Well, I've just sat through two hours of America's Got Talent...that damn show is a filthy addiction. It's like the movie A Few Good Men. When it's in front of me, I can't turn it off.

Anyway, I have received quite a few submissions from readers, and like an America's Got Talent judge, I now feel the pressure of who next to move on to the "America Votes" round. I've seen much potential, and will soon be peppering you with samples to give your opinions. Yeah, now I'll be asking for your opinions. Don't let it go to your heads.

In the meantime, there was a mention in the previous comment thread about desperately wanting a draft analysis. To any of the prospects, if you want to earn extra points with the teacher, give a 2012 NBA draft analysis a try. I'll give you an example...here's a draft analysis Statbuster did in 2010. You don't need to follow the format. It's just an example. But remember - two things: be cynical, be funny. Yeah, you love basketball. We all do. Now take the love and turn it into playful sarcasm. Tell us what each team is hoping out of its pick, but what each team will actually get.

Writing this assignment will by no means determine who DOESN'T get picked - after all, who the hell can keep track of these college kids. I just want to see what people are able to turn out.

Also, a thought - there was a notion that different people could write about each NBA team- there's something awesomely gimmicky about that notion. It seems impossible, but what about people who would write about a specific division throughout the season? Just spitballing. We'll iron it out.

And for Christ's sake, somebody Photoshop us a new goddamn banner will ya? Use the dimensions of the existing one and make it happen!

Blog of the people, unite!
Blogger TeamD said...
IF there are many good writers how about publish all of the posts, maybe give them a different subject and make them write for us, it would be more to read and from different perspectives.

Should be fun though. The draft idea is excellent STATBUSTER was spot on with a few exceptions, wall is actually a good player.

Anonymous Anonymous said...
Americas Got Talent was awesome and now that I know who made the cut in the 48 slots it time to decide who the million dollar act is. I don’t pay attention to basketball so I can’t say anything about it. I love to watch Americas Got Talent once it’s been recorded on my primetime shows. This week’s shows have been great and with each new one it’s going to get better. I love being able to skip all the commercials on this show using my Auto Hop feature. The Auto Hop feature makes a great addition to PrimeTime Anytime. The day after my primetime shows air I have the option to watch or to skip commercials with the touch of a button. I’m glad my coworker at Dish told me about this great new feature. It’s the easiest and coolest feature I’ve seen in a long time. I don’t have to replace my batteries in the remote as often.

Blogger Michael Hsu said...
I've been looking for players who have had an ACL injury and came back and the only one I found was Baron Davis had surgery while he was in college. Is there any other player? Is Derrick Rose done and should Chicago try to move him?

If Baron Davis is the only one then Rose is pretty much done and all the hopes and dreams of Chicago?

Blogger Barry said...
Hey Ted, I was wondering if you still have that net/ball-catch thing at your house around the basket? I just remembered that video and every time I do I just have to salute the ingenuity, very truly an American engineering feat of the highest of calibers.

And, as a side note, well worth entering into America's Got Talent! :D

Anonymous Anonymous said...
Americas Got Talent!?!?!
This use to be a sports website that would ridicule the overpaid segment of society that we all wished we were part of (pro sports).
Now it is referencing one of the indicators of a society that is ready for destruction (like the Roman coliseum).
AGT (cuz I refuse to spell out the complete title) is the entertainment for the SOMA-tablet eaters.

BTW, what about my t-pups trading a 18 for Chase "airbud" Budinger. Fine small move and only ~500 more small moves like that and we could have a contender ;)

Anonymous spinetingler said...
Bernard King

Blogger kazam92 said...
Very intrigued w recent developments. Again, would love to contribute in a small way if every possible. I said I'd do a Finals recap, but with my biases, it just wouldn't be great. I could try a draft one though

Anonymous AK Dave said...
@Michael Hsu:

Rose won't be the same again ever. This may not be a career ENDING injury, but it's a career CHANGING injury to be sure. Rose was an ultra-quick guard who relied on athleticism. He won't be able square up and blow-by his man like he used to because of this injury. If he is going to remain relevant, he will have to re-invent himself; perhaps as a jump shooter or a pure-passing PG; who knows- maybe he'll develop a few post moves and become the next Marc Jackson? I wouldn't put it past him.

It's sad, though, really. He is (was?) one of the more likeable superstars I can ever remember. He's going to have a tough row to hoe.