Nash and Parker

The New Jersey Nyets: Despite giving up almost 58+ percent shooting -- Cleveland's best shooting performance of the season -- the Nyets played the Crabs pretty close. But David Stern still hasn't put a "Moral Victory" column in the NBA standings, so the end result is still the same: 2-23.

If only Devin Harris had realized the kind of dystopian future he was creating when he said "We knew we were going to be a playoff team" last December. The Nyets are now 25-63 since then. Speaking of Harris...

Devin Harris: Harris is frustrated. That's obvious. I mean, players don't start jawing with the team owner during games unless they're frustrated, right? Well, the frustration seemed to get to Harris last night when -- after getting picked clean by a lumbering Shaq -- Devin clubbed Jamario Moon on a layup attempt.

Shaq, quote machine: On his role in getting things calmed down: "I just wanted to make sure nobody got into a squabble. A grab here, grab there, everywhere a grab-grab."

Fun fact: From the AP game notes: "The Cavaliers have reached a deal to sell Tsingtao, a popular Chinese beer, inside Quicken Loans Arena. The team is close to finalizing a sale of 15 percent of the franchise to Chinese investors."

The San Antonio Spurs: For years, it seemed like the Suns were destined to play "bitch" to the Spurs' "pimp hand." Well, the roles finally reversed, for one night at least. Amar''''''e Stoudemire (28 points, 14 rebounds, 3 steals) played Tim Duncan (34 and 14) to a standstill, Steve Nash (25 points, 11-for-20 13 assists) showed up Tony Parker (15 points, 4-for-11, 3 assists) and the Suns hit 61 percent of their treys (11-for-18) in a double-digit win over their former nemesis.

The real problem for the Spurs, though, was that they got Dragic'd! Goran Dragic -- dubbed Goran Tragic by this site last season -- scored a career-high 18 points (7-for-9) and hit a career-best 4-for-5 from beyond the arc. That's right: Goran Dragic shot down the Spurs. Said Timmy D: "Steve and Amare did what they do. They played well. Dragic kind of shocked us."

He shocked us all, Tim. He shocked us all.

Here's some bonus bawful from NarSARSsist:

The Spurs are showing some absolutely embarrassing examples of how not to defend the pick and roll, and it's only 10-5.

1. Nash gets a pick at the top of the arc from Frye, goes right. McDyess comes out and shows, but doesn't really get there in time. Nash ends up going right past him. Parker? He got picked off by McDyess. Fail.

2. Nash gets a pick from STAT, and drives. Duncan shows, but is blown right past. Parker takes waaaay too wide of an angle, and Nash gets a layup with nobody within 5 feet of him.

3. Nash gets a pick again from Amar'''''e from the same position. This time when he drives, Duncan decides to stay back. Parker, though, doesn't seal off the passing lane, and sticks around too close to Nash, who passes it to a freed up Sun Tzu for an open dunk.

Timeout. Clinic is open.

More clinic-ry from the Suns. Nash gets a pick from Frye up high, and Duncan retreats all the way to inside the FT line. Nash drives, Parker follows, and Nash drops it back for Frye, who hits an open 3. Seriously guys, read your scouting reports; only one guy has hit more 3s than Frye.
Gregg Popovich, tough love machine: "I thought Phoenix did a great job coming out aggressively and keeping the aggressiveness for 48 minutes. We had too many pathetic games from too many people. You can't do that against a team like Phoenix."

Angry Pop

The Sacramento Kings: The Sactowners were apparently so juiced about their performance through three quarters that they forgot one important little thing: basketball games are still four quarters long. By the time the Kings realized this, it was too late. The Portland M.A.S.H. unit outscored their Queenly counterparts 29-15 in the final 12 minutes to eke out a 95-88 win. Afterward, LaMarcus Aldridge accused the Kings of forgetting about him too, which might explain why he had 19 points and 8 boards in the Ail Blazers' second-half comeback.

Said Sactown coach Paul Westphal: "I'm just extremely disappointed. We did not play smart basketball in the fourth quarter. We didn't do anything we had been doing the first three quarters to get that lead." Hey Paul, remind me again, who's responsible for making sure the team plays smart basketball...?

The New York Knicks: Charlotte coach Larry Brown described his team thusly after their first three quarters against the Bricks: "acting like spoiled children trying to wish and hope our way back in the game."

Don't hold back, Larry. Tell us how you really feel?

Well, the Bobcats outscored New York 28-13 in the fourth quarter -- and 15-2 in the last 2:32 -- to win 94-87. So much for the Bricks' four-game win streak. And now it was Mike D'Antoni's chance to rip his team: "We win four in a row and we had a chance to win five. I think that's probably the most important thing in the world at that point. We didn't play like it was."

I'm won't go so far as to say "they are who we thought they were," but, you know?

Seriously, though, it was a sloppy game that neither team deserved to win. Somebody must have coated the basketball with baby oil, because the Bricks and 'Cats combined to give up 53 points off 43 turnovers. Maybe going shirts and skins would have helped keep these guys from passing to the wrong team.

Eddy Curry sighting: Fat Shaq showed up for a game, finishing with 2 points and a rebound in a six-minute stint. I now expect him to miss another 10 games or so with a sore [insert body part here].

Nate Robinson: Remember all the drama the Bricks went through about re-signing this guy? And now he can't get out of D'Antoni's doghouse. Last night was another DNP-CD for Krypto-Nate.

The Chicago Bulls: It's hard to fault the Bulls -- who really aren't any good this season -- for coming up short in a game against the defending champs. I mean, they gave one hell of an effort last night, especially Joakim Noah, who got his hands on a mind-boggling 14 offensive boards. The Lakers still have Andy Bynum and Pau Gasol, right? Those guys played, didn't they? That said, a team that shoots as badly as the Bulls do from outside -- they went 2-for-11 from downtown -- absolutely has to hit their in-close shots. Too bad Chicago went 11-for-29 on layups/tip-ins. Think about that: 18 misses right at the bucket.

The Toronto Raptors: I was asked to pass this message along:

Dear Craptors,

Thanks for giving me the fourth quarter off. It'll really help me prepare for Thursday's game against the Magic. You guys rock!


Dwyane Wade
Toronto's fast-paced offense managed only 95 points on 45 percent shooting. That's not terrible, but it was the first time in seven games that the Heat managed to hold an opponent under 100 points. Past that, the Craptors' defense did their usual Dance of Fail, allowing Miami to hit 52 percent of their field goals and drop 115 points on the night. Said Jarret Jack: "When a team gets 60 in the first half, they are in a pretty good offensive rhythm. And it's tough to knock guys out of that rhythm." Oh, I dunno, Jarret. I hear "hand in the face" can help with that.

Update! AnacondaHL with some rather ugly (for the Craptors) perspective: "Raptors still holding a scintillating 115.8 DRtg. Historic Fail."

Wait, wait, wait. The Craptors have a worse defensive rating than the legendary 1990-91 Denver Nuggets?! Remember, that Nuggets squad they never -- not once in 82 games -- held an opponent under 100 points. In fact, they held an opponent under 110 points only four times. And these Craptors might be even worse defensively? I...I don't know what to say.

Note also that the Craptors were outscored 52-30 in the paint. Said Chris Bosh: "It was a key part of the game, but everybody outscores us in the paint. What makes it disappointing is we have been talking about it for so long. ... We have to take the attitude that it's not going to happen anymore. Until that happens, we are going to be a so-so team." Speaking of Bosh...

Chris Bosh: On the one hand, the RuPaul of Big Men scored a team-high 28 points (9-for-13 from the field, 10-for-11 from the line). On the other, the man he was ostensibly guarding (Michael Beasley) matched his career-high with 28 points (11-for-19). And while Beasley was snagging 11 boards, Bosh grabbed a season-low 2 rebounds in 32 minutes. Who does Chris think he is, Amar''''''e Stoudemire?!

The Detroit Pistons: Holy crap! A Knee-Mac sighting! Tracy McGrady showed up to the game last night probably expecting to shoot around, do some stretching, maybe get some treatment from the Rockets' medical staff. But after being exiled for most of the season, McGrady was in for a shock: PT.

Said Knee-Mac: "It surprised me. I went in there and talked to [coach Rick Adelman], he said he was going to play me about seven minutes and just try to work our way through this. Tonight was that night."

Of course, I'm sure it's only a coincidence that McGrady's return coincided with Trevor Ariza's one-game suspension for trying to DeCapitate DeMar DeRozen.

Maybe Knee-Mac's return inspired the Rockets, because they shot a season-high 54.7 percent from the field (including a season-best 60 percent in the first half) and Houston scored 100+ points for the first time in five games. Meanwhile, Detroit had to kind of pour it on in the fourth quarter just to reach 96 points. Of course, the Pistons are still without Ben Gordon and Tayshaun Prince. Man, if this team can ever get healthy, they might actually be dangerous. Too bad it looks like they'll never be healthy.

By the way, it was Brick-a-Palooza from beyond the arc last night, as Detroit and Houston went 6-for-37 from three-point range. You know, if you're not hitting 'em, you guys can stop shooting them. Really.

Ben Wallace: Somewhere Chris Dudley is following Big Ben's final seasons and praying that certain downward trends continue so that Wallace can earn the dubious distinction of being the Wost Free Throw Shooter in NBA History. Wallace -- who's hitting an above-average (for him) 53.7 percent at the line -- went 1-for-4 from the charity stripe last night, including two hella ugly air balls.

Rick Adelman, whining beyotch: From the ESPN NBA Rumors page:

Head coach Rick Adelman is not happy about the Rockets schedule in December and he vented Monday.

"We have a horrendous stretch here," Adelman told the Houston Chronicle. "I don't know if the league really understands that they gave us four back-to-backs. It's awful.

"And it's not just the back-to-backs. We play at home (tonight), then travel to Denver for the next one. Then the next week we play at home, then travel to Orlando for the next one. To me, it's just utterly ridiculous. But that's the schedule we have."

Adelman also is frustrated at the lack of time players and coaches will be at home around Christmas.

"I just think every team should have a chance when they're home a little bit to spend time with their families, and we have no chance," Adelman said. "This is the most ridiculous schedule I've ever seen. I wouldn't even know Christmas was coming unless someone told me, because that's all we're doing is traveling and playing games."
Gee, Rick, I'm sorry David Stern can't schedule all home games for every team in December. I'm also sorry we can't all live in the giant vagina you crawled out of. It must be fearsome to behold.

Kevin McHale, quote machine: Basketbawful reader Lucas drew my attention to McHale's proposed old-school solution to LeBron's dance of joy against the Chicago Bulls:

"If a guy was doing the Riverdance like that, coach would come over and say, 'Who's got the fewest amount of fouls of my big fellas?' " said ex-Celtic and TNT analyst Kevin McHale. "If you raised your hand, he would say, 'We will let him drive and then we will throw him on the ground.'

"When he is laying there we would say, 'Do you feel like dancing now?'

"And that pretty much solved the dancing problem."
My name is Basketbawful, and I approve this message.

Lacktion report: One last lacktion report before Chris drinks the golden nectar that is $1 beer...

Nets-Crabs: Jawad Williams earned a date with Princess Peach in just 26 seconds of courtship, scoring yet another Mario - his third in a week!!!!

Knicks-Bobcats: DJ Augustin took a singular foul for His Airness's pet project, resulting in a +1 suck differential in 10:33.

Spurs-Suns: Earl Clark used solar power to melt 2 trillion (2:02) in gold bars for Alvin Gentry!

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Blogger Dan B. said...
Goran Dragic. Ouch. Tragic, in every sense of the word.

It's a shame I can't get Popovich to strike that pose in my NBA2K10 My Player career. Maybe it'd inspire Virtual Parker and Virtual Ginobili to pass the f'ing ball once in awhile, or maybe get Duncan to play some damn interior defense. I want a trade so bad, even though the next team will suck just as bad as the one I'm on now.

I had to do a double-take when I read "53 points off 43 turnovers" from that Knicks/Bobcats game. Good God! How do you manage to turn the ball over that much? "Somebody must have coated the basketball with baby oil." I have another theory. Did both teams mistakenly wear the sam exact jerseys so nobody could tell each other apart? (Of course, nobody in their right mind would have watched this game, so there's no way we'll ever know...)

Great tweet from notmikedunleavy this morning: "He's like an older, broken Anthony Randolph! RT @WojYahooNBA Pat Riley itching to make changes, intrigued by TMac"

Anonymous kazam92 said...
"Lakers at Bulls: The Lakers are on their longest road trip so far this season, and Kobe's chucking up bricks with his broken finger. Huzzah! (Now, watch Kobe go off and drop 40 points tonight just to spite me.)"

and spite Mamba shall!

Anonymous Anonymous said...
I hereby dub Trevor Ariza as Failbow, for 1. attempting such an act, and 2. for failing to even connect at his attempt.

Anonymous Barry said...
1$ beer, we talking watered-down event piss or Quality, Guiness-esque divinity? /I'd go anyway

Blogger Dan B. said...
kazam92 -- As I noted in that BAD entry's comments, that was as inevitable as the sun rising in the East. It's what Kobe does. Sadly.

Blogger Murcy said...
some dirty quotemachinery from a Suns announcer, regarding the late Tragic. According to them:

"coming out party for Dragic", which is one thing, but just two minutes later:

"Dragic can bang you inside and shake you!"

since when can you bang someone anywhere ELSE but inside, btw?

Anonymous NarSARSsist said...
Anonymous - Hilariously, he would have to fail another 8 elbows to match his shooting against the Raptors. Rockets shoot a season high as soon as Ariza leaves the lineup? Coincidence?

Anonymous the Oden Apologist said...
yes it was against a Kings team minus their leading scorer, and it was at home, and they had to come back to do it, but the Blazers are now undefeated when Stevie "the Back-Up" Blake does not start. Even with Miller playing like ass, its still better than giving minutes to Blake who is a gigantic lady part this year.

Evans for ROY, Lopez for the East-All-stars, Free Bayless.

Blogger Basketbawful said...
"Lakers at Bulls: The Lakers are on their longest road trip so far this season, and Kobe's chucking up bricks with his broken finger. Huzzah! (Now, watch Kobe go off and drop 40 points tonight just to spite me.)" and spite Mamba shall!

Yes, congrats to Kobe, who was going to keep shooting like crazy until he got it across to everyone that his finger's fine.

Which, of course, it is. I'm not saying it doesn't hurt, but I've had the same injury Bryant has had a few times, and I usually just splint or tape the finger and keep playing. Which is why, as BadDave loves to point out, my hands look like something out of a dinosaur exhibit. Seriously, I have pterodactyl hands.

Anonymous NarSARSsist said...
I nominate Steve Nash for chris' Worst of the Night. His missed floater 1 minute into the game ruined what would have been an 11 trillion performance for Keith Bogans. Damn it Nash, make the damn shot and give the guy his lacktion!

It's sad, really, but that "Yeeeeargh!" photo actually represented roughly the most defense the Spurs played all night. There were one or two instances where Hill, a good defender by reputation, straight up got beat by Nash to the basket in a 1 on 1 situation. Jefferson just played so poorly that Pop benched him for a lineup that featured Bonner and Ginobili, who were shot 2/8 apiece on the night.

Blogger chris said...
What a (failtacular) game for the purple paupers! Hopefully they've gotten just enough rest to look respectable for $1 Beer Night.

That 4th quarter meltdown started with one of the worst full-court pass attempts from JT (with the Blazers responding by showing them HOW it's done), followed by several bricked free throws, and then...yeah, by that point, I don't think the Kings knew what hit them, and they were down by 5.

Anonymous the Oden Apologist said...
chris - Hawes ? Should he stay or should he go now ? At least the Kings have some hope outside of winning the lottery.

Blogger Kcan said...
against the nets, darnell jackson bricked once, snagged a rebound and lost the rock once, also while getting a personal foul IN 13:25 minutes. FAIL

Blogger Cortez said...
"When he is laying there we would say, 'Do you feel like dancing now?'"

And since James, in all likelihood, has never been in a fight in his life there would be no worry of any retaliation from him afterward. (outside of the attention seeking scowl and over the top posturing, that is)

Blogger AnacondaHL said...
Raptors still holding a scintillating 115.8 DRtg. Historic Fail.

Blogger chris said...
KCan: Yeah, the rebound ruined a potential appearance of Mr. "Lacktion" Jackson in the report last night!

(meanwhile I am considering going to next Wednesday's Crabs-Kings matchup to witness Darnell's non-contribution in person. Oh, and the contributory basketball of crustaceans such as King Crab and Mo and Shaq.)

Blogger chris said...
Oden Apologist: I'm not sure changing the team makeup right now will create much of an improvement...the core is still young, still inexperienced...still not at the stage where they are self-aware of any potential move to Vegas/podunkville/wherever the Maloofs feel like this week, should that happen.

I wonder what that last season in Seattle must've felt like for Durant and co., come to think of it...

Blogger Basketbawful said...
AnacondaHL -- The fact that the Craptors have a worse defensive rating than the 1999-91 Denver Nuggets stuns me. Remember, that Nuggets squad never, not once, held an opponent under 100 points, and they held an opponent under 110 points only four times.

But the 2009-10 Craptors might be worse defensively?!

Historic fail is right.

Blogger chris said...
Bawful: That's what happens when you give up _146_ in a game, too. :D

To put it in perspective though, the Craptors have even held opponents under 90 points FIVE times, and under 80 once!!!!!!

Blogger Raf said...
"Lakers at Bulls: The Lakers are on their longest road trip so far this season, and Kobe's chucking up bricks with his broken finger. Huzzah! (Now, watch Kobe go off and drop 40 points tonight just to spite me.)"

Way to go. I was there.

Blogger Basketbawful said...
Here's some bonus bawful that has nothing whatsoever to do with basketball.

I have a buddy, let's call him "Mark." (But no, his name really is Mark.) Mark's a smart guy, but he sometimes invents the craziest-ass words and phrases out of fucking nowhere in mid-conversation.

This has been going on for a while, and we all do a dance of joy when he commits a new malapropism. And I mean that literally. I danced just this morning. It's awesome.

We waited way too long to start recording Mark's Markisms for posterity. But here are some of my favorites. So if I ever pull one of these out and use it in a post, you'll know where it came from:


Something's aloof (afoot, amiss)

I have this envisionment...

Mad dash to over-ness

Alarologist (urologist?)


Murder and plundage

Psychotic labrynths



Fermented for "cemented"

Dispatched of debaucheering

Assessed for "abreast" or "apprised" of the thing. As in "I need to keep you assessed..."


Ball on his sack

Toilet bowl of destiny

No form no foul

Please, have apity on me. (sympathy / pity / apathy)

Blogger Will said...
chris- since the Oden Watch has been put on hold until next year, does this mean that Raptor Watch will take front and center?

Blogger chris said...
Bawful: It's like Chick Hearn, with only 1/5th the wit! Awesome.

Blogger chris said...
And why does "Psychotic Labyrinths" sound like the perfect name for either a band, or a cornmaze designed in the likeness of Ron Artest?

Blogger chris said...
TBOD on the other a great way to describe certain lottery teams.

Or maybe just the one up the road from Perth Amboy, Elizabeth, and Rahway.

Anonymous Wormboy said...
1) I notice that each of those P&R scenarios involve Nashie. I'm not saying that the Spurs D was adequate (it wasn't), but the best PGs can run the P&R so that even a good team, knowing it's coming, can still fail to defend it. Remember the championship Bulls against Stockton and Malone.

2) Who would have thought that Bruce Bowen was so critical to the Spurs? Maybe we haven't given the guy enough credit all along.

Blogger chris said...
Will: My question is, can any team really be defensively worse than one that gave up 100+ points a game every night? It looks like Toronto's secret right now is to give up one really bad game every few weeks, to send their average skyward. And Raptors fans have noticed.

Interestingly, Hollinger claimed at one point that the 2005-06 Sonics were the worst ever.

Blogger chris said...
And for comparison, here's the 90-91 Nuggets on bballref for perusal.

Only name I recognize on that motley clique of 'efensive fools is Avery Johnson!

Blogger chris said...
Wormboy: Don't forget that Bowen wasn't just useful when he was productive, but he also had been a star lacktator on and off in his career!!!!!

Blogger Basketbawful said...
And why does "Psychotic Labyrinths" sound like the perfect name for either a band, or a cornmaze designed in the likeness of Ron Artest?

I don't like to use "lol"...but lol.

Interestingly, Hollinger claimed at one point that the 2005-06 Sonics were the worst ever.

Based on Defensive Rating, they're certainly up there. But, really, it would be hard to match the 90-91 Nuggets for pure bawfulness. I mean, that team didn't even try to play defense. I can't tell you how many "The Nuggets might be the first team to ever give up 200 points in a game" articles I read that season.

Do yourself a favor and check out that team's game log. They opened the season by giving up 162 points to the Golden State Warriors. That was the first of three times they gave up 160+ in their first six games.

Their best "defensive" efforts that season came against the Minnesota Timberwolves (105 and 108 points allowed over two games), the Charlotte Hornets (104) and the (erk) Utah Jazz (106).

Keep in mind that Charlotte and Minny were expansion teams. As for the Jazz, I don't know what the hell their problem was. They shot about 50 percent as a team, Malone scored 31 points (although he shot 11-for-25) and Stockton had 19 points, 12 assists and 6 steals. Freaking Mark Eaton had 18 rebounds.

I also have an old copy of "Celtic Pride," which was Boston's fan magazine back in the day, and Larry Bird said he couldn't wait to play Denver so he could boost his shooting percentage.

Anonymous zedgen said...
chris - maybe I am getting old, but that nuggs team was the classic Paul Westhead/Loyola Marymount team. The entire system was predicated on no defense since they felt they could beat you down the floor and get a better shot.

And those players were relatively name players. Michael Adams (think Nate Robinson if he was allowed to shoot all time) and Orlando Wooldridge(gerald wallace) were relatively well known. Walter Davis was a multiple time all-star and ROY. Abdul-Rauf (aka Chris Jackson) was unstobbable at LSU and his OCD served him well in that he was great FT shooter. Reggie Williams was the first Junk Yard Dog from his Georgetown days.

That Nuggs team had a modicum talent, just ran an insane system.

Blogger Basketbawful said...
More 1990-91 Nuggets madness. I just checked out their splits. They gave up 141.2 PPG in November, 134.3 PPG in December, 124.7 PPG in January, 129.9 PPG in February, 124.7 PPG in March, and 130.1 PPG in April.

Their defense really picked up in the second half of the season. They surrendered 133.1 PPG before the All-Star break and 127.9 PPG after it.

The Phoenix Suns averaged 148.5 PPG against them over four games. The Golden State Warriors averaged 147.5 PPG against them in their four contests.

Their best PPG showing was against the expansionist Timberpups, who averaged "only" 117.0 PPG in five meetings.

Hell, the Clippers averaged 134.5 PPG against them.

Yes, I know these aren't advanced stats. But they're fun stats.

Blogger chris said...
Bawful: I think we are going to have to see some videos of the 90-91 Nuggets' playing what appears to be 0SOL (0 Seconds or Less [of D]), soon enough.

162 points. I don't even know what to say about that. Other than that it sure beats the handcheck era for entertainment.

Anonymous NarSARSsist said...
Wormboy - Yes, a good pair running a pick and roll is damn hard to stop, but it shouldn't have looked THAT bad if the Spurs want to claim that they're any semblance of their old selves. I'm more frustrated by the effort than by the result. If Nash goes past a pick, Duncan tries to defend him, he drives by Timmy, then dishes it to an open man when the defense rotates to help, that's one thing. However, getting picked off by your own teammate? Letting Nash saunter in for an easy layup? That's just ugly. It seemed like the Spurs were quite content with letting their two defenders go in an island situation with Nash and his pick-setter, and happily replying, "Thank you, may I have another" after getting beat. I know it's the regular season and practice time is hard to come by, but the way the Spurs is getting smoked in the pick and roll game is just disturbing, and that's just in the small sample of games that I had time to watch (Jazz x2, Bucks). One could argue that the Spurs, come playoff time, could prepare a gameplan, but likewise, couldn't the opposition create a gameplan exploiting the Spurs guards taking the scenic route every time a pick comes? That's what I'm afraid of with this lack of improvement.

Anonymous Anonymous said...
those loyola marymount/nuggs team were the equivalent of a football team running a no huddle, spread offense that always goes for it on fourth down and always goes for two, that always does an on-side kick and always blitzes on D.

Beautiful in its own way. Which is why Raptors are realling entering a special place where their actual attempt to play defense is now worse than a team whose entire scheme was to play no defense.

Anonymous Anonymous said...
The Suns will barely win 2 games in this year's playoffs. The Spurs won't get garbage games from both Manu and TP again. Leondro's return for PHX should also make the next matchup more interesting.

SA really needs to get it together defensively, Pop has to settle on a rotation as time is running out. The Spurs have a pitiful record against +.500 teams. Still a long way to go in the season, but I still think SA will be the second best team in the west come April.

Blogger AnacondaHL said...
2005-06 Sonics (35-47) vs 1990-91 Nuggets (20-62)

Since the Nuggets's pace was off the charts at 113.7 (vs 91.6), lets also look at some percentages in addition to per game numbers.

Raw opponent %'s
Nuggets: .512 FG%, .386 3pt% (13th and 19th worst of all time, respectively)
Sonics: .485 FG%, .375 3pt%

Dean Oliver's 3 of 4 factors for defense, since I personally think FT/FGA is a stupid metric:
Nuggets opponents: .524 eFG%, .141 TOV%, .671 DRB%
Sonics opponents: .527 eFG%, .136 TOV%, .690 DRB%

So it's similar, but still bad all around. People cared a lot more about offensive rebounds back in '91, but I'd still give the edge to the Nuggets. Worst ever? Tune in this season to find out...

Blogger Clifton said...
I think Kevin McHale may have undone, like, two or 2½ years of his fail in Minnesota with that statement. Clothesline FTW!

Blogger Unknown said...
Hell yea about the suns! And when i go to a suns game im making a sign that says dragic is Magic! but im going to bring a large letter T in case he plays poorly then he will go back to dragic is tragic. I do love Slovania's favorite son

Blogger Dan B. said...
Simmons has a column on things that didn't make it into his book. Some were cut because they didn't fit. Others were changes that have happened since the book was finished. Good read. In it, he mentions: "Did you know Chris Schenkel was once the voice of the NBA? (Frank Deford crushed him in a 1971 Sports Illustrated piece, writing, "The choice of Schenkel ... was most unfortunate." There's a reason ABC kept him on bowling.)" Now, here's what's really funny. I'm an avid bowler, and quite a few people on bowling forums I read actually pine for the old Chris Schenkel commentary days because they don't like the commentary on today's bowling broadcasts. Today's pro bowling head commentator? Rob Stone, who is one of Simmons' buddies. I just love how that works out full circle. Then again, I'm also easily entertained.

Blogger Basketbawful said...
Since the Nuggets's pace was off the charts at 113.7...

Seriously. If Mike D'Antoni invented Seven Seconds or Less, Paul Westphal invented Four Seconds To Shoot or The Bombs I've Implanted in Your Brains will Go Off.

Imagine a team that fastbreaks on every single possession and basically shoots as soon as they cross halfcourt. That wss the 90-91 Nuggets.

Blogger LotharBot said...
I don't recall Adelman whining about, say, Denver playing 4 b2b's in their first 9 games (14 days total). His team is playing 8 games in 13 days, which is tough but not unheard of. And they get Christmas Eve and Christmas off.

Blogger Dan B. said...
Bawful -- "Paul Westphal invented Four Seconds To Shoot or The Bombs I've Implanted in Your Brains will Go Off."

Hey, Keanu Reeves is on the phone. He has a movie pitch for you.

Blogger Paul said...
From Yesterday's B.A.D.

" Lakers at Bulls: The Lakers are on their longest road trip so far this season, and Kobe's chucking up bricks with his broken finger. Huzzah! (Now, watch Kobe go off and drop 40 points tonight just to spite me.)"

Not only we now have irrefutable proof that Kobe Bryant reads yours posts. But we now also know that he hates you probably even more than you hate him.

Blogger chris said...
Bawful and Dan: So that means when he's kvetching in post-game pressers about the issues with the Kings' team defense, he really has no leg to stand on!? :D

Blogger Basketbawful said...
Bawful and Dan: So that means when he's kvetching in post-game pressers about the issues with the Kings' team defense, he really has no leg to stand on!?

Which makes me think: wouldn't it be great if Westphal did the same thing with the Kings? Terrible, yes. But great.

Anonymous Anonymous said...
Dan B: Whoa.

I assume Christopher Lambert, star of Fortress and Fortress 2, will be making an appearance...

Blogger Dan B. said...
Paul -- If Kobe hates me that much just for being a Basketbawful writer, I shudder to think how much he hates Basketbawful the person.

Bawful -- Terrible... great... same difference. It'd be fun to watch at the very least.

Anonymous the Oden Apologist said...
I think whatever team is eliminated from the playoffs first should adopt the Westhead approach and literally try to score 200 points in a game. I am looking at the Wolves here. Jettison/rest Jefferson, let flynn, brewer, love go crazy.

They should publically state that as their goal, they would sell tickets, generate interest, etc. etc.

Anonymous Anonymous said...
also Westphal is a Westhead discple but not Westhead. Westhead is head coach for U of Oregon Womens team now.

I do miss the Loyola Marymount teams, they averaged something like 120 pts a game, while winning. I know they made the elite 8 once.

Blogger chris said...
Bawful: So it turns out that Oden Apologist and zedgen were right and it's NOT the Kings' current coach trying a run-and-gun style of the past, but someone who was at one point an assistant in Klahma.

Don't we already have an excessively offensive-minded coach working with a bad team already? You know, the one at the arena whose initials stand for an unhealthy substance often found in takeout Chinese food.

Blogger chris said...
Oden Apologist: Of course, that's only possible if you get enough possessions to jack up at least 75-80 successful shots...if you're playing uptempo but your opponent isn't...that could reduce the potential for scoring.

Anonymous the Oden Apologist said...
chris - that is the best part - full court press and give up dunks. Force the possessions. Forget about winning until it looks like you might hit 200 and hope the other team tires out.

On wiki it looks like that nuggets team once gave up 107 in half to phx, so 200 might be a possibility.

Blogger Cortez said...
"I assume Christopher Lambert, star of Fortress and Fortress 2, will be making an appearance..."

There's a Fortress 2?!?!?!?!?!

Off to Netflix, STAT!

Blogger chris said...
Oden Apologist: What's amazing really is that in the Chamberlain 100 Point game, it wasn't like the Warriors were playing much defense either, with the final being 169-147. If Philly had gone out and bothered to just score at will with the rest of the guys (as opposed to just having Wilt do his thing), would they have broken 200 in front of nobody in Hershey?!?

Blogger chris said...
BTW, it's just FOUR AND A HALF HOURS until $1 Beer Night at Arco!!!!!!

:D :D :D

Blogger John said...
I wish somebody would deck Lebron some time. They'd probably be put on death row, but it'd be worth it. I nominate Udonis Haslem. Or Joel Pryzbilla

Blogger Paul said...
" Paul -- If Kobe hates me that much just for being a Basketbawful writer, I shudder to think how much he hates Basketbawful the person."

hahaha, sorry Dan. Got you mixed up with our bawful resident.

Anonymous Anonymous said...
I'm surprised you're not all over this, Basketbawful.

Blogger mg said...
If they keep giving the Lakers games like this it's gonna be hard to take them down from #1.

Anonymous Anonymous said...
Sacramento fans seem awfully subdued for $1 beers.

Blogger chris said...
Anonymous: I'll probably add this into WOTN, but...

- The $1 beer lines were very limited - only FOUR of them, they were selling beer elsewhere at full price!! Thus, they were long and crowded and I never got a chance, though I did get a $1 lemonade and a $1 sprite along the way.

- All alcohol sales ended before the 3rd quarter.

Yeah, it wasn't much of a chance for Auburn Hills-style insanity. Most of the craziness came from the late-game brickfest and that painful last drive by Agent Zero that didn't exactly go as planned!!