griffin kills perkins dead
Kendrick Perkins: RIP

Thanks to Javi for the lead pic.

The Late Kendrick Perkins: The only word for this is "wow." It's the closest I've come to seeing a man murdered in cold blood on live TV. I heard they're still scooping bits of Perkins out of the smoking crater left by Blake's dunk. On the bright side, Perk's family will save money, because they won't need a casket. There probably isn't enough left of him to fill a chum bucket.

By the way, no disrespect to LeBron's jam over John Lucas III, but slamming the ball over a 5'11" point guard with his back turned isn't as impressive as throwing it the hell down over a seven-foot tough guy center who's trying to stop you.

Just sayin'.

The Orlando Magic: The Philadelphia 76ers shot 37 percent from the field, missed 11 of their 15 three-point attempts, bricked nine free throws, and scored only 74 points. At home.

But they won anyway. 'Cause they were playing the Orlando Magic.

As Michael Ray Richardson would stay: The ship be sinking. The Magicians managed a feeble 69 points on 33 percent shooting. They also missed 12 free throws in the five-point defeat. If was their fifth loss in six games, a fail streak that includes a 93-67 setback to the godawful Hornets.

Meanwhile, Dwight Howard -- who went 6-for-17 from the field, 5-for-13 from the line, finished with a game-worst plus-minus of -14 and missed several shots down the stretch -- has been rippin' on his teammates while his trade demand lingers around the team like a stale fart.

Said Howard: "It's not the first time I've called them out. As a leader, you've got to do things that people don't like. People hate what they don't understand. My teammates understand why I said what I said. They all agree. It's not like, 'Oh, Dwight's wrong with what he said.' But that's with anything. My job is to challenge my teammates and challenge myself to go out and play every night."

Challenge NOT accepted, Dwight.

Added Howard: "We're still a great basketball team, we're just going through a tough stretch. That's it. There's no need for us to complain or point the finger or for anybody to panic. We're going to be fine."

Wait, Dwight. You called out your teammates. Isn't that the text book definition of finger pointing? And, hey, you're demanding to be traded and have essentially said you're not gonna re-sign with the team if you aren't traded.

Why worry?

The Washington Wizards Generals: After Derrick Rose lit his team up for a season-high 35 points -- including 13 points in the first quarter and then 15 points in the third as the Bulls built a 22-point lead -- Washington's Trevor Booker said: "Sometimes I caught myself spectating. Some of those shots were unbelievable."

The New Orleans Hornets: They let a 12-point lead become a 27-point deficit as the Heat caught fire (get it?!) from the field (55 percent shooting) and controlled the boards (39-25). So, naturally, New Orleans coach Monty Williams wanted to complain about the officiating.

Said Williams: "It's hard to play the kind of basketball that you need to play when you're not getting what you feel is a fair call at times. I thought our guys got beat up a little bit tonight going to the basket. ... Take nothing away from Miami. That is a championship-contending team. Their effort showed that tonight."

I dunno. I'm not saying the Heat didn't have a few calls and non-calls go their way. But when you fall behind by almost 30 points, it's more than just the officating.

Just sayin'.

The Houston Rockets: The Minnesota Timberwolves came into Houston and dropped a franchise record 42 third quarter points on the Rocketeers, which ended up being the NBA equivalent of a Game Over screen. Minny finished the game with 120 points on 58 percent shooting. Hands? Faces? Anyone?

Said Houston coach Kevin McHale: "It was just like we were sitting there and we could never find any kind of rhythm defensively. We never got many consecutive stops, we never really dug in and got things. Just felt like one of those games when we were stuck in the mud."

Huh. "Stuck in the mud" is probably the best way to describe the Rockets these days.

The Detroit Pistons: The Pissed-Ons are already the second-worst team in the NBA. Last night in Milwaukee, they were minus Ben Gordon (sore left shoulder), Charlie Villanueva (sore right ankle) and Will Bynum (strained right foot). So their 103-82 loss to the Bucks was only surprising in that they didn't lose by 30.

Lawrence Frank, quote machine: Regarding Mike Dunleavy Jr.'s 20 points: "Dunleavy was dominant."

I never, ever, ever thought I'd see those words strung together in English or any other language.

Mike Dunleavy Jr., quote machine: "In Vegas, I'm a blackjack guy. Numbers, they always come back. You can start off and be getting crushed by the house and losing all your money, but if you stick around the tables long enough, you'll make it back."


The Memphis Grizzlies: The Care Bears scored only 73 points (on 37 percent shooting) in a home loss to the Spurs. Throw in a 46-37 rebounding deficit (including 14-8 on the offensive glass) and their 17 turnovers, and you've got a team that's sucking.

Said Memphis coach Lionel Hollins: "Did you see effort out there? That's the problem. We're not working. First effort, second effort, third effort -- when we give effort, it's just for a few seconds, and then we let up."

Rudy Gay, quote machine: On finishing with 1 point on 0-for-7 shooting: "I don't think it was too much about what (the Spurs) did. It's about me finding the spots to make shots. I will take responsibility for that."

The Phoenix Suns: Free Steve Nash. That is all.

Chris' Lacktion Ledger:

Bulls-Generals: Chris Singleton fouled and bricked twice each to earn +4 in 7:36.

Hornets-Heat: The ancient Juwan Howard fabulously bricked it up in 4 minutes, also taking a rejection and fouling for +3. Fellow South Beacher James Jones struck gold with a 3.7 trillion (3:44).

Spurs-Grizzlies: San Antonio's Cory Joseph fouled once in 26 seconds of Koopa hunting for +1 and a Mario.

Meanwhile, Josh Selby bricked once from the Sterick Building and also fouled in 7:57 for a +2.

Wolves-Rockets: Derrick Williams fouled, bricked, and had a rejection for a +3 in 6:46, and fellow puppy Brad Miller scrapped out a treasure worth 1.7 trillion (101 seconds)!

Frail Blazers-Jazz: Elliot Williams got a Game Boy as a gift from Paul Allen, spending 24 seconds blowing dust off the cartridge for a Mario.

Thunder-Clippers: Nazr Mohammed made two blocks in 5:46, but only managed a turnover otherwise in a non-lacktive 1:0 Madsen-level Voskuhl.

Meanwhile, 79 seconds was all that was needed for Donald Sterling to gain two new real estate speculators (Trey Thompkins and Solomon Jones with 1.3 trillion each) on his roster, and one suck differential (+1 via brick for Eric Bledsoe)!

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Blogger kazam92 said...
Blake's dunk gave me an aneurism. I'm still shuddering.

Anonymous JJ said...
WOW! That is an epic picture. Is it me or is Blake's head above the rim?!?!

I pity the fools who dare to stand in front of Griffin's path of destruction... RIP Perkins.

Anonymous Anonymous said...
Griffin's still isn't better than Scottie over Ewing in the playoffs.

Anonymous JJ said...
These Griffin dunks where he's literally throwing it down from above the rim reminds me of those old Sprite commercials where Grant Hill would jump like 50 feet and then throw the ball down into the basket. Except Griffin is doing it in real life.

Anonymous Anonymous said...
Rockets "stuck in the mud"? Didn't those guys just win like 10 games in a row or something? Just sayin'...

Blogger Dan B. said...
Anon -- I was thinking the same thing. The Rockets have been on fire the past few weeks.

Blogger Wormboy said...
Nah, not appropriate to have a Perk obituary (though funny). The most athletic guys in the league will occasionally posterize everybody, and that includes good defensive centers. Note I said good: Perk is a good defensive anchor for a contender. He is not, and never has been, a "great player." Tyson Chandler is similar.

So, do we remember Jordan getting posterized by John Starks, of all people? Was that time to write the Jordan Obit? I don't think so. We can still consider Jordan one of the better defensive players of his generation, even though Starks posterization ability fades beside a phenom like Blake. I remember Hakeem and Dikembe occasionally getting posterized, and those guys were just shy of the best defensive center ever, Bill Russell. So, no obits please. Perk is still what he's being paid to do: anchor the D of a contender. He's done it once, he's doing it again.

Still, dude must have been seriously embarrassed. Holy shit, what a play! :)

Blogger Preveen said...
LeBron's comment on his Google+ page -
"Dunk of the Year!! Blake Griffin just dunked on Kendrick Perkins so hard!! Wow!! I guess I'm #2 now. Move over #6"

Anonymous Anonymous said...
Not to nitpick but doesn't anyone else notice those offensive fouls on dunks when people ward off with their off hands? I'm not sure if he did it on purpose but it looked like Blake did it to Perkins on this dunk. Patrick Ewing used to do that all the time and it makes the dunk less spectacular IMO.

If you watch this:

None of these dunks had the offensive player ward off to gain an advantage. The end result probalby would've been the same, I just hate that push off because it annoys the shit out of me when someone does that to me on a layup and they don't think it's a charge.

Blogger gregsgourmet said...
Hey Dwight, if the Magic are "still a great basketball team" then how come you're demanding a trade?

Anonymous Czernobog said...
@anon: In general principal I agree, but I think in this case Blake can be excused because he was definitely fouled. Perk Ran into and undercut him, after which he pushed off (more to maintain stability after the bullrush than anything else, IMO) and threw down.

Anonymous Anonymous said...
Danny Granger, delusion machine!
“It is a lot of fun to win and be one of the top teams right now,” Granger said. “We are playing together and that is the biggest thing. We have so much talent now. We are in position to really contend for the East.”

Also, from that LeBron quote, you can see how much Shaq he has in him. Even when it's not about him, it's about him.

Anonymous AK Dave said...
Pippen over Ewing and Starks over the entire Bulls organization were lengendary dunks in *Playoff games*. For that reason alone, they were more meaningful than Griffin's dunk. You can't look at the dunk in a vacuum. Context matters (which is why 'Bawful wasn't impressed with LeCrab's dunk over a shrimp). And Pippen v. Ewing and Starks v. Bulls were dunks that mattered because they happened during clutch moments of pivotal games deep in the playoffs. They were also impressive because both guys jumped higher than you would have though possible and dunked over defenders that easily could have blocked them if they were on their game. All due respect to Perk, but he isn't going to block Griffin. He's a positional defender and wide-body rebounder; not an athletic shot-blocker.

Not taking anything away from that dunk-annihilation, just sayin' I agree with Wormboy and Anonymous that it isn't the greatest dunk of all time.

Anonymous Anonymous said...
Perkins made a bigger deal by deleting his twitter. He needs to relax, people will get over it. It will be an iconic dunk but Griffin will be dunking on more people as his career progresses. Also, LeBron acknowledged that Griffin's dunk was better no need to hate on his dunk.

Blogger Wormboy said...
Horace Grant and Jordan can't disrupt this left-handed dunk (shoulda been right)?

Blogger senormedia said...
I remember seeing that Starks dunk in real time and thinking that some of the old LSD had worked loose in my spine and I had hallucinated it.