Not too sure, but I think Mike D'Antoni might have finally lost his mind

Completely random quote that made me smile today:
Pistons coach Frank on Bill Parcells not making the pro football HOF: "That's bullsh** and you can print that. How can he not get in?"
Printed! Thus ends your day of Footbawful. Back to hoops!

Worst of the Weekend in Pictures:

This picture seems like it needs some kind of "woosh!" sound affect accompanying it
(h/t Nick Dent)

Insert stereotypical racist Asian joke here...

"I see what you did there... haha!"

Never EVER use a telephoto zoom lens on Angry George Karl

Sad Warriors are sad

Nationally Televised Games:

Jazz at Knicks, NBA TV, 7:30pm: Unfortunately we have to start with some very somber news. Amar'e Stoudemire's brother Hazell has died in a car crash. My thoughts and prayers are with his family.

Thunder at Trail Blazers, NBA TV, 10:00pm: Saturday night, Nicolas Batum went crazy from the behind the arc, drilling 9 of 15 treys on a career-high 33 point night. Why? Because of an injured knee that kept him from driving to the basket. The Frail Blazers' name lives on, even when they're successful!

All The Other Games:

Clippers at Magic, 7:00pm: Random flashback. Remember when I had a lot more free time a couple years ago and did the NBA 2K10 My Player Diary series on this blog? I signed with the Clippers in free agency after winning a title in San Antonio, and single-handedly led the Clippers out of the basement and into the top of the standings. And then they randomly traded me to the Magic for a couple bags of basketballs and a candy bar. This has nothing to do with tonight's game. I just felt like reliving that memory for a moment. Sorry.

Lakers at 76ers, 7:00pm: Mike Brown has been fined and suspended for one game after bumping into a ref the other night. Based on the recent penalties we've seen the NBA hand out, Brown should have kicked the ball at the ref instead.

Craptors at Wizards Generals, 7:00pm: The Craptors gave the Heat a bit of trouble yesterday. Will they actually show up for this game or will they have already wasted all their energy and focus on that game? Or will it not matter because this game will be pretty dreadful no matter what?

Suns at Hawks, 7:30pm: Since the Hawks are currently missing Al Horford and Jason Collins, they are relying heavily on Zaza Pachulia. Any time a man named Zaza is a significant part of an NBA team's success, I smile.

Bulls at Nyets, 7:30pm: Our own Bawful leader had this to say about this game over at his Bulls By The Horns blog: "After a two-week layoff due to a torn ligament in his left wrist, Luol Deng returned to the Bulls lineup Saturday night in Milwaukee.

Cue the sighs of relief."

(sighs) There. That's better.

Kings at Hornets, 8:00pm: There are rumors that Seattle is looking to host an NBA franchise again, and the Kings might just be interested in moving there. Seattle is a good basketball town and I'm bummed the team was already gone by the time I went there on vacation a couple years ago, but I also hate to see any town lose its team. Especially when it's the hometown team for our own dedicated lacktion reporter Chris. Hopefully everything works out well for everyone.

Also, holy crap this is bawful: "Sometimes one stat says it all: Over 8 games in Jan., John Salmons missed 26 three-pointers in a row. He continued to shoot up to 6 a game."

Spurs at Grizzlies, 8:00pm: And so begins the Rodeo Trip for the Spurs. They won't play at home again until February 29th, which is the extra day since it's Leap Year which I find to be a funny coincidence for some reason. (I am easily amused.)

Rockets at Nuggets, 9:00pm: More sad news. Corey Brewer's father has passed away.

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Anonymous JJ said...
Haha, I knew Jeremy Lin was kicking ass and taking names in Nets/Knicks game, but I didn't know he literally looked like he was kicking ass while doing it.

Blogger Wormboy said...
So... what about the Nash and Duncan Bridgestone commercial with the silent basketball? My response was: Wait? Really? Nash and Duncan? You couldn't find guys more relevant to the current NBA? Then I thought about "once were great" endorsement discounts. Yeah. Kind of made me sad. I think we have a new type of bawful. :(

Oh, and it is kind of a lame ad.

Blogger Emily P said...
Angry George Karl looks like Gothmog:

Blogger Jerry Vinokurov said...
The George Karl photo makes him look like a motherfucking Yeti. Jesus, he's actually terrifying.

Anonymous Axe Head said...
I like George Karl as a coach, but he would be my hands-down pick for coach of the All-Ugly team.

Anonymous Anonymous said...
2:50 Kobe Bryant misses 13-foot jumper
2:48 Andrew Bynum offensive rebound
2:44 Kobe Bryant offensive foul
2:15 Kobe Bryant misses jumper
1:38 Kobe Bryant misses 27-foot three point jumper
1:38 Pau Gasol offensive rebound
1:27 Kobe Bryant misses 15-foot jumper
1:06 Kobe Bryant makes 9-foot two point shot
0:31 Kobe Bryant misses 10-foot jumper
0:05 Kobe Bryant misses 27-foot three point jumper


Blogger Bing said...
Mr Big Shot possibly out for season with Achilles injury. Not to be a massive cu#% but that's what u get when u play for the cursed Clippers. Oops, that was cu#^y.

Anonymous Czernobog said...
@Axe Head: What, no love for coach Pop?

Anonymous Barry said...
Kosta Koufos with the big rejection of Patterson - they're still looking for that ball. THE NEW BILL RUSSELL

Who knew? 1-time Lacktion All-Star Kosta Koufos. Where's that lovable white dude gone?

Anonymous Stockton said...
Jazz just got Lin'ed.
Holly f###!!

Do they have a no-defend policy applied to Asian players or something?

Being torched by Lin, Jeffries and Novak is beyond bawfull...

Anonymous Stockton said...
Oh... not to mention that the game-changer was NY's defense(??????)!

Anonymous The Other Chris said...

Anonymous David said...
A comment on the Sonics article:

"Here’s how Stern can solve this problem -

Give Seattle the Bobcats, and after one season they’ll no longer want a basketball team."


But as a Warriors fan I do want the NBA to return to Seattle ASAP.

I despised how the Sonics dominated us year after year yet I always had a soft spot for them.

Anonymous bulateking said...
a better nickname for Jeremy Lin


kicking asses - check!
fighting pose - check!
chinese - check!

(and if this is approved, i should get the credits!)