Check out this item from the NBA Rumors page. Noah ready to bang, ESPN? Really?! Of course, look at Joakim's zany smile...maybe he really is ready to bang! Seriously.

ready to bang

Mucho thanks to Basketbawful reader Garron for the head's up.

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Anonymous ak dave said...
Thank god I have this blog to cater to my 6th grade sense of humor. Basketbawful: you complete me.

BadDave- sorry for the late reply to your question from a previous post. I'm surviving; things could be much worse. Thank god October is here and baseball will soon cease to eat up 90% of the sports news media.

Blogger Buck Nasty said...
Gentle jerks, what do you have to say about Donaghy's excerpts on Deadspin? I'm not going to lie, I think he could be telling the truth.

If the NBA says that he didn't change the outcome of games while he was betting on them, can we really trust the NBA to tell us the truth?

Blogger chris said...
Buck Nasty: After THE "frozen" envelope of 1985, it's easy to believe anything. And I'm open-minded to that, though in a strange way it could make the Association more interesting if they actually were going in that direction out in the open (if they aren't now). Not better - more interesting!

But where does that leave small-market teams (besides the pet project in Klahma City)? Those excerpts came out a day before Kevin Johnson and the rest of Sacramento's political leadership started clamoring yet again for a new barn for the Maloofs...

Blogger chris said...
BTW, I'm not surprised that ESPN has this tone for this blurb - just look at Steve Phillips and other staffers!

CAPTCHA: "filitio" wow.

Anonymous Stotts Era said...
basketbawful is perfect for twitter

this post would be perfect

let me know what i can do to help, i wouldnt call myslef a twitter expert, but i do consider myself best friends with ron artest and chad ochocinco b/c of it

Blogger chris said...
The elder statesman of the Association MUST definitely be the lead on Worst of the Night now. At least after that arthritic performance on the charity stripe with the game on the line!!!!!

Blogger chris said...
So EJ's Stat Of The Night is the current segment on the post-game show on TNT, as Charles Barkley gets riffed on again, taking part in a name-the-obscure-baller's-team quiz.

Right announced, they're "sponsored by nobody." Say, can we Bawful readers and contributors pitch in to get Stat Of The Night presented by THE only blog in basketball that matters? :D (well the only one besides By The Horns. :P )

Blogger Wild Yams said...
chris - we could sponsor a page over at for only like $10. That's probably more realistic :)

The Spurs looked real old out there tonight, shockingly so in fact. I know it's early and they're a work in progress and all that, but if they're gonna be competing with the Lakers for the West crown I think they could be facing a big disadvantage in the race for the number 1 seed. That's especially true since LA has about the easiest schedule ever for the first six weeks of the season. Methinks that San Antonio will probably playing catchup all year to try to get that top spot, and in all likelihood the Lakers will have HCA in the WCF against the Spurs if those two teams meet there. I'm a Laker fan though, so there's a very slim chance that I might be just a teeny bit biased :)

Blogger Sturla said...
Did anyone see the Interview where Sloan links Greg Ostertag to the success Utah had during the late 90's?

"When we had Mark Eaton and Greg Ostertag we were one of the top three or four (teams) all the time in defense, in field-goal percentage. Since we don't have shot-blocking, that's dropped off tremendously. "That has a lot to do with winning games and protecting the paint," Sloan added. "If you don't have shot blockers, you have to protect it with your body."

Anonymous Anonymous said...
dude, i'm trying to eat

Anonymous Anonymous said...
Yams - Being from San Antonio I keep a close tab on the Spurs, naturally, and I don't think that you're being biased here. Plus, you never know if Popovich would care enough about the regular season to actually go after seeding (last year's stunt at Denver almost caused them to slide as low as #6 when it was all said and done).

Is it just me though, or do the Spurs seem like they have a case of "too many weapons, not enough impact from any particular weapon"? I've been hearing all preseason about how deep the Spurs are and how they'll always have weapons at every position to hurt you, but it still feels like ultimately, games would come down to whether the Big Three have good games or not. I know Jefferson isn't going to be shooting this horribly for the rest of the season, but I just can't see him as more than a 12, 14 point scorer unless it starts cutting significantly into Parker or Ginobili's performance.

Blogger Cortez said...
"I'm a Laker fan though, so there's a very slim chance that I might be just a teeny bit biased."

Reasonable and logical observations tend to make one biased.

Barring injuries, of course, the Lakers should steamroll to 1st place in the west.

"...can we really trust the NBA to tell us the truth?"

No, and if any one believe Donaghy was some lone wolf I would like to interest them in buying my perpetual motion machine.

With that said, that doesn't equal up to the N.B.A. "fixing" games either.

Anonymous Anonymous said...
I would totally throw $10 for bball reference.

Chris - do the homework. What would the damage on that be?

AK Dave - Law school is easy. Just write down the OPPOSITE of what makes sense and defending it with circular arguments and unrelated citations.

Blogger AnacondaHL said...
Buck Nasty: Finally got over my mental denial and read the Deadspin Donaghy excerpts. I admit, I am shaken and stunned. Explicit mentions of how Raja Bell, Allen Iverson, and the 07 Suns got shafted. It's almost too easy to believe. I wonder if he'll reveal his betting with the mob and how that all went south.

This is a book I must read. And you better believe I'm not giving a cent to this bastard, I will pirate the fuck out of it and openly encourage others to do so.

If/when I get my hands on some copy, expect a lengthy review.

Yeah, and the NBA threaten to sue the publisher...the Stern button once again...

Blogger Quinton said...
It is so good to have Basketbawful back...I was readin ESPN!

Blogger chris said...
AnacondaHL: In some ways, I'm much more intrigued by the "Obscure games nobody saw" angle than the "KINGS WESTERN CONFERENCE FINALS 2002!11!1! RIGGED!!1!" stuff that has been Grassy Knoll'd a million times before - the more obscure a matchup, the easier it probably is to get away with all the things that the Association doesn't want us to believe are there!

Blogger chris said...
BadDave and Wild Yams:

It's $2.50 per thousand page views, so for us researching Mario West and Big Country Bryant Reeves, this should not be an issue of cost. :P

Blogger lordhenry said...
Wow, incredibly juvenile post. Which is why I laughed, of course.

And Cortez, I'm actually in the market for a perpetual motion machine. You see, I'm the equipment manager for the Cleveland Cavaliers, and we are looking at everything we can to get our offense going. Please get back to me as soon as you can!

P.S. Do you have anything that will turn Shaq and Big Z into something other than 7-foot dinosaurs that can't rotate on defense? A transmogrifier ray would be just the ticket, thanks again!

Blogger said...
Law school is easy. Just write down the OPPOSITE of what makes sense and defending it with circular arguments and unrelated citations.


hope that was suppose to be humor
because law school was 2x as hard as my mba

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