Maybe Delonte can be in the sequel: "Zombieland 2: Looking Behind Our Back"

Breaking news: Delonte West has been indicted on six weapons offenses stemming from a September incident in which he was arrested on the Capital Beltway in Washington D.C. with three loaded guns and an 8 1/2-inch bowie knife. (That's not a knife. This is a knife...) Here are the details:

West was traveling north on the Beltway about 10 p.m. in a three-wheeled motorcycle called a Can-Am Spyder when he allegedly cut off a county police officer near Route 214.

The officer pulled West over for making an unsafe lane change, and as the officer approached the motorcycle, West told him he had a handgun in his waistband.

The officer called for backup and searched West and his vehicle.

Three guns were found -- a 9mm Beretta in West's waistband, a Ruger .357 Magnum strapped to his leg, and a 12-gauge shotgun in a guitar case slung over his back, authorities said.

West also had additional shotgun shells in a backpack, authorities said.
It's worth noting that, shortly after the arrest, West's father, Dmitri West, said: "All I can say is Delonte was looking behind his back and protecting himself." From what, exactly, Dmitri? Bigfoot? The Terminator? A dinosaur? Because that was some serious armament for personal protection.

In other news, no word yet on whether West will be a playable character in the upcomign Left 4 Dead 2. But if I could kill zombies as Delonte West, I would probably go ahead and spring for an Xbox 360.

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Blogger Wild Yams said...
Just FYI, Zombieland was really fantastic, so check it out if you haven't already. Back to Delonte West, it's too bad he couldn't have been pulled over by new teammate Shaquille O'Neal, aka Officer Shaq*, cause then he might have been let off with only a warning (in exchange for promising to make sure Shaq gets his touches on O, naturally).

*Yes I know that Delonte was pulled over in DC, and therefore out of whatever jurisdiction Shaq has.

Blogger TK said...
Clearly, Delonte has played Knifey-Spoony before.

And yes, Zombieland rocked.

Blogger Nick Flynt said...
I'm not going to get into an arguement here, because my Clippers fandom will likely get me pwned no matter what the subject, but Zombieland was a rip-off of Shaun of the Dead. A well executed generic idea is good, but fantastic? That's reserved for NBA refereeing.

Dick Bavetta, the 'Go-To Guy', is FAAAAAAAAANtastic.

Anonymous Anonymous said...
No hat tip? Cheap bastard.

Maybe he was trying to protect himself from being traded to the clippers. The guns were all meant for himself. In left for dead 2, all of the zombies look like this.

Of course, I'm sure he was completely honest about reporting that whole bipolar thing on his background check.

Blogger senormedia said...
whatever jurisdiction Shaq has.

Bedford, VA. My parents-in-law live there. I absoultely want to get a speeding ticket from Shaq on some summer visit.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Nowitzki- 40pts 11boards 5ast 5BLOCKS 0TO's

What's gotten into this guy? He doesn't register 5 blocks in a SEASON

Blogger chris said...
Anonymous: Don't forget that before the 4th, the Jazz held a FIFTEEN point lead over Dallas! Talk about a turnaround.

And now the NBA Coast to Coast folks on ESPN2 were talking about Not-Answer, pretty much explaining that he doesn't think he should be coming off the bench, therefore he's unlikely to see himself on a contender again. Maybe also it's the way he destroyed team chemistry in Detroit that stands out just as much...

Blogger Mintz... said...
@ Buck Nasty

Totally agree... Shaun of the Dead was much better. Not to say that Zombieland wasn't entertaining.

Blogger chris said...
Wow, we need a mention of the newly magnetic rims in the Association in WOTN, judging from the Portland and Klahma games...

Blogger LotharBot said...
Left 4 Dead 2 is a far better game on the PC than the 360, according to friends of mine who've played it on both.

Also, if Delonte West really was a L4D2 character, he'd have had an actual guitar in that guitar case. They're quite effective at whacking zombies.

Blogger Clifton said...
From the AP recap of the Suns-Heat game:

Zone defense, of all things, kept the Suns unbeaten. ... "We've been working on it a little bit, but we haven't really used it much or had much success," Nash said of the zone, which Phoenix displayed in the second half for the first time this season. "I was just glad, more than surprised. It really came up well for us tonight."


After the game, playing zone drew a lot of talk in the Suns locker room -- and a bit of ire in the Heat locker room.

"I thought the zone was for college, personally," Quentin Richardson said. "I thought that was the difference between the NBA and college."

Oh, boo hoo!! Seriously? I think another major difference between college and the NBA is that pro players have the wherewithal to make adjustments when your opponents throw an unexpected wrinkle at you. Well, MOST pro players, anyway.

Blogger Unknown said...
We have saying in dutch that translated would be : "Delonte is a bird for the cat."
Doesn't quite have the same ring to it in english but you get the meaning.

Anonymous Anonymous said...
This seems old, but does it qualify as man love. Look how excited Kobe is


Blogger Sos said...
Anyone watch the Bulls-Bucks game? Last two Milaukee possessions feature a Brandon Jennings no jump fadeaway blocked by Derrick Rose and an airball three pointer by Ersan Ilyasova. If thats not Bawful, what is? Shout out to NBA Broadbrand preview so I could watch that but not Celts-Sixers or Lakers-Thunder.

Blogger Pinto Raine said...
From the NBA.com recap of the Atlanta - Portland game, written by Kerry Eggers:

"In Portland's other two losses, Denver's Carmelo Anthony scored 41 points and Houston's Trevor Arizona had 33."

Trevor Arizona. That's bad, if you're a NBA writer you shoulnd't get this stuff wrong, don't you think?

Blogger AnacondaHL said...
All I can say is, may the stat/injury curse cometh for my number 1 pick. Till then, I will happily accept more 40/11/5/2/5/0 games from Dirk.

And if NBA players are going to whine about zone D, I hope the Suns exploit the crap out of teams with bad coaches who somehow aren't prepared for it.

Blogger Cortez said...
I wonder...

What do these pistol packing athletes (or anyone for that matter) think is going to happen with all those guns if they are confronted by an assailant in a highly populated public place? Do they imagine a Transporter/Equilibrium/Wanted type shootout, where they successfully dodge all incoming projectiles while at the same time dispatching their enemies with laser like precision?

More like seven bystanders shot and maimed due to their inept targeting abilities.

How about simply hiring security and/or hanging out in some more upscale and reputable establishments? Or simple keep your silly ass at home until you are out of the spotlight and no one recognizes you anymore.

Anonymous Anonymous said...
And here is the inherent difference between the NBA and the NFL. West should be suspended from playing, period. Burress shot himself, was suspended immediately by the NFL and cut by the Giants right after it happened, and now is doing hard time. Is Cleveland so desperate to make Shaq-LeBron work that they take in a guy who is widely discussed as bipolar and could now be facing hard time. I just find it weird that David Stern, who is quick to tell players what they can and cannot wear, is allowing this to happen.

Blogger CassavaLeaf.com said...
I agree... I couldn't believe that they are playing him.
the guy needs help
like professional help
not that bull they sell
that basketball is his sanctuary