Dirk preview
I can't explain this picture, but I know awesome when I see it.

In case you missed 'em, here are the last handful of NBA season previews I wrote for Deadspin:

Charlotte Bobcats
Chicago Bulls
Cleveland Cavaliers
Update! Dallas Mavericks

Moreover, I'm participating in the CelticsBlog season previews (I'll be doing the Atlanta Hawks later this month). Here are links to the Atlantic Division previews:

Boston Celtics
Jeff Clark: CelticsBlog.com
Jim Weeks: Green Bandwagon
FLCeltsFan: LOY's Place
John Karalis: Red's Army
Dustin Chapman: Celtics 24/7

New Jersey Nets
Dennis Velasco: About Basketball

New York Knicks
Joey: Straight Bangin'
Seth Rosenthal: Posting and Toasting

Philadelphia 76ers
Dannie & Pete: Recliner GM
Jon Burkett: Passion and Pride

Toronto Raptors
Franchise: RaptorsHQ.com
Ryan McNeill: Hoops Addict
Cuzzy: Cuzoogle

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Blogger BJ said...
I assumed it had something to do with somebody nicking the last jelly donut.

Anonymous Anonymous said...
Ahhhh the pre-season preview.

Where people pick Chicago to win the championship. We all know how that turned out last year.