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Okay, so that day full of games we got yesterday came at a small price: there are only two games today. The good news? We still have plenty of pictures from last night. Also I got an opportunity to play some more NBA 2K10 yesterday. I should have a post about my latest exploits in the game up later this week, I promise.

Before anything else, we have to address this. Greg Oden has obviously had plenty of free time in the past couple of years with all the constant injuries to his ancient bones and joints. Well, now we know what he's been doing with that spare time: refining his vocal talents.

(h/t Chris)

Yes, in case you're still in a state of shock, that was a video of Greg Oden singing a Backstreet Boys song. Since I couldn't find Simon Cowell's phone number, I couldn't get him to rip apart Oden's vocal stylings in over-the-top, amusing fashion. My apologies. I doubt he would have fit in our $0 budget anyway.

Also, as AnacondaHL noted in the comments, Week 2 of the NBA Jam player voting is up. This time around, we get to vote which players make it in for the powerhouse teams known as the Timbewolves, the Grizzlies, and the Warriors.

Worst of the Night in Pictures:

Caption This!
What is Stan Van Gundy thinking? Post your thoughts in the comments!

Chairman Yi appropriately sits in his chair
(AKA: Another Sad Nyets Bench Photo)

A Nate Robinson painting. Yes, it exists.

You can try to hide, Derrick, but we still know you're losing to the Warriors. Sorry, man.

"Don't worry, Luke. It's cool. We just signed a 35-year-old Jerry Stackhouse who only played 10 games last year due to injury. He'll fix everything."

Rick Adelman responds to yesterday's "YMCA" picture with an enthusiastic rendition of "Stop! In the Name of Love"

Nationally Televised Games:
Raptors at Crabs: Yes, the Raptors have been winning lately. However... LeBron against one of the worst-rated defenses in the Assocation? This could be uglier than Gheorghe Muresan. (And at least it should be more entertaining than his movie.)

All The Other Games:
Pacers at Heat: I love meaningless individual revenge games. According to Stats LLC: "In his first full season in Miami, Jermaine O'Neal has averaged 20.5 points on 65.0 percent shooting in two games against his former team." The Drain, everybody!

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Anonymous Anonymous said... that Jon Bon Jovi painting the Nate Robinson, uh, painting?

Anonymous Anonymous said...
That's an NSync song, Dan.

Blogger AnacondaHL said...
Hey Stan, puberty called, it's probably too late to grow into those pants.

Blogger Dan B. said...
Anonymous -- While I appreciate the correction, I'm also slightly sad that you actually knew that.

(And for what it's worth, I just went off the caption from the story on's Page 2 that originally linked to the video.)

Anonymous Jwoey said...
That Oden thing is from his rookie season. I thought it was awesome.

Anonymous Anonymous said...
Holy cow, has anyone else checked out the voting for Golden State's players? I can't think of a better NBA Jam backcourt than Stephen Curry and Monta Ellis - a tandem of one-trick ponies whose skills (lights out shooting and blazing speed, respectively) you could abuse to almost no end. Imagine the cheese of raping the turbo button with Ellis on fast breaks, or pulling up with Curry for never-ending 25-ft 3's.

They seem perfectly suited for this type of game (assuming NBA Jam is how I remember it). Stick them with Anthony Randolph (I guess - maybe someone else works better here) and it'd play like a cheat code. Does anyone know of a better threesome available?

Anonymous AdriĆ  said...
Stan van Gundy is looking at Phil Jackson, who's teaching his bench on awesome victory dancing, to show better than that Lebron bullshit.

SVG has it printed in that face.

Anonymous Anonymous said...
Stan is thinking ....

"That sign says Sizzler Vegetarian Feast?' WTF is that? Doesn't sound like a 'feast' to me..."

Word Verification: trobstf

Trouble with Stuff. New shorthand when texting.

"Where R U?"

Blogger Boris Tilov said...
VAN GUNDY caption -- "Bah, looks like LA got tacos again. Lucky bastards."

Blogger dominic said...
Van Gundy "Can I have Hedo back now?"

Blogger Dan B. said...
Boris Tilov -- SVG's probably wondering how he can get his hands on some of those free tacos.

Blogger Boris Tilov said...
Dan B. -- yeah, that's what I was going for.

Now immortalize me!

Blogger Clifton said...
SVG caption:

*loud abdominal gurrrrrrgle* "Uhhhhh... I KNEW I should have stopped after the 3rd bowl of Cocoa Puffs..."

Blogger chris said...
Hehehe, just HAD to quote a great comment I just found at Bulls By The Horns....

No doubt Nelson outsmarted Vinny last night. Like the announcers said, Nelson loves to play chess matches with teams. I get a feeling Vinny would prefer to play Go Fish.

Anonymous Casketje said...
SVG caption: "Oh God it's Ron Jeremy in the upper deck"

Anonymous Czernobog said...
"I can't be with my family, and there's no body around to hug but myself"

And my CAPTCHA is "unlate" which is just awesome. As in "the unlate Ben Wallace."

Anonymous Jim said...
Stan is thinking:

"Please God, just tell me what to do!"