If some of you wonder what goes through the mind / keyboard of Bawful on a given day during the playoffs, I thought this might be a treat - a completely unfiltered Skype between him and myself about Game 4 of the Eastern Conference Finals, and other related subject matter.

Remember, this is unedited - no removal of statements I thought might upset or offend anyone - so it should be taken as such. It's just two fans of a particular team having a chat, and I think there's a lot of good stuff here. Enjoy, and go Celts.


Bawful: Well...that was an exciting game.
Evil Ted: too exciting...and the officiating is now just...confusing
Bawful: How so?
Evil Ted: traveling call on KG....double foul on KG and LeBron...Pierce's and LeBron's 6th fouls...no call on D Wade's raping pierce...it's like the entire game was make-up calls from one end to the other...no wonder Crawford was involved
Bawful:  Yeah.
Bawful:  The travel on KG was bullshit. Total. And the reviews showed it. And besides...they never call the foot shuffle around the three-point arc.
Bawful: The 6th fouls were rather mystifying, if only because the rest of the game was so physical.
Bawful:  It seems like any time somebody falls down, the refs feel they HAVE to call something.
Evil Ted: well, they have to call SOMETHING ...took the words out of my mouth
Bawful:  The raping of Pierce was also bullshit. A full-on body block.
Bawful: That game was a clinic on how NOT to officiate.
Evil Ted:  yeah. there were a few occasional good gutsy calls...kg holding lebron's arm to keep him from blocking rondo's layup was more than legit
Evil Ted: and wade gets an open look to end it...lucky miss...but it feels now like 2-2 is about right
Bawful:  Yeah.
Bawful:  Although, you know, if Rondo had gotten the call he deserved in OT in Game 2, when Wade whacked him on the head, it would be 3-1 C's.
Bawful: I think, if anything, the officiating has gone the Heat's way in every game, even if only a little.
Bawful:  What about Rondo calling out the Heat at halftime?
Evil Ted:  I would say the C's are getting it more favorably at home, but only slightly...Rondo is just poking the bear...everybody's been annoyed with officials...his point was that they were doing it in transition, giving the Celtics fast break points, which was the question: "How were you scoring on them"...essentially...rondo clearly has no fear...
Evil Ted:  and while he's had some slow segments of games, I think it's time to put away the "trade rondo" talk for good.
Bawful: Yeah. He was poking the bear...even if it's true.
Bawful:  If the Celtics could get Deron Williams and flip Rondo for a major piece or two, I'd still do it.
Bawful:  But that's about the only way I'd do it.
Evil Ted: Rondo's proven enough to me at this point.
Bawful: I'm not saying he hasn't proven his greatness...but you need to take a big picture view and not just look at the playoffs. He goes through long stretches of the regular season when he's in a funk and submits occasional inexplicable stink bombs where he clearly doesn't give a shit.
Bawful:  I still worry about him.
Bawful: His attitude is just...weird.
Bawful: He's just an odd one.
Bawful:  Take Game 2...he was aggressive with his jumpers.
Bawful:  Last night, he was back to not wanting to even consider taking one.
Bawful:  Which, again, allowed the Heat D to do a lot of sagging off.
Evil Ted: Actually, I think they played him tighter last night. He was not getting 12-15 foot open looks...he takes what the D gives. His decision making is hard to argue with...in fact Spo said it's tough to plan for him because he plays so different from game to game. Of course, Spo can't coach his way out of a paper bag, but still
Bawful:  I dunno. I think Rondo is the NBA equivalent of the crazy girlfriend. When she's giving you wild sex, you think everything is great. When Rondo is playing great, all the other stuff feels okay...but it will come back to bite the team in the ass at some point. Which is the only reason the "trade Rondo" rumors have never gone away.
Bawful:  But, even then, as I said, I think that there are very select circumstances in which Rondo would be dealt.
Bawful:  And I can't see Deron signing in Boston.
Bawful: So...
Bawful:  Rondo ain't going anywhere.
Evil Ted:  which is fine. he's good enough to build around
Bawful:  I guess we'll find out, huh?
Bawful:  Good to see Ray hitting agian.
Evil Ted:  indeed
Bawful:  Bosh is supposed to come back for Game 5.
Evil Ted:  to either make a positive difference, or ruin the chemistry
Evil Ted:  or play at 75%...we'll see
Bawful:  Yep.
Bawful:  Celts gotta get Game 5 if they wanna win the series.
Bawful:  By the way, although I agree Garnett pulled LeBron's arm on that Rondo drive, LeBron was also getting his arm under Garnett's, which is supposed to be a foul. I'm just sayin'.
Evil Ted:  maybe...anything can happen in game7's, and I feel comfortable with them at home...they should stilll, however, play like it's a game 7...I can't defend KG's hand yank there. can't do it...without that, it's a no-call
Bawful: I never said KG's yank wasn't a foul...only that LeBron fouled him first and it wasn't called.
Bawful: Defenders aren't allowed to push their arms up under the offensive player's arms. LeBron was clearly doing that...otherwise KG wouldn't have had anything to grab onto.
Bawful:  The refs called the double foul to keep the rough play from happening...then, when it didn't, KG got tagged.
Bawful:  Whatever, though. A lot of calls were head-scratchers.
Bawful:  But I am fucking sick and tired of seeing Heat players go flying at the slightest contact. They are the worst team in the league at taking dives.
Bawful:  Every fucking time. Every one of them does it.
Bawful:  Chalmers, Battier, Wade, LeBron, Haslem, etc.
Bawful:  Bump 'em, and they're gonna take a dive.
Evil Ted:  I will agree...but will take one name off that list. James, I think, is the only player who plays like a growed man...my heat hate is squarely focused on Wade. Can't stand that whining, leg-flailing dork.
Bawful:  Yeah. Wade is a complete and total bitch-ass bitch. I used to like him...now I cannot stand him.
Evil Ted: LeBron, on the other hand, I'm finding less hateable...he just seems businesslike out there more than any other heat player...not really a good leader, or clutch performer, but plays like a man.
Bawful:  I dunno. I still don't like him. Comments like "I don't foul out" when he was bitching about the calls made against him...the fact that he (in case you hadn't heard) doesn't come out of the tunnel until right before gametime (he even skips the player intros).
Bawful: When he taunted KG.
Evil Ted: agreed, but that stuff is enhanced by his making "the decision" and being on the heat. on the whole, I find him more mature and classy than the rest of the heat team.
Bawful: I'm still not sold. But then, I don't need to be.
Bawful: Just rootin' for the C's.
Evil Ted:  same here
Bawful: If they do beat the Heat...man...this squad will officially be competing with Larry's teams in my heart.
Evil Ted: don't get ahead of yourself...and the thunder and spurs are both scary match ups
Bawful: I wasn't saying that meant they'd win the title...only that their fight and heart has moved me.
Bawful: Just in terms of affection.
Bawful: They may have won only the one title, but their heart and attitude has gotten to me.
Evil Ted: They've been gritty for years...with each passing year as they get older, it's more impressive...
Bawful: KG's renaissance has been particularly impressive.
Evil Ted:  yes...he's playing inspired ball...
Bawful: And his presence / absence has a profound effect.
Bawful: They've been tracking it at ESPN.com.
Bawful: When KG is in, the C's are huge on teh + side...but way in the - when he sits.
Evil Ted:  yeah...the team is completely different with him in the middle. doc still limits his minutes to keep him effective.
Bawful:  Yeah. He has to. But I cringe every time KG goes to the bench...cuz that's when teams make their runs.
Evil Ted:  yup. tis what it is.
Evil Ted: they have what they have. bench play and rebounding are the critical elements to offset that
Bawful: Bench came up big last night.
Bawful: Although, god damn, I wish Pietrus could hit a shot.
Bawful: He had two GINORMOUS offensive boards in OT though.
Evil Ted:  daniels is making use of himself. Pietrus shooting has been abysmal, but the defense and boards have been making him a nice X factor.
Bawful: For the record, the 2008 team would destroy any team currently in the playoffs.
Evil Ted:  if this were 4 years ago, that would be relevant ;)
Bawful: Yeah, yeah. ;)
Evil Ted: The '86 team would DESTROY these teams...see?
Bawful:  I'm just saying...as the years pass, I'm realizing how truly special that '08 squad really was.
Evil Ted:  and the '10...who shoulda won
Bawful: Yeah. :(
Bawful: I'll always remember the Perkins injury...and the 28 offensive boards the Lakers got in Game 7.
Evil Ted:  that sucked...and don't forget, it was Kobe who stuck his leg out to make that happen.
Bawful:  I won't forget that, either.

Editor's note: It is ET's misguided belief that Kobe Bryant made an intentional leg flail that caused Kendrick Perkins to go down in game 6 of the 2010 NBA Finals. There is absolutely, positively zero proof of this assertion, nor will there ever be until after a thorough autopsy of Kobe Bryant's brain, which ET plans to request (and potentially pay for) upon Kobe's passing.
Anonymous Naz said...
I'm not sure why we needed this instead of a post about Game 5 of the WCF

Blogger Raza said...
Guys, I am destroyed over the results of last night's game. I give the Spurs a 10% chance to win Game 6 at this point. I feel like they figured some things out in the second half of Game 5, and Stephen Jackson deserves more minutes.

This is the most brutal postseason for a Spurs fan since the 2006 series vs the Mavs.

Anonymous Bill R. said...
Agree with the falling down comment. It's happening in both series to a weird extent, and it's not just flopping to draw offensive fouls. Nearly all drives and contested loose balls are ending up in guys falling on the ground. Same thing even with low-post battles, such as LeBron falling down after his battle with KG. And nine times out of ten the refs call something. Because they feel they have to.

There's no easy solution for the refs, but it's really making these games turn on the foul calls.

Blogger Barry said...
Bill R: I know what you mean, I've been conditioned by all these years of people falling down when driving in the lane that every time someone does that, I'm expecting that whistle.

And I suppose they feel they must be blowing the whistle because someone is falling down, for whatever reason.

Blogger Wormboy said...
LOL, so much of this conversation reminds me of Matt Bawful posts. He really speaks like he posts? That's funny. Like groupthink with yourself. O_o

On substance: So freakin discouraged about officiating. The ECF has been atrocious, and I really get the feeling that officials are deciding each game. What a crock of shit. I think I'll just go to bed early tonight top get a good sleep for a change. I can watch the recorded last 5 minutes in the morning.

As far as officiating: Some of you know that I'm neither a Celtics or Heat fan. I grew up in downstate Illinois near STL, so my only fanhood was the Bulls earlier, and the Sonics in the 90s when I lived there. Thanks to skank ho Clay Bennett I have no team now. I consider the home cooking to have been extreme in Miami (scorching, to abuse those already overused Heat puns), and medium in Boston. This isn't surprising given the degree that a) the NBA worships superstars, and b) the degree to which LeBron and Wade have always sucked up to officials. The fact is that Celtics stars not named Pierce and Allen don't bother to kiss ref ass. Advantage Heat.

When does Bosh return? How rusty is he? Time off doesn't necessarily cause rust, but rest core muscle injuries causes lots of it, because it's hard to do just about anything without using your core. If Bosh looks good right away, the Celtics have no chance. If he looks rusty, poor efficiency may actually HURT Miami. If I were the Celtics I'd take it right at him frequently on offense, and see if they can psych his ass out and maybe foul him out because he's rusty. But a healthy Bosh doing well greatly increases Miami balance, which is what has hurt them since Indiana.

Floppers: Gotta say Miami does more of it. Wade especially, but also LeBron does it too (let's not forget the ridiculous Chandler foul in Round 1, plus acting like he was hammered out of bounds. Both caught red-handed on replay and mocked by the press). LeBron flops differently than Wade, but flop he does.

Plus, the officials all want to slurp those guys. That said, Pierce is also a huge flopper, maybe the biggest in the league. But single-handedly he cannot outweigh LeBron and Wade, plus Chalmers likes to dive a lot, and reminders me of early Wade until he trashed his shoulder. Advantage Heat.

Battier: flops no more or less than most NBA players (which is a lot these days), but damn that dude can seriously draw charges. hats off to him. He's making a big difference in the playoffs and is shutting up the people who criticize him. As usual his contributions aren't that evident in the box score, but that is the story of his career, and other guys like him. He's got my respect even though he's a Dookie.

Agreed on KG and +/-: his is one of the biggest player impacts I've ever seen in a series. The box doesn't show it, but he IS the Celtics this year. They don't win a single game against Miami without him playing each game like he's 5 years younger. Absolutely astonishing. I still think he's a dick, but he's achieved god-like status in my mind for this. Let's remember what a dick Jordan was, but how much we all admired his game.

You guys really use emoticons in verbal conversations? ;)

And yeah, Kobe is always the biggest dick of all.

PS I'm ignoring you homers. You're too biased. :P

Anonymous Anonymous said...
You guys rule.

Blogger Dan B. said...
Wormboy -- I can confirm that yes, Matt really does speak like he posts. Great and entertaining guy to talk to.

Blogger TeamD said...
Wormboy, what Zbo did last year was amazing, is at least what dicK-G is doing now.

HEat played with no passion, no will and with no team effort. They can't build one with JAmes and Wade being so cocky and bitchy, reffearing to the james intro each game.

If some of you played some pro sports, you know that most of the time flashy players ruin team chemistry, there a few who stay down on earth and treat teammates equally and are humble enough to be reliable on and off the court, see rose/durant etc

Spo can't coach at this level, i realized it after this game, he isn't prepared for the finals. Doc is a masterpiece. I used to hate celtics but just for pierce crying, kg dickery and so forth, no i start to understand them and i am aware people have bad habits or problems with their behavior, now i appreciate their heart and effort, their will to succeed, which besides okc/spurs was absent this current nba season.

Loved the post and your conversation, i really think you should have let Bawful ramble a bit more, i saw more potential in him :)

Anonymous Anonymous said...
That was entertaining. That Bawful dude should post here now and then, maybe do a recap of last night or something. Oh wait.

Anonymous Anonymous said...
Meme of the day provided by a 10 years old.
"Good Job, Good Effort"

Anonymous JJ said...
What a crazy turnaround! Both in ECF and WCF, 2 teams with home court advantage and 2-0 lead are down 3-2. If this ends up being Thunder-Celtics Finals, I'd like to say that Celtics have no chance. But, I see how people (including myself) keep writing off the Celtics and they just keep coming up with wins. So, I think if Celtics make it to Finals, anything can happen.

Anonymous Ruben said...
You guys know that you can use Skype to call each other, right?

But I'm glad you didn't do a video call and upload it. I'd much rather read that conversation than watch you guys as if you are online sex-chat whores. I've missed you guys recently, so thanks.

Anonymous Aaron said...
Listening to Brian Windhorst, you can tell he is shitting his pants now. He is going to lose his job when Heat trades LeBron and he is moving back to Cleveland!

Blogger Wormboy said...
OK, I lied. I actually watched Game 5 buzzer to buzzer. Holy crap.

I'm going to go out on a limb here though. First, the league wants a game 7. David Stern wet dream. Miami WILL win game 6 in Boston. Second, Miami will have another game to rediscover its relationship to Bosh. Though it pains me greatly to say it, I think the Heat will win this series. :(

Blogger Wormboy said...
Kendrick Perkins does the Riverdance.


Anonymous Aaron said...
two things i dislike: spurs and lebron. a week ago, i was dreading to see a final between those two. but now…hahahahahahahahahahahahahaha

Anonymous Anonymous said...
Mario West finally gets more playing time...

... in the Philippines.


Anonymous Anonymous said...
Interesting convo, but I just need to call out this:

"Bawful: KG's renaissance has been particularly impressive.
Evil Ted: yes...he's playing inspired ball...
Bawful: And his presence / absence has a profound effect.
Bawful: They've been tracking it at ESPN.com.
Bawful: When KG is in, the C's are huge on teh + side...but way in the - when he sits.
Evil Ted: yeah...the team is completely different with him in the middle. doc still limits his minutes to keep him effective."

I've been hearing this from friends and the media over the past week, and I think it's ludicrous. Yes, KG is playing very well, but everyone is forgetting that Bosh isn't playing. That's not some small, nearly insignificant reason KG is playing so well; we're talking about the ONLY competent (and by competent I mean 7 time allstar) big man on the entire Heat roster. KG is being guarded by Joel Anthony and Udonis Haslem. It's easy to ascribe someone such lofty attributes when their opposing team matchups are so favorable.

That is all.

Blogger starang said...
So wait...You "Can't stand that whining, leg-flailing dork" Wade...and he's a "complete and total bitch-ass bitch"...but one of the biggest fat-ass flopping idiots of all time, who bounces his way through the lane off ever player every time, even when he has a clear path, is OK because he plays for your C's?

Please explain.

Bawful, you know my hatred for Kobe. It is only surpassed by one other player, Pierce, and its because he is the worst flopper ever. Cannot stand to watch him play basketball, and hope to hell I don't have to see him play in the Finals.

Anonymous Frankfurter said...
Have to agree with Anonymous re KG's renaissance. It is undeniable that he's playing inspired ball but do think that in the excitement, everyone forgets that a huge part of the Heat team is on the bench.

I think Bosh's impact has been understated because the Heat were able to get by the Pacers essentially with output from 2 players. Boston has veteran savvy, good matchups and a great coach so they've been able to exploit the weaknesses that the Heat currently have.

Blogger starang said...
God, I love seeing Pierce sit with 3 fouls at 5:40 in the 2nd. Especially since it was on a pump fake. Beaten at his own, pathetic, terrible, terrible game.

Now I can actually watch a little basketball without vomiting.

Anonymous Aaron said...
Here is my continuing problem with LeBron. Now I am hearing that "oh, he has to do it all because Wade and the rest suck." You can say that the team that is built around him is not good (like he was in Cleveland). But here is the thing. HE PICKED MIAMI! He could have gone to Chicago! But he picked Miami! It's one thing to say Cleveland did not give him help and now Miami is not giving him help. But he could have gone to a complete team in his free-agency. So fuck him!

Anonymous Naz said...
Except Lebron isn't blaming his teammates for anything so you can't say "fuck him" because he's not dogging his teammates, he's perfectly happy in Miami. Basketball fans are fucking retards and it's pretty silly to me that you would have a continuing problem with Lebron when it's just people you think are dumb on the internet trying to defend him when he doesn't need defending.

I fucking hate OKC and Laker fans but I don't actually despise people like Kevin Durant and Pau Gasol.

For the record he couldn't have gone to Chicago. Salary cap would have fucking exploded so badly that if he went to Chicago a few players for the Bulls would have left, like probably Rose after last season if they didn't win the championship.

Blogger Evil Ted said...
Game 6 - LeBron showed a little of what I was trying to get at with bawful - stone-faced, menacing, focused, unstoppable (if only because his jumper was on)...if LeBron can harness this kind of mojo for not only these playoffs, but successive years, he could be awe-inspiring beyond anything we might have imagined.

And far better than that bitch-ass bitch Dwayne Wade. That's right! I said it...


Anonymous Anonymous said...
u fucking lazy bums.

start posting stuff instead. awful fucks.

Anonymous Naz said...
Yes Ted, I've been sayin for a few months that the weak link is Wade, when Lebron is undoubtedly in the Batman role, the Heat are the most dominant team in the NBA and almost never lose. Wade needs to be comfortable with scoring 15 points per game and just being a second option because whenever he's trying to Batman the Heat struggle.

Wade is a great player but there's only 1 person on the Heat that has ever even won an MVP award, let alone 3. Lebron is more than capable of playing like this all the time, again Wade just needs to come to terms with his career PPG going way the hell down if he wants to win.

Anonymous Aaron said...
@Naz, I distinctively remember that both Lebron and Wade "considered" going to Chicago (I forgot about Bosh). I believe they were even making a documentary about their free-agency decisions with a film crew. You can go back to some of Bill Simmons' stuffs.

Blogger Wormboy said...
For those doubting Garnett in this series, you have a point. Except that Garnett has been doing it through the playoffs. Granted, Garnett has not yet been defended by a big man of his calliber, but what kind of argument is that? Neither has LeBron, for that matter. Garnett has played right through the playoffs at a evel e hasn't captured since he hurt his knee. Give him some credit.

As for teh Wade-Pierce thing, yes, they are both epic floppers. There is a difference though. Most of Pierce's are suckering an opposing player into fouling him. Most of Wade's are throwing himself into traffic or just throwing himself onto the floor. I see a difference even if you don't.

Blogger kazam92 said...
Oh yeah. Well Rondo smells!

Anonymous Naz said...
Nice one kazam! Heat hi five!

Anonymous Anonymous said...
If you aren't posting now, then this blog is truly dead, which would be very sad. This place used to be great, especially during the playoffs.

Anonymous kelly tripucka said...
evil ted's ineptitude killed this. was that grand canyon thing last summer the most self indulgent shit fest ever unleashed on a sports blog?

thanks raza for trying to keep it up.

thanks mattbawful for all the previous great work.

Anonymous Anonymous said...
This site really sucked ass this year. Hopefully it can be brought back to life next season

Blogger kazam92 said...
It's because half of the writers here are Celtic fans XD

Good riddance to that core. Rondo is a petulant child. I hope he enjoys running pick and pop with Brandon Bass.

Blogger Savio said...
The place is dead for now, that's for sure. No analysis of the matches whatsoever, only some funny pics but nothing else.

Anonymous Naz said...
Yeah what kazam said

If the Celtics won game 7 there'd be 5 new articles up by now.

Celtics homers™

Anonymous Shiv said...
Now, I was rooting for the Celtics, but you've gotta admit that 4 of the fouls supposedly committed by Lebron were bullshit calls. The double foul where KG took James down, the offensive foul where Pietrus tackled James and flopped as Pietrus was fighting through a screen and the offensive foul where Pietrus fell when James was fighting to get position on the blocks (I can't remember the 4th one right now). Now I'm not saying any of the calls, except the Pietrus screen-tackle and possibly the KG takedown should've gone the other way, but none of those calls were fouls to begin with, ESPECIALLY in the playoffs.

Anonymous Shiv said...
Also, it's a little worse than hyperbole to say the Heat are the worst in the league when it comes to being "the worst team in the league at taking dives", especially with the Spurs and Thunder around. Wade has become particularly annoying for falling down with minimal contact and complaining, but Lebron gets legitimately hit, multiple times and hard, every time he goes to the bucket. I like Harden as a savvy, Paul Pierce type baller, but some of the dives he takes, especially off the ball and WITHOUT contact are seriously fine-worthy. Plus, if we're going to complain about dives one can never leave out Ginobili and Parker. Ginobili may exaggerate contact and flail, but Parker has made a career out of falling down on EVERY SINGLE layup attempt and the refs STILL haven't gotten wise. 10 years later. It's a goddamn sham. I defy you to find me a single shot of Parker taking a layup without hitting the floor, regardless of where the defenders are.

Blogger kazam92 said...
I mean the guys here have lives and whatnot. I remember finding this blog on Truehoop when Jermaine "The Drain" was Miami's second best player and it was updated constantly, leaving me in stitches.

Only thing I could think of is find more peeps like Raza to donate their time.

Blogger LotharBot said...
Basketbawful didn't live up to my expectations this year. I want a refund.

Anonymous Flud said...
tragic stuff all round. I'd volunteer my services but who knows for what.

:( actually... someone post what they think would be a funny cartoon of bawful and I'll draw the balls off it. or not. sigh........

Anonymous Sandwich said...
Terribly sad... Am I to come up with my own Durant vs. LeBron shoops and musings?


Anonymous Anonymous said...
Terribly sad... Am I to come up with my own Durant vs. LeBron shoops and musings?


Anonymous Anonymous said...
Am i to produce my own Durant vs. LeBron shoops and musings?


Anonymous Aaron said...

He [LeBron] needs help. If he loses again in a few games, let's see another Decision!

Anonymous JJ said...
Guys, I finally found out why there are so few posts on Basketbawful! The writers are locked out by the owners due to a salary dispute. XD

Anonymous Anonymous said...
http://boston.barstoolsports.com/featured/jim-rome-asks-david-stern-if-the-lottery-is-rigged-david-stern-asks-jim-rome-if-he-still-beats-his-wife/. have you guys seen this? ignore the boston homerism of the site, the interview is all over the internet right now. stern needs to be fired/forced to resign and have his ass beat.

Anonymous AK Dave said...
Maybe Basketbawful and Evil Ted volunteered to go on a 4-year space mission to an unknown planet to look for God, only to discover black space goo that 1)turns into hissing cobra/vagina monsters and mouth-rapes scientists; and 2)impregnates women with giant squid aliens that can grow to the size of a small whale within a day, without eating anything.

Anonymous JJ said...
AK Dave, I'm personally hoping for option 1, without the hissing part.

Anonymous Jabari said...
Completely overreacting to that interview is all over the internet is what you mean, correct? *laugh*

It's been amazing watching all the sports talking-heads and radio idiots completely make fools of themselves over "Did you stop beating your wife?". I mean, really - Stern was simply saying that what Rome asked was a Loaded Question. Nothing more.

It's even in Wikipedia!

Blogger TeamD said...
Great stuff the jim rome interview.

Anonymous Frankfurter said...
I love that I still keep coming back to this site and get excited when I see that there are new comments to the last week old post.

What does that say about me?! :)

How about those Heat - did everything they could to let OKC back in the game but to no avail, they still managed to win. That Wade turnover was bawful - especially as it led to the Durant 3. Ouch.

Great to see Bosh back in the starting lineup with a nice double double.

Shame that OKC couldn't steal this one, I really though that Miami were going to choke.

Anonymous JJ said...

I know what you mean. I used to get excited about new posts, but now I'm just refreshing for new comments. Sometimes I'm even excited about just getting my own new comment posted. Haha.

Regarding the game last night, that was a great game. Officiating was pretty decent too, for the most part. I'm not so sure if Heat "did everything they could to let OKC back in the game." I was actually impressed that Heat came up clutch with some key rebounds and LeBron making the tough bank shot + all FTs. Other than Wade's turnover, I don't think there was much else Heat could've done differently when Thunder was trying to make the comeback. But, wow, when Durant hit that 3, I thought Thunder was going to win for sure. King Crab's clutch FTs were a little unexpected. I do feel like he's a little different ever since Boston series elimination game 6. I hope the rest of Finals are going to be good as this game.

P.S. I never knew how athletic Westbrook was. I mean, I knew, but he's REALLY athletic. The way he jumps from almost FT line and just glides through the air for a lay-up reminds me of a smaller version of Drexler.

Anonymous Bill R. said...
So far the Thunder seems like the more talented team, while the Heat seems like the team that's more ready to compete. OKC needs to bring it from the get-go. Their second straight sluggish start is why the lost -- not a ref's failure to see or call a foul (which it clearly was) on the game's most critical play. The Thunder should be able to put away the far less deep Heat team in the third, rather than chancing the game to final possessions (esp. because LeBron doesn't always choke now).

Here's hoping last night's result serves as a wake-up call to the Thunder. If it is, they may take more than one in Miami -- but not all three, I hope, as I want to see at least one more played in OKC, which right now has the best home court atmosphere in the league. Miami's continues to be the most annoying, all because of that damn announcer.

Anonymous ChrisLTD said...
How about a new post... it doesn't even have to have content. Just "NBA Finals Open Thread: Document the Bawful in the Comments".

Anonymous Anonymous said...
Y´all Celtic Homers suck..it´s not the end of the world, even if they´d relocate Boston to Annaheim and´d name the team flamingos..Basketball goes on with or without BASKETBAWFUL...it´d be better though, if you could pick up your old habits of posting the bawful

Anonymous Anonymous said...
Write!!pretty please..carry on tradition

Anonymous JJ said...
Wade, another HUGE turnover in crunch time, which led to Sefolosha lay up (and almost costing the game). I understand he's not super-humanly athletic anymore, but why is he turning over the ball like a rookie? At least he wisely gave up the ball to LeBron right away in similar possession after that. And there is his well-documented shooting struggle. Assuming Heat takes the Finals, this series seems to be the fall of Wade as much as it is the rise of LeBron.

Blogger Vladamir said...
got beef?
please get relevant bawful.
there's only 2 active players on your banner.

Anonymous Anonymous said...
I'll be honest here, after seeing how amazingly biased this site is, I'm going to be looking for a new form of basketball related entertainment.

There has not been a single post since the Heat beat the Celtics in the east. We're in game 3 of the finals and basketbawful has nothing to say what-so-ever because the bloggers are still butt hurt that the team they hate the most beat the team they love the most.

Don't give me that "We're busy" bullshit, you post regularly on facebook, YOU ARE NOT BUSY. And even if you are a bit busy, you run a popular basketball blog site... AND IT'S THE NBA FINALS.

I know you are all contemplating suicide because your precious C's got beat by the team you unexplicably hate more than anything on this planet. But suicide/depression or not, you've got a job to do, man up bitches, if you need me I'll be at http://blogs.thescore.com/tbj/.

Anonymous Anonymous said...
Oh my GOD, the totally free blog that entertained me for season upon season isn't as good as it used to be!!!

Hope things work out and you guys can get back to business next season, this really was a great blog!

Anonymous Anonymous said...
After seeing the "lol at this biased celtics site where r u? this site sux" comments (from Heat fans? LeBron bandwagon riders?) here I almost hope Bawful stays away out of spite now.

Anonymous Anonymous said...
To those looking for an alternative NBA blog fix, I would recommend:


It's not nearly as funny or as well written as this blog used to be, but it has a ton of content and is written with a real enthusiasm for the game.

Blogger kazam92 said...
The weird part is, I kind of agree with both the Anon posts above me. Mixed feelings