This morning, the anonymous dude on NPR said "On this day in history, the Japanese bombed Pearl Harbor..." and I thought, "Holy Crap, It's Birdmas." Fortunately, I can say that one of the reasons I missed Birdmas was because I am working on a delicious, albeit unrelated, holiday gift of a video that I will present to you in a week or so on Lemonwall.

For those uninitiated, Birdmas (a.k.a., Larry Bird's birthday) is the day that we celebrate the coming of the great blonde hope not named Dirk.

In lieu of having new material (shame on me), let's take a trip down memory lane of previous Birdmas videos. It all began with a simple poem that blossomed into something fairly glorious. Even Laker fans told me they got a little misty:

And what is a holiday without songs? This came out the following year:

And finally, my War and Peace...the thing that, sadly, I might have put on my tombstone - an ode to the so-great-you wish-it-was-real theme park, LarryLand:

And this little video didn't get a lot of views, so it may be new to you...the Larryland bloopers and outtakes:

Merry Birdmas everyone! I promise to have something new and fantastic next year.



Anonymous Anonymous said...
No comment on the most awkward NBA story of the season (already) in Bob Vander Weide drunk dialing Dwight? Come on Basketbawful/Evil Ted, step up your snark game.

Blogger Dan B. said...
Damn. I was hoping you had actually truly constructed Larryland as our Birdmas gift this year. Maybe next year...

Anonymous Anonymous said...
That was very corny!

Anonymous Barry said...
If you do construct a Larryland, I think they'll put that on your gravestone.

"loving husband and father, creator of Larryland"