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While recovering from a non-stop drinking binge from the after effects of Game 6 of the WCF as a Spurs fan, I completely fell out of the loop with posting updates.  While this season has been up and down for us with the new posts I apologize because I know we've never been this slow on the uptake.

For those of you that are still keeping up with the blog, we really appreciate your patience and will be sure to keep the updates coming the rest of the season.  

Even if at this point that may last just one more game.

 Westbrook was late to the pregame warmups.  He thought he had 24 seconds before they started instead of 5.

One of the Joker's henchman finds himself with nowhere to go

If Mike Miller literally did this the entire game he would have had the same number of points as when he was actually on the court.

Scott Brooks draws up a map for his summer vacation plans.

"Eureka! I might still be employed next year!"

OKC Blunder:  Well, it was fun while it lasted.  Apparently the NBA was 90% done with their championship DVD after Game 1, only to have to start again from scratch.  They don't make runner up DVD's, do they?  Maybe Reggie Miller has a couple hundred lying around.

Game after game in this series the Thunder found themselves in a hole in the opening minutes.  Finally, they thought "Screw it, let's pretend the first quarter is the fourth quarter!" and proceeded to build a 17 point lead.

Things were looking good, Westbrook was on fire, KD's mom was all happy, and Scott Brooks was looking like a real NBA coach.

And then the second quarter happened.

And then the third.

And then the fourth.

Getting outscored 62-40 in the second and third quarters alone, OKC's slogan went from Thunder Up! to THUNDER DOWN MAYDAY MAYDAY!!  in the blink of an eye.

First off, we have to give credit where credit is due.  LeBron James absolutely killed it last night.  Posting a monstrous 26, 12 and 9 and showing a real semblance of a post up game, James had his way with the Thunder virtually the entire time.  For a guy who has taken so much criticism for his Finals performances, the true master of the Crab Dribble looks to get ringed in another 48 hours.

Which means Dan Gilbert has till Thursday for the Cavs to win the championship before the Heat do and make all of his comic sans dreams come true.

As for the Thunder, letting this guy, the most chewed out player in the league, go off for 25 points on 9-15 shooting is just asking for trouble:

James Harden:  2-10 from the floor, with twice as many turnovers than field goals.  Oh, and he pulled it off in 37 minutes of play.  I don't know if James lost his game somewhere in his beard, but the only thing saving him from being public enemy #1 from this contest was....

Russell Westbrook:  While he's been great for a lot of 'Bawful laughs, it actually hurts to put him here since he had such a great game.  

For about 46 minutes anyway.

Seemingly unstoppable in Game 4, Westbrook managed 43 points, on 63% shooting (only MJ and Shaq have matched that playoff feat in the past 25 years) and spear headed yet another OKC comeback in these playoffs.

Maybe Spoelstra should have picked up where his defense left off in Game 3:

I mean, that's got to be annoying as hell right?  Probably more effective than face guarding.

After demolishing the Heat for most of the game, Westbrook snapped back to reality and all but sealed the Thunder's fate with the worst foul in a crucial playoff game since Ginobili fouled Dirk in Game 7 of the 2006 WCSF:

So, with 5 seconds on the shot clock, Westbrook was probably too busy thinking about his post game wardrobe and immediately fouled Mario Chalmers, putting the Thunder's championship hopes in dire straits:

"I thought Russell was terrific tonight," Scott Brooks said. "The guy played relentless. He was aggressive. He kept us in this game and he gave us a chance to win.  Instead, he solidified our chance to lose.  And for that, I commend him."

I think we can best sum up the Durant/Westbrook relationship with this lovely short story:

Want to know why Kevin Durant is so skinny? Because Westbrook never feeds him the ball.

NBA on ABC: As much as I miss the NBA on NBC, I guess the one positive is that we don't have to hear from Shaq anymore at halftime.  

Last I heard, he was getting harassed from the powers that be:

It looks like our 2011/12 NBA Season should be coming to a close, with the draft right around the corner.  Gotta love the fact that the new face of the league will look like this:

Oh well, that's still better than this I suppose:

Last bit of a random tidbit I wanted to share with you guys.  Adidas is getting a ton of flak for making seemingly racist shoes:

While I think that's going a bit overboard, I thought hell if that's racist then so is this guy:

Thanks for everyone's support, and once again, we apologize for the lack of updates.  Consider it an asterisk year for us!

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Anonymous spinetingler said...
Durant must get more than 20 shots. He needs to watch Dirk tape to see how to get the ball when he's being guarded like that.

Or, ya know, find a 2 guard that knows how to toss the ball into the post from the wing area.

Best bet for next season - Durant hits the weight room, puts on 20 LBS of meat and mean, and comes back to destroy people, perhaps literally. Westbrook might be first.

Anonymous Bill R. said...
Nice post. Thanks for resurfacing.

Westbrook really ruined that game at the end. Shouldn't Scott Brooks have told them not to foul? Does Scott Brooks do anything besides implore the team to play defense and Durant to shoot more? If the Thunder blow it, Phil Jackson should get a phone call.

This is like Bulls-Heat ECF last year. The better team is losing, and those assholes are winning. But you can't argue with success, and I'd like to think that a seven-game series is always won by the better team.

Anonymous Anonymous said...
OKC has the worst offense I have ever seen. After watching the ball movement of the Spurs it hurts my eyes to watch the thunder. I shut off game 4 halfway through and I don't think I can watch anymore. And Popavich must have been drunk when he called Durant the best player in the world...

Blogger Raza said...
Honestly, I don't even know if the Spurs would have beaten the Heat this year. Miami's defense has been absolutely stellar.

Anonymous Anonymous said...
The Spurs may not have beaten them but at least I would have been watchable basketball. Ive played on teams that play like the Thunder do and it ruined the game of basketball for me. I quit the team and havent played since. Not to mention Scott Brooks is a terrible coach. Perkins is a terrible centre (Collison should get the start) and what the hell happened to Hardens game??

Anonymous Anonymous said...
How the fuck did these Thunder beat the Spurs? Do you really mean to tell me this Thunder team beat the Spurs I watched all season just to shit the bed against the Heat?

And they won 4 games in a row against them???

I just don't understand.

Anonymous Anonymous said...
Praise Cheezuz y'all is back




Anonymous Naz said...
I'm giving up on this blog because of how rarely it updates so I want the last I thing I say to be

Fucking suck it

Anonymous Anonymous said...
thanks for the post raza!

Anonymous Hellshocked said...
If the Lebron-Wade tandem has never quite managed to consistently bring out the best in eachother, they've learned to coexist effectively. OKC is playing like Miami's worst case scenario: your turn to dribble for 15 seconds while everybody stands around and watches you take an awckward 20-footer, my turn to dribble for 15 seconds while everyone stands around and watches me take an awckward 20-footer.

I could swear I remember these guys consciously deciding to move the ball around and rely less on isolation after isolation a couple of seasons ago. Did I imagine it? What happened? These days they don't even bother having Perkins setting screens when he was so good at it in Boston.

Anonymous ChrisLTD said...
As much as I despise the Heat. And I really do despise them (especially whinaholic D-Wade). You have to give them credit for playing great defense, and making the big shots to keep the momentum in their favor.

LBJ has been especially awesome in that regard. Any time the Heat need a bucket, they throw it to James and takes it inside. You can guarantee either some free throws or a made basket. Incredible really.

Anonymous spinetingler said...
So, Naz, the blog updates...and that's when you complain about the blog rarely updating?

Door,ass, etc.

Anonymous JJ said...
Raza, thanks for the post!

"Want to know why Kevin Durant is so skinny? Because Westbrook never feeds him the ball." - That made me LOL. But, I do feel like it's really Brook's job to figure out how and make Westbrook do it.

I have mixed feelings on Westbrook's brain fart because it is true he was the only reason they were in the position to win it in the first place. He made everyone in Heat look like they were standing still, which they sort of were. But, I guess it is impossible to overlook such a critical mistake. It was very anti-climatic after that crazy 4th quarter.

Anonymous Anonymous said...
Fuck James Harden! He made some bullshit shots against the Spurs, just fucking dumb luck. Pisses me off that he can't even make open layups now.

And you'd think Brooks would keep his team playing like they were against the Spurs with the extra passes and all, but no, let's have Westbrook dribble for 20 secs trying(failing) to pass it to skinny-ass Durant, and toss up contested midrange jumpers.

I'm gonna miss all the LeBron jokes.

Anonymous Jeremy said...
Thanks for the update. This blog is just gold, and I would love to see some content in the offseason if possible. I know source material will be harder to find, but I'm a big proponent of wishful thinking.

Also: When a guy plays as well as Russell did, I have to give him a break. He did blow a close game, but he was the only reason they were within 30.

Blogger Joko said...
Of course the Joker guy in the make up looks confused, beaten, angry and lost.

He's wearing a SONICS jersey!

Blogger kazam92 said...
A+ post. To the Anon who called this series unwatchable, you're crazy frankly. The Thunder haven't been perfect, but that's a damn scary good team and all these games have been nail biters.

Blogger jdp said...
Thanks for the post Raza.

Why is everyone writing obituaries for the Thunder? Three in a row seems well within the realm of possibility.....this coming from someone who'd like to see Lebron get his ring.

Anonymous JJ said...
Kazam, I agree. Except for game 1, it never felt like each game was over until it was. I've been enjoying the Finals even though I'm not really a fan of Heat or Thunder. It sounds cliche, but the saying "they're never out of a game" really applies to Thunder. They don't just make runs, they get buckets really fast.

Anonymous Anonymous said...


Blogger Savio said...
OKC, they fucking trail by as many as THIRTY points last night. That's bawful at his finest.

Anonymous Stockton said...
Juwan Howard: piggyback title 2012?

Anonymous Anonymous said...
The Mario West rushes to the opposing dugout after the game looking for the player who fouled him hard earlier in a Philippine Basketball Association game.

And Mario's excuse for rushing to the dugout was:

β€œHe thought I wanted to fight him, but no,” said West. β€œI wanted to let him know that no harm was done.”

Anonymous AK Dave said...
This is how Finals '12 made me feel:

"Everyone lies. Good guys lose. And love... does not conquer all." -Kevin Spacey, Swimming with Sharks

Blogger kazam92 said...

Anonymous Anonymous said...
I really wouldn't consider a team that has no offense, can't play D, has only 3 players on the roster that can score (if you still count Harden), terrible coach (reminds me of mike brown when he coached cleveland), terrible centre, as scary.

Anonymous Bill R. said...
The Thunder obviously isn't ready and doesn't deserve it yet. Only Durant played well in these Finals. Perkins does not fit in well with this team (Joakim Noah would work), and Scott Brooks should be let go (Phil Jackson would get it done).

As for the Heat, the focus on LeBron's improved play misses the point -- which is that he finally had a great supporting cast this year. Without Shane Battier, Mario Chalmers, and (last night) Mike Miller doing what they did, this would have been a completely different series.

Blogger Wormboy said...
LeBron finally wins his ring and Basketbawful is dead. Then end of an era! Where now will I find NBA commentary not written by fawning lickspittles? Reading ESPN is like watching Fox news.

Blogger kazam92 said...
No offense? Look at what they did thru 3 rounds? They put up off the charts offensive numbers. Give the Heat D credit (even still, the Thunder weren't terrible on offense)

You could say Scott Brooks didn't adjust, but he is definitely not a terrible coach. I almost feel like I'm talking about Spoelstra. Coach loses and it's his fault, coach wins and he's Phil-ipino Jackson.

Blogger kazam92 said...
Bill - not to mention LeBron never had a 2nd banana like Wade in these playoffs. Wade averaged a clean 23-6-5-1-1. Bosh close to a dbl dbl.