maybe they only traded him because the training staff has their hands full with the O'Neals?

I can see why Perk would reckon he was worth more, the NBA regularly overpays guys who dont earn their money and Perk only had to look along the bench to the drain to get a good view of a guy who contributes nothing and earns way too much. Still, it's not like they traded him for Joel Anthony or anything. Man does that guy suck.

Anonymous Stockton said...
Knicks beat the Heat based on their... Defense??
What the...
STAT blocked a key shot?
D'Antoni played defense?
Should I look in the sky and wait for some UFO to start shooting lasers or something?

Anyway, if we think about it, would be hard NOT to play some D when you're playing 5x4...

Anonymous Stockton said...
I watched the Bosh "flop", and feel the need to say the following:

- that was NOT a flop! Flopping requires some form of contact, and the immediate unporportional dive.

- it is funny to think that Boozer might actually elbow someone. The man has the intimidation factor of a 94 year old granny on a weelchair. A REAL flopper does his trick against the likes of Shaq, Garnett, so on...

- By the reasons above, Bosh will NOT be named a flopping Knight by King Divac.

ps: is there some rule to punish these kind of moves? I mean, he pretended to be elbowed, which could lead to ejection... seems more serious than talking back to refs

Anonymous Aaron said...
This is why LeDouche is the DOUCHE:


Don't worry, Heat fans. Pat Riley has everything under control, for nothing says 'championship team' like having Troy Murphy and Mike Bibby in the rotation.

Anonymous kazam92 said...
Madre, I'm seriously convinced they'd be out 5th and 6th best players right away. I WANT Mike Bibby

Anonymous Anonymous said...
Stockton, maybe Bosh figured that the best way to neutralize Boozer was to become an inanimate object on the ground? Was he doing his best impersonation of a kit bag?

Blogger Wormboy said...
1) Twitter is such an incredible boon for fans of Basketbawful. Thank you, gods of technology, for your collaboration with the hoops gods.

2) I've watched the Spurs a few times now, and each time I'm mortified by Timmy's shambling around the court. The guy is getting numbers primarily on pure veteran savvy. Always a cool phenomenon, but it pains me to see a lovable all-time great hit the "canny but zero athleticism" phase. Yes, the Spurs have a freakin amazing record, but can they win without a strong Duncan? I'm skeptical. I'll trot out the hackneyed "defense wins championships," I suppose.

But if they do win, it will be (yet another) testament to the brains of Pop. Lots of top coaches fail because they can't shift with changing personnel. So far we've got to respect a totally different Spurs strategy.

Blogger Evil Ted said...

To reiterate my earlier note, go with the stripped-of-smugness thing right off the bat. It's a much better look on you, and will make people take you seriously. Also, thanks for reading this blog so religiously despite our being often obnoxious. It's appreciated. It really is. Oh, and I'm frequently sarcastic too.

Paul, thanks for getting it.

Yams, I look forward to reading, but not bothering to reply to, your next note, as I do know you always need the final word.

Blogger Wormboy said...
BTW, this pic has been on the Times NBA page for several months.


It gives me a stab of joy every time I navigate to the page. My guess is that they know this, and that they subliminally manipulate people like rats with an electrode in the pleasure center to increase page views. Nice.

Blogger KHayes666 said...
Sorry I'm late to the party but I've been away all weekend. I know ET and Wild Yams have taken the well thought out responses and I'd like to join in.....but that wouldn't be my style. Instead I'll keep it to two parts.

Part 1: Wild Yams says the Celtics should be afraid of the Magic....what the hell for? In 2009 the Magic defeated the Celtics in the playoffs but 2 things were prevalent. First, the Celtics were missing not only KG but they lost Leon Powe in the first round. What that meant was not only Big Baby Davis starting, it meant HE had to play 40 plus minutes because his backup became Brian Scalabrine. The second was the Celtics defensive scheme was to double team Howard in which the Magic led by Turkeyglue, Nelson, Alston and Petrius rained 3 pointers on them for 7 games. Last year the Celtics switched to 1 on 1 coverage on Howard and picked up some capable backups which led to the 6 game series win without homecourt.

Yes, Perkins is gone now...but the Celtics replaced him with a taller center. Yes Krstic plays that European bullfighter defense but the single coverage will allow the rest of the Celtics to cover Richardson, Turkeyglue and Nelson. Hell the 09 Lakers proved that the Magic are the best shooters in the world until someone sticks a hand in their faces.

Why be worried about the Magic when the only real start they have can't burn you with outside shooting like Bryant or Lebron?

Blogger KHayes666 said...
Part 2:

Wild Yams is all giddy saying the Celtics are weaker and don't have the depth to take on the Lakers front court.

This is only half true, its true Perkins banging Gasol, Odom and Bynum around certainly helped the Celtics build the 3-2 series lead against the Lakers before he blew his knee out.

But the flip side is the Celtics gained an outside shooter and someone who's now TALLER than Perkins. Again, Krstic plays that European bullfighter defense but he's still a 7 footer and you can't teach height.

Also Marquis Daniels was 6'6 and his replacement Jeff Green is 6 foot NINE. Green may not be the greatest rebounder but he still is a better all around player than Daniels.

What this means is the Celtics got TALLER and have brought in more depth to match the Lakers. If we're assuming everyone's going to be healthy in the playoffs the Celtics will boast a bench of Shaq, Davis, Green, ???, and Delonte West compared to Odom and the Killer B's.

Yams overlooks one important thing. If Ron Artest took his ring and mentally mailed it in, they're not even getting by the Spurs let alone the Celtics. He was the one guy in the NBA that neutralized Pierce and if he's off....they're done. Doesn't matter if Kendrick Perkins, Sam Perkins or Anthony Perkins is playing center if Pierce is allowed to play as he did in 2008.

Anonymous Anonymous said...
Looks like Brewer will be getting buoght out by the Knicks. If the Celtics had known this, which maybe they did, do you think they would've kept Perk and signed Brewer?

Blogger elbow > face said...
On paper the trade doesn't seem to tak much away from Boston. Thing is, a lot of components of good defense don't have a spot in the stats sheet or the box score.

Boston has pissed away their best chance at a title until a miracle or a rebuilding period takes place. If I was one of the big three I would be irate.

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